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12:00 AM
sorta wish they would release 4 and a Complete Edition of D2 on PC
@Ave well the very firsty thing you did was attack someone resistant to ice magic and deal piss poor damage, so you're living up to the name.
Hell yeah
@Wipqozn Is Incompetent Ice Mage an actual class?
"Ice Mage" is, "Incompetent" is a general modifier that any class can have (putting more power into creating the character lets you get better modifiers, but early on you don't have much)_
12:24 AM
yeh i think Incompetent and the like goes to how many points you can spend on stats. there are others which cost more Mana
you normally just stick to Incompetent when you first create a character because of the mana cost as the others are mainly use for the inheritance during reincarnation
Q: Minecraft on a proxy server?

TwilightI don't have access to an actual internet connection nor mobile hotspots, but I have unlimited data on my phone. Because of this, I'm using NetShare to extend wifi to my laptop. It works wonderfully for web browsers, Discord, etc., but Minecraft won't recognize I'm online - and if I run the game ...

1:17 AM
Q: How do I make my Scoreboard not fall below 0? MCPE 1.6

Danny SiuThe scoreboard I make is called credits and I want people to have fun and buy items with it, I discovered i can go below 0 with my credits, so basically I have unlimited credits now, how do I make it not go below 0 or any commands? Please help

1:27 AM
I wonder if we'll see a bunch of Anime-style stuff in the next year or so to replace the TV and movies that aren't being filmed
@Sterno That's been pretty delayed, too.
But on the bright side, it means we have more time to catch up on all the stuff we didn't have a chance to watch!
Steam backlog, here I come
Snowpiercer has an interesting premise.
Post-apoclyptic nuclear winter with the only survivors on a 1000+ car perpetual train moving around the world.
I'm two episodes into Warrior Nun on Netflix and can't decide if I like it or not
It has style and seems like it could be good but not much has happened after 20% of it's episodes
MUCH better lol
This drive also probably shouldn't be partitioned lol but oh well
1:41 AM
Q: Why are my army levies decreasing?

Khaled AhmedI built barracks to increase the levy size in my capital, then i sent my marshal to train troops and the army levies started to increase rapidly. Then it proceeded to decrease rapidly and my marshal was still training the troops in the capital. What's the reason for that?

2:06 AM
Q: Cant open minecraft with galaxy space

creeperchaos57i have galaxy space installed with alot of other mods and it wont load in. me and my friend are trying to play galacticraft but we cant craft steel without galaxy space. here is the crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- WARNING: coremods are present: Inventory Tweaks Coremod (InventoryTw...

2:55 AM
Q: How can I request the reopening of a question with less than 3000 reputation?

ExpertCoder14Fictional situation. I've found a question on Arqade that I think should be reopened. I've read all the help pages and documents around what should be closed/opened, and I am sure the reviewers that closed the question are mistaken in their choice. I would vote to reopen the question, but I don't...

3:09 AM
@ToxicFrog @Memor-X @Ave It's a series I've wanted to play for a very long time. I'm on vacation this week, so I figured it was finally time to get around to it. Assuming I like it, I'll move on to Disgaea 5 at some point.
2 hours later…
5:45 AM
Q: How do you make villagers run away from the player?

RobomikeWhen you punch a villager, it would run away from you until it reaches a distance and calm down so chasing it is actually possible. I have my own solution for this where a baby zombie is constantly teleporting near you or above your head and iron golems and that zombie are on the same team so it ...

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6:55 AM
Morning chat
7:05 AM
Anyone from France here I can wish a Joyeux Quatorze Juillet?
@Elise This shit fucks me off no end. Hunderds of theatres, arts venues collapsing in the UK at the moment for need of £10k or so, or maybe £100k.
1 hour later…
8:34 AM
Q: How to create a custom Mii fighter character for Smash Bros Ultimate?

Kaleigh MacKayHello Smash Bros Ultimate players! I want to create a custom Mii fighter character for my boyfriends birthday coming up. I've done some research and it seems there are a couple ways to do this - however I am looking to get advice because ideally I would like this to be a surprise, but most articl...

8:59 AM
Q: What does "odds" mean in Path of Exile?

user254739I am a beginner. I saw this word on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/9nz5ur/poe_crafting_probabilities/ I've searched on google for a long time, but I still don't know its meaning well. Can you explain it to me? Thanks in advance.

9:27 AM
This post is really struggling to get undeleted, it's already taking months: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/q/369693/171580
I originally downvoted and voted to close, but then an important detail got cleared up in the comments, but too late for the self-reinforcing cycle of close votes and auto-deletion.
Can people please help with undeleting and reopening?
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11:03 AM
oh man, I might have to wait longer for Peace Talks to arrive. The store I ordered it from reordered some of their catalog and it seems like the order I placed is for a product where the page says it's no longer deliverable
11:29 AM
Grant Imahara died?
11:54 AM
@murgatroid99 @InvaderSkoodge @Stormblessed Another book 4 update reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/hquq36/…
Key take away being his book ordering now is: a couple novellas, skyward 3, wax and Wayne 4 (start writing Jan 1), skyward 4, stormlight 5 (he'll start writing in 2022? ),
Oh no he'll be starting updates for book 5 in 2022,but he'll have already started writing by then
1 hour later…
1:02 PM
Q: Your account on PSN doesn't have enough privilege to play online after changing parental control

jasinth premkumarrecently i bought cricket 19 on ps4 and i tried online with my brother who lives in USA (i am from india). we played with 3 players like he logged in to my account because he set his account as primary in his console ,so logged in to his acc. to have ps+ sub. when i enter online it will ask if w...

1:32 PM
@fredley Let me know once you're at 31.
The new mechanic there is awesome, but it can cause some issues and delay progress if you jump into it with both feet.
@Frank 30 for at least another day at the current rate.
Running more 28s for elemental growth at the moment.
I just hit the elemental growth caps yesterday.
2:08 PM
Q: My Ps4 Remote wont get out of bluetooth pairing mode

VenisaCant do it. Ive tried MULITPLE things to get it to stop blinking white. So as all of us know, how to turn ON bluetooth pairing is holding the ps4 button and share button. But i cant turn mine OFF. I have tired plugging it in to the ps4 using the ps4 cable it came with, (yes my controller light tu...

2:43 PM
with the screenshot contest, are .gifs allowed?
Went strawberry picking. A little late in the season, so they're mostly small, but; fresh strawberries! 🍓😄🍓
thinking about posting an Opius Magnum Solution i finally got after weeks being stuck on
@TrentHawkins Heh. We were thinking of going last Sunday, but nobody else was available.
So now we're thinking of going tomorrow.
@Memor-X personally, I'd allow it since screenshots in Opus Magnum aren't really clear
@fredley I'm burning through so many 37 vmaps right now for the 31 mechanic.
30 progress going ok now, I may make it tomorrow. Struggling to get enough mana to doom all the nodes
Still think magical shields will be the last thing to go down, but my main attack slider is doing an ok job
I mean, that's to get to boss nodes, so who knows how long it'll take after that
3:26 PM
@TravisJ, after discussing with the other mods, right now we want to keep it to just screenshots to keep the playing field even for those who can't create animated gifs. might be cool to do a specific theme for animated stuff sometime — Dragonrage ♦ Jan 29 at 5:39
Q: Videogame consoles sorted by size of library

Kyle LethamWhich videogame console had the biggest official game library? By official, we mean only those titles licenced by the console's manufacturer. Is there a list ranking them? I think we all know the answer is the PS2, but actual data would be very cool to see. The nearest I can find is this list, bu...

@Dragonrage ahhh ok. well i have a backup idea just in case
@Frank im still stuck on 24 :(
@Dragonrage Can you post your build?
3:32 PM
Mm. Problem 1: You should be focusing a slider on an element by now.
So four of your sliders should be dedicated to the elements.
The last should be your boost/channel buddy.
@Frank tbf I wasn't at this point I don't think
@fredley It's hard to recall, true.
An elemental combo paired with a slider to swap channelling and boosting should work.
Man this level is brutal
@Frank more so than they are now?
@Dragonrage Now that you're past 20, other elements are basically useless.
Doing...maybe 10% damage if not weak to it at best.
They also don't need power; zeroing that and spirit on the elementals is fine.
You can reserve that for the fifth slider; boosting both will make it more useful for the elementally shielded nodes you encounter.
3:40 PM
so, on my blood slider i should only be having growth for blood element?
Yep. You only use it against blood nodes, right?
Or fire. Depending on which you're referencing.
i think its strong vs fire nodes
ill try that and see if i get better results
You'll get a surfeit of XP, which is good at ascension.
You know what I mean by a channelling buddy?
i just channel all the elements on that slider?
Swap. When boosting one of the elements, channel it from the other.
Once the boosted one gets high enough, channel from that one, and boost from the other.
It gives all the sliders more of that element than just growing it equally.
4:16 PM
Just over a minute to complete a same level vmap.
Would any pirate VR game just be a regular game since you wouldn't have depth perception with an eyepatch on?
@Yuuki is it a requirement to have an eye patch to be a pirate?
i don't see why not
i thought you just had to have a parrot
> Can Wobbuffet's pre-evolution turn invisible?
> I don't see Wynaut.
4:41 PM
Q: Is there any gamepad outside of the Xbox One one that has clicky, perhaps metal membrane switches for the d-pad?

GremiousWanna find a good tactile D-Pad for playing retro games, wondering if the Xbox One controller is my only choice. Now, I'm not actually actually certain if the Xbox One controller has metal membrane switches specifically (couldn't really find info on that, my appologies), but, it's basically what ...

4:54 PM
>This question is off-topic.
oh I guess it is technically a shopping recomendation. Darn. I have 0 clue how I'd ask that question with a "learning twist", it's rather specific. I just want a gamepad with metal membrane switches in the D-Pad, as of current time.
Oh, in the D-Pad? I know metal for the stick is bad because contact friction results in a lot of metal dust.
Dunno about the D-Pad.
Q: how can i switch headshots only on moder warfare 3 (and is it possible on black ops)?

any old minecraft playerso I would usually go into a private match to practice before playing with my friends, but it has become way too easy. I tried to switch headshots only on, but couldn't find it in the settings. does anyone know how?

Yea, the xbox one controller is rather clicky and tactile, and the D-Pad on the switch joycon/dog controller are proper buttons too. Kinda looking to see if anything else like that exists
5:28 PM
if the bullets moved at a realistic speed would Superhot be impossible to play?
Q: The AI always attacks my brother. Why? (Age of Mythology)

Lucas BustamanteI play a lot of Age of Mythology with my brother, and 9 out of 10 games he gets attacked early by the AI, and often these attacks might last the entire game, relentlessly. I'm always the host, the setup usually looks like this: Player 1: Me (Team 1) Player 2: My brother (Team 1) Player 3: AI (Te...

it'd be off-topic to ask on Arqade about the speed of them relative to real life, right?
5:51 PM
@Stormblessed Depends, are the player movements also realistic?
6:12 PM
@Batophobia it's the game where time only moves when the player moves
I wonder how much faster the bullets would have to be to be realistic. Probably many times.
@Stormblessed Right, but if the player character can move fast enough, then yes, they could dodge real-time bullets if they can process the information while time is stopped
oh 2,600 fps is how fast they should move... yeah they would be unavoidable and the game wouldn't work
@Batophobia would be so fast that even if you moved to dodge still they would hit
for normal humans, yes
I think there was a Mythbusters episode about dodging bullets that dealt with human reaction time and how quickly then can move
Q: Do Guardians get to choose their class when they're resurrected?

David YellWe know that Ghosts, using a fraction of the Travellers light, resurrect souls to become Guardians, but are people resurrected as a Warlock for example? Or is it simply that people are resurrected and choose a role when they become a Guardian? Is this covered in the lore at any point?

I am weirdly excited that for the first time in the history of ever I am reading a WoW tie-in novel upon release instead of catching up later.
(I like most of the WoW tie-in books, they're surprisingly good.)
6:45 PM
@Gremious If you're willing to spend the money, I love my Xbox Elite Controller
... I have questions...
@Stormblessed Probably. It would make it so you were essentially just playing the game with perfect reflexes
not willing to have them answered on my work computer, though
@MBraedley pulls out phone
Does wearing a mask make you non-nude?
6:46 PM
It's funny, wearing only certain things can actually make you more nude
@MBraedley It's a celebration of nudism
@Nzall Then why is it trending in food?
Because AFAIK Twitter does not let sexual hashtags trend normally, and considering this is one of the few times it happens because it's a bland tag, they didn't have a better category to put it in. Unless they got a category "lifestyle"
@MBraedley Eat the rich nude
7:02 PM
@PrivatePansy I think we should drop this before one of us (probably me) makes a poorly thought through joke about oral sex
Q: Third person temple/persian style game that I don't remember

MansurThere was a PC game but I don't remember it's name. Please help me find out. It was third person and if I remember correctly graphics and atmosphere was like prince of persia forgotten sands. We were trying to find some orbs in a temple like building. Each orb was opening a new portal for us to g...

7:19 PM
oh, this is bad
Bug in Windows DNS server. RCE, wormable, possibility for automatic exploitation
Microsoft actually encourages administrators to not delay this update
7:32 PM
Q: What can I do with red chests, doors and crystals?

AntoOnce they get damaged, purple chests, doors and crystals become red and hurtful. Is it possible to do anything with it? I tried shooting them and exploding them, but without any visible result.

Q: Is Halo-5 dead?

RRTWAfter a long time on Switch, I just back to xbox one nearly days. But when I in Halo5, I can't get into Warzone in most time, always not enough player, and Big Team Battle has no exception... Is Halo5 dead ? Where can I know how many players in this game ?

Q: how to transfer minecraft world pe (iPhone) to java edition (MacBook)

katiei have a minecraft world on my iPhone and i want to play it on my MacBook. how do i transfer the world?

7:55 PM
50% on lvl30
8:20 PM
Q: If I am NMS friends with both Bob and Alice, but they do not have each other's friend codes, will Bob see if I am in Alice's session?

j.f. tIf I join a friend's multiplayer session, will my other friend see that I'm in the first friend's lobby even though they haven't added each other on NMS?

2 hours later…
10:31 PM
Preview of my next campaign piece.
Cc @RedRiderX
10:53 PM
It's Sam!
Interesting easter egg
This game is pretty good
not on sale any more
I wish it had verticality. That's all it's missing really
Good retroFPS
hidden secrets doom style
11:35 PM
Q: I need help with the command on how to name an item

Blue_slime3528im trying to name it so it looks like this Rockets Rockets i need it to be an elytra but i cant figure out how to do it


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