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12:03 AM
Q: How to get minecraft leather without cows or rabbits

hn PI want some leather but i could not spot some cows or some rabbits

12:41 AM
Q: Where is the starting point of the TO THE RESCUE - Choopeka mission?

vianna77The mission is given without a single clue about where to start looking for. Are they coordinates to where we can find the trail to the missing person?

@fredley @badp remember the dude that travelled to hyde park to jog in the mornings?
Q: Coronavirus - Exercise in a UK National Park

MJHDuring the current Coronavirus lockdown in the UK (England), is it legal for me to: a) Drive for over one hour (alone) to reach the start of my walk. b) Walk for 4-5 hours (alone) keeping at least 2m away from other people. c) Drive home again. The law seems to say that I am allow...

Interestingly, Law.SE got a similar question.
I am fascinated by the amount of love for parks that exists in the UK.
1:18 AM
Q: Spawning mobs where a player dies

Kctrapp7So I'm trying to make a GTA style map and I can't find a command to spawn mobs where a player dies for a police type system... I'm wanting to spawn vindicators with the name Cop but I'm not much for command block knowledge. Any assistance would be helpful

1:54 AM
I made pbp (peanut butter and pickle) bagel and it's great
@GnomeSlice i would say clever until i saw which side the hook is coming from
hooray! as soon as it hits april the weather starts reversing to the point right now where it's pissing on us. it's raining that much that i no longer see the horizon
on the plus side this will reinforce isolation because no one wants to go out in this weather
@Elise oh i will laugh my ass off if "The Force is" is said in unison in all 9 films every time
Q: How long does it take for the stress stains to vanish?

vianna77After you kill an animal, there is a "blood stain" that appear at the map and if I'm not mistaken, they are called stress stains. It means animals will likely avoid those places. So, how long does it take for those stains to vanish?

3:11 AM
Q: How to test for a player who isnt wearing anything in 1.12.2

Dalek CaanIm trying to set the score 'ToxicJungleSafe' to 0 if a player isnt wearing a helmet in 1.12.2. So far I have tried using ArmorItems tag, as well as Inventory tag. minecraft:air doesnt seem to work.

Q: need help with: M19 akimbo challenge. how do i get the counter to go up?

syn1kkthe challenge says "Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the 'Frangible-Wounding' perk". so i equip m19 with frangible go to the team-deathmatch (free this weekend) i just played a game and got multiple kills 18 with m19 but when i go to the m19 perks akimbo... it still says 0 out of 5 ho...

3:49 AM
Q: Jave not loading my server at 2gb ram even though i have 8gb all together

Jordan casson-jonesHi i have a bungeecord server with 2 servers a hub and a survival, the bungeecord runs on 512mb of ram and the hub runs on 1gb of ram, thats 6.5gb of ram left on my system but yet my survival server wont run on 2gb of ram i get this error E:\ServerLocal\Survival>java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar spig...

4:10 AM
Mmmhmmm, now I want to read Blather's secret fanfic
@Unionhawk Oh my
I'm still not sure what this even means
@Unionhawk I what what does that what
@Elise what sort of pickles?
@Ash garlic dill
4:24 AM
@Elise that's a good kind of pickle.
of all the pickles I have in my fridge (every kind that our Walmart sells) it is the best
bread and butter pickles are good too
there are better pickles, but our Walmart doesn't sell them
I like those. I also like sweet mix pickles a lot although I owsh I could get just the cauliflower
Q: Can the battle.net client be set to only allow the Play button when online?

corsiKaMy laptop wakes from hibernate faster than my wireless is able to connect. When I click play, my battle.net client isn't online yet. So when the WoW client opens, it has no username to log in with. So I have to exit, hit the "go online" button, wait a moment, then open WoW. Is there way to disa...

5:17 AM
Also if you need a low key puzzle thing to play on an Android device, I recommend this one: play.google.com/store/apps/…
It's ad supported but so far the ads have been short and easily skipped.
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6:21 AM
Q: Is there a mod to change the gravity to low gravity in minecraft

hn PI want to change gravity in minecraft to moon or Mars gravity

6:57 AM
Presented without context
Q: Larger Nintendo Switch controller

rael_kidAre there any ergonomic Switch controllers for people with larger than average hands? I've recently got a bit more into playing (both hand held and from the dock). For hand held I've purchased a grip that makes it feel similar to the grip the controllers go into which comes with the Switch to pla...

7:15 AM
@Lazers2.0 I asked this question, unaware that these kinds of questions were off-topic. I've removed it now, but I'd still like the answer. In the help page, this location was proposed as an alternative...
7:42 AM
@rael_kid i don't have the numbers but from someone who's owned most of the Nintendo consoles (though ever did get the Game Cube) i think it might be a toss up between the SNES or N64
if Nintendo came out with that Hardware Upgrade for the N64 that Square was waiting on i would say it would take the cake as largers
i think the switch only looks big because of the screen with it but the older consoles were thicker
8:33 AM
Q: trying to write a csgo bind having trouble

willy_the_kidI want to have bind, where a throw a smoke not just equip one what I have so far, is bind "6" "use weapon_smokegrenade;+attack;-attack" iv tried a few different versions of this with and without -attack it doesn't work though

2 hours later…
10:33 AM
I have turnips for 91 bells for another 27 minutes if people need them
10:45 AM
Q: How is speed calculated and what effect does it have in combat? HOMM

Jamie HutberI am curious, does speed have an negative or positive effect when working out combat results?

11:04 AM
@rael_kid the pro controller maybe?
12:01 PM
Q: Why are some of potions in the shop sparkling?

waldrumpusSome of the potions that can be bought from the shop now have a kind of sparkling, glittering animation to them. For example, see the two leftmost potions in this picture: I read the release notes of the Watcher DLC; it mentions that several potions now have new icons. Is this a purely cosme...

@rael_kid I don't know about specifically for larger hands but the sn30 pro+ by 8bitdo is a good size I'm pretty sure
@Ronan Oh shit, right, turnips hahahaha. I forgot to check yesterday.
Last week my price just kept dropping until it hit 27 bells, then jumping to 100 bells friday... completely forgot to check yesterday. WOMP WOMP.
12:29 PM
@Lazers2.0 also I think maybe you should ask a doctor about that issue with your hand, I don't think that's normal
12:43 PM
deck builder + city planning = this arcade puzzle game
also available on mobile
1:07 PM
The deck building is really lite but you can add and remove cards later in the game
I think
Q: How cleanly remove a perk in Fallout 3?

user598527I regret investing in some perks which provide skill points (can be trivial to earn and all categories can apparently be maxed), currently I only pursue active effects. Is it possible to remove perks with the console in such a way that their effects are removed and they disappear from the in-game...

1:35 PM
Q: minecraft summon fireball going there you look? 1.15.2 / 1.16

zombie1111im building on a pvp custom map and when you thrown a fireball i want to run a command thats summoning another fireball going in the direction you look! i know how to do the system thats detects when you throw the fireball but the hard part is to do so it goes there you look... i have tryied to ...

Q: Does Fez require controller which can vibrate?

lulalalaThere are some FEZ puzzles which I can't solve. That led me to think that, maybe those require a controller which can provide vibration feedback (I am currently playing with keyboard). Is my guess correct?

1:54 PM
Q: how to detect if a specific block has been broken with command blocks

Adamos The GinamosI am making an arena in my world and I can't figure out how a command block can detect if the spawner is broken then send a redstone impulse. Please help me.

Q: how do you check what you have eaten?

UnknownI think there should be a command to see what foods you have eaten because there is an achievement for eating everything in the game and sometimes you lose track of what you have ate.

2:19 PM
Thanks @Ash and @GnomeSlice I'll check those out. The 8bitdo one looks pretty nice.
2:50 PM
Q: Final Year Games Student Needs Your Help!

Sebastian BamfordGamer friends! Would you be able to answer my survey on Monetisation of Video Games (how video game companies make money). It's for my final year dissertation so as many responses as possible would be amazing. Should only take about 20 minutes. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrYcdJ...

3:38 PM
Woo woke up just in time for turnips
In 2500 @ 90
@rael_kid I'm pretty sure it's bigger than the switch pro controller at least
Not super cheap and you won't be able to turn the switch on from it either but they made really really nice controllers. I have several different ones
Q: How do I change the color of a sheep to match a block of wool in a chest? Minecraft

ShadowsHyper176I am trying to make a printer with sheep. I have a double chest for the printer input and sheep correspond to the slots in the chest. There are 54 sheep corresponding to the 54 slots. What command can I run to make the color of wool in a specific slot in a chest the same color as the correspondin...

4:46 PM
Oh wow this will be useful nooksguide.com
Cool, the batteries inside my oculus touch controllers leaked and I had to clean up all the corrosion.
Hopefully after they dry out and I install new batteries they still work.
$70 each to replace
5:03 PM
Q: Cannot complete 200% of the map? Castlevania SOTN

Rafael CondidorioI'm not being able to complete 100% of the inverted castle in the area where we find the oarsman. Even using the high jump in the inverted water is useless. Is there another way to discover these areas? sotn #castlevania

5:16 PM
Maybe I'm just dumb but I cannot seem to figure out most of the puzzles in Pan-Pan
@InvaderSkoodge wtf
5:28 PM
Cleaned it up and they worked.
5:40 PM
Q: My PS4 controller wont reset!

Μάνθος ΓκαλιμάνηςThe controller works fine and is connected to the PS4. I close my PS4,Push the small button behind the controller for about 5-10 seconds and when i let go it is still connected to the PS4. If anybody knows what to do it would be helpfull.

6:07 PM
@InvaderSkoodge glad they worked after cleanup!
6:18 PM
Q: How to spread players that are in a certain area

DanielI am making a server where I want to spread the players in the lobby A to Area A without it affecting the players in Lobby B or C. I hope that makes since. This is in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I tried /spreadplayers -96 -4 0 30 @a[x=-21,y=0,r=10] But even when I have someone in that area it s...

6:37 PM
Q: Does Black Mesa have a toggle scope option?

Colonel PanicI use a special mouse. With this mouse, it's not possible to left and right click simultaneously. This makes weapons with "hold right to scope/zoom, left click to fire" controls difficult to use. Other games have a toggle scope option for accessibility; does Black Mesa have such an option?

6:57 PM
Q: Are "remastered" PS3 Tekken games available in PS store only?

The Dreams WindI have recently come across PSone classic edition of Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 games in PS store for PS3, however it looks like they are available in US region only. After googling a little I found that these games were temporarily available in PAL region but this is not a thing currently (at least f...

7:16 PM
Q: I've played minecraft with my younger sister for a while now, but it has all been on MCPE

carol zNow I am going to download it on my mac, but i don't know if she will still be able to join my world from her phone once i am playing on java edition.

7:35 PM
Q: why cant my gaming computer cant run minecraft?

Kaison ToroSo my computer has 8Gb of ram, and has a ryzen 5 processor, its able to run skyrim perfectly at default quality, yet it cant run minecraft at its lowest quality, any guesses as to why this is?

7:52 PM
@Unionhawk xkcd 1616?
8:13 PM
@Loong local place is doing local delivery, one of the options is this, a pizza kit (makes 1 16" pizza)
8:50 PM
@Unionhawk oh that looks fun
9:09 PM
Q: What minecraft hacked client is for forge that you can still download with noclip

Modfu FfuiyI want to noclip but i need a hacked client and im only going to use this on a small server 10 players max

9:47 PM
Q: How do i allow placement of minecarts on powered rails in adventure mode?

JacksonI'm running Minecraft 1.15.2 on an Aternos server (free server website) and I'm trying to figure out how to allow players to place minecarts on rails while in adventure mode. Does anyone happen to know the full command for that (especially one that works on Aternos). Thanks :)

10:02 PM
Sunday afternoon beats
@InvaderSkoodge nice. That's a relief
10:14 PM
Today I baked dinner rolls and made pulled pork and quick pickled onions to go in the rolls like tiny sandwiches. IT was the best.
I'm waiting for some sandwich bread to rise and then if it goes well, I'll make grilled cheese.
I hope you have excellent bread luck
I've been trying out some basic recipes, and while they've not been complete success I've yet to give myself food poisoning, so I count that as a win
10:31 PM
That's always good lol
Tomorrow I am baking cinnamon rolls, I think.
@PrivatePansy I started out with a no-knead bread recipe, that's the simplest I think since you just mix the ingredients and let it sit.
It takes longer than the other recipes though.
11:13 PM
Oh, I'm not even making bread. Just simple recipes like minced pork and peanut dry noodle and grilled chicken with herb butter pan sauce
The noodles turned out way too salty the first time, while I burned the garlic and herbs for the chicken
Q: How to detect if a player is PRECISELY above a command block

yoboialphaI've been trying for hours and I can't seem to figure this out. I need a command block to detect if a player is DIRECTLY above a command block. I've tried using @a[x=X,y=Y,z=Z] (with real coordinates obviously) and it just fires the command no matter where you are. And distance= won't work since ...

11:40 PM
Q: Is it possible change character moving so that push down rights mouse button and after move mouse and characters follows it immediately

vasili111I mean, move mouse while right mouse button is pressed down will make character immediately start following the pointer. Is it possible to do so and if yes, how?

Q: Minecraft Villager Trades- Multiple Custom Heads

DittoFishI'm not very good with command blocks and really can only do stuff that is copy and pasted since I have no clue where to look into how the code actually works (or a text app that is for coding). My friend and I are trying to put a villager trading multiple custom heads in a dumb thing we are maki...

But... why
Shouldn't Sand Dollars be called Sand Bells in Animal Crossing?
11:59 PM
Q: Pigmen Are Spawning On Slabs :(

MarXSo I am working on a wither skeleton grinder by wattles, and I have this long tunnel which is 33 blocks wide, it also has nether brick slabs as its roof (nether brick for decor) but there are zombie pigmen always spawning on top! please help me. Thanks.


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