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1:52 AM
Q: How to solve rat riddle in Shido's palace?

k0pernikusI'm trying to get my second letter in Shido's palace. At the restaurant, I took an elevator to Mid Starboard Hallway. Here, one turns into a rat in grey rooms with activated statues. I know one as a rat can go through vents (small, white paths) and that there's a switch in one room ( yellow check...

2:32 AM
@MBraedley nooooo what are you doing, brain 😭
it shouldn't be like this
3:07 AM
they aren't actually moving are they
They are not.
It turns out that human visual processing is mostly guesswork and lies.
3:29 AM
Q: Nintendo switch game recommendations for motion controls savvy player

BajortskiI would like to know what games there are on the Nintendo Switch that make plenty of use of the motion controls that the Switch offers, please.

8 hours later…
@Wrigglenite someone should do one in Minecraft
11:34 AM
Q: Does the original N64 Zelda: OoT have small black borders like this or is it my TV accessory?

ZhroTo connect my N64 to my TV I have to put it through an RCA to HDMI converter. Are the black borders output from the console or is this added by my TV accessory? I'm guessing that this is actually padding for old CRT overscan but I don't know for sure.

2 hours later…
1:14 PM
@Nzall Function files. Should be pretty simple.
1:28 PM
@ToxicFrog Main reason why ghosts aren't real. You literally can't trust what you see in the dark.
2:08 PM
Q: Minecraft Infinite City Street

EmojiMakerI am creating a city in Minecraft. I want to create an infinite street. How do I do this? I only want it infinite in one direction, so one end should have an end.

2:18 PM
So I finally had time to actually look at advent of code. day 1 is easy, of course. and my first thought is day 2 is: Why are you storing your passwords in plain text!? Damn Elves.
Next time my daughter asks me why I don't trust Santa's elves I can say "because they store passwords in cleartext"~
lol zeus damn it
"why isn't my input working!?!"
> return (password.count('char') >= minCount and password.count('char') <= maxCount)
oh. That's, uh, a string... not a variable
These are thigns that happen when you use meeting time to do advent
Q: Asphalt 8 "barrel roll" glitch that makes me wreck all the time

Aidan KimbleI have a question. In asphalt 8, half the time i go airborne, my car does half of a barrel roll. I land on the top of my car and it wrecks. This has been messing me up in several races since i started playing in 2016. Does anyone know why this happens to me every race? thank you.

2:34 PM
(<= minCount (count password) maxCount) :D
So I have accepted that I probably won't ever get global points
But I can at least get top of private leaderboard
@Unionhawk I'm just not doing it this year, I don't have the mental bandwidth (and what little coding energy I have is going to building a game)
3:14 PM
@Unionhawk If I make a leaderboard with just me in it...
3:32 PM
@Unionhawk Shit, I should have tried to get today's puzzle down this morning
@Unionhawk Yeah, with how late it releases for me, there's no way
Also, private leaderboard?
Haven came out today
I am very interested
oh shit I think creeper world 4 is out today too
2 hours
3:50 PM
Dec 2 '19 at 14:41, by Ronan
Here's the code for the bridge leaderboard 194428-5ca78c8d
@Unionhawk Oh nice
Bah, I wish I hadn't forgotten about it until day 2
Apparently day 1 doesn't count, so we're only 1 day behind :D
well, I am
Also, I put a script in my /usr/local/bin that does a better job rendering the output of the time command for timing my code, and now when I run it today it's saying "python: command not found"
that's quick!
4:00 PM
So I made a function for Day 3, Part 1 that accepted slope inputs, since I knew exactly where they were going for Part 2... but then part 2 wasn't working. HMM ODD. Only to realize that my function accepted slope inputs, but then it atually just ignored it, and had my hardcoded values.
Guys I'm good at programming I'm swear
anyway now I'm caught up
tbh when I first opened day 3 and saw the map I was liek "OH FUCKING LORD NO"
and then I read the instructions and was "oh okay"
lol that one I initially failed due to int overflow
I was expecting there to be some travelling salesman bullshit
@Unionhawk Rekt
It's fine I just changed my function from int CheckSlope to long CheckSlope
I initally failed since I forgot to strip out the \n
@Unionhawk Rekt
@Wipqozn lol nice
This is why I usually use ReadAllLines which returns a string[] of the input
4:04 PM
I initially failed part two because I didn't read the specification, and just added instead of multiplied
@Unionhawk So I thoguht about that, so I just printed my array to the screen, and each line was on it's own line... so I went "Excellent! I don't see any \n in here!"
and then if it's a list of numbers I throw that into .Select(int.Parse)
@Wipqozn lol
except uh, wipqozn no, each of those lines is on a new line since there's a \n. IT's hidden. WHITESPACE. IT'S INVISIBLE"
plus in C# a string[] is by itself a 2 dimensional array
which worked out great for today
4:06 PM
I wonder how much CW4 is gonna cost
@Unionhawk yeah the same for python
Makes it easy
I mean once you remember to strip out the \n
aka I swapped from f.Readlines() to [line.rstrip() for line in f]
the latter of which I totally dind't just swipe from stack overflow out of sheer laziness
oh I should upvote that answer I didn't copy
And there, finished today's
@SaintWacko Hooray!
Is there a bridge leaderboard again?
@Wipqozn I use f.read().splitlines()
@SaintWacko yeah that's likely superior, but it's not the first answer I saw on google!
4:08 PM
18 mins ago, by Unionhawk
Dec 2 '19 at 14:41, by Ronan
Here's the code for the bridge leaderboard 194428-5ca78c8d
I meaner rr I didn't google "python read file no new line:"
@SaintWacko yeah that's showing last years for me still
@Wipqozn Oh I totally did that lol
oh right no it's not hahaha
I forgot that like the points are just random nonsnese based on when you actually had time to do it
Oh, yeah lol
@Wipqozn yeah points are whoever finishes first that day * the number of people on the leaderboard, or whatever
4:10 PM
We need to get @Ronan and @SaintWacko diamonds so the top 7 people can all be mods
and I GUESS @MBraedley too to make it top 8
@Wipqozn That's the campaign I plan to run on
@SaintWacko you got my vote
I'm just not sure I'm active enough on the site to be a mod. I spend all my time in here, but I don't spend near as much time on questions as I used to
I've asked or answered 1 question in 5 years I believe
@SaintWacko We just make @Wrigglenite do all the work anyway, so that doesn't matter.
4:14 PM
I am intentionally not submitting a screenshot this week so that I can do the next post lol
I mean I suppose I could have done this week
4:46 PM
my heated gloves have arrived
5:08 PM
Less than an hour till CW4 releases
@Yuuki Whoa, what?
@ToxicFrog same.
@SaintWacko i got some heated gloves because my heater is on the fritz
@Yuuki Niiice
i just plug them into my computer and now my fingies ain't so cold
5:17 PM
great price
the single player stuff is surprisingly excellent in this one
multiplayer is good too but that style of game isn't for everyone
the solo missions are really puzzley
@GnomeSlice Huh, that does look cool
I have it on the switch, def worth a couple bucks
there's a surprising amount of single player content
super well produced
@Ave I'm really hoping that I can get this thing working over the holidays, it's been an on and off project for like seven years now @.@
5:39 PM
@ToxicFrog I may have a really cool new project coming up soon
@SaintWacko oooh?
LadyWacko works for a senior housing company, and their properties have a system where the rooms have a pullcord that'll light up a signal in the manager's office. However, the manager's office is no longer always manned, so it's useless part of the time
I'm pretty sure I can wire up a raspberry pi into the system and have it send a text when a cord is pulled
I need to get a better look at the system before I know for sure how to hook it in, but the raspberry pi end of things shouldn't be hard
Oh that's pretty cool
And sounds genuinely useful
Yeah, I'm really excited about it. Over a dozen properties with up to 48 apartments each
(Mine is a web adaptation of a 1993 UNIX/X11 adaptation of a 1970s pen-and-paper turn-based strategy game by Richard Bartle)
5:46 PM
Gonna have to use some i2c gpio port expanders
@ToxicFrog Ooh, that's cool
I like to think so! The UNIX version was a perennial favourite in my house growing up, but playing it requires a network of X11 machines with xhost permission to the game host, which is A Problem for online play these days
The other end of things is making this usable and maintainable by people other than me
So the version I've been working on is: you run the server, it asks you some questions (how many players, etc), then just gives you a URL (hosted on your machine, so I'll probably want to add UPNP support at some point)
You give the URL to the other players and when the match is over the server exits
Which will be a new experience. I'm thinking I'll have it host a simple web server so it can be accessed from the network it's on and the list of contacts can be updated
No need to install separate clients or the like
5:49 PM
Ah, that's nice
I prototyped a client-server version in the early 2006s based on the UNIX version, but the server basically only ran on my machine and it had some Issues
Like if any player disconnected the server would crash
@Wipqozn Hmm, there was a very similar game (also set on Mars) a couple years ago too that wanted to try but never got around to.
@MBraedley I think I know hat game you mean, but I can't remember the name... I think Mars was in it
Take On Mars
yeah, Surviving Mars. I new it was a game Scott Manley did a video on, and I just used the first game that showed up in search
6:16 PM
Having played both Surviving Mars and the Per Aspera demo, they handle pretty differently
And Per Aspera looks a lot more interesting to me, not least because it has an actual storyline
@Sterno Phoenix Point just dropped on steam, with amuch steeper discount than I expected. 50%, which results in it being $30 USD.
and it lasts until december 22, oh my.
I'm still waiting on my Steam code for it
OOo, that's the new X-COMlike?
I think they're trying to be a little tricky with it by saying the base price is $60. I think the Kickstarter was like $30
I could be wrong. I do know I backed it, and got it when it came on Epic, and am supposed to get it on Steam too
@Sterno That does include all the DLC for the past year + the next one, I think. Not sure if the $30 kickstarter included that.
6:23 PM
and my key just literally arrived. yay
Actually they used fig or whatever it was called
I'm pretty sure my kickstarter included that.
yeah I figured, just wasn't sure
I'm not clear what level I backed at though
$60 seems steep honestly, but $30 seems like a fair.
6:24 PM
PSA: this week's EGS free game is Cave Story +, don't claim it, don't play it, don't give Nicalis the $$$ or the validation, they're garbage; play the free version instead
I know it's ayear of DLC... but also the game was a mess at launch, from what I heard
I backed for $40
@ToxicFrog Why are they garbage?
@Sterno So $20 "you didn't buy on kickstarter" premium"
Anyway, the diversity of unit (when last I played, which was a year ago) was not as good as XCOM, nor was the meta game, but the combat with the free aiming was so much cooler
Which I mean is kind of fair. Kickstarter SHOUDL get a discount.
6:26 PM
I'm not complaining. I back games I want to see get made
If I save money, cool. If I lose money, cool.
@Sterno yeah
Guess I'll be playing this for about 5-6 days until Cyberpunk hits
@Sterno one day I might buy that
Basically it's a "Maybe when I get a new PC" game.
and at that point it'll also be "I mean mine as well wait for a discount" game.
Since I likely won't be getting a new PC until spring at the earliest.
Was thinking I'd wait to replay this until most of the DLC was out but at the rate they're going that's in like 5 years, so a replay now is probably fine
Basically I'll proooobbably buy a new PC next year with either my Spring or winter bonus.
6:29 PM
Really I just want them to rip the combat from this game out and put it in XCOM
@Wipqozn apart from the shitty work environment run by a racist asshole, they have a long history of trying to push through contracts that give them unprecedented control over the IPs they're publishing (Cave Story) or just up and vanishing after committing to acting as a publisher (a long list of other indie games)
I wonder if you still can't really aim down when you're up on a building though. That was the one part that felt bad
@ToxicFrog Gotcha.
@Sterno Yeah that would be great. Here's hoping it'll happen in XCOM 3.
If I was a cool dude I'd give you my Steam key for Phoenix Point since I already have it on Epic. But I'm not a cool dude.
I do have some extra copies of Bad Rats though
@Sterno uncool
6:36 PM
Q: How to give a random entity [including players] a certain effect after delay

Imoexecute at @a if score @p delay matches 50 run execute at @e[sort=random,limit=1] run effect give @s glowing This is the command I have so far, I also have a delay command constantly running. I set the delay to 0 and also tested the command to give myself items if the delay is 50, using the same...

Q: Is it possible for two accounts in the same steam family to play Cyberpunk 2077 at the same time?

dankdudSince Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't have DRM, I was wondering if I could play the game at the same time with the owner if I turn off cloud saving on my end.

@Sterno Don't worry, I've still got one of your gifted copies of Bad Rats 2 sitting unplayed in my library
Oh dear, I thought this Linus video was hyperbole, but he DID get scammed by Dell
Dell literally gave him a 300 CAD upcharge on warranty his secret shopper refused 5 times, and even did so in a manner that wasn't even possible through the self help store
And it was a shit gaming PC
7:07 PM
@Wipqozn Surviving Mars is a fun game
Also, time to pick up Phoenix Point!
@Wipqozn I just found out I'm getting a bonus this month!
7:49 PM
Q: What's the benefit of a fortune axe?

BenI just got an axe with Fortune III from an enchantment table, but couldn't figure out what would actually yield more drops from it. Is there actually a use for a fortune axe?

8:14 PM
@SaintWacko Bonuses are great. One of big upgrades when I came to this new company a couple years ago.
And we got bought by a new company earlier in the year, so now we get two (our previous owners always wanted to axe the bonuses).
@Wipqozn I didn't even realize I was getting one lol
8:29 PM
oh hey, doom eternal is on gamepass
9:01 PM
Q: When is it safe to shoot on 7 with 2 imposters?

PenguinIn what circumstances is it safe to shoot on 7 with 2 imposters? If you get it wrong on 7 and shoot, you normally lose the game (assuming the people playing with you know how to play). Are there circumstances where this is okay?

1 hour later…
10:10 PM
Got an email from Idea Factory about Neptunia ReVerse, is an enhanced edition of Re;Birth so not expecting any story changes like what Re;Birth had but....
> The Gang of Four – Your party member limit is now increased from 3 to 4 members! Transform Neptune and the Goddesses by activating HDD Mode to amp up attacks.
My End Game will totally be a Lowee invasion
with Re;Birth Mina would have to be sideline because it would be cruel to split Lady Blanc's little sisters
Q: How do I change my Roblox group description?

Ruby LiI have been trying to change the description in my Roblox group for a few weeks now, but it is giving the following error message: Unable to change group description. Why is that? How can I change my group description?

I'm going to name all my soldiers in Phoenix Point @Wipqozn just to watch them die.
10:35 PM
@Sterno your attempt to make disappointing @Wipqozn solider who all die fails because they become disappointing disappointing soldiers who no matter how hard you try, they just wont be disappointing and die
10:50 PM
@Sterno I approve of this.

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