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12:17 AM
^ the Opus Magnum puzzle i was stuck on for weeks, finally compelted
probably a better way to do it but glad it finally works
if it aint broke, don't fix it
12:32 AM
I think you can tweak the timing a bit to squeeze a few cycles out of that
12:55 AM
There's a comet visible for a few more days that will be gone for 7000 years after
.....look if it's a farming game with that same blue capped boy, it's Harvest Moon
1:21 AM
@Memor-X You can definitely tighten up the timing
@PrivatePansy @MBraedley yeh looking at it now i think i can have the top part improved by using that 3 arm thing so that rather than resetting when i go to flip the product around it can start working on the 2nd Iron sooner, can do that for the quicksilver arm using that wheel one, though that would increase cost
1:53 AM
@Memor-X It just can't be called Harvest Moon, because Natsume owns the trademark in North America.
@Frank ahhhh, that makes sense
It leads to the confusing situation where a Harvest Moon game here isn't actually a Harvest Moon game.
Q: What would be the best team to fight the elite four on Pokemon Emerald?

SpongeBobI wanted a team which is balanced (with types), but I’m not sure which Pokémon is the strongest of each type (eg: for the fire type I’m pretty sure the strongest Pokémon is Blaziken but I’ve already chose treeko as my starter). Could you give me the strongest of each type which is possible to get...

2:26 AM
Q: Stealing my own powerarmor

Natsu DragneelOk, so I got a powerarmor suit from far harbor, a few hours later I put Nick in it, and about 2 hours have past since he got in. Now whenever I tell him to get out and he does, it says "Steal", I dont understand why. It's not like i stole it from anyone else, so I don't get why it says that.

3:15 AM
Q: Worlds Won't Generate Due to False Datapack Error

AndrewI recently toyed with datapacks in Minecraft 1.16, but ultimately decided not to use them. Now when I try to generate worlds, I get "Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented world from loading", even though the brand new world has no datapacks installed. I'm furious and have no idea how t...

Hi all, I'm looking for an old (1996 to 2006) web point and click game that involved navigating planets, a puzzle involving an Arcimboldo food portrait painting, a puzzle involving Conway's game of life. I've also posted it on r/tipofmyjoystick: reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/comments/hrfxh4/…
3:44 AM
Map 38
...real map complete in 38 seconds
4:05 AM
So I figured I should itemize my deductions this year since I got a house but... it looks like I should still take the standard deduction, if my math is right?
5:01 AM
@Yuuki Standardized deductions is very high now
@PrivatePansy oh my god that looks so cute and i want it
can't find the steam page yet but look like it's PC and Switch
5:47 AM
@PrivatePansy oh wow this looks so hella adorable and I need it in my life.
1 hour later…
6:59 AM
because i'm too lazy to type it up, better to spend a couple of minutes analyzing the dom to get the image url
still ODST and 4 to come out, i think i'll start playing once ODST comes out
7:17 AM
Halo 3 was always my favorite
I missed halo 2 and halo 3 was like my first online game i could play whenever
Q: Minecraft title command block

Anabel HarrisonI tried your suggestions, but they also did not work for me. Is there an easier way that works? I also did both ways with help from others and it still didn't work.

3 hours later…
9:56 AM
Man level 30 is a drag. Uncovered two corners, but still got hours to go to get the other two. Even then I'm pretty sure there'll be more waves of boss nodes...
2 hours later…
12:23 PM
coming out of the shower and doing my hair, noticing how much i generally brush i thought i'd try that sorta head tilt you sometimes see from women with long hair and i was able to brush it. while this is really just the hair at the back of my head and it's still thinning in the front, for that moment it didn't feel weird to look in the mirror
......and then i noticed my dam 10 o'clock shadow and i was brought back to reality. first thing i am getting rid of is my facial hair
12:39 PM
@merlinpatt hmmm doesn't sound familiar at all. Good luck tracking it down.
1:00 PM
Fuck off Microsoft. Stop trying to force Edge on me.
@Wipqozn Edge actually isn't half bad anymore. It's essentially Chrome, but more memory efficient. It's also the only way to watch HD Netflix from a browser on Windows
@Nzall I know it's improved and been rebuilt from the ground up, my objection is to them shoving it down my throat
Basically this just happened to me: theverge.com/21310611/…
Yeah right now if you search "Chrome" in windows 10, you get a second result like "Hey what about Edge though"
At least it is the second result lol
1:20 PM
Remember in the 90s where microsft bundling windows with IE lost them an antitrust case? GOOD TIMES.
1:32 PM
Onto boss nodes, finally
1:46 PM
@Wipqozn Same here. It actually sounds like it's pretty good now, and I'd be willing to try it if they weren't being so Apple-esque about pushing it on people
@Frank Oooh interesting.
@Memor-X Nice!
RIP Grant Imahara
Are the different colors different materials? Or is that just the filament you had to hand?
@RedRiderX Did you look closely at the center purple piece?
Just filament colors
All of it's getting painted.
We've got this neat texture paint that roughens everything to feel like stone.
1:47 PM
@Frank Yeah I can see a lot of texture there.
Though I don't know if the relief is clear enough for me to see the pattern.
@Frank Ooooh yeah that's the good stuff.
Boo. I was hoping it'd be recognizable.
It's hard to take a 2D pic and translate it into something with depth and shape.
But the converter seems to have done a respectable job. Maybe painting it will help with that.
With the right paint treatment you can make things feel so varied
And with all the premade holes it looks like you're going for something elaborate.
@RedRiderX The little ones are where the light towers go.
The big one is the maw where the river of blood flows into.
Nice, it does read as the outline of a head, but the features are not well enough defined. Paint should sort that out though.
woo loan refinance disbursed
sofi now owes me money
because the disbursement was 2 days after a payment lol
1:55 PM
@Unionhawk I think the most likely thing is that they're going to put it towards your next payment
They should refund it to me because my present balance is now $0 on that account
oh, like that
Yeah, you should probably discuss that
Well, I suppose my present balance is negative but still
sallie mae was good about refunding the small overpayment by my last refinance, I expect sofi to be similar
2:15 PM
Q: Minecraft - Convert Bukkit world to Vanilla

Der_ReparatorI ran a small self-hosted Bukkit server for Minecraft version 1.5.2 and later 1.16 I only used a few plugins, e.g. a AutoBackup, nothing game-changing. Now, for different reasons, I wanted to switch back to Vanilla starting from version 1.16.1. But the Bukkit server stored the world in three sepa...

1 hour later…
3:43 PM
My bank seems to have to made it more difficult to see a general "all account activity" page.
That's nice.
4:19 PM
man, am i gonna have to reinstall epic games launcher?
saw an interesting game, looked it up, and turns out it's now an epic exclusive despite having a steam page
4:41 PM
Q: Why is Kalista such a better pick on red side? (Heard on LEC Summer Split 2020)

DarJulKalista seems to be considered by casters such a strong pick on red side, so much so that most teams on blue side are forced to ban it, unless they feel so comfortable playing it that they can take it themselves first (but casters insinuate this is not usually the case, meaning it must be qute a ...

4:55 PM
@Frank Judging by the map %age, I think I'm on the last wave of boss nodes. It's going to take at least all night.
5:30 PM
Q: Are there games that focus on realistic basic need provisions in pre-industrial settings?

cr0I enjoy games that focus on basic needs: shelter, food, water, energy, etc. Many RTS, city-builder, and survival games do this. However, they're usually not very detailed or realistic. 'Food' can be a token that is not historically relevant. Banished is a game example where different kinds of rea...

Q: Bug or feature: I can't vote to close a question a second time

ShaunI voted to close this question since it is asking for game recommendations. However, I also wanted to leave a comment linking the asker to suggestions for sites that allow recommendations. I wanted to use the link that was in the dialog I saw when I was voting to close, so I retracted my vote so ...

5:41 PM
that game ECHO is really cool
maybe a bit too much bloom lighting though
Q: Is there really any point to go to Duna without a contract for Duna?

RocketNerd42I would call myself a skilled player, I can rendevous and dock in my sleep, reach every planet and plan interplanetary gravity assists. However, I've never tried career mode, just because all the contracts seem tedious. But, I did one anyway, and I noticed that besides science (which is useless w...

Q: Shouldn't this character be infected in The Last of Us II?

tilley31In The Last of Us Part II there are two separated fights between the two main characters: During the first fight, there's a cut scene where From what I understand, Ellie is technically infected, as shown by the scanner in the beginning of part I. She only doesn't turn because of the mutation in...

5:59 PM
@Stormblessed how much learning do the enemies learn?
Because I remember this being in a thing mentioned in other games that essentially amounted to "get a lot of headshots? now the enemies wear helmets" or "set this enemy on fire? now they have some fire resistance attribute".
6:32 PM
gah, i really want to get ooblets
There's a Steam page, but it's currently an Epic exclusive.
it's like harvest moon and pokemon but instead of fighting, there's dance battles?
i mean, what's not to love about this game?
(other than being early access)
@Yuuki It's also Early Access
It does look good, though
6:50 PM
@Yuuki okay that sounds fascinating
Woah sea of thieves is adding a single stick mode as an accessibility option
Will be interesting to see how that works exactly but very neat
@Unionhawk I wonder if the game controls the camera in that case
Making a good game camera is hard though
They're also adding an option to automatically recenter the camera on the horizon, so that's part of it, but yeah I'm not sure how they have it implemented
@Batophobia it also is one of the more controversial games on the EGS because they made a really cynical blog post when they announced EGS exclusivity that comically missed the point and dismissed the concerns of a lot of people
Like, the developers literally said that you shouldn't be angry about EGS exclusivity because climate change is a thing
7:10 PM
@Nzall Ah yeah, that's what I couldn't remember
Ugh none of these query results make sense >:(
I think I have another way to write this
and hopefully get the right results maybe
stand by
twitter.com/TechTeamGB/status/1283428189230989312 Well, that's enough of a reason to never buy MSI again
@Nzall This is unfortunately very common
7:32 PM
Q: Do Halo 1 through 3 have more comprehensive subtitles than Halo Reach in the Halo MCC on PC?

NzallI can't properly get into Halo: Reach on the PC Master Chief Collection because there are only subtitles in certain cutscenes, and none during gameplay. Do Halo 1, 2 and 3 also have this problem, or do these games have proper subtitles outside of the cutscenes?

1 hour later…
8:38 PM
Okay pretty sure Ring Fit Adventure is gonna kill me. In the best way but yeaaaah
Yes, Ooblets, my life has in fact been a giant toot.
oh my gawd, this ooblet is called "dumbirb"
9:06 PM
@Yuuki snorts
Q: Ways to turn of a repeating_cb set to tp you away from it

BrickstackerzI just added a repeating command block to an adventure map I've been working on for awhile. It's purpose was to detect a falling player and then to them approximately 300 blocks away. I got distracted and ended up turning it on with a command along the lines of "execute if @p at @p run tp 20 70 200"

All this talk of cute games reminds of another one I've been meaning to follow
Witchbrook, that's the one
Yes! That one looks like it's going to be super cute.
The Bridge is a goldmine of interesting looking games
It's terrible and wonderful all at once.
9:16 PM
And thankfully our definition of "terrible" is waaaaay more tame than pretty much anywhere else
The worst we have to deal with is awful, awful puns
This is true yes :)
9:58 PM
Q: cannot log in on minecraft windows 7

mastergazeit just wont let me log into my account. it says ''incorrect username or password'' in a orange square at the top right i tried switching my password several times, so i know its the good one, i tried restarting my computer, but it didn't work either. and i tried entering my password on minecraft...

Q: The repeating command block gives me a new bow when i try to shoot. How to fix that?

MystVil78(Im playing Vanilla 1.13.2) My problem is: Im making a minecraft map and i dont want that the player can loose his bow. So i wrote that command into a repeating command block: /replaceitem entity @p hotbar.0 bow{display:{Name:"{"text":"Bow of Shadows","color":"green","italic":"false","bold":"false"

Q: External GPU - any advice?

Luca AntoniniRecently, I had to by a new laptop because my old one was slowly reaching the end of its life. Since my main activity is writing my dissertation and reading text I don't want to print, I thought the following feature would have been enough: CPU: i7 10th generation 1,8 GHz RAM: 16 GB SSD: 512 GB m...

10:11 PM
@Memor-X got that one this morning
ugh I can't upload it
so nvm
10:47 PM
Q: There was no portal room in my stronghold how can I find another stronghold 1.16

Max The Skater DudeI need to find another stronghold because the one that the eye off ender took me to does not have a stronghold how can I find another stronghold That has a portal room 1.16

11:01 PM
was loving Opus Magnum but it's gotten crazy difficult in the past few levels
thinking of trying out Dolphin
11:53 PM
@Stormblessed I finally finished the final story level yesterday
It gets easier if you stop worrying too much about optimizing it

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