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12:34 AM
We have some amazing news.

👉The Mortal Shell PC Beta is NOW OPEN for EVERYONE!

We expected demand but nothing like this. We really didn’t want so many people to feel left out. We're delighted to open the beta for everyone on PC, starting now.

Link: https://t.co/ezgVcwYGoF https://t.co/hC9g5Ef5eV
Cc @GnomeSlice
12:46 AM
It's so weird how Dark Souls is/was such a massive hit that so many games purposefully evoke not just the gameplay but also the aesthetic.
@Elise amazing
@Yuuki Indeed.
Very few manage to actually capture the same level of atmosphere though.
1 hour later…
2:33 AM
done my first Post Build HDD Install. aside from forgetting to plug in the Power Cable, needing to re-organise my cables and fitting the SATA cable under my Video Card, my new HDD is working
now i have a proper place to put the Steam Games installed onto Uni and also where i'll put the recordings until i move them onto Lucy
1 hour later…
3:54 AM
@Wipqozn Weird. idk how i feel about speedrunning this game
@Wipqozn wtf the vessel skip
@Wipqozn this looks identical to dark souls
Like.. interesting
There is also this coming on steam youtube.com/watch?v=Qr1ltAQDRns
I came here to say that Gunfire Reborn is a pretty cool game. 'Roguelike' FPS with an overall progression tree, bosses, lots of guns and buff scrolls, and co-op
cc @badp @Sterno maybe
Remember Ziggurat? It's a lot better than that
5 hours later…
9:33 AM
Q: I need help again, how do use minecraft commands?

Krishow do you use all world edit commands from computer minecraft in bedrock edition (console)? more specifically, how do you take a certain block radius and move it down?

@Wipqozn french protests are always wild
4 hours later…
1:54 PM
@GnomeSlice Main reason I linked. That was wild. I didn't even realize you could leave the ship while it was on space.
@GnomeSlice It's a souls clone, yes.
@Ave Certainly seems like it
Q: Is it possible to have Minecraft Server World folders in a different directory?

ColinSharkTitle basically says it all. Is it possible to have a folder on my ~/minecraft_server/ folder, for example ./worlds/ in which I have my worlds saved? A server.properties might look like this in that case: level-name=worlds/my_world

2:11 PM
Supreme spoilers, but it seems that there are like 3 more endings than I realized
I'm not 100% I understand the ATP core ending.
Man. What a game
> The Self Ending is a variation of the Breaking Spacetime ending, added in Patch 1.0.4. As of this patch, it is possible to jump into the black hole in the core of Ash Twin and cause a paradox.
@Ronan explained it to me elsewhere
Didn't realize the black hole was created but now I think makes sense
2:26 PM
OH decent
wtf I don't think I saw the post credits scene
Actually think i did see that
2:50 PM
@GnomeSlice I'd certainly hope so.
The credits music is so good
I really wish I could just forget outer wilds and play it all over again.
I blame @Unionhawk that such a selective memory wiping technology doesn't exist.
I really need to watch this
I keep meaning to actually make time for a noclip doc, and this might be the right one.
3:08 PM
@GnomeSlice Finally getting around to playing Dice Throne. Really liking it so far.
1 hour later…
4:28 PM
Q: How to make Minecart with Chest's GUI's in 1.16

GhastyyyI am currently trying to make GUI's in Minecraft 1.16 for a project I am working on. Currently with a lot of help I have made it to where when there is a nether star in your inventory a Minecart with a chest teleport's to your face. So anywhere you click it will open the chest. I already have ite...

4:57 PM
Didn't even realize this was possible
5:28 PM
@Niro It's a fun game although the Shadow Thief is supremely overpowered
@Wipqozn wtf
@Niro What platform did you play it on?
@Wipqozn wtf he used the nomai ship to get to dark bramble?
I would probably have used the quantum moon
I think there might be a teleport path to brittle hollow as well and then you can just hop over to the white hole station
5:43 PM
The white hole is super far away from dark bramble though
it does come near ish to it but I mean probably not at the time required after getting the warp core
I still think quantum moon
He cut his fuel and oxygen really close
@Wipqozn my biggest surprise: apparently the space suit thrusters are just quiet enough to not bother the anglerfish
Only if you use the sparingly
Only if you apply very low thrust
I'm not sure if you can do it with the ship
I think even the rotational thrusters on the ship aggro the anglerfish
Recommended viewing
But it's nearly an hour
5:59 PM
The streamer I saw at one point drifted into the mouth of an anglerfish while going through a Bramble node without actually aggroing it. Of course, he never got away
Lots of footage from the old version of the game too if you are interested and never got a chance to play it
"old version"?
There was a 2014 university project, it's what got everyone so excited about this game being funded
I played probably 50+ hours of that with my dad like 7 years ago
You can still get it I think but they removed a lot of content to promote the retail game
Which is better in every way
I think dark bramble was more terrifying in the demo, although maybe that's just because they explained how it works in the retail game
6:03 PM
I don't know. It was pretty scary in both
I'll never forget the first time I followed one of the lights in the demo though
I knew the deal going into the full game so it was diminished somewhat
Yeah perhaps that's it too
The way they did it in the full game was a great addition to the game I think. The mazelike structure and having to find certain locations inside
Q: Check if player is holding a specific tool (can be any type)

BubbleHow can I check if a player is holding a specific tool? The specific tool can be made of any type of material. Example: /execute as @a[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:["minecraft:PICKAXE-ANY-TYPE"]}}] run say "I am holding a Pickaxe"

Q: How do i fix minecraft forge when it says it's unable to install because Java isn't installed when java is already installed?

Solo AngelI already have Java installed but when i try to open forge for 1.12.2 to set it up this pops up and i've tried to find how to fix this but nothing shows up for this problem but it shows how to fix other problems with forge that i'm not having, what do i do?

One body I do wish had a liiiiiitle more to it was the moon around Brittle Hollow
I can only remember finding like one thing there and I can't even remember what it was now
Isn't it just lava?
6:09 PM
Huh. The damage to the pieces of brittle hollow isn't scripted?
Isn't there a piece you can only access once it's fallen through the black hole?
@Unionhawk There's a cave on it with some writing I think
holy moly they put all the rock pieces on brittle hollow by hand
Yeah game design tools don't handle spheres well so the inside of a sphere was I imagine even worse
They mentioned like the caves inside ember twin and managing ramps up and down between two different curvatures being really difficult
I was really impressed by how much stuff ended up in brittle hollow
Probably the richest planet in the game for exploration
6:59 PM
sorry, reconsidered, that was not really suitable for this room
7:19 PM
Q: Witcher 3: activating alternate signs

afshi7nI finished the game without developing my character (I know that sounds stupid!) Now I want to activate the alternate igni sign (to kill the toad prince), but I cannot do it although I have 33 points available (the box on the bottom left in the character screen says Points Available 33). Despite ...

Q: Make the scoreboard sidebar automatically switch objectives

JirhoI made a datapack to track a lot of stats in minecraft under the scoreboard command. But now I want to automatically change the objective on the sidebar every hour. So I want to make a function that changes the sidebar objective every hour to a random objective. Example: scoreboard objectives s...

Q: how can i improve my parkour map idea? (minecraft 1.16)

zombie1111I got an cool idea of an parkour map but as you can see in the video there are some problems with it! The main problem is that the armor stand hack/lag forward. Another problem is that it is an quite long delay before the armor stand jumps after you have pressed shift (jump button)! Sometimes the...

Q: Controllers required for split screen TEAM sonic Racing on Switch

RichardIf I want to play Team Sonic Racing with another player in split screen mode (on Nintendo Switch) does the second player need their own full controller (ie both blue and pink 'mini' controllers) or can we have e.g. Player one using just the blue one and player two using the pink on? Thanks

7:43 PM
Q: WoW Classic - Zones/Regions that have map

FanaticDI am working on an Addon for WoW that would track the movement of a player from moment they enable it. The movement information will be plotted to an interactive map that can be shared online. So far I have realized that there is no such thing as global coordinates. There are always only "local" ...

8:32 PM
Q: Why do so many people ruin their video game experience by cheating?

I. AramakiEver since I was a kid, I've been baffled by the existence of people who buy a video game for a ton of money, and a glossy "strategy guide" to go with it. Then they get home and read the "strategy guide" to see "where to go", and then they do it in-game. Instead of experiencing the game, they just "

Q: How does Hangover stack?

WipqoznHangover is essentially Hades version of poison, and is the main theme for the god Dionysus. Different sources of Hangover will inflict differing amounts of damage-per-tick (i.e. hangover inflicted by your special is more damaging than hangover inflicted by your dash), and it can stack up to 5 t...

1 hour later…
10:09 PM
Q: Castlevania Requiem - Symphony of the Night - 200.6% map - HELP

The Coma-Doof WarriorI am playing Castlevania SOTN in the Castlevania Requiem game, and I am missing just one room. Could you please help me get it? Here are my maps: Thank you

10:28 PM
behold, this homebrew fighter class:
user image
10:41 PM
Okay that's great.
11:22 PM
Q: Will I be able to upgrade my equipment from Mk I in NG+?

YasskierTo upgrade equipment in The Surge, you need to gather from the fallen enemies broken parts from a certain tier. For example, to upgrade your leg armor from Mk I to Mk IV you need to gather a certain amount of broken leg pieces Mk II, then Mk III etc. From what I've read, in New Game Plus the tiers (


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