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1:19 AM
1 hour later…
2:27 AM
soo, I finally called up the only place in town that does laser hair removal and... it's $300 per session for full face 🤦🏼‍♀️
might just join the circus as the bearded lady...
cc: @Ash @Elva
1 hour later…
3:34 AM
Oh gosh that's a lot. I have sometimes thought of doing it as I have issues with facial hair somewhat but that's a loooot
3:46 AM
@Ash tbf it's probably cheaper in your area
like I said, it's the only place here that does it, so they can charge whatever they want and it's a small town, so I doubt they get that many customers for it
they do have package deals, $1400 for 8 sessions is much better value, but I don't have that kind of money to just pay up
and judging by experiences of people on the internet, you'll want at least 6+ sessions...
quite a bummer tbh
4:25 AM
@Elise you not going to go for Electrology?
Electrology is the practice of electrical hair removal to permanently remove human hair from the body. Electrolysis is the actual process of removing hair using electricity. In electrolysis, a qualified professional called an electrologist slides a hair-thin, solid metal probe into each hair follicle without puncturing the skin (when inserted properly). Electricity is delivered to the follicle through the probe, which causes localized damage to the areas that generate hairs, either through the formation of caustic sodium hydroxide (the galvanic method), overheating (thermolysis), or both (the blend...
@Memor-X electrolysis takes forever and costs per hour and usually ends up far more expensive than laser
most people do laser first, then finish with electrolysis
I hate how expensive it is just to be "normal" 🤦🏼‍♀️
@Elise yeh i didn't see how much laser was for you. i knew laser was going to be cheaper but i figured stupidly cheap, like $30 or so and electrolysis would be a couple of hundred
@Elise for me i'd be removing it regardless of gender
@Memor-X if I didn't have dysphoria over it, it wouldn;t bother me
5:06 AM
@Elise i don't know how long a laser session is for you but looking up electrolysis for Melborune and an hour would be cheaper. but i'm guessing there's other factors like how much of the face is covered in the same amount of time between them
5:59 AM
Q: Facade on Win dows 10 - I cannot type

Erel Segal-HaleviI have downloaded Facade from here: https://www.download-free-games.com/freeware_games/facade.htm It runs, and I can see and hear everything, but I cannot type. Is there a fix?

4 hours later…
10:01 AM
Morning chat
10:23 AM
Q: How to change the Google Play account in Pokemon Go to use the balance?

Little PengiI am playing Pokemon Go using Google account 1. I then redeemed my Google Play gift card to the same account. Then when I try to go to the Pokemon Go shop, hoping to use the balance in Google Play account to buy coins, Pokemon Go shows the Google Play store page again, but with another Google acc...

11:04 AM
A: Is it safe for a commercial flight to have Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan on its flight route?

NzallIn your particular example, there are a number of international organizations in that area, like the Arab League, the CCASG and the OPEC, which have the UAE as a member. Even if Iran would suddenly start to become as aggresive as North Korea and threaten to shoot down aircraft entering their regi...

Well, this question turned out to be eerily prophetic
@Yuuki u wot
'Wotcher' is actually a valid British word, it means 'hello'.
11:22 AM
I forgot to pack my inhaler for work and am having a bit of an attack. Doesn't happen much any more
Especially since I switched back to my vape at home instead of smoking..
2 hours later…
1:51 PM
@Elise I'm so sorry :( I hate that you are stuck with only one person who can do it. :(
2:03 PM
@Elise maybe a at-home laser thingie would work? That's what I'm slowly getting rid of my facial hair with... Though yeah slooooowwwwwww and prob not as good
@Elva I'm not sure I personally would be comfortable with doing something like that myself at home without professional support
They are mass-market things, just don't point them at your eyes
Q: How to find Epic Game Store (EGS) games' launch name for their launch command?

ScrexBackground : I am making a unified game launcher, so I can launch games from all the different stores. Eg: Launch commands for Steam/Origin steam://rungameid/ origin://launchgame/ I ran into some issues finding a similar structure for EGS. There way of launching games seems a bit comp...

2:41 PM
@Lazers2.0 no my problem with EGS is not actually having 300 launchers, my problem with EGS is EGS
I miiiiight 'have' to get a game from EGS
I want to play Control
just do it
do you also want a pony
Nah I wouldn't have the space for a pony
life is too short to wait to play good games just because they're in the bad store imo
2:43 PM
Yeah, I thought it was release date unannounced when I checked on steam but then I saw speedrunners and apparently it's just an EGS exclusive
Timed exclusive but yeah
It's good
So is outer wilds
Yeah I should play outer wilds
Also they gave me that new EA snowboarding game that probably isn't good but it's relevant to my interests and was free so
2:46 PM
user image
the chrome devtools are free
I wonder which message that was originally
Q: Minecraft crashes when trying to login

Emmett BrennanI keep getting an error code with Minecraft when trying to login? Error code is (NP-41372-7)

Nov 20 '14 at 15:17, by Unionhawk
I was completely wrong, which is totally normal!
Damn, it was even a thing he said!
Weeeeee boardgames saturday :O
With cool folks!
Including badp!
2:54 PM
You thought I was going to say "With cool folks! And badp!" weren't you?
oh my... Why would you use <Object> as a generic parameter to list rather than <E>?
The thought crossed my mind but I'm occasionally nice!
but am I?
2:55 PM
user image
guess I'm nice
@fredley I know that, that's why I pinged you.
@badp I wasn't aware you're French.
toss a coin to the witch, and her friend to humanity
@Yuuki mais oui mon amis je suis le Francais tres bien sure, ou la la voulez vous la lasagna
Toss the witches friend to humanity? What a cruel faith!
Humans are kinda shit a lot of time
@Elva That describes most animals until they poop.
2:58 PM
^ cases in point v
And then they slowly become kinda shit again as they digest their food.
plants made us evlove as mobile fertilisers
ou la la, Matt c'est le evlovent! Matt a become la lethame!
Interesting fact: All the stuff that became coal was formed from between the time plants evolved lignin and the time bacteria evolved the ability to digest said lignin.
checks out
3:01 PM
j'a etudiee le Francois a la echole du Wipqozienne c'est porquoi je Francois le vroismont bien oui
@Elva lignin balls, haha gottem
sometimes you just have too many iPhones
That's super cool though :o
3:22 PM
I actually have the Lego webcam from the original movie maker set, heh
Nowadays with smartphones being so ubiquitous the app makes a lot more sense
3:48 PM
Q: *Spoilers* Is there a way to go back before the Tree of Life event?

Fredy31In Dragon Quest 11, there's a huge event, where most of the world is destoyed. I had 3 quests that were still in progress, but after the event my quest log has changed and they seem to now be gone. Did I just miss on those quests, or will I be able to complete them later? PS: If you could keep...

4:09 PM
Q: Horse racing: Is there a trick, or will I get some upgrades later?

Fredy31Doing the Horse racing in the coliseum, I really wonder if there are some way to upgrade your horse, or if it gets better later in the game? Really, I can't seem to win hard level races, and I'm 10 seconds off the reward time. And I don't feel I have bad races... I hit most of the stamina regen ...

4:29 PM
Q: What is the use of the bank?

Fredy31At every inn, there's a bank where you can throw in gold, in chunks of 1000, to get later. That gold seems to just sit there and do nothing. There's no interest (where you would put in 1000, pull back 1050 later), there's no mechanic where you would lose money, for instance on death. So it does...

@MBraedley is it a stop-motion link?
@Yuuki no, unfortunately.
But there is stop motion gifs
Q: A Note To Meta on my 2020 Kickoff Blog Post

PchandrasekarHello members of the Meta community - I wanted to share the blog post I wrote to kick off 2020 and reflect on my first 90 days at the company. It’s intended for a wide audience, the tens of millions of people we serve, but also because I know you all want to hear directly from me. My style is to ...

5:05 PM
@TimStone Why is that on meta.SO instead of meta.SE?
5:17 PM
They subsequently linked to it from MSE
@MBraedley indicative of their mindset?
5:34 PM
user image
@Yuuki I mean, that space isn't supposed to be there, but I'm not sure how much it would help by removing it.
6:11 PM
Q: Is it possible to play any Steam multiplayer games locally but from different accounts?

Penitent ExileI've played Injustice 2 on my friend's Xbox and each player can login from their account to get their progress and update it. Does Steam support this feature, especially on Steam controllers?..

Q: Can trains use tram tracks in cities:skylines?

Warren AshI remember as a child seeing in my home town a train that was running down the street in the industrial area. Is this possible for trains to use tram street tracks?

6:22 PM
@Lazers2.0 This seems like a terrible idea
But I'm intrigued
6:36 PM
@Lazers2.0 huh, interesting.
makes me wonder about marmaray
which is pretty much uh
trams on train lines
6:57 PM
@Ave Trams on train lines is presumably safe. Trains on tramlines on the other hand will probably crush the road since tramlines aren't built for that kind of weight
7:13 PM
card games on tram lines
7:24 PM
@Yuuki Is that the premise of the newest Yu-Gi-Oh series?
tram games on card lines?
7:50 PM
@Lazers2.0 With enough mods, anything is possible
Q: How can I play Half Life 1 (or any GoldSrc game) in a borderless window?

LemonI want to play Half Life 1 on a borderless window. If I enable "Run in a window" on the Video Options, the taskbar is still visible for some reason. How can I play Half Life 1 (or any GoldSrc game) in a borderless window?

I think if I ever choose to go vegetarian (or meat-less), my mushroom consumption will skyrocket.
Mmm, mushrooms
They are indeed delicious.
I'm trying to grow my own wood ear fungus in my backyard right now.
8:14 PM
I need to figure out good ways to use dehydrated mushrooms, my first attempts were terrible, texture wise.
@Ash Yeah, texture really suffers in the dehydration process. What have you tried? I'm thinking you might let them soak for maybe twenty minutes to re-hydrate and then drip dry, after which you could stir-fry them.
@Yuuki I followed whatever the instructions were on the container. I'll check tonight and let you know what it said
8:38 PM
@TimStone we had that at some point.. idk about now
@Yuuki steam?
Might also possibly work but I'm not sure how time or energy efficient that is.
@GnomeSlice not pictured: a spiced yogurt-based drink
8:54 PM
Q: How would I go about coding a block that acts exactly the same as the daylight sensor in Minecraft PE?

Mr. MeI am currently coding an addon for minecraft pe but I don't know how ro code an item that acts like a daylight sensor i.e. It emits a redstone signal when there is light. Help would be greatly appreciated.

9:14 PM
Q: how to get Charmander as your Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team?

Blazing Triowhen the remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon came out, I decided to play the original, cause I don't have a switch, on my first try, I managed to get Charmander as my main character. but due to how the game works on my emulator, it didn't save. so I tried again with the intent to add save states t...

9:56 PM
Q: Are MCBE "behaviour packs" on-topic?

Fabian RölingIf I understand it right, this question is about behaviour packs in MCBE. As far as I know, those are written in a regular programming language, just using an MCBE specific API. Are those questions on-topic? This is why this is a difficult question: Physical mechanisms in Minecraft are of cour...

10:15 PM
Q: How far does illegal remaking go?

DipperIf I would create a jump‘n‘run with Super Mario Textures, Nintendo could sue me. But what if i create an app, that‘s only streaming a game from a website? For example the game „Gravity Guy“ by Miniclip. There is no App for current mobile operating systems, but you can play the game for free on th...

Well, Ny'Alotha ending seems like a massive disappointment. You literally repeat Dragon Soul by channeling 4 beams powered by Dragon Aspect energy into your necklace and blast N'Zoth into chunks, and then it also rips off the "enemy empire crumbles into rubble" from Lord of the Rings
Complete with a a tower crumbling and an eye exploding
> "Frodooooo!!!" - Me, cheering
> <underwater volcano explodes>
> "Frodoooo!!!!" - Me, in the depths of despair
also how rude of everyone to ignore sam during this entire segment
"for frodo" indeed, aragorn
10:31 PM
@badp yeh, i still see no Shopping Cart and no notification that a product has DRM
also saw a video talking about what Epic has released about their finances for the past year and there was a mention of the user review system being on there now, but i don't see it for Anno 1800
but then again maybe keeping to being more on the developer side, developers/publishers can hide reviews which yeh, that's really good for the customer when it comes to patching in Macro-transactions/loot boxes in post launch and the sponsored reviewers on youtube have done their work
Q: What does the battery sign on the 1-2x sight do

K00lmanI was playing Apex Legends and I noticed that there was a little battery symbol with a charge percentage on the 1-2x sight. (shown below) When looking for a photo, I found this Reddit post (where I got the photo) but it did not seem to say anything conclusive. It seems to just be cosmetic, but...

@Memor-X user reviews are opt-in decision by the publisher
1917 was a fantastic movie
11:16 PM
Q: What do you need to do after activating the generator in Blast Pit?

LemonI'm playing the Blast Pit chapter of Half Life 1, and I can't continue or go back to the previous area. I have already started the generator by activating the two switches on the top. If I try to go back, this electrified water is going to kill me instantly (even with 100 health). What do ...

Q: How to make a swinging mechanic like Dani's 3D game

B GamingI am trying to make a swinging mechanic (like in Dani's (probably know him) 3D game) is there any help I can get with creating this? (I am not that good with programming or unity but can follow along with stuff)


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