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12:04 AM
@Unionhawk Submit it now, and then next week just find a better one
Alternately, find another one now and submit it next week?
I could do one from the tourist installation nearby
im trying to determine which game i want to submit for this weeks
I need to just take a screenshot...
@Yuuki Fn prnt scrn
12:09 AM
I totally forgot to send the FO:NV bug one like two weeks ago.
@Dragonrage I mean, it'd be a bit meta (and I'm sure off-topic) to send a screenshot of this chatroom.
Q: How do I transfer my Minecraft skins from my iPhone to my XBox 360?

David StringerHelp me please How do I transfer my Minecraft skins from my iPhone to my XBox 360?

1:12 AM
@Yuuki technically, i dont think the bridge counts as a game
unless you are referring to this store.steampowered.com/app/204240/The_Bridge
1:24 AM
this is a cool game
very much like FTL in a lot of ways
not as hard
1:36 AM
@Ash The one thing I really like about Pocket Camp is that instead of the usual power creep of PvP gacha games, Pocket Camp features increasingly silly outfits
I'm currently wearing a hat made of pancakes. It's great
1:51 AM
@Dragonrage Fn? My keyboard doesn't have that
*goes onto youtube on Jesse Cox's Channel*
> MY NEXT GAME IS OUT! | Max Gentlemen Sexy Business
*Goes onto Friend Activity on Steam*
> Hella Yuri
reviewed Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! - Informational

"You can create a female character and romance female characters."
make up your mind Universe, it's this or Rimworld
2:08 AM
@Elise a lot of more compact keyboards have a function key abbreviated Fn which allow you to use the keys that normally are there
At least in the USA
laptop keyboards, mostly
I don't think many people that aren't using a laptop have an Fn key on their keyboard :P
Q: If I have Minecraft on my PS4 do I have to pay for it on my MacBook Pro?

EddieI have Minecraft on my PS4 but I want to download it onto my my MacBook do I still have to pay for it?

Q: What's the use of the Super Capacitor keys?

vianna77After testing in different scenarios, I didn't notice any use of the keys in the SuperCapacitor. It does not absorb the energy from the rechargeable batteries nor does anything at all when I click them (in the case of this picture, up and down arrow). So, what's the use of the keys for the Su...

I feel like I've aged a lot visually in the last year T_T
or maybe I've just seen myself a lot more in the last year than I have before
@Elise I have a cheapo keyboard at work that does
My home feels so empty
2:59 AM
@PrivatePansy I have pancake hat jealousy! I have seen that hat. I want that hat :P
3:10 AM
Q: How to reduce Roblox lag on a possibly Potato PC

Hu shI'm looking for ways to further reduce/remove lag from my possibly potato PC. I did reduce most of the quality settings from the Roblox studio, and only plays games on lowest possible settings. But, at 9am in Korea, it runs at 100~200 pings, and during the evening it jumps to 2000~3000 pings. I...

3:54 AM
i am quite hyping after seeing this on steam
a month or so ago on discord someone shared a tweet of the artwork, because of the copyright i looked into it and found the tweet was from the artist working on the game
at the time i lameted that i wouldn't be able to play it assuming that it would be released in japan first and god know when it'll get localized
but just randomly browsing the popular upcoming list i see it at the bottom
4:28 AM
Q: Title of Japanese Family Computer games which has dynamite and digging hole?

OlracWhen I was a child I have this famicom game that will dig and trap the any same as Lode Runner but it also have dynamite weapon to bomb the enemy. I want to finish the game because I was not able to finish it on my childhood. I hope you can help me to know the title of the game.

5:25 AM
Q: Smash pic of the day 2-6-2020 reference?

senpaiMasahiro Sakurai is the director of the Super Smash Bros. series. He is constantly posting Smash screenshots daily, usually referencing the same or other video games. The images are usually well crafted and there seems to be meaning behind every photo (not just something taken randomly). What ...

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10:10 AM
Q: While evolving Eevee in Pokemon go I am getting an error?

Akhil PathaniaWhile evolving Eevee in Pokemon go I am getting an error. So i have changed the name of Eevee to Rea and tried to evolve it. Suddenly i got error message "Couldn't evolve Eevee due to an unknown error." Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to solve it.

2 hours later…
Q: What legendary shiny pokemon are legal?

icortazarWithin a few months, Nintendo will launch the first DLC of pokemon sword / shield. As I understand it, in that DLC, they will introduce all the remaining legendary pokemon. One of my goals is to try to get everyone in their normal form and in their shiny form. But some of them are not legal in s...

12:33 PM
@murgatroid99 demoncrawl is way more fun than it has any right to be
I played it a bit last night on mobile
the mobile ux is not the best
But it seemed pretty good I guess
1:00 PM
Q: What's next for pokemon go?

charlizesen1So now that we have all the features that were "promised" from the launch of the game (raids/trading/pvp), what's the next BIG feature gonna be? Niantic being Niantic is silent like always but we knew from leaks here and there what to expect in the future. I think we need a roadmap of what updat...

@GnomeSlice yeah, it's not great. It gets the job done, though. I have accidentally popped some cells before just trying to move the map around.
My biggest complaint is they make the mistake of putting buttons right in the corner. However some phones, including my own, have trouble hitting those buttons since one edge of my screen is used for bringing up the phone buttons.
Making good phone UI is really hard though, so not sure how much they could really improve
1:19 PM
Q: What is the name of the game where main hero was gaining power in the darkness and loosing on the light (not vampire)?

Constantine KetskaloThird person view, action, advanture. Modern time, guns. Main hero sort of signs contract with some dark forces and gains superpowers. But he uses energy (sort of like mana) for those superpowers. So when he does to basement, he starts to regenerate energy over time and when he goes to sunlight o...

1:47 PM
@Wipqozn all the time
2:05 PM
I have a PS4 with street figher 30th anniversary edition, I have access to the internet on it, and I have PS+ subscription, I chose casual match, and it is stuck on "searching for match". any ideas?
2:35 PM
Q: Controller won't connect to PS4 after pairing it to Chromebook

Southdog34I have a PlayStation 4 controller and I paired it to my Chromebook but now it won't connect to my PlayStation 4. I have reset it but it still doesn't work. What should I do?

3:13 PM
Q: Use Opus Audio instead of Vorbis in Minecraft Resource Packs

MetalsharkCan I use the Opus CODEC instead of Vorbis for replacement OGG files in a Minecraft resource pack?

3:23 PM
Everyone is main tank now
Waiting for Roadhog to eat other players to protect them from damage
Do they have anything in the pipeline for Winston?
I haven't played in awhile but his shield always felt like paper and his playstyle was basically leaving his allies behind to jump onto the backline.
Not exactly solo tank material.
what the hell
I don't think it'll work the way they're hoping it will
I am not sure if there even is a solution to the "nobody wants to play tank" problem
I'm not sure there's a solution to the "I am a tank player and I don't want to play Overwatch" problem
3:35 PM
I'm less familiar with that one
I only play tank
But I haven't played in a long time
@Yuuki Winston is good enough as he is you just have to play him smart
Hes not really meant to soak damage unless you're ulting
I remember tank being miserable to play because you have to hope your team wants to be protected by you
@Yuuki for real? op
@Wrigglenite ya true I just found nobody picks tank so I always end up playing one
@Wrigglenite "Hello team, welcome to attacking on Anubis, I'm going to stand right here please walk to the left down this hallway"
@GnomeSlice Apparently, these are experimental changes for 3-2-1 mode (3 DPS, 2 Support, 1 Tank).
@GnomeSlice The problem is that with only one tank on a team, you'll need to be able to soak damage.
I can dive their backline for three kills on their supports and maybe one DPS all I want but if the rest of my team gets wiped in return, that's a loss.
3:40 PM
Yeah that zarya change on experimental seems to be a "ok we decided to try solo tanks but how do we balance off-tanks"
and I suspect the answer is "you can't"
I'm kind of expecting the opposite to happen for regular game modes
At this point, turning everyone into an off-tank is probably going to make the game more enjoyable on average
4:10 PM
Q: Cant Find Iron Golems

Noah ShortI have not been able to find any iron golems and the spawn egg won't show in my modded 1.12.2 world Here is a list of my mods Backpacks Coherent Villages More Furnace Tiny mob farm Cxlibray tinkers construct Libray mantle Jurrasic craft power drop iron chest tree chopper Xray JEI Journey map Flan...

I wonder how much more play Reaper will get in a one tank meta.
Last I played, he was the best tank-killer and it should be easy to roll over a team after you take out their one tank.
4:48 PM
Q: How do I get past the Architect's tomb in God of War 1?

Jason LathamI'm struggling with the rolling thing and the blades and the crane and the cracked floor and all of it. What do I do? Can someone explain step by step how to pass it?

lol Tokyo Miracle Sessions has a "do you want <Character> to wear glasses" option
you said yes right
Yeah but also the dialog boxes were pretty funny, I'm considering submitting those as my Screenshot of the Week.
that game is just a gem i loved it
All right I have a backup plan for next screenshot contest now that someone submitted The View this week
I'm seeing an asteroid base 14 Ls from a class B blue/white star which should be cool
Only 14j away from me too, maybe less since I don't think the route planner is considering my current system to be a neutron (since the neutron isn't the A star, it's the C star, which normally doesn't happen since neutrons are so heavy, but this system is a supergiant, black holes, and a neutron)
5:21 PM
@Unionhawk takes notes
Q: Minute delay on specific server only

Gucke911So my friends and i have bought a server on modded minecraft (mc.eternal) launched with the twitch launcher. It was perfectly playable with little to no lag for the first days. Then one morning i woke up and logged on to 30 seconds to 1 minute delay depending on something i dont know. For multipl...

6:05 PM
Q: Trouble placing logs in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Quasi_StomachI can't figure out why I can't place logs in certain positions to other logs. Not that they won't combine...but that it literally tells me I cannot place that there. Specifically, it appears to stop me from placing logs on top of the corner pieces, but sometimes it lets me, and I cannot figure o...

6:20 PM
@FoxMcCloud I also like how one of the characters is named Barry Goodman.
LOL yeah they definitely knew what they were doing
7:02 PM
Q: Arcade fighting games: generally accepted way to map ABCD buttons to Xbox controller?

Jerry VI want to practice more classic games from the King of Fighters series using a modern controller to the likes of Xbox or PlayStation. The problem is that original arcade games used four buttons arranged in a straight horizontal line (in KOF: A=LP, B=LK, C=SP, D=SK), while new controllers have the...

It's fun to jump into random gaming subreddits sometimes just to see all the jargon.
like which ones?
Like right now, there's something in /r/deadbydaylight that has do with hexes and ruins and I have no idea what's going on.
And the comments all talk about regression percents.
7:32 PM
Loading Ready Run has a pride shirt...
I want it
it looks great
Q: Iron golem farm not working 1.15.2

Mark_EdI have recently built an Iron golem farm on a multiplayer server (1.15.2). Here is a screenshot from (sort of) above. I have tried resetting their profession and changing their beds twice now and waiting for a full day night cycle but that was without success unfortunatly. I understand that multi...

> Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99
uh oh
@Yuuki #spoilers
8:36 PM
New best way to describe an acquaintance that is kinda a friend but you don't want to be friends with "that friend of mine with whom I still want to play monopoly"
@Elva hahahaha oh that's brilliant
I burst out laughing over voice
We were prior to that talking about monopoly and how it breaks up friendships and someone a few minutes later casually threw that in
that's so great :)
the new love live mobile game.....is dangerous for me
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
@FoxMcCloud what's the macrotransactions like? because i know the previous one was a gatcha game but looking at the new one it looks more gears to powering up single characters
10:06 PM
oh, this is nice. Steam is adding maximum price and specials filter, tag exclusion, owned and ignored games filter, VR-only filter and infinite scroll to their search functionality
@Memor-X expensive like SiF was. paid vs free gems. it's still a gacha type game, but yeah this one is more built towards team building with powerful cards
i think the art is similar, but it also has the new school of 9 girls in it. aqours still best tho
@GnomeSlice Those things have to be water-resistant because of rain so while it's pretty dumb in the sense that that tree's not gonna be watered by that sprinkler, it's at least not as hazardous as you think.
@Nzall actually it still works
@Yuuki yeah.. still whack
@Nzall that's gross man
@GnomeSlice you mean the meme, the link post or the post you replied to?
Q: Minecraft Pocket edition teleport coordinates

Sal FisherWhat would be the teleport coordinates for 50, 77, 41. I have a command block but im unsure how to enter these coordinates.

Mobile. I just didn't need to read that lol
10:34 PM
@GnomeSlice did you see the actual meme itself? It's just a Coronavirus meme
@Nzall ....it's a stupid meme. I strongly suspect no one cares about the science.
@Ash I just wanted to share a dumb meme and poke some holes in it...
just been thinking. since CAPCOM has been releasing the previous Megaman games, most recently Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX, could they continue the trend and release a Megaman Battle Network*/*Megaman Star Force collection on PC, because that would be awesome, more so if we get Megaman Battle Network 4.5
or even even better, a Megaman Legends collection to hype a PC Release of Megaman Legends 3
@Nzall nope. Did not click
@Memor-X You know, I'm not sure I've ever played a Megaman game, now that I think of it.
10:40 PM
@GnomeSlice It's a picture of Trump saying "I know everything about viruses" and someone else saying "it's not syphilis dude"
oh, nice, Netflix is releasing season 2 of Paradise PD next week
@Ash I mean, Kirby is basically a Megaman game.
You run around absorbing the powers of your enemies to save the world.
@Nzall gross
10:57 PM
@Yuuki except for Zero where i played all 4 games and never got any other weapons/powers beyond the buster and sword
(because to do so you have to S Rank a level if i recall)
@Nzall generally speaking, things that edge on nsfw or are in general just not very pleasant, arent very welcome here
@Yuuki I have played a lot of Kirby games!
11:54 PM

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