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12:01 AM
Q: Runescape: I dont get the correct exp

EstebanI am currently playing RS3 and i was trying to lvl up agility, i was watching some videos of the new agility course at anachronia and while watching videos and such i saw that they players would get 530+ exp for completing a lvl 30 obstical group. I am doing every thing right but am only getting ...

12:20 AM
Q: Is this file readable on the PC version of undertale?

SidneySo in undertale... On the console version this file (listed in the spoiler above) is of course locked away, however on the PC it can be opened in notepad; even if the results aren't human readable. So are the results human readable? If so it might tell us

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1:45 AM
@Wipqozn So I played the new Slay the Spire update since it finally got on the Switch and I really like the Watcher.
I think my favorite deck to build is a Block-stacking Calm deck while racking up retained Smites and then I swap over to Wrath and nova to win.
Astartes part 5 is out 😱
for those who haven't seen the other 4 parts - I highly recommend
2:32 AM
Q: Selectively using * on scoreboard player commands

AMJSo I have a scoreboard objective called Timers. I want every element that has a score (not null) on that scoreboard to increase their value by one each tick. What I mean by this is, I want the command below to run every tick, so that I don't have to increment scores individually. scoreboard pla...

2:51 AM
Q: Using /execute to run a command once

yoboialphaI'm trying to make a command block run a command when a player enters a certain range of the command block, but I only want the command to run one time. What I have right now is: /execute if entity @e[type=player,dy=3] run title @p actionbar {"text":"Spawnpoint set."} This command works perfectl...

3:10 AM
Q: Krunker.io - why season 2 affected all market item prices?

GrandtourI noticed that Krunker.io had an update and has a new season (2). But after that, all items on the Krunker market were affected, and the items from season 1 became obsolete or devalued. Why did this happen? (I can't put the Krunker tag)

3:31 AM
@Yuuki Watcher is a lot of fun. I've got her on Ascenion 19 on PC. I climbed with her super fast. I didn't play any other character until I got her to AScenion 15 haha. She's great.
@Yuuki Retain is really powerful to be sure. Battle Hymn is a fantastic way of stacking smites, and just boosting her damage in general. Blasphemy pairs up fantastically with that as well, and makes for a great hallway killer or boss finisher (note:you die next turn is buff, so artifact charges don't negate it. It's achieved by dealing a bunch of damage to you, so buffer stops it).
I had two upgraded versions of the card that debuffs an enemy where every time you attack them, you gain Block.
And I had a skill card that would let you play one card in your draw pile twice and then exhaust it.
And since those cards already exhaust...
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7:37 AM
Q: Can I trade Pokemon from my mobile Gba emulator to my DS I want to trade from emerald tonplatinum

RENE Espinal-LopezSo I have an emulator on my phone I'm using to play because I haven't been using my DS that much but I want to transfer the Pokemon from the mobile emulator I don't have the cartridge for Platinum my friend downloaded through his computer for me also my mobile emulator isGbA Emulator tell me if I...

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9:31 AM
Q: Why is my xbox360 not connecting to controller and showing up on tv?

TalhaSo I connected my Xbox 360 after 6 months and connected it to the LED but it was not showing up on either HDMI1 OR HDMI 2.The remote is also not connecting(wireless) which shows on xbox but rather it keeps flashing.I have changed HDMI cables too.please help!

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11:44 AM
Q: Open inventory hotkey doesn't work in tight spot

MrFoxI've always used E to bring up the inventory in Factorio. However in the single player scenario Tight spot this key does nothing. I'll start the game, buy some machines and supplies, start the game. I can't do anything beyond that. I also tried moving stuff to my toolbar. But once the game start...

12:03 PM
Q: How do you reset the PlayStation 2 Slim when it's powered on?

elliott94I used to love playing on my own PS2 Slim, but it's been many years now since I've owned one and in that time, I've forgotten how to reset the console whilst it's powered on. Just to clarify - by reset, I recall that there was a way to make the console reboot so that the current game session woul...

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1:37 PM
Q: StarCraft 2 (User Interface Issue?)

user248004I can no longer see how many workers are assigned to my extractors or how many are assigned to gather minerals. I've already reset everything back to default. I get blank boxes over my buildings where this information used to be.

1:56 PM
Q: syntax error on /give command says ""

Wishmouse85I type in /give minecraft:locater_map or some other give command and it says syntax error. unexpected "". I keep thinking to myself, THERE IS NOTHING IN THE QUOTATION MARKS YOU STUPID GAME!!!

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3:50 PM
Q: 2nd Gen PS4 Move controller batteries - do they just not exist for sale?

jimmy0x52I have a pair of cech-zcm2u PS Move controllers with the micro USB port. One of the battery leads is bad (when you shake the controller hard enough, it shuts off). Taking it apart, it seems one of the leads going into the battery is loose or broken. These came as part of a PS4 VR bundle purchased...

4:08 PM
Merit badge classes by zoom is 🆗
I planned to do just random stuff with this robot but I can't exactly do that
at least we got everything completely done 1 session ago
Q: Can I move my Minecraft account from an iPad to a laptop running Windows 10 for free?

Damian MaileyI downloaded/ purchased Minecraft 1.14 for my son some time ago, this was on his iPad but he now wants to play on his laptop, which is running Windows 10. I have downloaded Minecraft: Java edition for Windows onto the laptop and following the instructions on the launcher. However When I started...

4:32 PM
@GnomeSlice That seems like a great way to electrocute yourself
It's connected so it'll blow your house's fuses first
@PrivatePansy yes
Dumb lifehacks
@Ronan handy!
I'm not saying it's a good outcome, just a better one
4:55 PM
Surge 2 on Chrono chrono.gg
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6:17 PM
@PrivatePansy You're unlikely to electrocute yourself. You're more likely to burn your house down.
6:41 PM
Q: Unable to register Gears of War 5 in Logitech G Hub

Kolob CanyonLogitech G Hub automatically detects games and changes my mouse settings depending on where I'm focused. However, Gears of War 5 is not listed my list of games. After some digging I came to discover that Gears 5 is installed through the Microsoft Store. The Gears5.exe is in fact under the C:\Pro...

7:00 PM
Q: If I carry more weight results in slower speed?

vianna77If I carry 2 rifles instead of one, does that mean I will walk+run slower?

Q: How to make a death loot datapack

Zac RosenSo I want to make a data pack to change the death drops of zombies but I don't know how to. When I tried it it got rid of all the zombie loot.

must be edited right
or the frame is swapped out
yeah definitely that
There we go
It's the same frame, it's a classic illusion
7:16 PM
The first two aren't quite perfect fits, there's a gap around the edge and between the pieces, which is actually a lot of area, so when it's all in one place it's a whole square
Q: How come $32.5 = 31.5$? (The "Missing Square" puzzle.)

Mehper C. PalavuzlarBelow is a visual proof (!) that $32.5 = 31.5$. How could that be? (As noted in a comment and answer, this is known as the "Missing Square" puzzle.)

@Ronan ah okay I was wondering if it was something like that
Q: Will my flashlight scary away the animals?

vianna77Title says it all... will the flashlight scary away the animals? Because finding tracks are impossible at night.

Q: How to make voices louder in Black Mesa?

Colonel PanicI'm playing Black Mesa. Since the resonance cascade, I keep meeting surviving scientists, who speak to me, but I can barely hear them over the background noise. Is there any way to turn up the speech volume? I found an option to turn down the music volume, but other background noises remain.

7:38 PM
Q: NES Classic Edition ROMs

HarperIs it permissible or legal to move the ROMs on your NES Classic Edition Console to your personal laptop for backup or play? From my research, if you own the games, you can legally make a backup copy of it. Is that correct?

8:03 PM
So I played a bit more of DOOM Eternal, not sure if I like it all that much so far
like, it's way more fast paced than I'm used to in shooters, and then there are the issues like not understanding how the Chainsaw works
like, I know I'm supposed to use it when I'm low on ammo, but I can't figure out how to actually make it work, because half the time I press the a button and Doomguy just pulls it out and instantly puts it away again
Guess this is another one of those games I'll have to use Wemod for
You might have to hold the button?
Would I be a bad person for telling my son he doesn't have to say every thought that crosses his mind? -.-
I blame all the youtube he watches, where their whole job is literally to say everything that's on their mind
That's just children
And it sounds like good advice to me
I am slowly losing my mind as he reads everything on the screen in Animal Crossing out loud while narrating everything he is doing
Q: My friend is invited to my private server in Roblox, and it says She needs Download Roblox on Computer even though she plays on Mobile

Boo_BearSo, I invited 2 friends to join a VIP Server in Roblox but, One can't join. It says that They need to Download Roblox but, the Directions are for Computer even though she plays on Mobile/IOS. She doesn't have any other devises to play on, and we've been searching for answers but can't find any. A...

8:35 PM
@SaintWacko he could be a streamer
@GnomeSlice I think that's his life plan right now
lol someone on this call has this as their zoom background
@Unionhawk Lol I didn't realize that could be something other than a static image
Actually, the linux app for it doesn't allow a background at all :(
9:12 PM
Q: How to stop endermen from taking blocks without cheats

Darknessdemon LiuI thought of building a wall to stop mobs from coming in but enderman are frequent annoyances and seem to take pleasure in taking my work apart. How do I stop them without having to disable achievements?

9:37 PM
I'm on the adhd_alien discord server now which has been good, there's a channel called just #hyperfocus for just, anything and everything (animal crossing lately) which is very fun
It's nice to have a particular spot where I can be all in on a thing and not feel weird because probably most of the other people are on precisely the same page
9:50 PM
Q: Need help with pvp commands

A27 NoahSo I’m making a map with mini games and within those mini games is pvp. I need help making a command that detects who the last player (winner) is and teleports them to the winners area

10:09 PM
Q: Are flowers profitable in any way?

senpaiAre flowers intended to be the main staypieces of your town and not intended for selling? The reason I ask is because from the flowers I've picked off my own island and from Mystery Islands, the price they sell for is dis-proportionally lower than the other farming activities throughout my island...

Q: Looking for name of turn based strategy game

Marco FrostI want to know the name of a turn based strategy game I read about, but I forgot where I read about it. I think it had a world war II setting and the interesting thing I read about it, is that the actions of all characters in it (own troops and enemy) are executed simultaniously. The style of gam...

I got bamboo! Can share if anyone wants them
1 hour later…
11:44 PM
Q: how do I tp someone to a specific location using a pressure plate and command block?

SapphireLocxA little while ago I tried making a sort of hotel in a village. I wanted the villagers to be able to climb the stairs but the players had to step on a pressure plate. I had the room set up, but when I used the command, it wouldn't work! Here is the command I used: /tp @p ___, __, _ I play in ...

My airport is open right now while I go clean up my room

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