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12:50 AM
Q: Minecraft crashed at a really high height

ShadowCasterZI accidentally teleported myself to 100000+ blocks in minecraft, and it crashed. Help what do I do.

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2:11 AM
Q: What can I do to fix stuck teammates?

LemonThe game has this very problematic bug, where some teammates can get stuck behind walls on DLC map areas. What can I do to fix stuck teammates? Here is an example, where Asuna and Silica are stuck behind a wall inside one of the areas of Dissonance of the Nexus.

2:31 AM
Q: How to get around Malus Darkblade unit renewal penalty?

YasskierThe Malus Darkblade of Dark Elves in Total War Warhammer II has a unique mechanic: every round he gets "possession points" - 2 if he is in the field, 1 if he is in a city. When he hits 10 points (or maybe even 9?) his armies stop regenerating after combat, even when they are in an owned city. Of ...

2:52 AM
Q: How to make a minecraft mod open a program?

johnny tiempoHow can i make a Minecraft mod that opens a program (ex. Google Chrome) without permission once a player loads a Minecraft world?

@Lazers2.0 This sounds like a very bad idea.
3:21 AM
Found out today that my local transit is on strike as of Tuesday. I don't own a car. It will now cost my household 60 dollars a day to get to and from work via taxi or rideshare services. I cant afford it, but we dont really have anyone we can carpool with because of the shifts we work and where we live. I am just gonna pray really really hard that it is a short strike.
@Lazers2.0 I'm downvoting this because nobody should do that
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4:35 AM
Q: My PS4 is stuck on blue screen

ItzEZPZI was trying to download rec room on my PS4 and then my screen went blue and I can't do anything. Is there a way to fix this?

5:19 AM
has anyone else been noticing that YouTube video notification emails are being marked as spam in gmail?
like they don't end up in my spam box because of the rules i have
5:32 AM
General question for the room: there was a comment left on this question which has since been removed. I left a comment addressing that particular comment.
Should my comment also be removed?
Currently it is the latest comment - not the one addressing the OP
Q: Can I still get Shadow Links without Streetpass?

Memor-XI just started playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World and found the guy talking about StreetPass and fighting Shadow Links. problem is that where i live i get next to no hits on StreetPass even when i left my 3DS on while going to work both in the game i was playing at the time and in ...

6:12 AM
@Ben if it doesnt make sense by itself, i would remove it
6:37 AM
Q: I tried it turn it on and it came on and beeped 3 times and turned off the light was green and turned to yellow

Wesley WilliamsPs3 is turning off and beeping 3 times win I try to turn it on, and the light is green and turns to yellow why?

6:57 AM
Q: How do I make a scoreboard that tracks kills in Minecraft? (Bedrock, I know a mod for death counters)

XxXEdG310Rd360n0SC0P3XxXI’m making a map in Minecraft where two players try and get the most kills in a 10 minute time period, right now I have a timer set up with seconds being the score value and a repeating command block that removes one score value from that item/player, I thought of a complicated way of making a ki...

7:38 AM
Q: How can you sort numbers in a Rec Room circuit?

EcholetaI would like to sort a total of 4 numbers in a Rec Room circuit. Ideally, I'd like to do it in a single tick, but a multi-tick solution might be workable. The inputs would be 4 separate pins and the outputs would be 4 pins as well. When the sort is complete, the output pins should contain all of...

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8:59 AM
Q: I have an issue with PES 2020 for android

user2824371I just downloaded the game and finished the tutorials and played my first match (I think this first match is the last part of the tutorial). Then, a white message appeared taking most of screen space. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be an ad, or if I received a reward, or it's an information m...

Q: is my game for fun or tress?

tapdistuidoI made this game ago. First for fun but now sometime i play it feel stress. Just because my feeling has something wrong? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gagaworldandroid.hana website: https://tapdistudiotd.info/gagaworld.html

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11:01 AM
Q: Why don't my items show up?

00e40800Can anybody tell me how to solve this please? The items' icons don't show:

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12:01 PM
Q: How do Inquire and Scrutinize differ?

David YellThese two path actions seem to yield the same results, except that Alfyns Inquire doesn't have a chance of failure. What reasons are there to use Scrutinize instead of Inquire? Do you get better information from Scrutinize because it has a chance of failure? If so, should I be running a team co...

12:22 PM
Q: How to setup port forwarding?

Sheva Kadu(I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask) I'm setting up my Minecraft server and I'm trying to setup port forwarding. Do you know how to do that on THIS router?

Huh, surprising.
I expected the german consulate to lead me on a lengthy bs process on accessing my data, but they outright told me "Uh, we usually don't give out this data, why do you want this?"
12:37 PM
Or rather I expected exactly this
but hoped for more
Not even they have any idea on this procedure it seems
1:04 PM
1:56 PM
So Dragonball Fighterz Z recently announced a new DLC character, Ultra Instinct Goku.
This is a 3v3 fighting game, and with this recent Goku announcement, there's now enough Gokus to have two full teams of GOku, and still have 1 goku left over
That's a lot of Goku
Hahaha that is a lot of Goku.
It's the mostku
2:15 PM
this is awful
we're doing training on our new bug tracking tool
and I think we got it but we still have 9 hours of this this week
2:31 PM
@Ronan Excellent. Great joke @Yuuki.
@Wipqozn It's not enough of a stretch to be Yuuki
More of a Mountain Pose than a Downward Facing Dog.
I prefer Sudoku
no, not really though
3:08 PM
So I made a mistake.
I forgot that lunch was being catered today and I spent all night making lunch/dinner for the whole week.
When I could've done it tonight instead.
It tastes really good though.
Your lunch is now supper.
It was always going to be, I made a bunch.
I'm thinking I have enough to have for lunch and dinner for maybe three or four days?
I made soup yesterday, using one of those Costco chickens. T
Ripped off most of the chicken, then tossed the carcus in a pot of water and some chicken bullion cubes to make a broth.
3:27 PM
@Yuuki that looks awesome
@Ash It took four hours! Which is why I'm kinda regretting not remembering about catering today so I could've done today instead of last night.
So everything on the internal network is slow today because we have to go to a St. John's data centre, which went offline over the weekend due to the storm.
I had to start a little later too because there was a Chinese New Year's thing I went to.
(The data centre is mostly back online today, but there's still some lingering issues.)
Also, not sure if you can tell from the photo quality but that's the dutch oven I got with the pretty light purple.
3:42 PM
And it looks like the domain server is down, which means I can't push code, which means I can't do the testing I want to do.
4:33 PM
@GnomeSlice Excellent
5:06 PM
Q: How do I get a GTA V file that is actually 65GB?

oscarfrederiksenOn steam it’s 91GB and on Rockstar Games it’s 88GB. I need it for under 69GB. When you google how large a GTA V file is google says only 65GB. Is this actually possible. Also clearing out my files is not an option as at the moment all that is on my PC is windows.

5:32 PM
@Yuuki I was wondering if it was!
5:48 PM
Ugh, I hate how fanfiction authors are so liberal with cliffhangers. I swear, it's like every chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Tension is important but it's more effective if you don't build and resolve every one/two thousand words or so.
Also, cliffhangers are more tolerable in a novel where you can just flip the page to the next chapter.
In a serial format, who knows when the resolution is coming?
Sometimes, the updates are so few and far in between that you have re-read the previous chapters to remember the context and resolution for which they built the cliffhanger.
6:00 PM
I think it comes from like....the style of old serial novels and stuff maybe
Pacing is the true hidden skill of a fanfiction writer, it seems. Most writers either blaze at the speed of light, darting from one arc to the next every two chapters or so, or they move at a literal snail's pace, spending three or four chapters in one scene.
Q: Nintendo Switch Games: Third-party services sharing definitions

Christopher SchultzMy young child has a game which has established a sharing relationship with his "supervised" account. I got an email from Nintendo confirming this and went into the account to see what it says. From the "Settings for individual third party services" section, it says: Information received: Bas...

Q: Unexpected syntax error in simple command?

JustATest 01 Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong beacouse I am really confused why this happens. Command: clone ~ ~ ~ ~1 ~1 ~-2 ~2 ~ ~

@Yuuki I find myself reading short stories for this reason. It's much harder to mess up pacing when you only have 10k words or less
I think it's due to the tendency for fanfiction to be open-ended in nature.
Most authors know where they want to start with a story but few know where they want to end one.
It ties into character narrative and development. Your story ends with your main character arc, when the protagonist completes their journey. But for that to happen, you need to know what the journey is.
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7:26 PM
@Yuuki this might sound a tad weird, but I've found that adult fiction writers (and I'm using this term to indicate fiction aimed at adult readers rather than those aimed at the teens that usually watch or read the topics that get fanonized) generally are quite good with pacing, usually having only one or two scenes per chapter and also generally only one arc per series.
Q: Fortnite: DirectX 11 Feature level 10 is required

Likes_to_Program123I have a win7 x64 dell t5400 computer, my graphics card is Nividia Quadro fx 1700 which I believe supports DirectX 11.1 (10_0). I have: Updated all windows updates updated my display adapter driver Updated DirectX Restarted the computer multiple times. Still, Fortnite gives me the error mes...

Q: Installed Game on Wrong Profile

user242946I bought a game for my son and installed it on the my profile accidentally instead of his profile. Can I uninstall it on the wrong profile and install it on his profile? Thank you.

Problem is that it's somewhat harder to find decent fan fiction aimed at adults that doesn't end devolving into smut eventually
@Nzall I know barely anything about fan fiction, but perhaps you just need to change which resources you use to find fan fiction?
@Wipqozn Probably. I know there's loads of fan fiction collecting sites out there, and I know there's at least one site that focuses on adult fiction that isn't smut, but problem is that trying to google for the term "adult fan fiction" obviously won't really find that
most of the big and/or popular sites have a mix of both from what I remember last time I searched this
7:45 PM
Yeah, I just checked it out again. When googling the term above, there are essentially three sites that pop up. One of them only has up to mature content and nothing really adult (though the mature content here is meant for 17+, so not much difference) and the other 2 sites market themselves as the stuff you can't find on the first site
So I'm not quite sure which resources you mean, Wipqozn
like, there are sites for non-smutty fan fiction in general, but those also include those aimed at kids and teens. I can't immediately find sites for non-smut adult-themed fan fiction
To my knowledge, there's three different categories of fanfiction sites: the big and popular ones that have everything, the very niche and focused ones, and the sites that just happen to have a bunch of fanfiction on them.
The first category consists of just two sites as far as I know. The second is almost predominately explicit, M-rated stuff. And the third one encompasses Wattpad (which hosts writing of all kinds, but seems oriented towards original works) and various forum sites.
8:01 PM
@Yuuki just so I don't misunderstand you: the first category is Archiveofourown and fanfiction.net, right?
Because Fanfiction.net is the one that I mentioned as the first one: long ago they ditched their NC-17 tag and everything on it
Yeah but their moderation is terrible.
Yeah, Wikipedia mentioned that as well
Archive has a lot of ease of use features that FF.net doesn't, such as a robust tag system and the ability to link stories in a multi-work series. But I feel like I have more performance issues on Archive, which is saying something given that it should just be serving text.
Also, there's a lot of real-person fiction on Archive, which gives me the heebie-jeebies.
It's actually kind of annoying to have filter out Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Sebastian Stan by name all time.
8:17 PM
but seriously, I've personally found that fan fiction aimed at adults generally is paced better, because a lot of the amateur fiction aimed at teenagers (as well as some of the edgier adult content) seems to be written by teenagers themselves, while adult fan fiction tends to be written by adults, either those who are using it to practise new writing styles as a professional author, or by beginning authors who want to see if it's for them
Beginner authors generally don't write a whole lot better than teenagers, regardless of what age they start at. Speaking from experience here lol
I generally use two criteria for filtering fanfiction: summaries and words per chapter.
Having a concise and focused summary helps a lot (and I straight-up skip stories that have "can't think of a good summary" disclaimer) and stuff that's under 1,000 words per chapter almost always has "moves too fast" issues.
@Yuuki do you take into account number of chapters as well?
@Nzall Yeah, I look at total words / number of chapters. As for number of chapters as a metric by itself, it depends.
Anything that goes over 40 chapters is going to require some extra examination because that smells of "moves too slow".
But fanfiction authors are notoriously long-winded.
Most of them have trouble with knowing when to break for a sequel.
yeah. apparently some works are over 4 million words
like, 4 times as long as War & Peace
8:30 PM
In my experience, the ones who don't have issues with moving to a sequel tend to be Harry Potter writers because the series has a built-in sequel "mechanic". Oh, it's a new year? Time for a sequel.
But everyone else has problems.
I've seen plenty of stuff that's really good but also should've been broken up into three or more parts.
yeah, but there are also some fan fiction authors that have this long and epic story that gets very successful, and they want to milk it as long as possible. So they end up either going the Bleach route and putting in loads of filler, or they end up going the Sword of Truth way where they tack on a second story at the end
It doesn't help though that fanfiction readers as a whole tend to want more of the same. If they find something they like, they'd rather the author keep working at the same fiction as if it's a career.
I suppose that comes with the nature of fanfiction, it's literally someone picking up where the original author left off.
@Nzall I believe the longest piece of fiction in the world (or at least one of the top contenders) is the Smash Bros fanfiction Subspace Emissary Worlds Conquest. I'm weirdly proud of that even though I'm completely uninvolved in its creation.
if you remember that story I recommended Ash a couple months ago, the main reason I recommended that was because the review said that while it was a long story, it had decent pacing, consistent worldbuilding, a smoothly escalating scope and character arc and a good balance between exposition and ... let's call it fanservice. at 12 chapters in, it went from a pirated ship with one survivor over a greedy mining colony boss to a skirmish with pirates and an upcoming battle for a pirate space base.
my point is that it's definitely possible to have a long running story that's still good
I don't think anyone said that long-running stories are bad.
I just said that anything with more than 40 chapters bears some extra examination.
8:39 PM
ah, okay. I must have misinterpreted that
I might look at reviews for the first five or so chapters, although reviews are also notoriously unhelpful because people just tend to regurgitate text from the work.
Q: Merit's Galactic Reunion - more mines on mineable planet

Kobus MyburghI am replaying my old 1990's games, and got most of them working using Dosbox. One of those games is Merit's Galactic Reunion. I am unable to find a way to put additional mines on a planet that is not suitable for living. The single miner station does not allow for fast mineral build-up for harv...

9:09 PM
Q: GTA 5: army missions after completing story mode: fake?

redDragon0095On https://support.rockstargames.com/community/200025466/210267497 I've read about army missions that can be played with Franklin after completing the story mode But these missions don't show up (I've completed story mode, not long ago - PS4) I don't find anything about these missions on other s...

Q: How do I determine my fuel level in Silent Hunter 5?

SteveThe manual doesn't state where to find it. A web search says "the engineer can report it", but Joseph doesn't have this option in his dialog. I cannot determine which gauge on the boat show this information. Ditto on CO2, batteries, etc. Can someone guide me please?

ugh crossover fanfiction can be the worst and the best
If you're going to change a character from one work via crossover interaction with another work, keep this narrative rule from D&D in mind: character development happens as a part of the continuing story, your characters should not have finished their narrative arcs before joining the party.
@Yuuki I actually really do not like crossovers between distinct universes with separate storylines where the author expects you to be familiar with all the involved universes and know what's going on at the time of crossover in each of them. It just makes it confusing when you eventually need to know some tiny background detail or plot element to make sense of the story
There's so many flavors of crossover and the underlying problem with crossover fanfiction is that you're essentially taking all the problems with writing fanfiction and doubling them.
So it's invariably more difficult to write good crossover fanfiction because you essentially have twice the hurdles to jump.
Or tripling/quadrupling/etc, depending on many works you're crossing.
9:31 PM
I really hope this includes CAnada
lol nope
> Netflix has acquired the rights to 21 feature films from the beloved Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli for all regions outside the US, Canada, and Japan. The company will add the movies to its library in waves starting next month.
Fucking of course not
Supposedly we're getting it via crave? HBO Max for the US?
what the heck
why are there so many hbo subscription services
@Wipqozn they don't want the picture to freeze
@Unionhawk In happier news, they're about to hit sub 12:
that route is nuts
1) get sword, shield, slingshot
2) ???
3) credits
I wonder if that's low% too or if the previous any% is
hm, doesn't look like it
The true oot categories are speedrun.com/ootextras
no doors, 37 water temple keys, low a press, all cows,
Dare I ask what all cows is?
9:41 PM
> Goal
Obtain Epona's Song and milk all 16 cows. This includes the cow in Links house.

Timing ends
On the first frame of Link holding the 16th bottle of milk above his head.

Starting the game from a race file (a file that already watched the intro) is allowed.
But... why
It's not even the dumbest category in the set
@PrivatePansy That's the whole point of speedruns, you gotta moo-ve fast
@Unionhawk What, EightCows%?
@Yuuki most of the non-numeric % categories, really
9:43 PM
@MageXy Move over @Yuuki, you've been replaced.
dank%, mweep%,
@Wipqozn What rude be-hoove-ior.
Honestly all permanent flags is a dumb category too lol
Interesting but dumb
I see a KFC%
@PrivatePansy Throw a Cucco into Death Mountain?
9:45 PM
@Yuuki That would make too much sense
> Obtain a chicken trade quest item (Chicken, Pocket Cucco or Cojiro), then use ISG and a flaming stick to perform a visual glitch to "set it on fire".
> Obtain a chicken trade quest item (Chicken, Pocket Cucco or Cojiro), then use ISG and a flaming stick to perform a visual glitch to "set it on fire".
> Jump off the watchtower in Kakariko Village and die from fall damage.
wow that one has timing with ms precision
I think the speedrun.com admins have to add that to a category, it's hours minutes seconds by default
only a few games can be that precise
@Wipqozn we better be getting it somehow.
@Ash Crave, it seems. It's also on Google Play.
9:51 PM
Crave I have and dont use for much outside Star Trek stuff so this will be a nice addition
I don't have Crave, but I might sub for a month for this.
10:50 PM
Q: What are the differences between the Classic and Metallic colors?

LemonLet's take for example Frost White on Classic and Metallic finishes. What are the differences between the two?

11:03 PM
Oh snap @Ronan is playing the watcher
Yeah I won a game as her yesterday
@Wipqozn im playing the witcher
Meanwhile, @fredley is playing the wotcher
Killing slime boss before he can split is so satisfying
@Ronan Excellent. I'm on AScenion 9 with her right now. You've won with Ironclad and Watcher, right?
And silent
11:08 PM
@Wipqozn Alternately, taking no damage because you overrode his nuke to make him split is also satisfying.
@Yuuki Making him split by turn 3 normally isn't a problem. it's getting a good split that's the tricky part. Ideally you want to get him as close as possible to 1/2 HP, then just wail on him as much as possible in one turn.
Silent has the most trouble with that. Although Glass Knife helps a lot. Watcher has the easiest time.
Ironclad is really good too. Defect depends a lot on the deck.
11:31 PM
Q: how do I make a command block shop that you will need a certain number of items to buy a item with enchantments

nonoI've been struggling with this problem, I have continued to try and look up tutorials in bedrock edition but I couldn't so I need some help from someone.


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