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12:12 AM
Yeah, solve first, then optimize
HEy, @MBraedley, if you don't mind my asking who are you insured with for Home & Auto? I'm shopping around.
RBC, but the insurance is aviva
RBC is fine, aviva not so much IMHO
I may just be bitter though.
OKay. Currently considering CAA.
I'll save about $500 a year.
With Intact right now.
@Wipqozn That's enough for a dozen games you'll never play!
12:33 AM
on my god! Flowers -Le volume sur automne- is finally coming out! just need one more before i have the entire series
@Stormblessed yeh i had to shrink mine down with ezgif
@Stormblessed atleast it's not in like the main areas
Q: Find Esbern in the Ratway Warrens but he’s at Sky Haven Temple

PrincessSoulGemDuring the quest “A Cornered Rat“, I am supposed to find Esbern in the Ratway Warrens, but the quest marker shows him in Sky Haven Temple. I have gone back a few saves, but the problem still persists. I have exited my game and gone back in and it still occurs. I’m not sure what exactly I’m suppos...

1:12 AM
@Memor-X start early, it's a long process
@Elise i suspect as much so going to prioritize the face (and fore arms) as i can cover up the legs easy enough
@Memor-X assuming you're going for laser, it doesn't matter what you prioritize, because you can get it all done in one session. It just takes many sessions and 6 weeks between them
if you're going for electrolysis then yeah, prioritize face
in my experience, an epilator and a year on HRT has made my arms and legs a non-issue. Epilate once a month or so and it's all good
2 hours later…
3:39 AM
Q: Colonial Regions: Which is the best?

Player1456(Note: This is about version I'm currently playing as Japan, playing a colonization game, then I realize there's the other 4 too (France, Great Britain, Castile, Portugal) colonizing. I've made a colony in Australia (Minami Tairiku), but other than that, no. Which is the best colonial ...

4:09 AM
When you roll a failure on rhetoric and are additionally presented the option to question the choices you're being given
To be fair I think I have like a 2 in rhetoric
And also this was a heroic roll with a 3% chance of success
4:22 AM
This is also basically how my brain works
5:17 AM
Q: NoAi Chicken won't activate pressure plate

Name_Hr3I need help creating a device that sends "NoAI:1b" chickens over pressure plates to make music. Unfortunately, either the chickens are not technically touching the ground or some how the lack of AI really messes things up (or something else). The chickens are teleported along a track that sends t...

5:41 AM
Can anyone recommend a good gaming mouse? I've been using a Logitech G400s but I need a new one and it's not easy to get that exact model again
@murgatroid99 i'm currently using this one at work and home
Thanks, I'll check it out
6:16 AM
Any Nintendo Switch owners who can answer some questions?
depends on the questions
clearly I'll do anything to avoid going to sleep
6:30 AM
@Elise Do I need to buy physical games for the switch, or can I go fully digital?
of course you can go fully digital
there's many games you can't even get physical copies for
just buy a microSD card and buy everything you want digitally
@Elise Wait. MicroSD card? Is there a Switch-imposed limit on how big it can be?
Idk, you can get a 128gb nintendo-licensed ones
unless you mean physical limit on how big it can be, in which case, as big as microSD card is
Apparently you can get 1 TB microSD cards
but... why?
6:37 AM
and the Switch itself supports up to 2 TB
Have you seen how big AAA games get these days? I don't know is 128 GB will be futureproof enough
buy a second microSD then
the largest game on Switch that I know of is NBA 2k20, which is like 30-something GB
the largest game I own is Fire Emblem Three Houses at 11gb
most games are under 10gb
is this with newer switch models?
A: What is the highest supported micro SD capacity for the Nintendo Switch?

AshAccording to Nintendo's support page on the topic: The following types of microSD cards are supported on Nintendo Switch: microSD (up to 2 GB) microSDHC (4 GB - 32 GB) microSDXC (64 GB and above) Important: In order to use a microSDXC card on the Nintendo Switch console, a system update is requi...

like i haven't plugged up mine yet but i got an SD card based from that information
this was like a year or so ago
@Elise I'd rather not have to juggle multiple SD cards around
7:11 AM
is one is using the Steam Database add-on in Chrome, DEPOTS UPDATE is when a game was last updated correct?
i'm looking at a game that's in my wishlist, it's Early Access and the addon put in
> DEPOTS UPDATE: 8 February 2018 (889 days ago)
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8:42 AM
@Nzall I use 400GB as 128GB wasn't enough to store all my games
Was on 256GB before this and that was enough though.
@Nzall 2TB is the limit of the SDXC, and biggest commercially available microsd card is 1TB. You don't have to get nintendo licensed ones ofc, just look for anything that's U1 or higher, as switch only has a U1 reader.
@Frank finally 31
Fuck, I forgot to make virts before ascending :(
9:17 AM
I'm still on 25 =p
there's a save file made right before you ascend @fredley
@badp Nah it's ok, I miss out on a bit of stardust in two level's time but it's not a huge issue
Got the new slider
9:41 AM
The main villain of the Kyrian covenant storyline being called Devos is a bit on the nose, I think
> WhatsApp from idiot son,

"We're all really pissed of with the way the French has tried to push us around. We are going to sell the house there...

... and buy one in Spain"
10:16 AM
@Ave do you have a recommendation of brand? i think i have a 32GB Sandisk from when i got my Switch when they first came out
@Memor-X sandisk and samsung are both okay.
@Ave would i need a newer model Switch for something more than 64GB?
@Memor-X no
Main difference between non-mariko and mariko (HAC-001-01, serial starts with XK, not XA, red box, better battery life etc) is the newer SoC (which led to redesign of the main board)
SD card reader, emmc, battery and gamecart readers are all modular and IIRC haven't been changed
For the mini they integrated some of the modules to the board I believe, at least the emmc is soldered on. (I checked, only the battery and gamecart reader seems to be modular)
10:40 AM
First imprint incoming
Ok I don't know what it did
10:58 AM
Q: Is 'snecko eye' a bad choice without 2-cost cards?

aphidA lot of players seem to believe that in order to make Snecko eye a good choice of boss relic, the deck should contain high-cost cards. They are hesitant to pick this relic up. The thought is that snecko eye changes the costs of cards to 1.5, and that therefore, compared to an energy relic, the s...

@Memor-X apparently you just need a firmware update
Update: Peace Talks will be delivered at my door before next weekend
11:47 AM
Q: What vehicles are present on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon?

LemonWhat vehicles are present on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Where can I find them?

@Nzall for exfat support? You don't have to use exfat, it's just default for SDXC.
You can format large SDs to FAT32 using uh, pretty much anything but the default windows formatter.
Using FAT32 on switch is ideal as it is journaled.
> If you’re using a micro SDXC memory card (above 32GB), Nintendo says “you must first connect the console to the internet and perform a system update” before downloading games onto the card.
Okay, so, there's two variants of the OFW, exfat and fat32.
yeah, I think I pretty much confused that
FAT32 is the default one, exfat is a prompt you get to update when you plug in an exfat microsd.
Once you upgrade, there's no way to go back unless you use cfw to remove it specifically.
I believe it's licensing thing. It's available on everything from 2.0.0 (an update that arrived on launch day, I believe) to latest firmware.
(To be clear, I think it's available for 1.0.0, but it's just not fully implemented.)
@Ave If you're not on latest firmware, this will also upgrade you to that fwiw.
12:38 PM
Is it faster overall to imprint multiple nodes at once?
@fredley No
I assumed it was equivalent, but looking at the countdown over the last few seconds as a bunch finished together, the time jumped up slightly each time another node finished.
Imprint one of every type, if you haven't already.
First thing I'm researching is faster imprinting...
@murgatroid99 I used to use that mouse a long time ago, but now I use the g502 logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-mice/…
12:39 PM
@Frank Yeah done that
Currently 3|3|1|1|1|1 and imprinting to get to 5|5|5|5|5|5
Okay, then go whole hog and imprint all.
Do some vmaps while they happen.
Gonna get 5 of each first to get faster imprinting sooner
(It's ~3 hours out)
@murgatroid99 I've also used the g600, but it's an MMO mouse. logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-mice/…
Aka it's got a lot of buttons you probably don't need. I liked all the buttons.
@fredley Your first one will triple imprint speed.
That will be very helpful
I'm not so bovved about gold as I don't really feel restricted. I'm not able to build Rainbow towers, or at least not all of them, but I don't think it's harming my overall progression
12:56 PM
Should I aim to imprint all nodes before ascending?
@fredley Yes
Fun thing about building worlds: you can have multiple, each focused on specific things.
I have a research/imprint world, and a mining/mana world.
You should also start dedicating at least a slider or two to mining now.
Yeah I've had dedicated for a while, quite the backlog of artifacts...
As your world active nodes depend on the number of miners you have.
Yeah I got that
Worlds have their own depth; the further out you go, the more nodes you can drop, but also each node is less effective.
12:59 PM
Some points are immune to it, because they don't multiply their effect.
Library nodes, in particular; they just add +1 to your research multiplier.
vmaps can also be imprinted.
But only current level vmaps, and only stardust nodes.
1:38 PM
lol apparently microsoft flight simulator 2020 has a physical edition in Europe
It's 10 DVDs
@Unionhawk 10 DVDs? So anywhere from 47 to 170 GB?
Why not go the MGSV route and have the DVD literally be a Steam installer?
oh wait, Microsoft... Yeah, they want to promote their Windows 10 store, so they don't do steam installers
@Nzall System requirements say 150 GB
Which, I mean, isn't awful
my X Plane folder is 80 GB
Having a physical be an online installer seems to miss the point to me
1:58 PM
@Unionhawk Yeah, there might be some people out there that still want a fully offline version
> WhatsApp from idiot son,

"I've been doing some research. Did you know these EU rules apply in every EU country? Bastards !"
At this point I don't care if it's real or fake anymore, it's just hilarious
I'm wondering if there are any Twitter accounts that specialize in this sort of dumbfuckery
2:53 PM
Damn it, the good ice cream truck is here, but I'm out of cash money to buy one
Q: Why doesn't vim adventures let me type numbers for my commands despite their examples show them?

Charlie ParkerI was trying to practice using gg since it's not clear to me what it does with numbers as pre-fixes. I saw their examples and then tried typing one myself but I get a complaint from the game. I am trying to type 5gg but I get I'm not allowed to type 5. I am I not far into the game to use numbers ...

3:38 PM
I am convinced overall imprint time is reduced the more you have in flight at once
@Nzall Wait, what's the bad ice cream truck?
Q: I cannot play my game on my new iPad, how can I remedy this?

Sue VogelHow do I ‘share’ game between two iPads? I am going to take it off the old one, but need to get it on the new one first.

4:01 PM
@PrivatePansy well, not as much "bad", but rather mediocre. We have 2 ice cream trucks that do our neighborhood, and the one that arrives just as my work day is ending has significantly better ice cream: smooth and creamy, a really thick and tasty whipped cream and really fine caramel nuts. His coupe bresilliene is considerably better. The other one also tastes good, but the texture isn't as good
@PrivatePansy Well, there's an ice cream truck that goes around my parents' neighborhood that has a wall of alt-right/Infowars stickers plastered across the back.
@Yuuki okay, so turns out it IS possible for an ice cream truck to be bad
Q: Baldur's Gate 2 and Combat System

SlayerDiAngeloI've been playing Baldur's Gate 2: The Enhanced Edition as an Archer. My party consists of 2 Fighters, 1 Druid, 1 Archer and a Cleric. While doing the Drogomir's tomb quest line, I'm having difficulty in defeating Drogomir himself. All my weapons are completely ineffective against him and the onl...

4:21 PM
@Lazers2.0 oof. Undersized party, no arcane spellcasters, multiple lower tier classes, mostly physical damage,... That's definitely a struggle
In other news, I just sold something on eBay and have to ship it to 'Fradley'
5:07 PM
@Nzall Wait, do your ice cream trucks have soft serve ice cream?
5:44 PM
@SaintWacko no, just scoops
but they have different suppliers, I think
6:10 PM
Mind Control Delete is out now!
@fredley it's still Thursday
6:39 PM
Not in Australia
@fredley You're British. Do you like your former prison colony THAT much?
2 hours later…
8:19 PM
Q: Which changes from updates will break (semi-)automated farms when upgrading from 1.8.8 to 1.16.1+ in Minecraft Java Edition?

GeckoBackground Me and some friends have been playing Minecraft since around 1.1, we started our current world at 1.2 which initially was SMP but we later moved it to SSP with LAN host. Back in the days we were rather active and always upgraded to the newest version when it got released up until 1.8.8...

8:44 PM
Finished 31 but going to overnight it to get all the imprints... However I can actually rattle through 30s pretty quick so doing some to get stardust
Our new neighbor is having fun using power tools at 11 PM...
Like, the past week we've been awoken at 12 AM 3 times. Twice because of a drill and once because of incessant hammering
@Nzall wtf
you told them to shut the fuck up?
8:59 PM
@fredley my mother did, she is a bit more diplomatic when it comes that sort of thing
Q: Can an Alchemist turn a Coven member into an Acolyte?

ShabasTitle says it all. The h2p implies it is possible to become an Acolyte, but I doubt this is really the case.

Q: Drunk/Damned mechanics: how do they interact?

ShabasThe question revolves around Damned appearing as a status added to a player rather than being part of a role. Can a Drunk be Damned? Can a Drunk sober up into a Damned role?

Q: Potion of Transmutation: Wight/Acolyte possible?

ShabasIs it possible, when using a Potion of Transmutation on Coven/Undead, to reroll into Acolyte/Wight?

Q: Purifier's ability effect on Blood Priest

ShabasBMC has one user of witchcraft, the Blood Priest. If a Purifier uses their ability on the Priest, what role do they become?

Q: Purifier and 'appearing as witchcraft user': what happens?

ShabasSome items make you appear as user of witchcraft, and there is the Spellbound status which has the same effect. If a non-magic role appears as witchcraft user and is targeted by a Purifier, what happens? Does their role get changed?

How did they ask 21 questions at once?
Oh wait only these 5 were recent.
9:33 PM
Q: Is it possible to activate a single random wire in Terraria?

WriggleniteI've been trying to create a system to activate a single random wire out of many, to use for teleporters or traps, but all my attempts always activate more than one wire. I'm imagining some wiring mechanism with one input wire, many output wires, and each time the input wire is activated, one (an...

10:03 PM
the percentages on achievements are so extremely low in Mind Control Delete
I guess it counts the people who got it free but haven't opened it?
Usually, a lot of the time a "complete the tutorial" type achievement hovers around 50%
the menus have anti aliasing which looks pretty bad
because it's supposed to be pixelated
must have forgotten to turn it off unlike the first game
should be like
but it's
10:22 PM
Q: What auras can be seen by an Aura Seer?

SavvySteve What is the complete list of possible auras that can be detected by an Aura Seer, and what causes those auras to appear?

@fredley i made it to level 25, but progress is still slow
lots of elemental shields slowing me down
11:20 PM
@GnomeSlice can also get it in GOG's french sale along with Shards of Darkness for 3 more days
Master of Shadows is 85% off like Chrono.gg while Shards of Darkness is 70% off
there's no co-op with the latter but you get the DLC for free
> This version on GOG does not include Co-op features. As a token of apology, we offer the DLC 'Akenash set' as a part of every purchase.
@Frank with Virtual Maps in Structure, should i be putting in the time to delete older ones and recreate 1 level bellow my current level?
11:40 PM

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