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12:32 AM
Q: Historic console prices

Joaquin BarrutiaDoes anyone know where can I get historical data on PS4, Xbox one an Nintendo Switch prices? From release date to today Thank you

1:26 AM
@ToxicFrog yeah we had a "snow day" but the region says haha you still gotta school just from home
1:45 AM
Q: Are there special gun prefixes beyond Trick Shot?

MaladyI found a Trick Shot Maggie, whose bullets ricochet like a Viral Marketer, but since my Gunstock Maggie didn't have such ricochets, I'm assuming it's due to the Trick Shot prefix. But it's not in the gun's info card. And the Borderlands Wiki says nothing about the Trick Shot prefix, so I guess it...

Q: What is the Java Edition method of Bedrock Edition's /ride command?

ExpertCoder14Story We all know that for the most part, the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has a very limited command supply, and no NBT access from commands. However, Bedrock Edition has gained a unique trick as of the 1.16.100 update: the /ride command. What is it used for? Let the Minecraft Wiki explain: Use...

Roboquest is good
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3:48 AM
Q: Zelda 64 (Water Temple) - Can't get small key behind underwater block in 3F-East tunnel

ZhroI've read guides and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've ready gotten the small key from beneath the block that floats up when raising the water. I also got the key that is behind the wall that gets blown up with a bomb. The only key that I can't seem to get is the one behind the block ...

4:38 AM
Q: when I go to play a sever I get meated with invalid identity public key

Vipmapit always says Invalid identity public key And then i think oh maybe it is just for today and then the next day I go to try it then it says the same thing and then i go on a week later and the same thing happens so i went to look up stuff to help me and there was nothing expet this web site

5:22 AM
wow part 2 was way easier than 1 today lol
though they were both easy
not building an intcode computer this early yet, still some warm ups
6:04 AM
hey guys
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7:29 AM
Q: Epic Games Launcher restarting my download from 0%

Fortnitedownloader000My Fortnite download was 70% and I shutdown my pc. The next morning, I found out that the download reset to 0%. But the Fortnite folder is still here and has 17.6 GB. Is there any way to make the launcher remember it or something? I've been waiting 2 whole weeks for this download.

8:18 AM
Q: How do I detect if there is any mod in a specific area, and if it is, how do I execute a command when there is no mob?

Marker9999I'm working on a map, which has a castle in it. The castle has different levels (floors), and when a floor is cleared (when there are no mobs left on that floor), i want to make a button appear to open some iron dors, for the players to be able to go up to next floor.

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9:34 AM
Is it safe to assume that everyone in this chatroom will be (trying to) get vaccinated when their country announces vaccinations for people in their demographic?
@Nzall assuming nothing comes out indicating that it was rushed and there's no major incident with those who've been vaccinated before hand
10:01 AM
Has anyone else seen Season 5 of Taskmaster? (The one with Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer etc.)
1 hour later…
11:05 AM
@Nzall I'm split, I do kind of want to wait just a little (a month or two) after rollout as all phases of trials are happening faster than usual (and as there's talks of Turkey not going with the RNA-based vaccines), but realistically speaking it'll be a while until I qualify for it anyways (as I'm mostly healthy and also not old, and also wfh... and never leave the house), so it doesn't matter.
@Ave same, that's why I say "once your country announces vaccinations for your demographic". I also want to get vaccinated, but as a relatively healthy 30 year old, I know I'm unlikely to be in that group anytime soon
@Ave Yeah same, by the sounds of it the UK has ordered enough to vaccinate ~30% of the population and there's no way I'm in that group
@fredley What a coincidence, I just started watching season 10 yesterday. I've seen all the previous seasons already
Realistically speaking if I wanted to get vaccinated early I can use a legal loophole
but I don't think I want to risk someone else's life by cutting the line when I have a very high chance of surviving covid-19 if I catch it
@Ave (tl;dr: "F64 Transsexualism" is part of Turkey's chronic diseases list, and so far when they did curfews etc, they usually said "People over 65 and those with chronic diseases", so I suspect that'll be the exact wording for vaccine priority too)
But if you got the vaccine then you could go back to doing all the stuff you normally do like checks notes staying inside
@Ronan I... really, really miss traveling, actually.
I miss my partners.
And well, I hope that vaccine rollout will make travel stuff easier.
Currently EU bans schengen visa issuance to Turkey because govt fakes numbers and has previously sent people with incomplete tests with just a cut-off qr code saying "scan to see results when they're out" abroad, which obviously couldn't be scanned as they were cut-off :D
11:58 AM
Q: How To Break Bedrock Ceiling in the nether

F10zonI need to break a bedrock in the ceiling of the nether so I can make farms in it I don't want to use command block or creative i need to do it in survival minecraft

@Ronan How did you get the 'Rosalind is a nightmare' song out of your head?
I'd actually forgotten about that
Thanks I guess
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1:12 PM
Q: how are these hanging platforms standing up?

MindwinThere's a builder on Tweeter [sic] that made a raft with "floating" platforms and ziplines. He claims that there are no mods. However, floating platforms should not be possible. The blocks should break if they have no support underneath them. The image is here: What I could see was: ...

Those who haven't watched Taskmaster should probably get on it, it's great fun
(Just don't watch the US version)
2:00 PM
@fredley UK TV on Foxtel has been advertising it, however it's on Foxtel and my mum mostly controls that so it's only stuff my mum would watch aswell. i get lucky if i can watch a recorded movie like Detective Dee
Q: Unexpected Error with Login Session - haven't been able to login for weeks

YuuSince the end of preseason, I haven't been able to login any of my accounts (have one each in NA, EUW, JP, OCE to play with friends) so it's definitely not an account problem. LoR and Valorant works fine for me. When I log in, the game appears to be loading forever, with my icon being default and...

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3:39 PM
Q: If you buy a physical Switch title, is it region-locked?

MentalistIf I buy a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game, will I only be able to play it in the language/locale of that physical copy? Or does owning that copy grant me the ability to play it in ALL language / region settings? I heard that the Switch is region-free, but I also know there can always be ...

4:03 PM
Q: MINECRAFT : Failed to login : The authentication are currently down for maintenance Pls help

SpazzYX Juniori cant enter hypixel or other premium sservers and this problem is for like 2 days, i tried messing with the fire wall, restarting my router, and sill nothing.Can someone pls help?

4:52 PM
Q: What is "CHAD" in the context of Albion Online?

Tyler DurdenI keep hearing people referring to "dungeon CHADs" in Albion Online. What are they talking about? Is this is an acronym for something?

1 hour later…
6:12 PM
@Memor-X It's also on YouTube
6:38 PM
Is it just me or did AoC part 2 seem easier than part 1 today?
@Batophobia Haven't finished part 1 yet. I'm not parsing things properly, I think.
Also, still at "work", so AoC time is limited to compile breaks.
Ah, yea I used a regular expression in Notepad++ to alter their input into a format I wanted
I try not to modify the input
but debugging shows me why it isn't parsing properly
Oh, yeah, that is easy, especially given part 1
Are you using a different login this year? I don't see your progress on @Ronan's leaderboard.
6:55 PM
Q: Is there any advantage to using candles instead of the flashlight?

Fredy31In phasmophobia, hunters can buy and use candles. I wonder what is the use of candles? How are they better than the good old flashlight?

@Batophobia Yes way easier
I mean, 1 was easy too
I'm just surprised foreach(char c in s) if(c==target) count++; is even kind of fast for counting characters in a string lol
It is rare for part 2 to be computationally easier than part 1, for sure.
7:21 PM
This one was also the first time I did mine within the first hour lol
16:43 and 19:28
which is of course not good enough for global points lol
7:42 PM
I'm just waiting for the reusable bit to come along. It was pretty early last year, being on day 2.
That was new for last year, previous years didn't have that
@Ronan Yeah they did. 2018 had the opcode computer.
At least not to the same extent
I'm scanning through my 2018 code and can't see anything
2019 was the computer
Day 16 in 2018 needed an opcode interpreter, and I thought that was reused
I only got through day 7 in 2018
7:49 PM
I never finished 2018 so if it was reused after day 17 then I haven't seen it
Yeah, it was also used in day 19
2017 reused day 10 in day 14 by the looks of it too, but it's really not to the same extent as 2019
And maybe a few times after that
No, the Intcode computer was introduced early and used often.
I hope they do something similar though, it was definitely fun
If we're going on vacation then maybe they'll be some kind of exploring the island thing
Like building a map across multiple days
8:07 PM
oh yeah I need to do AOC still lol
I don't really care enough about programming to do it outside of my normal day to day job
I like to do mine while I'm at work
which is why it's weird that I got today done at midnight
yeah, I don't really do hobby stuff during work hours
if my boss pays me to write their code, that's the code I'll write
It's professional development time :)
if anyone asks (nobody does)
besides nobody cares about december that's when everyone has tons of pto to take
I'll be honest: programming for me is something I like to do enough for a living, but that I don't like enough to also do it outside of work
I have just the right amount of passion for programming: enough that I enjoy it for work purposes, but not so much that I end up doing it outside of work so much that I burn myself out on it
8:16 PM
My work code is super boring like 80% of the time so a break from that 80% is nice
I'm just now getting around to doing day 1
@Unionhawk yeah I normally do too. Just been really busy lately.
@Unionhawk Are you in the office or WFH?
I saw some of you timing your functions, what's the easiest way to do that?
If you're on unix, then there should be a command for it
I think "time <command>" will do it ...? I honstly can't remember.
Been way too long since I've used Unix. Powershell is the closet I get now. Livin' that .NET life.
@SaintWacko What language
In C# I usually use
8:28 PM
@Wipqozn Ah, yep, that works with some tweaking
@Unionhawk tbh I just assumed everyone was doing their solutions in Python
Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch.StartNew();
@Wipqozn C++
cc @fredley becauase Python
using System.Diagnostics of course
8:29 PM
@MBraedley Y'all are a bunch of snake hating HATERS
Also monty python
Yeah, I'm doing mine in Python
Python (or perl) would make some of the string parsing puzzles easier, but not enough to matter.
Alright, day 1: part 1 took 13 ms, part 2 took 14 ms
C# is decently easy for those since string.split covers a lot of scenarios
@Wipqozn I usually just go with JS, since I can open the console and just use the page text as input
8:31 PM
and I can just pick up the pieces of the split later
@Batophobia I thought about doing that lol. I work with js and python
@Batophobia Gross
Okay, day 2
My hatred for JS is STRONG
Almost as much as PHP
It's quick and simple without needing to setup any additional stuff
8:32 PM
like PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Processer wtf is that
experiences a PHP Vietnam flashback
A processor for Hypertext Markup Language
@Unionhawk regex is part of the C++ standard library (since C++11), and creating a tokenizer is relatively straight forward.
yeah but OR I could do line.Split('-', ' ', ':')
^(\d+)-(\d+) ([a-z]): (.*)$
You make a persuasive argument
flees the scene of my crimes
8:36 PM
void ParseLine(const std::string& line, Rule& rule, std::string& password)
	std::stringstream sstrm(line);
	char sep1, sep2;
	sstrm >> rule.min >> sep1 >> rule.max >> rule.requiredChar >> sep2 >> password;
One is clearly black magic and the other is how sane people do things
Never underestimate the power of a string stream!
Black magic is cool
Oh dang, it's 2:30. I should eat lunch
I still can't believe foreach is one of the fastest ways to count particular chars in a string though lmao
8:40 PM
@Unionhawk Any other way of doing it would probably rely on foreach anyway.
You have to visit every character in each password anyway.
Well almost every
in fact doing it manually is guaranteed to be faster than like .count
not sure what the exact thing is you're doing, but there might be a SIMD version of this that could be faster. I know that C# does have some SIMD stuff in library functions, so that would be one reason why .count could be faster
Okay, day 2 done
@Unionhawk Or. OR. You could use a regex match to parse the input
@Batophobia Ah yes, like this
@MBraedley Man, I never got the hang of those. They seem really cool, though
@MadScientist AFAIK C# SIMD stuff only supports numerical values.
Day 2 stuff took 18 and 17 ms
8:51 PM
@Nzall chars are just numbers
But they're the same big o, so that's not surprising
Apparently SIMD instructions do not support counting occurences in a list
It's also already fast and small value of n so even count would have acceptable (<100ms) performance
No problems that run into actual performance considerations yet
@Nzall I never said they did. I'm not using C#
@MBraedley oh right, should have replied to @MadScientist
8:55 PM
Something to look at for me though possibly
I forget which part 2 I never finished last year due to performance
Actually it looks like I found someone's solution for that one lol
@SaintWacko You should learn them. Much safer for formatted output, and much easier for basic I/O, including file I/O.
Q: Need to get out of a teleporting loop. What can I do?

AnonymousUm I need help I accidentally forgot that I was using a repeating command block, and teleported myself to the front of my house and now i cant move because my clock is hecka fast and on the lower level there is another repeating command block spamming gold blocks and I can’t turn it off. I’m surp...

@Lazers2.0 wait have we seen one of these in bedrock before or is the solution the same anyway now
@Unionhawk Oh, shit, didn't notice that it's bedrock.
Although the gamerule is apparently the right approach?
I think the solution is the same now anyway assuming commandblocksenabled is a gamerule on both versions
it used to be some server.properties thing before I think
Is there a way to search for questions that are all duplicated to one particular question
9:18 PM
@Unionhawk If you were actually running a full server.
@Unionhawk The "Linked questions" list on the target question has a link to see the full list
9:40 PM
Aha ok so we have this one and this one in bedrock though, and commandBlocksEnabled is not a gamerule for java
The first one is the better fit for answers idk what to do with the other one
Q: Why are some posts marked as highly active and others are not?

Joe KerrI came across a question while I was browsing the main section of Arqade which was classified as a highly active question: Why are pokemon stacked on top of each other whenever I start? I am a little confused as to why this is a highly active question when it only has one answer, was asked 4 year...

twitter.com/AJMooreHealth/status/1333856823653195776 So apparently illegal underground grandma karaoke bars are a thing now
10:45 PM
That's my new laptop
11:02 PM
@Nzall Ooh, I like how the arrow keys stick down. Surprised I've never seen that before
11:26 PM
Q: How to add death delay on hitting walls

K00lmanI just started playing Retrocycles and was playing in a few lobbies. In each of the lobbies I played in, they had a feature where if you hit the wall or another player's trail, you would not instantly die but instead be giving a couple of seconds to input a button and save yourself. Earlier I wan...

11:51 PM
Q: How can I make an alliance member hate me and declare war on me?

FluxWhen playing against the AI, I sometimes find myself in a multinational alliance that includes a nation I dislike. I have a peace treaty with this nation. I would like that nation to declare war on me so that I can attack them without breaking my existing alliances. How can I do this in Freeciv? ...

Q: Hi , i recently bought a new controller for my PS3 and it'a not working

VissaAs i said in the title i bought a new controller for my ps3 because the original one broke down The new controller is a Marvo GT-018 and is compatible with ps3/pc/android The things is it worked really well the first time i tried it but today when i hopped on to play some games it wouldn't connec...


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