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12:04 AM
from an Idea Factory Email:
> Megadimension Neptunia™ VII is arriving to Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop in Summer 2020 for North America and Europe!
i can't remember, are any other Neptunia games on the Switch besides Super Neptunia RPG?
also just going by the title for this
Q: How To Edit The Minecraft servers.dat File

ArgusI was looking through my .minecraft folder on Windows 10, and I decided I wanted to edit the servers.dat file. The reasons behind this are very complex, so I wont explain anything other than the fact that I need to open that file. I tried using NBT editor and researched the internet, but there do...

12:55 AM
@Memor-X I swear this festival is caused by someone wishing upon a cursed rabbit's foot for less sea bass and more balloons
1:08 AM
@Wipqozn theyre challenging yeah
you just can't stop moving
ive had to do that one twice lol on NM
1:31 AM
Q: My minecraft PE textures are not loading right and turning black how do I fix it?

Psycho KidI'm not using any texture packs or anything like that. Here is a screenshot of the game.

1:50 AM
@GnomeSlice Doing it once was bad enough lol
2:35 AM
@PrivatePansy that has to be it
2:53 AM
today I learned that villagers can spawn on Infinite Tarantula Island
Sherb the goat is just hanging out amongst the spiders
@Unionhawk Give her a chair, a table and a coffee mug and turn her into a meme
3:45 AM
Q: Modded Minecraft 1.15, Valhesia 2 Modpack, Clicking 'Start Game' crashes to desktop

ZephireMy PC Blue Screened while loading into my MC World a few hours ago, and after multiple attempts to fix this, I decided to come here for help. Clicking on 'Singleplayer' crashes to desktop with an error message: The game crashed whilst mouseclicked event handler Error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:...

4:39 AM
@fredley He makes a video like that every year on April Fool's
5:01 AM
Q: I can’t grow a tree underground and I don’t know if I did something wrong?

shoto todorokiThe space that the tree has to grow is a perfect cube, 9X9x9 space and I put in 50 bonemeal I don’t know what to am doing wrong I have the walls covered in torches so light is not a problem I don’t think. There are also for torches right next to the sapling

5:58 AM
Q: How do I make lingering potion last longer?

ElixerdudE1I want to make the lingering potion clouds last longer (after it has been thrown), How should I do it?

hang on, Jaskier from the Witcher Netflix series and Dandelion from the games are the same?
I didn't realize that at all
6:17 AM
Q: Is there a mook in English for one of the major fighting game titles?

PeterBy "mook" I mean magazine-book where characters, moves, tech and other things are discussed for example I found one for Street Fighter (Amazon link). I don't care about the format but I discovered that this exists for Street Fighter. I have started playing fighting video games again, mainly Mort...

6:36 AM
Q: Should I use a diamond sword or a trident?

oliverthegreatI currently have one trident and one diamond sword in Minecraft Bedrock with both in full durability. Question is, which one is better? I know that the trident can be thrown, which makes it more interesting and have more uses, but the diamond sword has more durability. So, in terms of attack dama...

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9:26 AM
Q: Hi. I need to figure out how to make a stick that has two specific NBT tags in Minecraft 1.15!

Jude SmyI need to figure out how to make a stick that has two specific NBT tags in Minecraft 1.15! I need it to be called "Box Breaker" and be only able to destroy brown Shulker boxes. I have no idea how to do it and I can't find it anywhere online. I have tried this but it won't give me the name (only t...

Q: PS3 Slim HDMI-CEC stopped working

mafwI have a PS3 and a Panasonic TV with Viera Link connected. I used to be able to turn the TV on and off using the PS3. This feature stopped working however after I recently unplugged all the HDMI cables and the power from my TV to clean behind it. I plugged everything back as it was (PS3 HDMI cabl...

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10:42 AM
Q: If it stuck when pressing start or when i pause it it will stuck

AbenrzerI cant go to main menu , When i pause it it will stuck I cant start new game

11:07 AM
My turnips are up to 170 but the wizard is telling me to hold off
today in sentences I never imagined I'd read :D
Turnips are serious business @MattE.Эллен
@MattE.Эллен stalk market is a very profitable venture you know
11:25 AM
lol :D
12:19 PM
Judge rules Cod can have Humvees in it because games are art pcgamer.com/…
@MattE.Эллен Gotta pay off that racoon somehow
12:42 PM
> Judge rules Cod can have Humvees
starts throwing humvees into the ocean
@MattE.Эллен as a treat
> the ruling points out that the world's militaries are not accidentally buying Call of Duty games instead of large vehicles
1:25 PM
@GnomeSlice Does a dismissed case set precedent? Like, could this mean I can have other trademarked properties in my own game on the basis that noone is accidentally buying my game instead of Thin Mints or something like that?
@GnomeSlice Take THAT, Ebert!
2:12 PM
Q: Has anyone made an autonomous vehicle that plays AR/location-based games

David WestDoes anyone know if an autonomous rc vehicle exists that plays Ingress/PokemonGo etc?

2:27 PM
So I think I blew my chance at trying things again with Chantal
@Nzall Theta a good question but I would assume yes with my limited knowledge of the us legal system
This humvee thing makes me wonder about shit like the transformers films where the vehicles are obviously paid placements
Racing games probably still can't get away with this because car manufacturers could use in game performance as a wedge
2:50 PM
Q: I can’t get to my plane

Sm1On GTA5 I cannot get to my plane as it won’t let me into the airfield There is no gate to get to it

3:14 PM
@MattE.Эллен that’s lovely
3:24 PM
UGH fuck
bridge, my company is docking our salaries into half, will make government pay for the rest
problem? govt will take its sweet time to pay that
and there's talks of forcing us to use paid leave and discount that from our yearly limit :)
@Ave fwiw, if they bring this shit up, I will not sign these papers.
@Ave Well that's not really unexpected. I imagine many companies are doing that, be it sick leave or vacation.
@MBraedley I earned those days, and I will not let them take it away for THEIR problems with not saving up money.
@Ave TBF, it doesn't actually save them much money
they make SO MUCH MONEY off of our work alone, it's not money that goes elsewhere like buying stuff to sell or whatever, just our work being sold, and they pay us dimes
@MBraedley I mean as their failure to have a rainy day fund beforehand
@Ave I barely earn $10k/yr and I work as a full time software dev, fwiw.
Move to Canada and come work for the same company I do. We don't have any positions we're actively hiring for right now, but could always use more good devs.
(I say only in half jest)
In other news, this brought a smile to my face so hopefully it can do the same to all of you:
3:41 PM
@MBraedley I do not qualify
4:06 PM
Q: My mouse does not let me place or break blocks in creative mode

Naomi LajonMy mouse will not let me place or break blocks in creative mode.I play crazy craft on minecraft pc.I play on a samsung 2010 laptop.Every time click my mouse,left or right,it just sends me to the back to game menu.I also don't have the best internet.What do I do?

4:44 PM
Q: But, like fr tho, how do you pirate Minecraft?

Malted WheatiesI was scouring the internet for a way to get Minecraft for free, and can not find one that works. Is there one? I recall Notch tweeted that if you can't afford the game, that's what you could do. I know countless little kids have asked this question, but I would feel better with a definitive a...

Q: CPU requirements for Minecraft Server/Network?

Венелин СтояновI'm planning to build a minecraft server and thinking about a ryzen 9 3900X its a 12 core and looks fast enough. I'm hoping to run Network with 2-3 server and 1 to 2 server with about 100-200 people at the same time. Will a ryzen 9 3900X be good ? I was also thinking about I9 9900K. What will be ...

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6:19 PM
Q: my minecraft server does not work, even though it is port forwarded correctly and runs properly

EliI have a Minecraft server that I and a few of my friends play on. I have port forwarded correctly and the server will boot just fine. I am using NoIP's Dynamic User Client (DUC) to make my server joinable from a hostname (i.e. abcde.ddns.net). My server was working just fine with these settings, ...

A local brewery with an in-house pizza kitchen is doing local delivery including a pizza kit which I kind of want to order
(you get a ball of pizza dough, sauce, cheese, optionally pepperoni)
Could be fun!
6:57 PM
@Unionhawk but no beer? :P
That's separate
And yes also doing local deliveries
Ohio is one of the states where that's allowed
Not explicitly disallowed here, but there wasn't really a market for it before self-isolation
We dismissed the usefulness of delivery being allowed in Ohio in college because we had a gas station down the street if we needed to resupply we could walk there, and if we felt that we couldn't walk there we probably didn't need to resupply
Now though it obviously has a bigger use case
Here it used to be that restaurants couldn't do alcohol delivery with meal delivery but iirc that got changed now that everything has to be delivery or takeout.
6:59 PM
idk how that works here yeah
for places that typically do alcohol service vs sales
(open vs closed container)
I've heard of places doing it but given "open container while driving" type laws it sounds questionable
@Ash I don't think I can get beer from restaurants (Boston Pizza would be the prime example).
But I think that's a difference between licenses for selling and serving alcohol
A brewery can sell me a closed can and deliver it, but they can't serve me a pint and deliver it
(though one local place is just canning everything and doing handwritten labels)
@Unionhawk Yeah, I can't get growler fills. Partly because tap rooms are closed but breweries are still allowed to sell.
7:04 PM
There are a few places here selling filled growlers of beer
And places where you can bring your own growler and get it filled
I guess since it has a screw on lid it counts as closed container
I think technically a growler intended for carry-away is a sale
Since you're allowed to walk out with it
In Key West, when you order a drink at a restaurant, it usually arrives in a plastic cup so you just walk off with it
But you need a serving license (i.e. a taproom) in order to do the fills here
It's kinda like public intox laws in most places. There are laws against open containers, but they don't get enforced unless you're causing problems
Places here are mostly doing online orders only, and getting them ready in advance, so
I think a fill would be allowed atm, but there's also no reason to keep kegs in the taproom
7:07 PM
Even though growlers are technically a take-away sale here, it's still considered being served since they're using the same taps as taproom service.
At least at most places.
I should check one of the other breweries that has a separate taproom and take-away store.
Q: Is there a trick to the "Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions" fight in Witcher 3?

DementoI found the suggested levels for most quests in The Witcher 3 reasonable so far, but "Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions" has a suggested level of 11. I'm currently level 18 and beating my opponent would take ages based on the damage I can deal. With good footwork I can avoid all incoming damag...

7:35 PM
Q: trying to copy a single player minecraft world onto a server

wolphixFirst off, i'm using a mac laptop. That might be the issue right there but I don't have another computer to use. Im trying to copy the world using the "minehut" tutorials but they haven't been working. Can anyone walk me through what to do?

7:53 PM
Flick was in town today, they're so nice they bought the town a fancy bridge
Q: minecraft summon fireballs in a circle around you 1.15.2 / 1.16

zombie1111i want to summon fireballs in a circle around me and i also want to be able to change how large the circle is! is that possible and doenst require 100+ command blocks?

8:45 PM
I gave in and ordered an entire loaf of babka from my favourite Jewish deli
I'll probably eat it for a week
@Ash Flick is the bug buying chameleon
Oh ,yes
@PrivatePansy I applaud these choices.
I tried to play this. It's very complicated but seemed really well done
Flick is on my island too but I sold the tarantulas I had last night
9:00 PM
I am bad at remembering to go to mystery islands.
I did a few to fill a house yesterday, but I need to again today
I need to find bamboo too
But more tarantulas today would be nice
Get my second bridge done or maybe house loan idk
Er, third
Q: Starting a Minecraft Server using Portmap.io

NoChanceI am trying out Portmap.io (as Hamachi is not free anymore). Everything looked fine so far and once I entered the IP, it immediately shows my server, but upon trying to connect, after about 5 seconds I get a "Connection Lost Timed Out" error. Do you guys have any experience with this tool?

Q: How Do I find Secret Areas In the Binding of Issac

JackI'm Referring to the first game I already know that you have to blow up the wall with a bomb when it looks a certain way I just don't know what that certain way is

9:17 PM
I'm honestly not bothered about getting the 3rd house upgrade, now you can build outside there are way more interesting things
yeah, I am building a park sort of deal on my little island where my campsite is. Making it yknow, a proper place to camp and all.
(Portapotty and all)
I posted a picture of my campsite on twitter the other day, I'm really proud of it
9:29 PM
Q: How to quickly change text chat channel in HUD display?

Detective ChimpOn PS4, in the HUD text chat display, how do I quickly change the channel? I am using a keyboard. On the main gameplay screen, I hit enter to start the mode where I can type chat text in the HUD display in the lower right portion of screen. The problem is that I can only enter text to the last c...

10:14 PM
@GnomeSlice rekt
mmm, rum
It's been that kind of week
Q: minecraft is there a way to make a kill aura hack with commands? 1.15.2 / 1.16

zombie1111is it possible to make a kill aura hack in minecraft with only commands? no mods needed? kill aura is like aim bot, it hits all near enemies automatically how can i do it without using 100+ command_blocks. i just want a simple command to copy and paste! do you have some ideas or is it impossible...

10:45 PM
Q: Is there any way to convert a Minecraft Map to Krunker Map?

IncredibleCodingI've created a lot of maps in minecraft, and I took a look at how to create maps in krunker. I found some similarities between the two, but I'm not sure if that would make this conversion possible. Any ideas?

11:04 PM
Q: Journey (made by that game company) has completely reset its own save data for no reason, how can I get it back? On PC bootcamp Epic Games platform

OliverI've just recently gotten the white robes in game and have completed the game numerous times already before hand. This morning I was playing around with the white robes then left the game. After getting back into the game all save data was gone, this includes all progress on collecting each glowi...

I beat Obra Dinn!
Really awesome game
11:42 PM
Q: Unable to connect to world error when connecting to server

Kobi HameedI’m trying to join a server but when I try to join, it loads for a while and says this I’m running Minecraft PE on iOS, and I haven’t entered the ip wrong because it would say “invalid IP address.” Please help me.


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