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12:20 AM
@GnomeSlice oh, this is fun.
12:40 AM
*goes to play "Temtem Is a Solid Pokémon Clone and I’m Excited to Play More" from The Escapist* hmmm, i saw this show up on Steam, might be good

Colleague: oh is this about that Pokemon MMO Clone
Me: it's a MMO?
*checks steam, sees Massive Multiplayer tag, sighs*
Me: whelp, that's ruined
How is that ruined?
If you want singleplayer Pokemon, go play Digimon: Cyber Sleuth.
I think a decent Pokemon-ish MMO could be fun.
@Yuuki online only and i just don't trust games like that to still be running 20 years from now
@Memor-X There are precious few games that I was playing 20 years ago for me to expect games to exist 20 years later. And they're all Candyland and Monopoly.
It's okay for things to end and change.
12:47 AM
Pokemon Yellow is on cartridge and I could theoretically play right now if I bought an old-school Gameboy and cart (or I could emulate it). But I won't.
Because I'd rather not play an old Pokemon game.
@Yuuki i would've last year if it wasn't for the remake that added Ralts so i got that instead, got a Ralts and used her as my starter
Q: Metro 2033 redux, out of filters

AceRedstoneIm at the part of the game where youre at the surface fighting Nazis, specifically in the big area with all the old cars and the spotlight. I ran out of air filters in the previous area and now i just choke to death and respawn at the checkpoint, it's there a hidden air filter somewhere or should...

1:21 AM
New phone
1:48 AM
@GnomeSlice who dis?
My parents bought it as an early birthday present for me at Christmas. I actually wasn't gonna take it but then I smashed the camera on my old one
@Memor-X I don't think you understand how electrolysis and laser works
laser zaps your whole face in patches within like 10-15 minutes
electrolysis removes a single hair at a time
electrolysis is going to take literally hundred+ hours
@Elva and it works? I've seen a ton of people say the home devices are not powerful enough and I've only seen maybe 2 or 3 people say that it worked for them
considering one costs like 500$ or so, I'm not sure if it's a risk I can afford to take :x
I'm gonna call the place again tomorrow and see if they offer some sort of a payment plan, because I can pay the 1400$ over 8 sessions if I have to pay like 1/8th per session (6 weeks between each), but I can't just pay it all upfront and having to pay for each session separately at 300$ is going to be worse, because I'll probably need 8 sessions anyway
2:28 AM
@Elise from my understanding Laser uses light that's attuned to the hair color so that the light is absorbed in which then causes damage the follicle to slow down growth while Electrolysis actually destroys the cells and prevents growth by inserting a needle into the follicle and using electricity. with the former you can get a larger area done but it had to be redone multiple times to get the desired effect while with the latter you do a smaller area but only once.
though i would say that i don't know everything about it and the technology may have changed for laser hair removal since i last looked it up years ago but to me, permanently destroying unwanted hair is better than repeated treatment of it
like if i wanted repeated treatments, i'd just keep shaving and regardless of my gender, i find that to be a total waste of my time to keep temporally removing something that i didn't ever want in the first place
@Memor-X laser is permanent, but it will require to go over multiple times, because of the way hair grows and if you use laser that's too weak, it may damage the follicle, but not destroy it
laser is just as permanent as electrolysis, provided you have compatible skin tone and hair color
just like you can't get electrolysis done in one sitting, you can't get your face permanently lasered in one session
the whole "laser hair removal isn't permanent" is from the fact that you can't just get one session and have it all permanently gone
some will grow back
some will be permanently gone
10-12 sessions on average generally get rid of most, if not all facial hair and at that point it's wiser to pony up for the electrolysis to get rid of the few stragglers that are resistant to laser
if you get electrolysis done without any laser beforehand, you'll be paying thousands and thousands of dollars on slow and painful electrolysis treatment
that's electrolysis
imagine tweezing your facial hair out, then add more pain to it and make it slower
now imagine how much hair you have on your face, electrolysis costs AT LEAST a 100$ per hour and you might get maybe a couple hundred hairs in an hour, depending on your pain tolerance
now if your facial hair is red or gray then electrolysis is your only option
2:48 AM
@TimStone you here
What happened to the TL?
Have I been out of chat so long, heh.
@Wipqozn hi
@iKlsR I'm never sure what is public and what's not about the TL, but just search "Teachers Lounge 2" on the moderators team.
What happened to 1
3:05 AM
@Unionhawk The same thing that happened to @Lazers1.0
It got removed from a feed and then ceased to exist?
3:46 AM
saw this in my email
i think i'm in that group if the idea if to port Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition to PC since i just got that the other day (assuming there's no DRM for the PC Version like Final Fantasy XV)
otherwise it would be good if Infamous, Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank was on PC
infact the latter with the right settings you can get 1080p for the original games with PCSX2 but there's a weird texture issue for enemies and crates. a PC Port might allow for 1080p mods
@Ash I know right??
It's really amazing. Demoscene style stuff
@Memor-X being upset that you just bought a game that's few years old and is being ported to PC is just selfish :x
@Memor-X uh who cares
less exclusivity is good
I own the Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4, but if they release it on PC, I might actually beat the game someday, because I can't play it at 30 fps
@Ash reminds me of this too
4:03 AM
Q: How do we solve slowdowns now that SEToolbox isn't updating for new versions of the game?

Nathan HawksI'm a bit sore... just when I was getting really into this game, it slows down to where it's just terrible. I see the usual fix is to use SEToolbox to delete stray rocks and ships, but SEToolbox no longer recognizes SpaceEngineers.exe as valid. What do we do?

Q: My ocelot in minecraft wont change? (2020

Candace BarbenOkay, I have it tamed, but it still doesn't follow me. It just walks away after I feed it. I stayed away from it (about 10 or 5 blocks) i didnt move so it would come to me, i fed it fish, red hearts formed above, and after that as soon as i start to leave it didnt follow me, or hav the collar ...

@Elise i've had the base game for a while and brought the complete edition last week because it was cheaper to get the complete edition with all the DLC than to buy all the DLC for the base game. just that i already have alot of games for the PS4 already and if i had known it would come to PC (i have yet to see the video, making an assumption based off title and thumbnail) i would have waited a bit more like i am with Death Stranding
@GnomeSlice fan boys i assume
4:24 AM
Q: What does the "R" and "G" in the R&G Department level stand for?

senpaiPresumably, this is supposed to be the R&D Department, or Research and Development Department, but given that this is the Gungeon, I can't help but feel it must be some gun related pun. I can't find any information on the wiki or anywhere in the Ammonomicon entries, so presumably it's just an a...

4:37 AM
@Elise hmmmm, looks like my understand is off then. like i knew you needed multiple treatments but it still wouldn't get rid of it. but if it does permanently get rid of it then maybe i'll go for that option
5:35 AM
not sure if it's just to play for free for that period or if you can add them to your library for free to keep forever
5:54 AM
@Memor-X when you go to the steam page of the games, there's the option to play and there's the option to buy
if you could keep it, the option to buy would not be there
6:28 AM
Q: Prevent Minecraft from losing sound when Headset gets disabled

DudeWhoWantsToLearnMy Headset and PC are kinda old (6 Years), and now when I play games and also talk in Discord, the Headset driver crashes. You can hear how the headset has no sound until the driver restarts, as the quiet static microphone noise disappears. But when that happens, Minecraft won't have any sound. ...

1 hour later…
7:29 AM
Q: When can I use post-game quick chat in Rocket League?

TashusAfter a game of Rocket League, I am having trouble using the post-game quick chat (such as "gg", "well played", etc.). I either seem to press the hotkeys before the quick chat options have switched to post-game, so I end up with the in-game options (e.g. "What a save!"), or I press the hotkeys to...

2 hours later…
9:46 AM
@Elise ahhh i see, that makes sense
just looking at my Steam Library and i noticed something odd, generally games are ordered alphabetically, however looking at Final Fantasy they are ordered in their proper numerical order despite using using the Roman Numerals. so FINAL FANTASY IX is after FINAL FANTASY VIII but on my iPhone/iPod it gets dumped between FINAL FANTASY IV and FINAL FANTASY V
10:08 AM
I'm looking at the starboard and... it's mostly links
That feels kinda bad :(
@Wrigglenite but alot are images which some probably have text in them
10:27 AM
@Wrigglenite ?
also congraturates @Unionhawk
It means this chat has not been very entertaining lately
eh, consider two pictures are a lightly edited screenshot of a message
the lack of brilliant oneliners doesn't mean people aren't having a good time
What, no way
Brilliant one liners and ironic stars are the one true way to gauge people's enjoyment of a chatroom
@Memor-X there is no reason to care though
Although, Friday links would be good too
10:40 AM
If someone does care, nobody cares about that either
11:00 AM
@GnomeSlice well i haven't gotten around to seeing the video so not sure what people are mad about, but a possible concern that could get people mad about it may be some from of PC Exclusivity since i saw another video talking about how google is looking to get some more exclusives to Stadia and there's no indication that Epic wont do more exclusivity.
but chances are it's something stupid. i have no issue re-buying Playstation games for PC so long as there's no DRM
11:31 AM
If you already own it why rebuy it
@GnomeSlice because consoles don't last forever and can't always rely on Emulators and ROMs due to compatibility
and i'm not the kind of person who buys games, plays them once and throws them away. some games i return to reply even if they don't get a remaster version
if we take Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked as an example. according to Citrus it's not compatible because of some bug in the intro screen. say years down the line your 3DS is dead for whatever reason and you can't get a replacement because they are out of production
or say something happens to the card and it's not playable and your 3DS is PAL, you out of luck getting a replacement game since i have not seen another PAL copy of it and (at least in Australia) you can't buy it digitally from Nintendo
a PC Version would be your best option then since more than likely it'll still work years down the track. so if you're someone who likes replaying games years later, you'd get a PC Copy just in case
11:54 AM
@Memor-X They release both on Steam and Epic
@Nzall yeh that'll be good
oh wait, it's not yet finalized, it's just the author speculating
would be more good if it came to GoG aswell. i like the guarantee of no DRM and the Offline Installers
@Memor-X Yeah, no, I doubt it's coming to GoG. AAA devs and publishers both get convulsions when someone talks about releasing their game without DRM
@Wrigglenite pin pls
11:58 AM
Oh right, I can do that
@Wrigglenite oh that was why @badp was congratulating @Unionhawk
Yeah, we got a bit of a spoiler
@Nzall yeh which makes no sense to me because a DRM Free version is going to come out, AAA Publishers just are going to loose out money in the end
i would have gotten Final Fantasy XII last month if i didn't notice the warning that it has Denuvo. now Square looses on ~$25 on a sale they could have had while i play it on PC with ISO i ripped from my PS2 copy and i just play that if i want to play it on PC
(yes i know $25 wont matter to them. wish it did though)
12:14 PM
Q: Welcome Dragonrage and Unionhawk to the Moderator Team!

WriggleniteAs we’re sure you’ll remember, Arqade last held an election in June 2019. Since then, the mod team has been working fairly heavily on a few activities that need moderator attention (community building being a core focus of ours). As such, we’ve discussed what to do with the workload, and thought ...

@Wrigglenite I'm wondering the same as Joachim about the community building.
congraturate, @Dragonrage
@Memor-X this was mentioned on the discord yesterday anyway
12:39 PM
@Memor-X From what I understand, people are just worried there might no longer be reason to buy a Playstation if all games release on PC eventually as well
Which, I mean, is technically correct, but you're still getting the game years earlier on the playstation, so if you want to play it while it's still new and talked about, you'll need a PS
12:51 PM
well done @Dragonrage and @Unionhawk
1:13 PM
@Wrigglenite Oh no
(kidding :P)
Now I can make tyops freely
@Unionhawk Easily the best part of the diamond
Also, I like the new avatar.
1:34 PM
I wish it had a transparent background tbh but eh
Congrats @Unionhawk and @Dragonrage. That's how I got to be a mod too!
Don't actually win the election but then get called up because it's easier than having another election so soon :)
@InvaderSkoodge Yes, but also, when I realized our last election was in June I was shocked. I thoguht it was in September.
I thought it was like 10 years ago now
Yeah, definitely seems more recent than that.
thoguht. like yoghurt but made with Thor's milk
One in, one out, that's the rule
@fredley I can't disagree with rules
@MattE.Эллен I love when I fix some typos, but completely miss others. I'm a great mod.
Q: Como teletransporto a varios jugadores en distintos lugares?

Julian JuegosEstube revolviéndome la cabeza de como hacer que al darle a un cartel teletransporta a uno pero después de que quiero que uno se teletransporte a otro lugar no consigo hacerlo

@Wipqozn it's the best way to edit. one typo at a time
@MattE.Эллен Sometimes, when fixing one typo, I'll introduce 3 more. It's great.
1:56 PM
@Wipqozn it's an easy way to increase productivity
@Dragonrage @Unionhawk congrats, you two! Well deserved, on both counts.
@Nzall well i got my Playstations for Final Fantasy and later for Tales Of, Neptunia and other japanese games as well, and given what Sony has been doing with their censoring of non-western games i had been reconsidering getting PS4 versions of games which i had a choice of console. like i got Super Neptunia RPG for the Switch because there wasn't going to be any removed artwork as opposed to the PS4
and that decision has also made me think whether i get a PS5 this time
Update on my bus strike - the union and the region are meeting today to resume talking. I am hoping they can reach an agreement soon. I don't know if they will but maybe we can make a good start so I and many others can have transit again.
@Ash Good luck
Strikes suck
@Ash what have you been doing in the mean time? walking or car pooling?
And getting rides where we can.
2:16 PM
@Memor-X I will most likely be getting a PS5 because they stated it will be backwards compatible with PS4 games
Because it's winter, and my walk would be 90 min, and I can't do that especially not at night in unsafe areas.
Like, PS4 has such an outstanding lineup of exclusives that it'll probably be years before they all are available on PC
@Unionhawk that's...a headline I didn't expect to encounter.
@Nzall out of all the games i have about 1/4 arn't on PC. or maybe less than that. i can name Witch and the Hundred Knight and maybe Lapis Labyrinth off the top of my head because so far all the Tales Of, Atelier, Neptunia, Final Fantasy games for PS4 are on PC and i think mostly all of Idea Factory's, Bandai Namco's and NISA's games are on PC aswell
@Memor-X Wait, what censoring?
2:25 PM
@Memor-X Out of all the games I'm interested in, I think only like 2 or 3 are on PC or announced for PC. I'm interested in all of those high selling and critically acclaimed AAA games: God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon, Killzone, Knack,...
and then the Remedy games, but those got released on the EGS
@InvaderSkoodge started with Devil May Cry 5 where they patched in some light censor to cover Trish's butt and when Super Neptunia RPG was coming out Idea Factory announced that some CG Images would be removed from the PS4 version but not from the PC or Switch Versions
YongYea has a couple of videos of it
@Ash Not sure if you still do weights at the gym, but if you do, I assume you can just toss HusbandEngineer wherever he needs to go by now. You're basically the Hulk.
2:42 PM
bipolar, ripped, green and angry?
@badp Just ripped and green.
why is Ash sick?
have they eaten something funny
⁽ʸᵃʸ ᴵ ʳᵉᵐᵉᵐᵇᵉʳᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵘˢᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗ ᵖʳᵒⁿᵒᵘⁿ⁾
@badp My theory is a distinct lack of Sushi
3:27 PM
that has got to be the worst theory
this new mod team is now more wrong and more worst than ever
3:40 PM
I have a large amount of buttons this is a lot lol
Press them at random and see what happens
3:56 PM
@ToxicFrog IT's really the only way to learn
Q: What is the relationship between attackpower, weapondamage and damage

xetra11I have some warrior skills that are using weapon damage like Slam for example. Now I also have Deathwish or Battle Shout. Both improve either physical melee damage and attackpower. Now I wonder if attackpower is affecting the weapondamage or is weapondamage really just the raw damage a weapon as...

TL;DR: this company wants this guy to buy a new car because his current car is too cheap looking for his current position
Oh wait, it's even dumber: Because he can afford it and not doing so implies he's defrauding
Or susceptible to scams.
Scams like their company trying to convince them to buy a more expensive-looking car.
why is it legal to do a credit check for employment
or for any purpose other than an application for a loan
@Yuuki Oh, 100%. Those are the most BS reasons I've ever heard
4:09 PM
@Nzall Sounds like it might be possible to convince the company to provide them a car.
I mean, if it's required for me to have a certain type of computer for my job, I expect the company to provide it
Q: I can't login my Minecraft account pls help

HeadGrabberI have my Minecraft account and I accidentally deleted the launcher and I downloaded it again and I had to login so I writed my password and my e-mail, the mail was right but my password wasn't, I played on this account for years and I even writed it on paper and it's correct, so I tried to migra...

4:26 PM
Thanks all. Congrats @Unionhawk
also @fredley you messed everything up
I was gonna remove @Wipqozn
A bit late, but congratulations to @Dragonrage and @Unionhawk for their newfound powers
@Wipqozn I try my best :p
@badp gives gold star
@Dragonrage tbh, my first thought when he removed me was "ha, Dragonrage will never get his chance!"
Weirdly enough, @Unionhawk has the orange name but no mod diamond.
(I suppose it's blue for non-Porkchat)
@Wipqozn i mean, i considered readding you, then removing you, but then i was too lazy
4:36 PM
And it's not because of name length either because I'm mostly certain @Dragonrage has a longer name.
Clearly, the system can't handle the amount of sheer wrongness that is @Wipqozn and @Unionhawk on one mod team.
@Yuuki Do mods have diamonds in chat? I don't see one next to any of the mods in my browser. Their names are just blue.
I can see the diamonds on the site though.
@MageXy You probably don't have Porkchat?
@Yuuki No, my computer is vegetarian
4:41 PM
@Dragonrage Just add him back and then remove him
@MageXy Porkchat is made from 100% organically sourced diamonds.
Reminder: don't google Porkchat
6 mins ago, by Dragonrage
@Wipqozn i mean, i considered readding you, then removing you, but then i was too lazy
@Dragonrage Laziness is a very important trait in a mod
also, its great being a mod when both @uni and @Wipqozn are also mods. If i make a mistake, i can just blame either one of them, and everyone will believe me :P
4:48 PM
It was probably their fault anyways.
@Dragonrage Always happy to be of service
The real goal is to get involved enough in an A51 launch that you become a mod for a site with no traffic
All of the power, none of the responsibility
The real goal is to just get appointed to a site that has no traffic and not have to put in any effort at all
Achievement popup appears
Fair :P
4:56 PM
@fredley ouch
You're really not being fair to fredley here, fredley.
5:13 PM
@fredley Hey, you still get about 2 questions a week! That's not "no traffic"!
@MBraedley Neither of the other two mods have done anything since November...
Mods are asleep, post tea
@fredley Yeah, but have you done anything since November?
Because I know I haven't. I've been outsourcing my diamond duties to my cats.
5:59 PM
Q: Dell XPS 15 with GTX 1650 and eGPU

gtludwigI'm considering purchasing a Dell XPS 15 i7 laptop for both work and the occasional gaming experience. I know it is shipped with the NVidia GTX 1650 4GiB RAM. While this will be enough for most titles I am looking to play, I know it has a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port which I could connect, at a later...

6:36 PM
@Wipqozn are you calling me? i just got a call from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Q: PS4 controller flashing orange then turn off after a couple of minutes

JamesSo my problem is that i have a ps4 controller that i want to play with on my pc using DS4windows which i have done before and everything went smoothly but recently whenever i plug my controller via usb and open DS4windows the controller shows up in the controller section and i can use the touchpa...

@Feeds Does adding or removing a moderator as a RO actually do anything?
@pppery no, mods have all the buttons in every room
*restrictions apply for meta.se and so chat
@Dragonrage my roommate got seven spam/fraud calls from Windsor yesterday
Well someone claiming to be from the city of Windsor
Oh, Terry Jones died
6:52 PM
@Dragonrage No sir. I'm not from Ontario.
@Dragonrage hey was it a 226 number?
I've been getting those too but my new phone is apparently screening them
sigh Bus strike talks netted no movement, strike continues until further notice, no new date for negotiation.
7:08 PM
@GnomeSlice 519
@Wipqozn thats ok. im going to blame you anyways :)
@Ash :( thats a bummer
@Dragonrage Fair
Q: retroarch resolution is below normal - is this expected

JacobIRRWhen I run retroarch for PS1 ROMs, the resolution seems to be half that of a normal PS1 game. Is there a way to get or play with full resolution?

7:52 PM
@Ash (treasures)
8:21 PM
Q: How do I teleport several players in different locations?

Julian JuegosI’m making a skywars map and when I get to the teleportation part I try to make a sign so that when they right click the teleportation but I couldn’t do it and I don’t know how to do that with a single poster teleportation to several players What can I do?

8:41 PM
Q: Minecraft: Talking in chat from other player's perspectives

DarthVaderI have been playing Minecraft 1.12.2 Java Edition on PC. One of my friends started to make me say stuff I wasn't saying in the chat. I don't know what command he was using but he basically made the chat say, "I am an idiot" from my perspective (which I never did) and I really want to know how to ...

1 hour later…
9:42 PM
Q: How do i spawn in a command block with a command in it on minecraft bedrock edition?

R3tr0ZaneYTI have a friend on discord and I am making a function pack for him. He said we were screwed because we couldn't spawn in a command block with a command in it. Is there a way to do that?

giggles nicely done
On today of all days :P
@Ash im pretty sure i got it due to being a moderator, as im still at just over 24k rep
I'm pretty sure I got site analytics when they moved to +10 question votes but I don't think I've looked at that page
@Dragonrage I forget when it unlocks.
9:55 PM
10:10 PM
oh my, LTT might hit 10M subs this week
(Linus tech Tips, one of the biggest Tech youtubers)
10:23 PM
Q: How can I make the UI bigger in Half Life 1 (or any GoldSrc game)?

LemonI started playing Half Life 1 on 1366x768, and I feel that every user interface item is too small (weapon selector, ammo, health & HEV suit energy, pause menu and others). How can I make the UI Bigger?

10:56 PM
life update! I bribed wife into calling the place that does laser hair removal (I had to change a very poopy diaper, so I'm not sure who got the better end of the deal) and they can do a monthly payment option, so I'll be getting lasers shot at my face after all!
they're getting a new machine too, they said they'll call back when it's all set up (next week or so) and then I'll set up an appointment, they said it shouldn't be a problem getting in (I assume they don't get many people doing laser hair removal)
cc: @Ash @Elva
Yay! That's good
Why am I still awake?
Send help plz
@Elva because awake is great!
But miiidniiiight
also Idk about you, but going to bed unless I'm not so tired that I'm just dropping dead usually makes my mind wander into territories that make me dysphoric and sad and it's just not fun
I'm 6500th in queue.
11:18 PM
I don't have that fortunately
But sleep is gonna happen
Nini bridge!
Q: In Minecraft, How to create floating grass with command blocks

Chunk11I am trying to build a puzzle map for some of my friends and having an issue with making floating grass/flowers with command blocks. I can easily place 1 standing on its own ( https://i.stack.imgur.com/eGtjq.png ) (Using /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:tallgrass 2) But whenever i use /setblock or /f...

Q: How can I open the "Revisions" of a question when it has never been edited?

LemonI want to access the Revisions of a question to see when it became a Hot Network Question, but because it has not been edited, there is no "edited Month 00 '00 at 00:00" that I can click. How can I open the "Revisions" of a question when it has never been edited?

Q: Tag rename request: [rockstargames-social-club] -> [rockstar-games-social-club]

LemonThe official name of the service is Rockstar Games Social Club, as you can see from Rockstar themselves: Wikipedia: And the excerpt of the tag: Rockstar Games Social Club is a stat tracking, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service provided by Rockstar Games for...

@Elise yay for face lasers!
@Elva sleep well!
@InvaderSkoodge O.o that's a very large number.
@Ash to celebrate, wife and I are listening to laser sounding music (I think it's synthwave actually, but it has lasery sounds)
it definitely sounds like something they'd play as they strap you in one of those torture chairs and then shoot lasers at you until you talk
11:31 PM
That sounds like a good way to celebrate.
@Elise why did you have to "bribe" your wife? was it because of awkwardness?
11:56 PM
@Memor-X phone calls give me social anxiety and I hate them
I'm not good at talking to strangers and especially on the phone, so she can get more info per phone call, lol
if i'm making a phone call, I need to prepare questions because I won't be able to come up with much on the spot

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