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1:07 AM
Q: Making Minecraft Mods

Camo_manI want to make a Minecraft mod. Or Minceraft depending on how lucky you are. I wasn't thinking of anything major, just adding some armor pieces that have a unique aesthetic and some minor stat differences. I was wondering if there is a program that would let me do exactly that, I don't want to ha...

2:03 AM
Got to try Nexus Infernum tonight
enjoyed it quite a bit. Can see it being crazy with 4 or 5 players
We played with 3
@GnomeSlice How long did it end up going?
2:19 AM
Q: Do wetsuits wear out?

AshI noticed the wetsuits are with the tools in Nooks Cranny. Does this mean like tools, they wear out? If they do, can I craft new ones or do I have to buy them?

3:06 AM
I saw on Sky News during an ad break a ad for Final Fantasy XIV (yeh, weird it's on Sky News) and it was talking about it being free-to-play. i didn't catch all the information so din't see the catch to it but is XIV really free-to-play like for the week or something? and what about the Expansions and Subcriptions?
it's free up to a certain level
so, limited content is free
Okay the swimming update in ACNH is super good
Ooo, is it live already?
@Lazers2.0 Imagine the wetsuit running out and the villager drowning
3:28 AM
Oh yeah it's 11:30 nook's cranny is closed I'll check out swimming tomorrow
Also not all tools wear out. Ladders and poles don't
3:45 AM
Oh no, you can catch octopus now
Q: How do I make Portal (steam) work with X360CE?

Alex OI run the 32-bit version of x360ce.exe in both C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal\bin. It created the xinput1_3.dll file in both directories. I fiddled with the permissions of the DLL in the bin directory to prevent it f...

4:43 AM
woooooooooooo only 430 oak doors to build until I can further max out my house
I love to learn to build stuff by building and destroying the same thing 2,222 times
I should probably buy 80 farming next for spirit tree in house huh
or at least 78 farming
Q: Having trouble joining friends world in Minecraft PE using wifi

DizzyKittyI'm trying to play with my friend and were running into some difficultly. Both our wifi's are connected to the same network, literally right beside each other. We both have multiplayer on. We both have the newest update of Bedrock. Neither of us can connect to each other's worlds. We have even tr...

5:09 AM
Q: Minecraft Mods and other programs

Camo_manHey I am wanting to make a Minecraft mod, and I am looking to find an easy program to make it. The requirements are as follows: I. The program must enable me to add items, armor pieces, and weapons (not just modify) II. The program must enable me to make custom textures and models for said armor ...

6 hours later…
10:40 AM
@RedRiderX pretty sure it was under 40 min. Definitely under an hour for three of us
11:03 AM
Ok yeah I've got anti-channel nodes now
And you can't even dispel :(
11:27 AM
Q: Why do graphics cards get explosively expensive, beyond 8GB of VRAM?

Damn VegetablesI have examined the prices, and the cheapest graphics card with 8GB of VRAM costs 181 (RX 570), but the cheapest card with more than 8GB of VRAM costs 1367 (2080 Ti, 11GB). That is 7.5 times the price for 1.3 times larger VRAM. (I know the GPU chipsets are different.) Is there any technical reaso...

11:44 AM
Evo Online has been cancelled due to all the allegations and companies pulling out.
@Frank Slider 6 in 20m
@fredley \o/
You sure you have anti-channel nodes? I was sure those start being a thing at 35.
Oh wait, I have nodes that disallow summons and clones, it's different
Yeah, that's different.
Anti-channel nodes suck because my entire build revolves around channelling from one slider.
@Frank I'm about to transition on 6th node, although will have to see how it plays out in terms of exp
plan is to have 2 in a boost/channel loop, remainder with one element + power/spirit boosted.
And imbued/targetted.
But dunno how much power I'll be able to afford
11:50 AM
@fredley The new mechanic will obsolete the need for a loop.
Oh ok
Wondering if it's worth going through and creating power/fire/ice/metal/blood focussed virts to replace the generics in there right now.
I didn't. I made some power ones, but you'll find out that the growth imbalance quickly makes imbuement crazy expensive.
@Frank i c
12:11 PM
Looks like Ubisoft is (hopefully) serious about change: news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/7yV2TRI9Zj3G545bnoc3ub/…
1:00 PM
@Frank Mechanic unlocked
@fredley Now the fun starts.
Here's where the additional use for science comes in.
The puzzles take a little bit of explaining to figure out.
Go ahead and research an artifact.
1:53 PM
I have no idea what I'm doing yet
I'm researching things but don't know what glyphs are. Do I just need to rearrange to find correct code?
The last letter of one glyph is the first of the next.
What did you get?
@Wipqozn I mean, if anyone should be serious about dealing with workplace harassment, it would be the company that prefaces every single game with a statement about having a diverse team
So far pickaxe, blood, power, experience
Now got a rod of fire
2:08 PM
One thing to note: while you're researching, you're not accumulating science; it's going towards the research.
By that same metric, the more science growth you get, the faster you research artifacts.
2:41 PM
I'm coming up on the end of this incremental. I think 40 is the last level so far.
Three months for an incremental is pretty darn good.
Yeah the one I made didn't last that long
cc: @badp
2:57 PM
Q: I have downloaded crazy craft of Curseforge but it’s not working

CheesecakeI have downloaded the mod pack crazycraft and I have put it in my mods folder but when I load up forge, my minecraft doesn’t register any active mods. I am only having this issue with mod packs. Am I putting them in the wrong folder? I have other active mods and I am playing on single player java...

I like that you can save a lot of time on artifacts with careful deduction + brute force
@fredley Yep
The puzzle changes around the time you hit 36. And that one is more confusing.
It's alright, that's weeks away
1B Thunderstone, it's actually quite impactful now
3:21 PM
Q: How are you supposed to learn the order of the buttons in the pirates' tower?

HearthI'm playing through Lufia and the Fortress of Doom for the first time, almost three decades late, and I've come to something that has me stuck. In the pirates' tower, when you need to rescue Professor Shaia, there's a door that you have to enter a code to open. The only hints I've gotten are that...

1 hour later…
4:44 PM
i made this!
well, technically, i suppose the scoby made this but i made the scoby make this!
Hmm, my mine is at Sp depths, but I've only got items up to Sx.
@Yuuki very cool, how does it taste?
@PrivatePansy and they can give 4 hugs at once! :P
5:19 PM
1M Mana growth
Q: What does red shield icon on lower right mean?

Detective ChimpIn No Man’s Sky, sometimes a red shield icon will appear in the lower right of the screen. What does it mean? The most obvious answer is that it means my suit’s shields are down, but all my gameplay seems to contradict this guess. I’ve played maybe 300 hours in 2 years, and I’m still not sure wha...

5:53 PM
@Ash I immediately gave one to my octopus villager
@PrivatePansy I approve.
@Ash It has a sort of sweet and sour tang to it. A little citrus-y, I suppose, even though I added no citrus to it.
6:18 PM
@Yuuki That's fascinating.
6:34 PM
Q: MC Adventure Mode - Breakable Iron Ore & Non-Breakable Iron Ore

BubbleHey guys :) I hope you can help me I would like to make 2 types of Iron Ore. The first iron ore should be minable in adventure mode with a pickaxe. The second iron ore should not be minable in adventure mode (decoration). I know how to get a pickaxe that can mine iron ore in adventure mode with N...

cc: @Frank
You should put your orb of power on slider #2
@Frank y?
It doesn't make a huge difference tbh
@fredley Imbuement adds the slider's power stat to the imbued element.
But 2 isn't imbued?
6:48 PM
it channels the power to the other sliders
Yeah but the growth difference is something like 800 -> 850 Dc, so pretty weak
Orb of power channels all growth on that slider into power.
Yeah, but the power growth is so much larger to begin with that it doesn't affect the growth that much, only 800 -> 850
It adds up, over time.
But it's mostly a placeholder until the next orb.
lol k
6:52 PM
Slider #1 should probably be your default miner.
I've got 12h of research to unlock green lightsaber, may be able to work it out tomorrow morning
With the orb of XP.
So min sliders apart from power?
For slider #1?
otherwise orb of exp is a bit useless?
6:56 PM
Nope, zero everything. With the channelling from #2, it mines just fine.
At this point, you'll usually have at least one dedicated miner.
Still have some exp left over so leaving 0.75 on power
Not really much point to do so; channeling will overshadow it at all times.
Positive XP is a good mindset to be in; it has another use soon enough.
Oh, also, your elemental sliders should be boosting their other elements; they can't focus what isn't growing.
7:47 PM
Q: How to teleport Minecart withs chests above a players head? 1.16!

GhastyyyI've been having trouble making menu GUI's in 1.16. My best idea so far was to right a command making it so when ever there is a nether star in my inventory it teleport's a minecart with a chest in it to me. But the problem is it teleport's it to my feet, and not my head. Here are the commands I ...

8:10 PM
@Frank oic
8:59 PM
Q: Does Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) actually have real-time calculation of the Deku bubble "mirror world"?

D. MckittrickIf you, in the Deku scrub shape, walk up to Tingle hanging from his balloon in the air, enter first-person view and blow up a bubble which you shoot away at him, the resulting bubble shape/object will have reflections of Tingle's bubble in it. I've noticed this many times in other situations, but...

Q: ImpulseSV's villager breeder not working in 1.16.1?

DaveI built ImpulseSV's villager breeder and it worked in 1.15.2. But since I updated my world to 1.16.1, it doesn't work anymore. I even let the villagers free and replaced them with new ones but nothing happened. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing at all - no heart particles, no cloud particles...

9:24 PM
Q: Need game suggestions for 2 player coffee table arcade cabinet who seat opposite

miny1997I use RetroPie with in a coffee table arcade cabinet who looks like this: This means one of the players sees the image upside down and it is uncomfortable to play like this. I am looking for game titles who are playable even upside down. One example would be Combat Two for the Atari 2600. What w...

2 hours later…
11:17 PM
quality rulebook

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