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12:10 AM
12:32 AM
Distance: 0? Are you inside a star?
I bought Elite but have not played it yet..
Q: SC-Controller Windows

I'veGotRootDoes anybody have https://github.com/kozec/sc-controller/ working on windows? I wan't to use my steam controller with non-steam games on gog galaxy.

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1:52 AM
I gotta day❤️
I'm great at mobile
I'm channeling the spirit of @GnomePhone
But I gotta say, Jade's is a lot of fun. I think it might be Super Giantgames best game.
2:08 AM
Haven't even heard of it
@GnomeSlice Hades
Once again, I can't mobile.
Ooo. Have heard of that but have not looked into it too much
just what's been said in here
Honestly you'd probably really like it
You really enjoyed Bastion, right?
It's very akin to a more faster paced, tighter designed and roguelike version of Bastion.
Very light on story, though
Which I love, but it's certainly a difference from Bastion
2:56 AM
I did enjoy the story aspect with my dad but that sounds cool too
3:50 AM
4:36 AM
@Yuuki this reminds me that Hamilton distracted me from watching the funnel event today and I should fix that but it is late so I will do that tomorrow
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8:23 AM
What Steam is Preallocating during an update, what is it doing?
because i have Space Hulk: Death Wing - Enhanced Edition Preallocating for a 220mb update for the last couple of hours
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9:48 AM
@fredley it saved me from insanity
10:06 AM
@Frank 27
10:48 AM
Q: How to target player with the lowest health?

itsmeHow to target the nearest player to me with the lowest health by using command? I believe it is going to do something with health scoreboard.

11:37 AM
Q: Unable to recover a deleted minecraft world file

jeoekeI had a really good minecraft world, but somehow it got deleted, i didn't notice it until recently i wanted to go back to that world for nostalgic reasons. I already tried previous versions, but there's nothing there. I already tried numerous file recovery programs but I can't find it anywhere. I...

12:01 PM
Q: Split points awarded on LOL

Aurora BorealisI currently want to get my second armor upgrade for my account on League, I was wondering how many games I need to win on ranked to get around 150 split points, or how many split points do I get awarded per win on ranked games?

This is from a protest in january, where firefighters set themselves on fire to demand better funding for fire services.
Don't fuck with French firefighters
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1:07 PM
@Memor-X Preallocating is normally just reserving space on your hard drive for the files it will download
If that lasts hours then something might be wrong
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2:34 PM
Oh hey, @Wrigglenite is playing Hitman 2. I should really go back and play the final DLC for that before Hitman 3.
I'm actually playing through the first game's DLC
I got quite a bit of bang for me buck in that game. 70 hours. Easily could get another 70 if the mood should strike me. Those levels are just so fun to replay.
I didn't think I'd enjoy this game as much as I have been, it's pretty great
Having to kill someone infected with a virus before it can spread is... strangely appropriate, given the circumstances
The devs clearly have a lot of passion, and it shows.
3:05 PM
ah fuck
I slammed my mouse on the desk and it broke
One thing that's annoying is the elusive targets
3:31 PM
oh jezus. Someone made a Loss.jpeg meme using the goatse hands.
At this stage I'm wondering what else people are gonna come up with
Does Htiman place any importance on not being detected?
That was always my favorite thing in Splinter Cell
My friend and I would play it coop on the mode where if you were detected it was game over
@SaintWacko Yes, but also no
It's less about not being detected, and more about not being noticed
Disguises are a huge part of the gameplay
Hitman is a social stealth game, like the older Assassin's Creed games. It's less about hiding in the darkness and more about hiding within crowds and sneaking past guards by pretending you're someone else
4:05 PM
Q: Will Fortnite Save the World only be available for a limited period?

DarrenMy son is asking for an advance on his pocket money to buy Fortnite: Save the World as he is convinced it is only available for a limited period. This seems like commercial madness to me and I therefore highly doubt it. Also, I can’t find any reference to this on the web, but I do find all the di...

Q: Minecraft wont connect

TheSovietLordI'm playing Minecraft 1.16 on java, and when I go into the launcher everything is alright, I'm not in offline mode, but when I try and connect to any of the servers I have, it tells me I'm in offline mode??? I tried restarting and waiting and everything, and this only happened after I had changed...

4:54 PM
Q: Is this a common occurrence in TLOU2?

TheMagicPirateNear the start of the game, something happens gameplay wise, specifically; Does this happen often and does it make up a significant part of the game? I guess like most people, I just want to make sure that I’m getting more of the same, but different... Thanks

Q: Trying to summon an arrow to move in direction im facing 1.16.1 minecraft

YoinkIm trying to summon an arrow that will move forward like it was shot out of a bow, in the direction im facing in 1.16.1 minecraft. Anyone know how to do this?

5:42 PM
Q: Ps plus game sharing

Joseph AshrafI was sharing with a friend ps plus and it was on his acc all along with the games. Now it just expired and he doesn't want to renew cause he doesn't play anymore and i don't know what to do in order to keep the games in my disposal if i want to share with another friend , fifa and ps plus are on...

5:56 PM
@SaintWacko In addition to what others have said, the games (especially the two newest one) are very sandboxey. You're basically tossed into a sandbox and told "okay, now kill these people"
There's a lot of options to control how much info and hints you're given too
@Wipqozn Oh yeah, this too
I'd like more control over the gameplay options beyond the difficulty settings though
Maybe in Hitman 3
6:31 PM
Q: If I'm not online from many days will I get a 5 days training boost in coc

Aniket RathoreI want to know if I logged into my coc account after 9 months will I get 5 days training boost?

I'm about to preorder Peace Talks, Battle Ground and Rhythm of War
Doesn't Peace Talks come out this month?
in 10 days
I follow the Dresden Files subreddit, so I want to read it along with them
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7:44 PM
Q: How do you testfor a named head on an armorstand?

BluefootedBirbI'm working on a minigame in Minecraft (1.13) and want to be able to test if a named head is on an armorstand. For example: If a player head with the name "Lettuce" is put on the armorstand, it'll give you "Chopped Lettuce" in return. A different action will occur depending on the name of the he...

8:34 PM
Apparently Team Fortress 2 Classic is a thing now
> Team Fortress 2 Classic is a re-imagining of the 2008-2009 era of the original Team Fortress 2, of which is what we consider the "Classic Era", featuring old features that were scrapped and worked upon, or new content such as new weapons and gamemodes. Such gamemodes consist of original core TF2 gamemodes ranging from Capture the Flag to Special Delivery, our own additions such as VIP and Domination, or even the addition for two new teams in several existing modes.
@Unionhawk interesting.
8:52 PM
9:21 PM
Q: minecraft 1.16 world edit, edit terrain underwater

zombie1111Im very new to mc world edit but is there a way to like ignore water? If you want to edit the terrian under deep water you will just edit the water instead :) Im almost sure you can remove the water then edit the terrain then fill back to water but is that really the only choice? Im using forge a...

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11:23 PM
Q: The Proper Order For Assassin's Creed (NOT Historically) - What Is It?

Lt. DanThis has been asked once before but I would like to know definitively what the proper order for playing the Assassin's Creed series would be. I'm going to go ahead and disregard minor releases (movies, novels, mobile games, etc.), and go with just the major ones. We have AC 1, 2, Brotherhood, Rev...


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