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1:53 AM
ah, crap
Anyone else here play Rimworld?
2:37 AM
Q: Can I get Mac java edition for free after buying windows java edition?

BobI bought windows java edition and wanted Minecraft on my Mac. Will I get the Mac java edition free because I bought the windows java edition or do I have to buy it?

2:47 AM
@SaintWacko going to get it now now that i've confirmed my refund from BlueHost is in paypal
Being Chinese and having a fever is one of my weirder experience with intersectionality yet
Hi, Bridge! Long time no see!
Trying to remember how long it's been. I think I moved to a new country while you were out
3:08 AM
@Niro hey you
@PrivatePansy I thiiiiink it's been over a year for me?
@Ash Hiiiiiiii!
How goes?
3:23 AM
@Niro Holy shit, welcome back!
How's life been?
@Memor-X Good choice!
@Ash @SaintWacko Life's been alright! Got a new job, been working ridiculous hours, bought a house closer to work, and trying to enjoy what little free time I have.
I am glad you got a new job! And a house!
@Ash Thanks! It's been pretty exciting.
May 15 '19 at 22:17, by Niro
Bridge, I got a new job! After 7 years in a dead-end position, I finally found a new job with plenty of room to grow!
Here it is. Little less than a year, then. lol
3:47 AM
How's everyone else been?
Hi @Niro 👋
Welcome back
Hiiii! Thank you!
i swear i've seen @Niro's avatar here but don't recognize the name
I was Fluttershy
4:00 AM
Iirc you ran for mod when wipqozn and robotnik were elected?
@Dragonrage Ran, but withdrew, yeah.
@Niro ahhhh, that's right
Q: Needs answer fast plz

ZucodraHow do I access my personal vehicles as I have 12 but no clue as to access them?!?? Any answers much appreciated GTA online

4:28 AM
@Niro I imported my husband! We moved to a really nice apartment!
@Ash Congrats! I couldn't remember if you were moving there, or if he was moving to you, but congrats regardless! :D
oh hi, it's been a while :o
@Elise Hiiiiiii!
I don't work night shifts anymore, so that's what's new with me 🤷🏼‍♀️
4:55 AM
@Elise I work 12 hour swing shifts now, so that's taken some getting used to. But yay no more night shifts for you!
@Niro 4 x 12 hour shifts a week or more?
wait, no, I suck at math
40 doesn';t divide by 12 D:
@Elise 5 one week, 2 the next, repeating forever.
that's pretty good, depending on the type of work you do
12h shifts can be pretty bad, but if you get a bunch of days off it can be worth it 🤔
It's pretty nice. I work 2 weeks/month, 6months/yr. Time and a half on Saturdays and Sundays.
I work at Walmart now, evenings only. My hours are a bit lacking, but it's a lot easier work than my previous night shift job
5:27 AM
wooooo, i've been at work for 8 hours and did fuck all because the network has been down
well, been studying Linux Bash scripting ready for some work when things come back online but not expecting that to happen today
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
@Niro haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
un-rip Fluttershy
Also good morning bridge
@Niro hiiiiiiii
8:02 AM
Q: How do I get the "Spell" spell in Zelda II?

SeanI've been playing "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link" for the first time. I've arrived at New Kasuto Town and the old man there won't teach me his magic. He just says "Come back when you're ready." I've been trying to play as unspoiled as possible, but this is cryptic enough that it drove me to ...

8:26 AM
Good morning chat
8:54 AM
@Nzall morning!
9:18 AM
Q: Pokémon bank and home

JoshuaIf I delete my bank does the Nintendo Network ID unlink? I want to transfer my Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Pokémon to Sword and Shield. And if I do delete my NNID, could I get games back by factory resetting?

FUCK! I forgot about my auticoach appointment today
I even took half a day off from work for it
which I forgot and I now am at work
(auticoach => therapeutic coach specialized in autism)
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
ummm, i just noticed. isn't the screenshot contest dates incorrect?
it was posted 2 days ago. the 24th-25th depending on where you are....and it says
> We will accept submissions for a week, until 19:00 UTC of 2020-02-17
like i noticed it on the pin here first
cc @Dragonrage
Yeah that seems wrong
and something is up with my network as it's lagging my ping
thanks @Wrigglenite
10:52 AM
Q: Can I search games by estimated play time?

Erel Segal-HaleviIn the Steam store, is there any way to search for "short games", e.g., games with an estimated completion time of less than 1 hour? I did not find such option in the advanced search link.

11:17 AM
@Niro 🤷‍♂️
11:49 AM
Q: Lego Star Wars the complete saga

user244662What happens if I do “quit game” is all the game starts from the beginning? And I need to pay again? (For iPhone)

@Niro Great to hear, and great to see you. I've been thinking lately that it's been far too long since I saw you around.
2 hours later…
2:21 PM
posted on February 27, 2020 by Chance Murphy _ Student - SERa

I'm trying to get a command that has a command block check the score of 0 for the objective of Time which is being displayed in everyone's Actionbar. When the score of 0 for the objective time reaches 0 it should run another command which should stop the countdown. When the countdown resets is set up somewhere else. The purpose of this command is just to display time. I tried u

blinks slowly
so first game in Rimworld. a Bear attacked my horse named Pudding so i had everyone attack the bear. my main fighter was wounded and while trying to treat them the other 2 colonists succumb to their injuries. and then a stranger in black came and saved one of them and let the other 2 die so while the last survivor was recovering this stranger was cleaning up blood and burying bodies
Q: Just found I was supposed to be working on a completely different project since 8 months ago. How can I handle this?

NoProjectKinda shocked at the moment. I’m a dev who works on a team of about 20 developers. Apparently I (along with another developer) was assigned to complete a specification about 8 months ago. I learned this morning when one of our sales reps came by and asked when the project would be ready to depl...

So apparently this guy was never communicated to start on a project
and now someone from Sales asked him when it would be ready because the launch is in 2 weeks
2:45 PM
@Nzall wow this sucks
3:18 PM
Q: (Fortnite) What happens if I buy the Battle Pass at level 100 (using the in-game obtained V-Bucks)?

Luis OrionI am a Fortnite Italian player, who's been playing Fortnite for months, since summer 2019, and in this sense I'm a bit of a young player, since we are currently in the twelfth season, the 2nd of Chapter 2. I'm not going to spend any money for Fortnite, but I would like to get the Batte Pass somed...

3:31 PM
I like that the whole top 10 is required lol
and that the next nonrequired is fingerprinting which takes like 4 seconds to complete
3:47 PM
@Unionhawk There's a game design merit badge?
That's one of the other classes during my timeslot teaching robotics, it looks cool
They've got some kind of homemade board game situation going on
3:58 PM
@Memor-X Haha, I forgot about the stranger
I've been trying out Naked Brutality difficulty for the first time
It took a good half dozen attempts before I was able to survive the first raid
The one that's finally going well (knocks on wood), I got some extra colonists pretty quickly
There's a nice little cave bottleneck up in the corner with an insect hive in it, so whenever a raid appears in that corner they get slaughtered by the bugs
I used to have three colonists, but then one of them had a mental break and went on an alcohol binge. Unfortunately the only alcohol on the map was a beer dropped by one of the slain raiders, so my colonist charge straight into the bug nest and got wrecked -.-
And I can't retrieve the body to bury, so there's just a more or less permanent -10 to mood for everyone else
Really wish deaths weren't a permanent -mood until you bury the body.
It should be -mood for a fairly long time and burial reduces that time significantly.
hmm... I need a new mouse
Technically all I think I need is a new logitech unifying receiver
OR I could get a new mouse
@Yuuki Yeah, I do feel like eventually the mood should go away. And I'm not actually sure it doesn't
@Unionhawk Get an MX Master!
4:15 PM
@Memor-X i blame @Wipqozn :)
4:31 PM
This Rimworld talk is making me want to go back to Dwarf Fortress
@Wrigglenite I've been wanting to do that for a while, but I'm waiting for it to come out on Steam
Rimworld was just updated and got some DLC, which is why I started playing it again
4:59 PM
@Unionhawk Huh, this was kinda fascinating to see what sort of stuff they do.
The environmental science drop is interesting (sustainability was introduced as an alternate required merit badge so I guess it makes sense)
5:50 PM
It mostly makes me realize that scouting/guides etc is so unfamiliar to me as a thing.
I had so many friends who were in Brownies/Girl Guides/Cubs/Scouts etc but I never did any of it.
I was in Boy/Cub Scouts for like a week?
(I always thought the uniforms were fascinating, when they'd all wear em to school on whatever day that was for whatever reason it was. I think I'd've enjoyed the badge-getting.)
The first outing we had, they gave my parents the wrong location and we drove to a different state park like an hour away.
@Yuuki oh nooooo
Yeah, nobody was happy that day.
Well, to be precise, nobody was happy with the Cub Scouts that day.
We did have some fun wandering around the state park though.
5:57 PM
I never did Scouts and I don't think I even knew anyone who did.
@Wipqozn Yeah, it's been a while. Glad to be back!
oh hello
@Yuuki at least that was good.
@ToxicFrog It was a very rural kid thing, in my area.
(I still don't know why one day a year they'd wear their uniforms to school, though.)
Also @ToxicFrog you NEEEEEEEED to read Imaginary Numbers soon.
I need to tell symbol that it's out too if you haven't already
I started it last night and the prologue alone was like OMG yes but seriously being in Sarah's head is amazing.
6:07 PM
Since she was also super pumped for it
I haven't, I can yell delightedly in symbol's direction
There, I have done the yells
@Yuuki o/
I went straight from my warm and fuzzy series about alien therapists back to another entry in my Animorphs reread. KAA goes hard. @.@
(I just finished the David story arc, for those who have read it.)
Although I guess it's not a reread anymore since I'm now getting into the books I didn't read as a kid.
hahahaha oh gosh yes she does just go for it
6:59 PM
@Ash I have also been reading those books and I just read that one and it's good.
@murgatroid99 I love Seanan McGuire's stuff. I think her Incryptid books are my favourite, and Sarah's one of my most favourite characters (second only to Antimony).
@ToxicFrog yeah, before I read your previous sentence fully, I was about to say that the David arc was about as far YA gets from "warm and fuzzy".
@Ash I love her stuff too. She's probably one of my top few favorite authors recently
Animorphs does a really good job of portraying a secret war as literal hell and not some fun romp for teenagers to go be war heroes on a lark.
@Dragonrage Highly likely.
@Niro You've been missed
7:13 PM
Maybe I should read Animorphs. I think I read a couple of random books from the series when I was younger
@Yuuki yeah, and reading it as a kid I did not at all appreciate that
I also completely missed some stuff like e.g. what's going on with Tobias
@murgatroid99 Her books are pretty great. Right now I think her stuff and T. Kingfisher (aka Ursula Vernon's non-kid-book pen name) are my like top faves for non-romance.
@Yuuki oh gosh yes especially the farther you go into the series.
7:57 PM
@Yuuki Unless it changed in the recent update, I think all mood debuffs already have a fixed time. If a relative dies, the debuff lasts for a very long time (I think one in-game month), but if it's any other death it's only 6 days or so.
Oh never mind I forgot about the Colonist left unburied thought
8:16 PM
New Pokemon is named Zarude. Any chance it could learn Sandstorm?
8:44 PM
9:14 PM
Nintendo's PAX East booth looks so good
9:42 PM
@Unionhawk Damn, they've really improved the graphics in New Horizons.
9:59 PM
Descenders is free to play through this weekend
cc @InvaderSkoodge
@GnomeSlice Oh nice, I should definitely check it out.
For sure. I have a feeling it might not be what you're expecting
It wasn't necessarily for me but I ended up really enjoying it
What better way to find out then with a free trial?
Winning the lottery and having all the money to try games?
@Yuuki do bodies disappear over time (ie. decompose)? because if not then that's what should happen. over time the body disappears dropping the penalty and burying them gets rid of the penalty
......until someone digs them up (like i did when i made 2 graves for my colonists but the stranger went to bury a raider who i killed)
10:07 PM
@GnomeSlice I guess.
@Wrigglenite thinking that i wonder when it'll be released on steam
> Planned Release Date: time is subjective
10:20 PM
@Memor-X They turn to bones and then stay that way, IIRC.
10:34 PM
Q: How do I switch modes on DOSBox?

Lobster Scrappy-dooSo, Im trying to run this Spongebob game on DOSBox, Spongebob Squarepants Obstacle Odyssey to be exact. I try to run the .EXE file, and it give me the statement that DOSBox cannot run the program in DOS mode. Is there a way to switch modes and if so, how do I do it? Thank you, please send help.

@TimStone Huh you really like Descenders yeah?
I haven't had a chance to play recently but it's pretty fun, yeah
@Unionhawk okay, thats awesome
10:53 PM
Q: Fill command happening despite conditions to do so not being met

SavoryGravorySo i have a system set up to trigger a command block if an entity walks to that spot but at the moment its setting of the trigger without an entity being there this is the command im using execute if entity @e positioned -86 5 82 run fill -88 4 79 -88 4 79 minecraft:redstone_block

11:10 PM
@Memor-X Corpses count as items, and they do deteriorate over time if left in an unroofed area. But in my experience it takes forever. It feels like it takes an entire in-game year before an item outright deteriorates to 0% durability and vanishes from the map.
@GnomeSlice Descenders is dropping tons of controller inputs.
I'm trying to play with a PS4 controller connected through a dongle, so I guess there are a lot of possible points of failure.
But on the OS button check screen everything is fine.
11:41 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I have never had an issue. Wired xbox one/pc controller
That's weird.
11:58 PM
Hey, is anyone here "starkey" on Nintendo?
I got a friend request on my Switch like a week ago or something.

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