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12:41 AM
Q: Nintendo Wii memory

Michael SobczakI have an older Nintendo Wii that I would like to sell. Before I can list it, I'd like to include how much memory the console has. I searched Nintendo support and they said I could see this under Data Management. However, when I go into that area, where the installed games are shown, I see "69...

1:05 AM
Q: How do I mine mushroom trees in minecraft?

youshallnotpassWhenever I try to break a mushroom tree in survival, it doesn't give me the item. Why is that happen? Also this is in Java.

1 hour later…
2:19 AM
When I played it a year ago, Phoenix Point ran fine
Right now I get 143 FPS if I'm not moving the mouse. If I'm moving the mouse, I get about 3 FPS
Oh, it was the fucking Corsair Utility Engine.
2:34 AM
@Sterno Perfect
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
Q: How do I give format/give nbt tags to items in achievement .json files

YellowJacketI know this bit here is right "item": "minecraft:lime_dye", but I can't get this part is wrong somehow: "nbt":"{Tags:{Damage: 1, HideFlags: 1, Enchantments: [{lvl: 1, id: "minecraft:depth_strider"}], display: {Name: '[{"text":"Dragon","bold":true,"color":"light_purple"},{"text":"_","color":"#993366

5:09 AM
Q: PS4 remote wont connect to PS4 after being connected to IPad while ps4 has error message

user262211I have been playing ps4 through my iPad, with the remote connected via Bluetooth to the iPad. Just recently the ps4 crashed and when it restarted, there is an error message which give you an option to report to sony. I cannot press this with the remote since the remote connects through my iPad ap...

6:04 AM
Grinding in Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 is alot better than the previous game. the Field Hunts reward you with Atma even if you don't kill a single Mitama so you can slowly build up the Mantras to get the skills needed to kill them and with the framerate disabled with the emulator you can just run back and forth for 5 Solar Cycles to reset the Field Hunt
now if only they didn't put the Field Hunts so far away from Small Karma Temple Terminals
6:47 AM
Q: How do i find the seed of server using server files? and where are the files located?

BheeshmaI do not have access to op or /seed. I want to find slime chunks for a farm.

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8:24 AM
Q: Are there any Pokémon that lose base stats when they evolve?

NzallMost Pokémon become more powerful when they evolve, gaining a higher base stat amount in all their stats (attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed). Are there any Pokémon that, when evolved, instead have one or more of these base stat amounts reduced instead of increased?

8:48 AM
Q: Does exist any way to add PS+ PS4 Collection games to PS4 without PS5?

TravelerVihaanI understand, that PS+ PS4 Collection is available on PlayStation 5. I also know that if I add PS4 PS+ Collection games, then I am able to install and play them on PlayStation 4 too. But does exists any trick to "emulate" PS5 to add these games in "fake" PS5 and make possible download these games...

@Lazers2.0 I started to look into this but there are just too many for me to bother with
Especially a bunch of post-pupa bug types
I'm actually quite sure there are, some evolutions are quite drastic. Losing speed is probably the most likely one
Yeah a bunch lose speed or defense
There's also Trapinch to Vibrava, which famously loses Attack
@Wrigglenite oh
I thought it would be a limited list
Like, that it would be similar to that "pokémon that get smaller when they evolve" question and it would only a handful
There are a lot more
Thankfully the Smogon people already compiled a spreadsheet of all stat changes on evolution but it's stil too much of a pain for me
9:13 AM
Q: Multiple external HDDs on PS4

TravelerVihaanIs it possible to connect two external Hard Drives to one PS4? I have a lot of digital games and I just like to keep it installed, but free space on current HDDs (one internal, one external) is quite small. I think about buying a second HDD case and plug it into another USB socket in the console....

@Wrigglenite That's for the Galar region
I'm going to reduce the scope so there's no 6 stats that need to be compared across 900 Pokémon and 10 generations
The last tab has every Pokémon, I assume using gen 7 stats for those not present in Galar
@Wrigglenite yeah, but there are 8 other generations, and stats change between some of them on the same Pokémon. I've decided to reduce the scope to "any Pokémon that has a lower base stat total as their evolution within the mainline games".
3 hours later…
12:03 PM
Q: Which Pokemon weigh less or the same when they evolve?

MBorgMost Pokemon gain weight (and height) when they evolve. There are some exceptions to this, for example Gloom to Bellossom, and Cosmeom to either Solgaleo or Lunala. Which Pokemon lose weight or retain their weight when evolving? There are some lists online, but they are all incomplete.

3 hours later…
2:57 PM
Q: Made my first server and I need help with the scoreboard

made my 1st server pls helpI know how scoreboards work, and i have one set up already. the thing is, its set to totalKillCount and give 1 point for each kill. I thought, shouldn't players get more points for killing tougher mobs?? how do i make it so it gives different points for different mobs, but also have all of the sc...

@Sterno Oh, yikes
3:23 PM
Q: How do i control two pistons facing each other at the same time in minecraft java edition?

Ravikant GummaI'm trying to create a door for my villager breeder. I want the lever to retract the rail and extend the stone and vice versa with one lever. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Q: how do you invite friends to halloween 2018 in google doodles

THEDUDEi have been playing halloween 2018 for a long time but i have not found a way to share a link with friends

3:37 PM
@Wrigglenite Which is a fun time.
Wait, this room description hasn't changed in four months. That feels like it should be a record.
> The Bridge, in which the room description hasn't changed in four months.
Also, I tried to get clever with today's puzzle and use literal_eval to parse the input straight into a dictionary, but it didn't like the way some of the numbers are formatted
I haven't finished the first part, but I'm just taking them in as strings. Hope it doesn't bite me in the ass for part 2.
3:52 PM
SaintWacko: that will become relevant in part 2, I think
I finished the first part, but now I really need to get some work done. I'll have to finish it later
@MBraedley It's fine for part 2 and in fact it's good tbh
You'll need to validate it for part 2 but I just parsed it inside my validation
My work week is done
3 more days of work next week and then I don't have to do anything for work anymore until at least the 4th of January
I'm not sure if any of my TryParse type validations failed though so
I don't think there's any truly garbage data in the year fields
If there is though that'd be invalid
4:39 PM
Q: Where to find a real Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness rom so I can play on the wii and how to set it up

mystic willI have never used pokemon rom before on my wii and im scared to break it. So I need to know where to find a legit website to get the Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness rom and I also need to know how to set it up.

Q: Can't find block breaking sound effect

darthvader1925I am looking through the json file that shows the sound effects. I am trying to replace the block breaking sound effect. I have already found "break.ogg" but that didn't change the sound effect, as I heard the default breaking noise. Is there a different file for breaking blocks? Thanks.

Q: Cuphead single keyboard local co-op with UCR

exonyzI usually play the cuphead local co-op with keyboard and xbox controller but I dont have the controller with me now. So it got me wondering if i could play co-op mode with a single keyboard. I looked it up and found that a combination of ucr and interception can be used to remap keyboard keys as ...

5:05 PM
brie larson being the presenter for the game awards is just chef's kiss
There's going to be so much Gamer Rage and I am 100% here for it.
@Yuuki Wait, Brie Larson is the voice actor of that one Last of Us 2 character that everyone hated because spoilers, right?
@Nzall No, that's Laura Bailey, I think.
And that character is the same character that everyone mocks for being fit in an apocalypse, right?
Brie Larson is currently most famous for Captain Marvel, although she has big roles before.
oh right
5:08 PM
@Nzall Well, that's not the main reason, but yeah.
@Yuuki yeah, I know the reason she was reallyhated
just wanted to keep the spoilers out a bit
As in story spoilers
5:29 PM
Q: How do you make daylight sensors turn to night mode and if it day turn to day time mode without touching the daylight sensors

Cameron JohnsonI've tried looking up the answers on google and nothings given me what Im trying to do. Im trying to make my daylight sensor turn to night mode if it's night and turn to day mode if it's the day. Im trying to make an automatic light detector so it turns on my lights if it's night and turns on my ...

5:42 PM
Creeper World 4 is good
@GnomeSlice Oh man. I'm definitely going play it this weekend
Yeah very solid
a few new things, nothing super out of the ordinary yet but I'm sure there will be some interesting new stuff
It looks great too
the UI is still very the same but it's fine
Thing I love about this series is it supports turtling and taking your time
I stink at speedy RTS games
@GnomeSlice awesome
And yeah, turtling is my favourite way to RTS
Total Annihilation crew represent
never heard of that
CW series are really the only RTS games ive gotten really into
It had the misfortune to come out at the same time as StarCraft
5:50 PM
also tower defense games but I think there's a lot of overlap
So a lot of people have never heard of it, which is a shame, because it's really good
reminder that cartridge defense is also very good
yeah I've never heard of that. huh
If you've heard of Supreme Commander (the first one, the second is very different), that's a spiritual sequel to it
starcraft is very much not my thing
The main things that distinguished it were much larger battles (hundreds to thousands of units), a continuous economy with infinite resources (so capturing more resource deposits lets you build stuff faster, but it'll never run out), a focus on macromanagement over micro (decent unit AI, infinite queing of build orders (including building construction) & unit orders, no limits on selection) and lots and lots of flavours of defensive structures
I liked it a lot more than StarCraft, but Blizzard ended up basically defining the next 20 years of mainstream RTS design :/
5:53 PM
or DUNE depending on who you ask
Dune 2 kicked off the genre, but WarCraft, Command & Conquer, and Total Annihilation are all recognizeably descended from it
But it's WarCraft/StarCraft that raked in the big bucks and that everyone copied
TA did eventually get two spiritual successors (Supreme Commander, and then skirmish-only Planetary Annihilation years later); the studio that made it went on to make fantasy RTS Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, which was much more experimental and not as well received, and then went bankrupt.
For me it joins Homeworld and Ground Control as "badly under-explored niches in RTS evolution that I like a lot more than the ones that actually became popular"
But yeah, for TA specifically the infinite resources + wide array of defensive structures means it is an ideal game for turtle-heavy gameplay in the campaign (no idea if this holds up in MP against a fast player, probably not)
Back to creeper world 4, the one thing I don't like about it based on what I've seen is that it probably won't run on my laptop~
One RTS that's kinda memorable to me was Battlerealms because of how unit generation worked.
You generally could only make one kind of unit that you would send to different training facilities to make different combat units. There was a bit of progression too, IIRC, in that to make better units, you'd send them to different successive training structures.
@ToxicFrog It does actually seem surprisingly tasking
I recommend this one as well, and it's only $5
It's short but pretty challenging
Negative reviews are mostly for crashes, never happened to me
6:09 PM
Cartridge Defence is on my list; Fortify looks less interesting to me
It's just a nice little filler
That's pretty much it for RTS for me never really had much interest in the big names. Maybe I'll take a look at planetary annihilation, I heard it was pretty poorly received though?
PlAnn was justifiably poorly received on release and while it's gotten a bunch of upgrades since I still wouldn't really recommend it, especially for what you're looking for
I'd suggest Supreme Commander 1 or going back to the original with Total Annihilation; both can be had on GOG these days.
It occurs to me that you might also enjoy Dungeon Keeper, if you haven't played it.
Ive looked at some stuff like that but..
I dunno
there's KeeperRL too
I haven't played KeeperRL yet, but it's on my list
6:14 PM
I have played Dungeons 2/3, and enjoyed it, but it's pretty different from the original in some important ways
I don't know much about them
I preordered... something a while back that was like that but I can't find it now
In Dungeons you have to actually send troops aboveground and play stuff on the RTS layer there rather than just making your underground dungeon a total deathtrap
And the lack of the training room means combat is the only way your troops level up, which in turn devalues traps compared to DK
can't find it, whatever it was I think it was abandoned lol
idk that sounds cool I guess I'm not really a big fan of RTS games
creeper world and star-twine are pretty much it
and a huge amount of tower defense
If i feel the urge for a new one as I occasionally do I'll take a look though thanks for the recs
6:22 PM
The reason I suggested DK is that it has a kind of tower-defency feel to it. Dig tunnels, fill them with traps, try to build a machine that turns adventurous heroes into mulch.
I couldnt get into Overlord
Overlord is like a third-person action game, isn't it?
uh i dont think so
okay not overlord
war for the overworld
but it was too micromanagey for me
too much of a god game
supposedly a DK successor
I never played WftO
And don't really know much about it
i played it for like 15 mins
6:24 PM
DK is kind of god-gamey in the sense that you can't directly control any of your creatures, just set up incentives for them -- the hardest control you can exert is picking them up and dropping them somewhere else in the dungeon.
(ok there is actually a first-person mode that lets you play as a single creature, and some of the optional secret levels require using it; I never liked it much)
(but to me that's kind of the opposite of micromanagement, your creatures are largely self-directing and you build the dungeon around them)
maybe I'll reinstall it and give it a shot then I didn't really try very hard haha
n.b. everything I said there applies to the original Dungeon Keeper, I didn't play DK2 much and I know nothing about WftO
So for all I know it changed a lot
But now that you've mentioned it I think I need to at least try it out, because "spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper" is very much of interest to me
it was pretty well received, I grabbed it on impulse
Dungeon Colony, that was the one
definitely abandoned, lol
6:51 PM
There we go, day 4 completed
part 2 was fun
lambdas and list comprehensions and dict comprehensions
And also seems to have been my slowest entry so far at 19 ms
@SaintWacko oh right I forgot
@Wipqozn Tsk, tsk
@ToxicFrog It's pretty much Pikmin for PC
And it's super fun
@SaintWacko sorry, what is?
7:18 PM
7:33 PM
I played the first one back in the day, didn't really like it
Sigh... I need my rubber caster wheels to get here so my robot vacuum stops trying to mate with my chair
So you don't want a chair with roombas for wheels?
7:48 PM
Can you imagine? They'd all go in random directions
And you'd need so many knifes...
@SaintWacko lol day 4 p2 wants regex
honestly might not even bother
fuck regex, honestly
You don't like writing the blasphemous coding that will wake dread Cthulhu from his slumber?
@Elva Odd, I know.
Q: Does the Sony PS4 Controller (Dualshock/DS4) work via USB on a Mac?

DrKumarSimple question that I cannot find the simple answer to anywhere on the web. Does the Sony PS4 controller work via USB with a Mac computer? Without any configuration? Just by plugging it in? Any Mac I plug this controller into, it doesn't even recognize it. Does not light up. I have tried multipl...

8:11 PM
I didn't get it on my first atttempt, and my ps5 just arrived so uh
that's me talking to th ep2 puzzle
don't feel like spending time figuring out how my giant validate functio nis wrong
8:22 PM
The limit for concurrent connections to a domain in Chrome is too low, and there should be a way to increase it or completely disable it, at least for a list of domains (presumed to be internal domains) </rant>
@Wipqozn I decided I should be using regex, but that would require (re)learning the C++ standard implementation.
8:49 PM
I want a PS5 so I can play Demon Souls
I don't want to spend $500 though. Not that I can even find out.
But also I can't play the PS3 version because that's old
steal @Wipqozn's ps5
And old is awful
It's not as if you can actually order one right now here, nobody has any in stock
I just got lucky with Costco.ca
I do really enjoy the Facebook ads that tell me to get one now and if you click the link they're sold out
8:51 PM
I tried it yesterday with Amazon, they still were listed as available but failed on checkout
Has anyone here played Persona 5?
I've got it and have been wanting to play it but I only really have time when my kids are around and I don't know if it's safe-for-kids-in-the-same-room
Q: How do you make tnt spawn on you every 10 seconds in Minecraft?

John OlarHow do you make TNT spawn on you every 10 seconds in Minecraft with command blocks? I've looked at multiple reddit posts, but they didn't seem to work.

Q: Steam remote play poor quality on linux as a client

neutrinusI get very poor video quality (pixelated) when playing games from my laptop via steam remote play on ubuntu 20.10. When I use the same laptop, with the same settings on win10 - the quality is excellent. My infrastructure: steam server: win10 with rtx3070 (connected via Ethernet to router). Steam...

Q: What should be done about the tags for the Retrocycles/Armagetron Advanced game?

K00lmanYesterday I asked a question about the game Retrocycles. As I noticed there was no tag for it, I made one. I later realized that "Retrocycles" is just the steam version's name and it is actually called Armagetron Advanced. As such, I updated the tags on my question, but now there are two tags for...

9:17 PM
Q: What is the Mongraal Special?

kmiklasI've hear this term thrown around, and understand parts of it, but I'm not entirely clear on what exactly this move is, from beginning to end. I believe the finish, from an adjacent block, is: Ramp over your opponent Back-edit one side of the ramp. This both reverses the ramp, and splits it in h...

1 hour later…
10:33 PM
Q: Win + G = Xbox App

EmojiMakerOn widows, by Default, Windows Key + G opens the Xbox Game Bar. How do I switch it so that instead, it opens the Xbox App?


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