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12:15 AM
Q: Dolphin emulator Cpu Overclock

aManwithaquestionI'm currently playing super smash bros brawl / super mario bros wii, and they work fine and all that with decent framerate, but I still need a slight boost to my game. Can someone show me whats the best frequentcy or percent for SPEED to put the cpu overclock at? I currently have it at 23, which ...

12:40 AM
Q: Minecraft won’t open because it says it’s already running

MarsIncSo I’ve seen this question asked on this site before. However, I still can’t come to a fix that works. I haven’t gotten on Minecraft in a while and thought I’d give it a shot again, so I open it, hit the play button.. it just loads and never actually gets anywhere. I hit play for a second time, n...

Q: Minecraft Server Security

LeeMy son has a huge nostalgic side to him and he wants to host an old version of a Minecraft server. What would be the oldest version of Minecraft server that I can securely run on a Linux box? I am just a little worried about the security in the older versions.

1:05 AM
Q: How to change controller mapping in Stadia 2K21 basketball?

RyanFor example, on defense, I often accidentally press L1 and then another button, which switches the defensive matchups (even though I didn't mean to). I then need to pause the game and navigate to Matchups and manually toggle through to reset them. I'd prefer to unmap the L1 "change matchups" fun...

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3:34 AM
Q: Is there a way to selectivly remove chunks?

Joe MotherI am trying to recreate a world such as in this video: Any assistance from anyone that knows more about world generation would be much apprecitated.\ Thanks in advance.

Q: How to report link-only answers?

PenguinA similar question said to "convert them to a comment". Obviously I can't do that, so how should I report them? I've been reporting them as spam, but that seems wrong, as I did that here and it was said not to be spam. How should I report these? If I review stuff and don't report it, I get my rev...

4:00 AM
Do I stay up another hour+ in order to try and rise up in the Advent of Code leaderboards?
4:18 AM
My plan is to stay up until normal, see that day 5 is harder than like, number processing, and go to bed
@Unionhawk You have the benefit of an extra 2 hours in timezones
Watch the next puzzle be the one that introduces the recurring component.
5:03 AM
hmm yeah this looks like more than 12:30 am annoying
I mean I guess it's what, a binary search
aka do it tomorrow afternoon level stuff
Q: Human Fall Flat there is no Workshop Folder?

MillardI was trying to follow the official Gotcha Fall Flat level creator tutorials, and I am trying to import the unity package into my project. The problem is, when I go into the folder where my game is stored, there is no workshop folder, and no package. Why is this, and how do i get the package n...

5:18 AM
@Unionhawk it took me 15 minutes total
use bit shifts
Or it could take me 10 hours
You can combine the row and column into the same operation, since the column is just the 3 least sig bits
And remember, I'm doing this in C++, so it's usually going to take me a little longer anyway.
sitting around with calc.exe on programmer mode uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
This is solvable in notepad++
5:35 AM
It is also solvable in vscode as soon as I work out exactly how this math works out
in that vscode has an integrated terminal that allows me to type dotnet run
this one is some real programming interview shit though so ugh
Literally the smallest solution so far
You can directly convert B/R and F/L to ones and zeroes of binary
tries this on the example input
6:04 AM
Huh, that really is simpler than the binary search strategy
I'm not checking that in to github until I like, understand how it works
and make it work on just input.txt and not manipinput.txt lol
When considering a number range of size 2^n, setting the first bit to 1 means that the value is in the top half of the range, and a 0 means the value is in the bottom half. And then you can repeat for that half and the next bit down.
So an n-bit binary number describes a binary search within the range 0 to 2^n-1, and vice versa
:o since when did arqade do aoc too
I've been doing it for years and I think I heard about it here
6:23 AM
Yeah I've done it since 2018
I still need to do today in a manner that actually outputs and doesn't rely on me manipulating the input or debug details myself but eh
solved at least
6:54 AM
Q: Proton 5.21-GE-1 doesn't work suddenly

tmvkrpxl0Proton 5.21GE-1 doesn't work suddenly, so i launched steam on terminal to see what's happening. this is the log i got https://pastebin.com/gpebk8rW Launching proton manually on terminal works, at least it starts instead of crashing before starting like it's on the log I don't have /usr/lib/python...

7:05 AM
Today's has a pretty simple way of solving it if you can find it
4 hours later…
11:07 AM
Q: How do I change what way a block is facing when using //set [Minecraft 1.16.3 WorldEdit]

EchoTheAlphaI have always used either WorldEdit on 1.8.9 or a less well known version of WorldEdit where I could just do //set 17:2 but when I try to do //set dark_oak_log:2 It says Invalid value for ('dark_oak_log:2' was not recognized) acceptable values are any pattern I don't have much experience with new...

Q: how to give specific damage

pandaI want to make a datapack that if you touch a lime glass you get a damage of 5 (2 and half hearts) but I dont want that find something that give this specific damage because I want a commands that I can select specific damage and it will give the damage and Instant damage can't be controllable

11:32 AM
Q: Why can you run over 1 block gaps sometimes but you can't on other times?

user260276I've known the fact that you can run over 1 block gaps sometimes but you cannot on other times for as long as I've owned the game. However, why can't I do it all the times? When I say "run", I mean just sprinting, no speed potions or walking on ice blocks, just running on normal blocks(eg. Stone,...

5 hours later…
4:46 PM
Might help if I actually copy down the input
4:57 PM
Ah hell, I did this completely wrong
That was dumb
Oooh, idiot
@Batophobia I think I just figured out what you mean
Q: minecraft display problem

tee kai jiemy minecraft launcher works fine but when i clicked on play, it started loading but all i saw was a black screen. i pressed my windows button to exit the window only to realise that the game itself was loaded and i could only see it as a small window when i hovered my cursor over the icon of the ...

What a waste of time. I wrote a whole damn seatParser class because I couldn't recognize a [REDACTED] when I saw one
Went from a 54 line file to a 7 line file
5:28 PM
Q: Video Options Not Saving

Mr McCleanI'm trying to play The Saboteur through Origin/EA Desktop and I'm running into an issue that is forcing a 800x600 resolution with default settings despite editing the config files in multiple places. I've edited: -My Games\The Saboteur™\SaveGames\config.ini -VideoSetup.exe in the main game direct...

5:47 PM
@Wipqozn Whaaat. Come on man, regex is beautiful
@SaintWacko must...resist...urge....to ban...
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
@Wipqozn Why are you not shooting aliens yet?
7:09 PM
Q: I have a problem with my Roblox Account

DenisI created my account with a random birthday. Happened for that to be under 13. Is there a way I can change my birthday?

Q: What is causing my light level to drop?

WondercricketWhile playing Destiny 2 last night, my light level was roughly 1218 with my currently equipped gear. When I logged on this morning, my light level drastically reduced to 1067. This doesn’t seem to be just a display thing. I was doing activities in Europa, and enemies who were once easy became too...

7:20 PM
I'm finishing shooting raiders before I shoot aliens
8:10 PM
@Sterno PLaying Demons SOuls
8:26 PM
Q: How can i make my TF2 Server public?

BluBobbieI've looked into this for a while and I have no idea what I'm doing. I tried to port forward but it only let me play on LAN, and all the guides I've looked through said to type sv_lan 0 into the console but it doesn't seem to do anything. help would be much appreciated :D

Finally got my hands on Ghost of Tsushima! Just in time for my vacation next week.
8:51 PM
Q: How can I remotely start my minecraft server?

saustanI wanted to make a minecraft server for me and my friends, but the problem is that only I would be able to start it, is there a way I can let them start it as well?

Q: Anyone on my wifi gets disconnected from Minecraft servers

Micah BothaSo I have been playing just fine on basically any Minecraft server but like a week ago I have had this problem where I can play for a few seconds to a 5 minutes just fine but then I disconnect (error message: "Internal exception:java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcible closed by r...

9:33 PM
@SaintWacko I even used regex for the years which was completely unnecessary
@MBraedley Haha, I didn't do that
What did your year regex look like?
\d{4} exact match, then do range validation separately.
Oh, okay, yeah
I was curious how you did range validation with a regex, because I couldn't figure that out lol
But I still had to do the string to int conversion, and the regex would have only caught years that had extra characters
Similar with the heights, but the regex is needed for format errors
Although at first I was checking the string size == 4 for the years
I should try to code golf Day 5, get it down to something that can fit in a tweet.
@SaintWacko Date range validation with regex is just a really complicated regex that accepts any allowed value separately
9:40 PM
I'd have to switch from a vector to a set, which would actually be more computationally efficient.
@Niro Sounds spooky. Ghosts are scary.
@Nzall In this case two of the year ranges wouldn't be too bad, but the third would be a little more complicated.
@MBraedley I don't really know, I don't do Advent of Code
oh nice, new Epic Rap Battle
@Nzall 1920-2002, 2010-2020, and 2020-2030
@MBraedley It's the first one that's complicated, right?
9:44 PM
yeah, and it really isn't that bad
@MBraedley if you write (19[2-9][0-9]|200[0-2]), it stays in a single capturing group
And I don't think you can even use | outside of a capturing group
I'm overly cautious when I use the or operator with regex
but you might be right
10:08 PM
Q: What amount of resources do you get back for aborting a currently building building?

HopefullyHelpfulIf someone damages a building that is currently being built, and you cancel it say at 1% health, do you get back full resources? I know aborting a building that isn't damaged gives back full resources, but what about damaged ones?

Q: Can healers tell if a team mate is out of range in Heroes of the Storm?

Tyler DurdenI have never played Heroes of the Storm, but I understand that whether somebody is in range of a heal is an important mechanic. Can a healer tell somehow if a teammate is in range or out of range of heal? Is it possible to try to cast a heal on a player and get an out of range error, or does the ...

Q: How are drops treated on (fast) travel to a different area?

MaladyWhen I drop a purple weapon near the New-U in Serenity's Waste, sometimes it stays around when I leave for the The Nexus and return, and sometimes it doesn't. Why? Too close to the New-U? I don't think anything less than about Blue tier rarity sticks around ever? So it's also a function of rarity?

1 hour later…
11:51 PM
Q: How to detect whether a player has two of a specific item in their inventory, and drop one?

JeroenWe're building a capture the flag style map in Minecraft, but we do not want people to take multiple flags at once. To stop that, when a player manages to get two flags at once, we want to drop one out of their inventory. This is easily done by a combination of /clear and /summon. The hard part i...


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