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12:12 AM
Q: Is there any way to get Katrina's (fortune teller) flooring in ACNL?

user244528I need her flooring for a witchy-themed house in ACNL. I've seen people on the internet having her flooring in their homes (carpet with circular star wheel and what looks like runes) and I really want to know if it is hacked or if I can get it in the game.

12:53 AM
1:13 AM
Q: Hardcore Jurassic craft blocks not spawning

Noah ShortSo basically I have been playing hardcore in Minecraft and recently had gotten Jurrasic craft and when in creative all blocks show and in other worlds but in this hardcore world no blocks from the mod have spawned at all I also have these mods installed Backpacks Buildcraft crayfish furniture mod...

Q: Is there any possible way to add more than 1 custom Minecraft skin on Minecraft Bedrock? (Windows 10)

AnonSo, Basically, I imported a custom Minecraft skin into Minecraft, and I wanted another one in a different slot, but when i imported the second one, the first i imported became the same skin. Is there any way i can add more than 1 custom skin? Like, I tried searching online already, i found questi...

1:33 AM
Q: How can I detect hits from a prop weapon on an non-player object?

EcholetaI'm building an escape room with a shooting mini-game. There will be a number of targets made out of makerpen shapes around the room that players will only be able to hit with a paintball pistol. How can I detect when they have hit the target?

i'm sure other women might be offended if this was said to them but when i express how i don't have the body to pull off cosplaying 2B, i loved how it was assume the issue was that i could be fat
as opposed to looking like that person on the Mix it Up poster from Cyberpunk 2077
2:11 AM
so because of a server bug, BlueHost charged me for SiteLock Security - Find for another year despite me having set it to expire. because the payment was through PayPal and i only give them access to take money out, i now have $55.77 sitting in my wallet that i have to spend
Steam showed Rimworld on the front page and i've been thinking of getting it now-ish since if it looks like it'll never be on special......i swear the universe is sending me a message
If you're looking for a game to play, I've recently been playing excessive amounts of the game DemonCrawl. It's basically roguelite Minesweeper.
I've seen you playing that a lot lately, @murgatroid99. I gotta say though, Slay the Spire is where it's at.
@murgatroid99 looks interesting, added it to my wish list
@Wipqozn Slay the Spire is cool but I'm bad at it
@murgatroid99 The solution to that is to just play more Slay the Spire.
DemonCrawl sure does look a lot like minesweeper. Interesting.
2:25 AM
it's more that Rimworld has been one of those games i wanted to play but was always waiting for it to be on special. looking at isthereanydeal it seems like it has never been on special so been on my mind if i just buy it now before the price goes up
@Wipqozn The gameplay within each level is literally exactly minesweeper, but it gets modified by items and stuff
I might need to add that to my wishlist, so I can remember to check it out later.
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3:34 AM
Q: Not receiving Merryweather hiest minisub text from wade

Progamerzleader So recently ive been playing gta and i did the scouting the port picked the underwater approach and boom zero missions afterwards ive done all other strangers and freaks and the hotel assasination and by the book so what do i do now as in not recieving the minisub text from wade!

3:48 AM
@murgatroid99 Mobile version has a free version. It's pretty fun.
@GnomeSlice Huh, neat, I did not know that!
@Yuuki I hope it is an excellent adventure.
4:26 AM
I'm going to be streaming some screenshot of the day hunting tomorrow probably about 6 (headed to The View in Elite Dangerous) twitch.tv/unionhawk
Plus we learned how to do neutron boosts (just keep your FSD repaired and game is easy) so it shouldn't be long until we get to hopefully successfully land on a 3.30g world that claimed dozens of distant worlds 2 pilots
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8:57 AM
Morning chat
2 hours later…
10:34 AM
@Unionhawk I have no idea what those words mean
They sound cool though
1 hour later…
12:02 PM
I don't know why I've never played elite dangerous
It looks like it would be my favourite game
Perhaps it was overhyped and now you've got better perspective. I find I'm like that with films
12:17 PM
@GnomeSlice It's fun. I should play more.
1:00 PM
Q: How to constantly count the numbers of players within a arena 1.12.2

Gokufix MurphySo I have a fake player called Alive that shows the count of how many players are still active inside the arena. When a player loses a round the count will lower by 1. When the count reaches 1 the game will stop( dont worry about that I already know what to do for this). The problem I'm having wi...

1:15 PM
@murgatroid99 I'm sad that DemonCrawl isn't on Humble Bundle. I'd just buy it right now if it was, since then I'd get it on PC and Android. It be perfect. PERFECT!
Anyways, point is, I blame @Unionhawk.
1:28 PM
@Nzall I'm doing a dangerous medium risk high reward thing but game is easy (I will revisit this assessment once I'm on the surface since high gravity worlds like HR 6164 ABC 1 are hard to land on without dying)
@Unionhawk Is the only reason to land on a high gravity world so you can discover it and give it a name?
In this case, the reason to do it is it is really pretty
It's a ringed world close to a blue star
(just so you can say that you landed is another reason but there are closer ones for that like Achenar 3, which I think is on the order of 6.5g)
I think there's an engineer on a >1g world, I cratered pretty hard getting to them once
1:55 PM
IMPORTANT GAMING UPDATE: Star Citizen is still no closer to having a release date.
cc @TimStone
@Sterno :|
whistles innocently before she suddenly sprints away
@Sterno have they actually made any progress? because last i heard they was just one Space Station and yet they promise all these ships which sounds a bit like Day of Dragons but not acting as obviously shit
2:00 PM
Q: Why is my sticky piston not extending?

BeltariIn a 1.15.2 java server, I want to use this design for a timed bubble elevator, but the sticky piston is not extending. Everything powers up as it should, except the piston. Any ideas?

I hear they own a fleet of yachts now. That's progress.
@Sterno Star citizen drama is the best drama. I love that you can buy a $27k ship pack in a game that doesn't even exist yet.
I imagine the release of Star Citizen will coincide with the average person actually travelling to space to settle on a new planet. So that'll give them something to play during the trip. Convenient!
Sounds about right.
Wasteland Remastered comes out today. Get hyped for nostalgia!
Oh, wait, none of you are old enough
2:13 PM
i think the original was on GOG
Yeah, it is
At some point it was on Steam too but doesn't seem to be anymore. I have it in my library though
Oh, weird, here it is. Just didn't show up when I was typing it into the search bar
yeh maybe they changed the name
I think it's just low enough in popularity that you don't see it in the top 5 results when you typed "Wasteland"
2:27 PM
@Sterno 0/10 not Friday
Yeah but it's not Friday
I'm not a monster.
@Sterno uhhh, sure!
3:01 PM
Q: Livestreaming question answering in 1 hour!

Fabian RölingSince I answer a lot of questions and they seem to be pretty popular (I'm #1 this month and last year), I will be livestreaming my process of answering some tricky gamingSE questions, starting in 1 hour, which is 14:00 UTC on 2020-02-25. Maybe some people can find interesting tips in it or have s...

3:17 PM
If anyone's looking to get some really good wireless earbuds, here are some at a great price
Q: What is this box that drops red bubbles when I try to get it?

vianna77In some planets, there are those boxes (like the one with the discrete blue arrow) and when I try to grab them, they throw some red bubbles. I tried to bring it to the collector but nothing happened. What should I do with them?

@SaintWacko also not a link to friday
@SaintWacko that is a good price for those
Downloading demoncrawl now on android
Wow it's 400 GB
3:33 PM
@GnomeSlice what the
400GB? For a mobile game?
Gonna guess 400MB?
Because... I don't think there's phones with that much storage?
@GnomeSlice I really hope that was a typo and you mean 400 MB. Because 400 GB is bigger than any PC games
Oh there's an iphone that's 512GB so that'd fit
Yeah, there are some phones with half a TB of storage
And 4 phones with 1 TB of storage
3:36 PM
@Unionhawk SD cards are sooooooooo not meant for games
That will be super bad to play on
One of which is a dedicated gaming phone, and the other phones are 3 different versions of Samsung's new flagship phone
so it's actually 2 phones with 1 TB of storage
Some starbait worthy news in TIF
I think
4:32 PM
... Not really?
@Ash Yeah, I didn't see anything either
Unless it was the Bloomberg thing, that was a amusing
@GnomeSlice I played some DemonCrawl on android and it was fun but ooooooh man that is not a good UX. It really, really wants a mouse.
4:56 PM
@ToxicFrog A minesweeper based game seems like it would be difficult with only touch events
@GnomeSlice Oh GnomePhone, how I've missed you.
it's no getting off the busty though
@SaintWacko it really is!
@ToxicFrog Too bad, it sounded interesting
It is interesting and it's a neat game, although I have some beefs with it (the big one being that it doesn't guarantee every board is perfectly solvable, presumably because it expects you to be able to mitigate that with items/abilities, but whether you get anything that can actually mitigate that over the course of a quest is very random)
But trying to play it on a touchscreen is...bad
5:07 PM
> 7-year-old Simone Lim has won the Pokémon Oceania International Junior (12 and under) Championships, winning the hearts of Pokemon fans around the world with her amazing tournament performance last weekend in Melbourne, Australia.
Context: her opponent was Justin Miranda-Radbord, the first seed and 21-time Regional Champion and 4-time National Champion.
Damn. Congrats to her.
I did some reading and the strategy there is pretty intricate as well and she made a great read to get the win.
So for the Rhyperior+Dusclops player, their tactic was to use Protect on Rhyperior and Trick Room on Dusclops. Had she decided to attack the Rhyperior, the attack would have fizzled and Trick Room would've let Rhyperior go first the next turn for the KO.
Yeah she guessed what her opponent was going to do in a 50/50 scenario and pulled out the win. Crazy ending
But their other option was just attack with the Rhyperior and sac the Dusclops for the win (this would've been countered by her attacking the Rhyperior instead of the Dusclops).
She read the Trick Room+Protect play perfectly.
So, to make sure I'm following that correctly -- if he'd attacked with the Rhyperior, the counter is to attack the Rhyperior, KOing it before it takes an action, leaving just the Dusclops which isn't powerful enough to win the match in one turn and goes down next turn?
5:17 PM
So, each player had two options, each one of which perfectly counters one of their opponent's actions and is useless against the other, so victory came down entirely to successfully predicting what your opponent is going to do. Damn.
At this point Tyranitar has enough boosts that it's strong and fast enough to OHKO either Dusclops or Rhyperior but that also leaves it vulnerable to Trick Room and its health was low enough that it could KO'd in one move (by Rhyperior) in turn.
High-level Pokemon can get really interesting.
It's just that the game is annoying about letting you prep for that (although they've gotten better in recent days) between egg moves, IVs, EVs, natures, etc.
Yeah, I haven't played any pokemon game since Yellow.
If you ever decide you want to play Pokemon again you should play Temtem instead.
@InvaderSkoodge I've looked into this game like 1289 times. Early access scares me, but it looks so good
5:28 PM
@FoxMcCloud I've played the first few hours of it and it's pretty good.
It's hard, which is the main thing it has going for it over Pokemon.
Also it replaces PP with a stamina system that makes battles much more strategic.
I like Pokemon because it isn't hard, so I'm guessing it won't really be my jam
All battles are 2v2 by default as well which increases tactical options.
A pokemon clone with actual strategy? get outa here
But I like that it's improving on those things for people who do want that, because I know that's a lot of criticism with current Pokemon
@Ash Yeah definitely, it's not for everyone but for people who are upset with Pokemon's low difficulty recently it's really really nice.
5:30 PM
I think i'll get it, i need something to hold me over until POE expansion
@FoxMcCloud Isn't that not scheduled until 2021?
I'm just starting to get into PoE now :P
i meant new league. POE gets a new league every 3 months. but yes, POE 2 is 2021
Oh yeah ok.
@Ash no, I meant the cauliflower thing, I thought it was funny how Trump keeps getting treated as a toddler
poe is awesome, lots of people in chat play it a ton. if you have any questions let us knwo
5:34 PM
Yeah I've been talking to @SaintWacko and some others about it.
I'm on PS4 unfortunately.
No PC gaming time with 3 kids.
@FoxMcCloud That's the craziest thing about PoE. It'd be like if Diablo 3 released the whole Nephalem obelisk thing, and then three months later then introduced another mechanic with just as much content
poe is my child
@SaintWacko I'm a little overwhelmed by all the systems present, since it looks like every new mechanic they add for a new league just sticks around forever and they keep piling on top of each other.
@SaintWacko Yeah, I was really into Diablo 3 after the RoS expansion, but they just quit and all the updates were adding 1000000% to damage
There's almost too much to do.
I'm just trying to focus on getting through all the acts right now.
5:38 PM
that's a common complaint about the game currently......and then there's a bajillion hours you can put into each of the mechanics
I just got to act 6 last night right after I realized I needed to actually worry about resists and now my resists are even more fucked.
Although I have to say a few equipment swaps to sacrifice some DPS for resists made a huge difference towards the end of act 5.
yeah that -30% comes outa no where and then you're like....bleeeehh
Diablo 2 had a similar thing in Nightmare and Hell difficulty so I wasn't too surprised by it.
Especially that it corresponded to me getting sent back to the first town, essentially "starting over".
yeah there used to be 5 acts and you played through 3 difficulties just like diablo. then they added 6-10 and got rid of difficulties
I already like it better this way.
I've been in a new zone in Act 6 that I never visited in Act 1.
5:41 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Pokemon's low difficulty is more about the story, I thought, as you can get really into the weeds with competitive.
@Yuuki Yeah, but if you want a good challenging single player game then you're SOL
yeah its a huge improvement, the areas in acts 6-10 change quite a bit but they still feel familiar enough to enjoy them again
Q: Console with highest selection of motion controller multi-player sports games?

Robert SinclairWhich console currently on the market has the highest amount of sports games which can be played using a motion controller, so that 2 people can play it at the same time when it's hooked to the TV? I know WII would be the winner, but it's discontinued. Also if anyone knows which console will inv...

@Lazers2.0 This question is the antithesis of how I play video games.
hahaha yeah no kidding
5:45 PM
@Lazers2.0 I need to get a TV so I can play Ring Fit Adventure again.
6:09 PM
holy crap.....the poe expansion looks crazy.
new league **** god i hate words
@Nzall I do not find that amusing whatsoever, but that's more a TIF thing than a here thing, and also...I'm not sure why you mentioned it here as starbaity, regardless. If people wanna be in that room, they will be.
wharrgarbl my friends
@FoxMcCloud Where do you find details on upcoming leagues?
I tried searching but just found people hyped for PoE2.
there were leaks yesterday, if you want to read about the new league you can go here: shacknews.com/article/116503/…
@badp Reciprocating wharrgarbls to you, comrade
6:24 PM
official release is in 2 hours or so
official release for trailer ****
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, pretty much. Each League they introduce a new mechanic which you encounter everywhere, and that lets them get a ton of testing and tweaking in. Then, depending on how it goes, the mechanic goes standard and will be present at a much lower rate in future leagues (And in the Standard league)
Like last league's mechanic didn't go standard because it had issues and wasn't very fun
man, running blight maps on anything higher than a tier 5 map would put my good pc to a crawl
can't imagine what some laptops would do
6:51 PM
the last league i played i think was the delving one
i had a draintank duelist. converted all damage dealt to physical damage, had a huge health pool, and had instantaneous lifesteal. if i was able to do damage to something, i basically couldnt die, because i was immune to physical reflection
Q: Do Skyrim SE mods work for Skyrim LE

BillyExactly what the title asks, will mods labeled SE work for the legendary edition?

Q: Screenshot of the Week - Hall of Fame

JoachimSince the screenshot-of-the-week contest was based on the 'Photo of the Week' contest of our Photography sister website (see here), a corresponding 'Hall of Fame' has been suggested (here), to showcase the winners and possibly gain even more attention from the community. This is that. #6 | Th...

7:14 PM
@FoxMcCloud Whoa, that sounds awesome. And I'm looking forward to the kinetic bolt builds
@SaintWacko what, did they only fix your car 50% of the time?
@SaintWacko kinetic bolt sounds dope, i hope they give wands what they need to compete with everything else
How long is there usually between PoE leagues?
Metamorph ends on March 10, I see, but when's the next one start after that?
7:30 PM
3 months - march 13th for new league start
the couple days gives people to move their items around to their standard chars if they want
Ok, I'll probably try another new build when that comes around.
Maybe a melee build of some sort.
there will be new skills, support gems and unique items to try out too.
8:19 PM
@FoxMcCloud Yeah, I love forking chaining stuff like that
My favorite build I've played so far was a wild strike lightning raider
That thing was so much fun
8:50 PM
oh my god i'm using kinetic bolt forever it looks insane
Een vergif (ook wel vergift of gif) is een stof die een schadelijke invloed heeft op een organisme. Het begrip wordt vooral op chemische verbindingen toegepast, maar er valt wel iets voor te zeggen om ook schadelijke radioactieve stoffen onder de giffen te rangschikken. Het eerste basisprincipe van de toxicologie is dat vrijwel iedere stof, die in overmaat aanwezig is, schadelijk kan zijn. Dosis sola facit venenum (alleen de hoeveelheid maakt het vergif) zei Paracelsus al in de 16e eeuw. De keerzijde hiervan is dat er voor iedere giftige stof ook een drempelwaarde te vinden is waarbij nog geen...
9:47 PM
Q: Use PS4 controller audio output via bluetooth on PC

someguywhen the PS4 controller is connected via the USB cable to the PC, it can be used as an audio device, when I plug my headphones in the controller. Is it somehow possible to use them as an audio device, when I connect them via bluetooth? As they can output the sound via bluetooth when they're used...

@RedRiderX waves
@Ash Hah yes I came to wave too :P
10:03 PM
snortgiggles I wasn't sure if going "I know you from the internet" was good or not :P
yes same
but I'm never sure how to talk to people I know when in a business setting like that
Like do I acknowledge it? Or do I assume they recognize me?
Same. :P But now we know, and we can be chill about it lol
I am always like oh no do I use my friend voice or my customer service voice oh no
10:27 PM
Q: Is there a way to set out many CPU Cores a game uses without needed to reboot the PC?

Memor-XI recently got The Technomancer from GOG but when i went to play it, it just sat at the loading screen for ever. looking up the issue it seems to be one shared with the Steam version and some users have reported that if they used 1 or 8 CPU Cores it started to work. I have no idea how many cores...

10:43 PM
Hey I'm checking out The View in Elite, and I'm either going to die or see a very cool ringed world twitch.tv/unionhawk
Hopefully it's the latter....
Q: Tp command block proximity

KittenonsmackI'm trying to make a portal hub to head n,s,e,w directions and a portal back again from each point back to world spawn near the hub. My first portal keeps tping and I cant get near it without commandblocksenabled false. I've approached from afar and realised its tping me from a good 20 blocks a...

11:18 PM
Q: Is there a way I can add more variety of sounds to a mob?

MaeveRaeveI'm trying to make a recourse pack that includes an extra files of sounds to the villager. But I cannot seem to make the villagers say the files I've made. They're all labled as "idle#" e.g. idle4, idle5 etc. If anyone out there knows a way to make more variants to how many sounds a mob can play...

11:54 PM
posted on February 25, 2020

We’ll be upgrading from SQL 2017 to SQL 2019 on our primary clusters between 9:00-10:00AM Eastern (14:00-15:00 UTC) on March 7, 2020. We expect to be read-only less than an hour and in full maintenance mode only a few minutes. For more details, see our post on meta.stackexchange. If we’re in maintenance and you can’t see that post, try again in a few minutes!

I'm trying to decide if I should submit one of those this contest or next week's Scenery theme

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