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12:35 AM
Q: how do i join a minecraft classic world shared with me by one of my friends

Yhason MeyerMine craft classic is based off of regular mine craft, I am playing it free through https://www.addictinggames.com/ and I have already tried inviting my friend to join my world.

Q: What is a good strategy to beat Funtime Foxy's Darkroom

RobbieSo I finally got past Plushbaby's level but now I'm completely stuck on Funtime Foxy's level. Whenever I get to the exit Foxy is always standing right in front of it and he kills me no matter which direction I go. I tried looking up a way to get past the level but every strategy I found seemed to...

12:59 AM
Q: How do I spawn a zombie with an item from a mod?

grande1900I'm trying to get every achievement related to the Inventory Pets mod but I need to kill a player holding a specific item from that mod, Is there any way I could spawn a zombie holding this item? I've already tried /summon zombie ~ ~1 ~ {HandItems:[{id:inventorypets:cobblestone_pet} but that retu...

@SaintWacko Which was?
1:17 AM
Oh right. I was trying to upload the image and it wasn't working, then I got distracted
Yeah, I can't get it to upload
And Imgur is, as usual, broken
2:10 AM
@Wipqozn It's true we should
I have played it a bit though
and it is a spooky game
Also, apparently I'm into Tetris now?
@SaintWacko Fancy
@RedRiderX Sometime this week, perhaps.
We'll get those ghosts
3:01 AM
Q: How to apply damage to entities without instant damage effect?

WeraI want to be able to give an entity damage for a command I’m making, but instant damage effect is way too much, how do I apply other amounts of damage with command blocks?

1 hour later…
4:15 AM
Q: How to knock back entities with command blocks?

WeraHow do I make a command that will knock entities away/in chosen direction? Like for example, any entity within 3 blocks of an armourstand will be knocked away 10 blocks?

Q: Velocidrone "not a leaderboard track"

Andriy MakukhaIn Velocidrone, the drone racing simulator, after creating a custom track and "Uploading" it, I cannot see my own best time for previous flights. When I press "Leaderboard" button it just says: "Not a leaderboard track". Is it possible to make my track a "leaderboard track"?

5:04 AM
Q: Are there Purple tier Red Text anything?

MaladyAre there Purple tier Red Text anything? Like, I know there are Blue tier Red Text items like Boomacorn, Jack-o'-cannon, and The Machine... And Orange Legendaries that all have Red Text. But how about the tier in-between? The Purples? And I guess what's usually a Blue item with Red Text can't hav...

5:29 AM
Q: Is there a way to disable global warming and nuclear winter once the game has started?

FluxSuppose I started a game that has global warming and nuclear winter enabled. In mid-game, I decide that I want to disable global warming and nuclear winter. Is there a way to do this? I am enjoying my current game, and I don't want to restart from the beginning.

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10:53 AM
Q: Header background drawing problem

JoachimSince a month now, the banner of both the main site and the Meta site have this strange effect (a dithering problem?): It is more apparent on the right side: I'm using Firefox 83.0. In Edge there is no problem. I don't have Chrome to test it. Using the Inspector, the problem seems to be (the ...

11:04 AM
@Unionhawk don't forget to extract a bunch of them before the subscription renews etc. I still use keys I extracted from my VS Ent with MSDN subscription years ago.
1 hour later…
12:31 PM
Q: What game is Internet Archive using to represent their MS-DOS collection?

2007On the Internet Archive's news blog, they use the following screenshot to represent MS-DOS gaming: What game is this from? TinEye and Google Images only return the archive.org page as a result.

1:21 PM
Q: Are there any Pokemon that get smaller when they evolve?

Pikamander2Most Pokemon get physically larger when they evolve. For example, the tiny Bulbasaur turns into the slightly larger Ivysaur, who then turns into the monstrous Venusaur. Are there any Pokemon that instead become smaller when they evolve?

Q: How to disable dyed leather armor recipe using datapacks or commands

VyrCZI am making map and my datapack recipes overrides with the dyed leather one. Is there any way to disable them? When I looked to the minecraft recipes folder, I couldn't find the recipe.

1:46 PM
Q: Is there a setting for slowly killing units that are outside a city or military base?

FluxIn Freeciv, is there a setting that slowly kills units that are outside a city or military base? For example, when I send a battleship halfway across the world, it should be slowly killed until it is "refueled" in a city. I know that there is a setting to slowly kill starting units that have no h...

2:11 PM
Q: Teleport player into minecart or boat

EmojiMakerHow would I teleport a player into a minecart or boat? And I don't mean in the same block as, I mean actually in it.

2:36 PM
Q: How to identify cross-job skills?

IG_42In Yakuza: Like a Dragon I've done experimenting with the job system and have found some skills are usable on other jobs once they've been acquired. Is there any way to tell which skills work like this without switching jobs and seeing if they're still available?

3:01 PM
Q: Mod Minecraft BDS (Bedrock Dedicated Server)

EmojiMakerI know how to apply mods to a Minecraft World with Code Connection, but how can I do this with a Bedrock Dedicated Server?

3:25 PM
Q: How can I transfer world on Minecraft BE from Windows 10 to Linux?

kenpotsuFrom (Windows 10) C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds To (CentOS) /opt/minecraft_be_server/worlds I sent the world data to virtual private server by SFTP. After that, I restarted the server and connected to the Mi...

3:40 PM
my laptop just arrived
it's currently being set up
Hmm I have 50 hours PTO to schedule
@Unionhawk That's 6 days and 2 hours, right?
bit of an awkward number, I think
@Nzall Meh, 2 hours is a fine amount of time to take
Better than 3
4 is ideal
@Unionhawk I suppose that with WFH making it easier to only work 2 hours, that's true
especially considering it's actually working 6 hours
4:40 PM
5:31 PM
@Wipqozn I finished the book. It's good
5:43 PM
6:27 PM
@murgatroid99 What did you think of the Flashbacks in this one?
@Wipqozn I mostly liked them. It was nice to fill out the details of the events of the story from the listeners' point of view
@murgatroid99 I agree it was nice to see listeners POV. ALthough I felt like they were the weakest Flashbacks so far. It took quite a while for them to appear too. It wasn't untill...Part 3, I think?
7:02 PM
wow, 500k in only an hour
so my heater's been out for two days
things kinda suck right now
am considering buying heated clothing, prices look kinda yikes though
@Wipqozn there's a new map available if you opt into the experimental beta
@Yuuki Don't you live in texas?
@Wipqozn that also means i'm adapted to texas temperatures
@Yuuki but isn't it always a billion degrees there?
specifically houston temperatures, which are generally upwards of 90F
it has been ~60F for the past week
7:11 PM
@Yuuki 32C? Are you sure you don't live ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN!
we have like two months or so of moderately less than warm weather out of the year
@Yuuki 15C. If you came to Canada, you'd probably turn into a @Yuuki-cicle.
which, for us obviously, feels like freezing
but to be fair if I went to texas I'd probably melt
i already have some heated gloves on their way, but they'll arrive later this week i think
7:13 PM
@Yuuki tbh I'm starting to fully understand why American tourists are always wearing winter clothing when they visit.
@Wipqozn well, that depends on where they come from. i hear nyc and chicago get below freezing temps relatively regularly during the winter months
@Yuuki They do
It's mostly southern USA
but houston rarely dips below 60F in the winter, although we've hit freezing on rare occasions
@Yuuki So if you came to Canada, would we be able to make a "@Yuuki sees snow for the first time" video?
"Why are snowcones falling from the sky!?"
@Wipqozn i have, in fact, seen snow in houston, the one time it happened in the past decade or so, but only enough to where it collected in spots on cars
and i've also seen trees with a lot of snow on them in oklahoma
7:18 PM
We have Very Snow right now, it's kind of great
but not Much Snow, Very Wow levels
Even some school shutdowns in the next county over (but of course since everything's rigged for remote learning now no-one actually misses a day)
Do any of you got suggestions for a recent game with a built-in benchmark mode? I want to put some stress on my new laptop to see what the fans sound like
@Nzall Big Rigs Over the Road Racing
@Wipqozn oh right, I should probably OWN the game
7:27 PM
Okay I feel really old now
Since I remember when this video was NEW
but they've got that old ass monitor there
8:23 PM
Q: I think I know the problem with perfect towns

SomeoneI think the problem is that you have too many trees. From my experience, you have to have under 200 for a perfect town. Also, abundant bamboo is a problem. That demotes your rating. If this isn't the case, I don't know because I've been having the same issue :( Edit: This is in response to Alonso...

@PrivatePansy I like he's just speechless and doesn't know how to respond
9:29 PM
Oh yeah advent of code
somehow my part 2 today is faster than my part 1 lol
even though it's n^3 ish
9:44 PM
@Unionhawk That probably just means your part 1 is overly slow
Not really I think it's just where the solution numbers are in the list
since it's the same solution for 1 and 2 just with one additional nested for loop
It's also still on the order of <100ms, part 2 was just faster, <10ms
10:04 PM
Q: Temple of Elemental Evil - Dialog skills used, only by selected PC or whole party?

YamaThe face of my group is a paladin versed in Diplomacy and Sense Motive, other skills like Intimidate and Bluff are not his strong suit. Will they be rolled against the highest skill level in my party, or only from the character selected in this conversation? I'm playing with the circle of 8 modpa...

10:15 PM
@Unionhawk OH right
@Unionhawk Ooh, I should do that this year
10:53 PM
Q: Can I join my friend's guild in Illusion Connect if they are on another server?

Archimedes TrajanoIf I want to join my friend's guild in Illusion Connect do I have to restart on the same server or can I continue with my existing server?

11:18 PM
Q: Getting minecraft client's coordinates in python

Fred Petersthis is a bit more of an experimental project. I am trying to get a minecraft player's xyz coordinates in python. Whether it be through reading memory locations or reading log files, does anyone have any ideas as to how this could be achieved? Cheers


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