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12:23 AM
12:42 AM
@Elise Are you inevitable?
@Hakase This War Of Mine from the same studio.
1:07 AM
@Hakase Banished
1:28 AM
@Elise yessssssss, love it
Q: Strange Minecraft Noise

lizzy-bethSo i built a house in survival mode and went behind it into a forest to get some wood. a really deep noise noise followed by a very loud screeching noise played. it freaked me out so i ran back to my house and exited the game for a bit to collect myself. now im not a baby but ive never heard tha...

1:41 AM
@Yuuki yesssss, I couldn't figure out what the colors reminded me of and that's it!
@Ave the yellow one looked so bananas, I had to buy it, lmao
the red/pink/purple one is my favorite so far I think
2:09 AM
@Elise yyyyep
I'm not a fan of bright yellow but that dark-yellow is just <3
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4:10 AM
Q: Want to create an unusual strange professional killstreak weapon

AdityaCan I use make an unusual weapon (without killstreak and strange) professional killstreak and strange and apply war paint on that? Will that work?

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8:07 AM
Q: How do I catch Rayquaza in Pokémon Sapphire?

DanDan0101I'm trying to catch a level 70 Rayquaza. I have a level 55 Kyogre. My gameplan is this so far: use ice beam to get the Rayquaza to very very low health (you can barely see the health bar sometimes), wait for the Rayquaza to use rest and put itself to sleep, use ice beam again to get it to critica...

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10:24 AM
Q: My F3 key won't work in minecraft

Javier de Dios GonzálezI'm using a PC not a laptop with a Corsair k70 rgb mk2 so there is no Fn or Function key for enabling my F-keys. But when I use my F3 Key in Minecraft it just turns up the volume of my PC. I've tried holding every single key but nothing. Please HELP :c Thanks

10:44 AM
Q: Villagers fail to breed

ShadowWish4015In minecraft 1.14 I made a villager breeder but they don't want to. I gave them the requirements beds, bread and crops. But when they start to breed (like show the hearts) they just stop and show this weird thing above their heads any help?

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12:42 PM
Q: No PS4 controllers connect - but work on other PS4. Tried everything!

TedI have had problems connecting controllers to my PS4 before and managed to connect one controller. This has now disconnected and I can't get it back. I have tried everything. Connecting via cable Connecting via bluetooth Unplug PS4 and wait Rebuild databases Reset controller Safe Mode Using R...

12:58 PM
What an amazing conclusion to The International 9
1:41 PM
Q: Why do my iPad controls not work?

flowinglinc101I have an iPad running iOS 10.3.3 and Minecraft pocket/bedrock edition v1.12.0. I cannot see any of the controls, such as move, sneak, chat, jump, and even my hotbar. :( How can I fix this? My iPad is expired.

2:16 PM
@SaintWacko lmao
fun fact: I was in that exact place for pride
Q: How can I avoid Raam's krill in horde mode?

Wolf In the co-op/multiplayer horde mode of ''Gears POP!'', Raam throws krill (bats?) either down the screen in a vertical column or in a specific location. Is there any way to predict or avoid where they'll land? Particularly, when Raam sends the krill down the center of the screen, it damages my pl...

@Ave I wondered if you had been at that one 😃
@SaintWacko not at the right year tho, that's from 2016 iirc
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4:15 PM
lol oh no diamondback is evacuating
4:26 PM
@Unionhawk diamondback?
Diamondback is a steel roller coaster designed by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, United States. The ride is located in Rivertown just behind International Street and the Eiffel Tower. When built in 2009, it was the first hypercoaster to feature a splashdown and the first B&M roller coaster at Kings Island. Diamondback was previously the biggest investment in Kings Island’s history at $22 million (ahead of The Crypt and Son of Beast, each of which cost $20 million) until surpassed in 2014 by Banshee, an investment of $24 million. The coaster has a 230 ft (70 m) lift hill...
@Unionhawk They're evacuating a rollercoaster?
Is that where you happen to be right now?
Were, yeah, train stopped on the lift hill
And yes
Diamondback actually has special fall arrest training since only it and Banshee have a fall arrest system on the lift hill
Which means that they had to gear guests up in harnesses to escort them down
@Unionhawk /r/wellthatsucks
That's why it's important to practice the manual restraint release system (I think Diamondback's is easy, but where I was at it was hard)
(but it was fun to practice during severe weather)
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6:16 PM
Q: How to maximize the drop odds of the Essences in Diablo II?

Paul ErlenmeyerHow to maximize drop odds of Twisted Essence of Suffering, Charged Essence of Hatred, Burning Essence of Terror and Festering Essence of Destruction? Do you want to increase or decrease the /players setting (or have more/less players in game) and/or increase or decrease magic find?

6:36 PM
Q: Anyone else seeing white rings in the Undead parish?

RandB2002So I've just started my second playthrough on Dark Souls Remastered for the Xbox 360. Rang both bells and beaten Sif. I was returning from firelink and killed the Balder knights as usual when I noticed the two rings. They reappear and disappear at different angles: I can't interact with them i...

@Yuuki isn't that a totally different genre? I was thinking of some rts game like Frostpunk in a sense of having something unique about it
I don't usually play real time strategies coz they're pretty much all the same to me
in frostpunk the aesthetic is kinda interesting and there's a story that is revealed in bits of lore as you play, which is rare, so I just wanna play to find out what happened and what happens next
and also the map layout is circular/radial, and the heat zone management is a fun core mechanic
@Lazers2.0 if I'm not mistaken, war paints create new items, so you can't paint anything at all, but you can add all the other properties to painted items via unusualifiers, strangifiers and killstreakifier kits
does anyone here play tf2 and know this stuff?
@Hakase The main thing I enjoyed about it was the simplicity and how it was easily doable, at least at a low difficulty level, to keep everything under control and not run into a situation like with Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld where a chain reaction takes down your entire base
6:51 PM
yea like you've been playing for a week since monday and everything is fucked up by friday but you know in your brain you actually lost it all on tuesday :/
Like, once you get a bunch of steam cores and have a couple of automatons with engineering modules working on 3-4 workshops, you can pretty easily get every tech unlocked while your workers and engineers are working on gathering materials.
Q: How do I make items not be able to be dropped in Minecraft 1.13/1.14?

HiddenRealmI know this has been a thing in the past where you can add the pickup time to be instantly so when you drop it you pick it up immediately, but it appears that is no longer an option. Any help would be great!

7:16 PM
Q: Is there a Minecraft mod for 1.7.10 that customizes /gamerule keepinventory

Abdullah AminI'm looking for a mod in 1.7.10 to make it so you lose 50% of your items or you only keep your Hotbar, armor and battle gear slots when you die? dyeing in Minecraft becomes pointless when you keep your items, XP and you can teleport where you died when you use waypoints.i have found mods like thi...

7:35 PM
Q: How do I keep from losing my luggage

activedecayMy FTB luggage keeps getting lost at random times. How do I find it? It's able to follow me sometimes, but teleporting /home 1 doesn't make it show up.

8:15 PM
Q: What's the difference between using the reflections when fighting in Calm?

vianna77When you are fighting in the Calm, sometimes (or always, I don't. It's my first play-thru) you can call your reflections to help you during the fight. Are there any differences between fighting alone or with your party reflections?

Q: Skeleton Spawner - How far do you need to move skeletons to spawn more?

Code NoviceThere is a max of how many skeletons will spawn within a certain range of a skeleton spawner. What is the number of blocks that make up this range? Currently each new skeleton that falls into my kill zone dies due to exceeding the allowed number of skeletons within a certain area. I'm not sure ...

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11:12 PM
Q: Disabling navigation "snapping" when activating pulse engine

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn "No Man's Sky" on PC (with Beyond update), when I try to navigate to a location using the pulse engine, my ship's navigation will "snap" to a particular target (if there are any such targets available.) Usually this is useful. Sometimes I really am pointing where I want to go, and would rathe...

11:51 PM
Q: What do status effects do against Behemoths?

senpaiI see that there are a varying amount of status effects Behemoths can inflict on Slayers, but what about the status effects Slayers inflict on Behemoths? The wiki page makes no mention of the actual status effect application on them. Specifically, what do the Fire, Ice, Shock, and Terra statuses...


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