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12:33 AM
Q: What command can I use to check a chest's contents?

LeafTechnically, I want to check a shulker box's contents for a map I'm making. I want the player to put a Disk 11 into the shulker box and then it will be replaced with Stal. What command would I use to do this, if there even is one?

1:21 AM
just double checking, when installing windows on a brand new PC with all new parts, there's no problem connecting to the Video Card before you have the drivers installed right?
1:37 AM
Shouldn't be
1:53 AM
So uh Sunshine(?)
2:11 AM
Q: Cannot use Witcher Senses on XBox One Elite Controller

Mark CassidyPlaying through the Witcher 3 tutorial, the game asks you to use your Witcher Senses to find a key. When playing with an XBox Controller, it tells you to press and hold LT to use the Witcher Senses. But when pressing LT, nothing happens. Using an XBox Elite Controller

2:32 AM
@TimStone ok thanks. just wasn't sure if drivers needed to be installed first before a video card starts working
ok, moment of truth. i turned up the volume of the TV in the Lounge incase so i can tell if i've blown the power
I'm in the BIOS and it's detecting the Bluray and SSD for the boot order
and there's no smoke either!
time to get Windows 10 installed
2:51 AM
Q: How can you place a block on a block with right click action without using shift?

zackSo we all know if you want to place a block on an existing block that has a right click action (chest, dropper, etc), it will open up the UI for the existing block and the way to get around it is to hold shift. But in this video here, at 2:20 he places a dropper onto a chest without holding shift...

Q: How do stats in outfits work?

Ryann JeffersI have two dwellers, both level 50s, they have the same total SPECIAL stats: 9, 9, 9, 4, 4, 9, 10 respectively but are achieved differently. One wears a rare combat armor (S+3, A+2), and the other one with horror fan outfit (E+4, L+1). This makes the other dweller's 'E' stat a 5+4. All other stat...

3:11 AM
Q: (Minecraft Win 10 Add-On) how do I find the relevant code for Auto-Pickup

Vulpeluxthis is my first time asking a question here so I apologise if I do something wrong. I want to make an add-on compatible with the Win 10 (Bedrock) edition of Minecraft that works as an auto-pickup. So instead of the item drop falling on the ground or being sucked into the inventory (when you're ...

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5:30 AM
Q: What is this entertainment symbol?

RapidaThis shows up when I go to add more entertainment to my island. I think I missed it in the tutorial, does it mean citizens already have nearby entertainment?

6:10 AM
Q: What happens if a witch makes a veteran go on alert?

DJ Spicy DeluxeIn Town of Salem what happens if a witch causes a veteran to target themself, thus going on alert? The idea behind this would be that if you do it to a veteran they will waste an alert so they can't use it against the mafia or neutral killer(s) that you're teaming with. But since you visited them...

2 hours later…
7:48 AM
yay! C.C is running fine now in her new body. can't install iCue for my mouse as it seems to force a restart and not finish but meh. will post a photo when i'm not using all my laptop USBs for file copying
8:08 AM
Q: If my PS Plus account expires, do my free packs expire, as well?

SupernovaI'm either far too tired to comprehend the answers that I've found, or I just didn't find the answer to begin with. I know you loose free games - such as the free monthly games - when your Plus expires. . . but what about the free packs you've downloaded? I have Tera - a free game you can get wi...

Q: Will Kerbal Space Program 2 have halo orbits, Lagrange points, and other 3-body goodies?

uhohAt about 05:37 in Scott Manley video Kerbal Space Program 2 - What We Know About The Sequel So Iā€™m cautiously optimistic and I really obviously want this to be a huge success so I can go back and play Kerbal Space Program 2 and hit all those moments, those thrills that I had while talking ab...

8:47 AM
Q: Making a Minecraft resource pack on iOS

RyanIā€™m following this tutorial to create a resource pack in BE. The guide assumes you are using a computer, but I was actually able to make one in iOS by creating the appropriate folders and json files, and moving them to the appropriate Minecraft directory via the files app. Everything worked smoot...

Q: Which graphics card brand has best support for Linux?

kluttGetting the graphics drivers to work in Linux can be an issue if you're not a very experienced user. I'm not very interested in maximizing fps or other performance measures. I'm only interested in getting acceptable performance with as little problems as possible. So which brand is the best cho...

9:57 AM
ass! AVG just quarantined epsxe
Q: Is there a gaming timer for self-control purpose?

hybitI have been asking myself if there is a program that automatically stops time how long games are played and creates statistics. I imagine a tool that autostarts on Windows startup and recognizes the launch of certain programs and apps (per selection) and then stops how long the app is active. I ...

10:26 AM
ok, maybe there was something wrong with the 1.9.25 in general or the 1.9.25 starter pack that i downloaded ages ago had something malicious in it. 2.0.5 didn't get triggered and the BIOS/Plugins i have still work which is good
10:45 AM
Q: How would I be able to make a tool unbreakable

DannkI am wanting to know how to make tools unbreakable for a map I'm making

11:05 AM
Q: Divinity Original Sin EE - What is the gameplay of a Dual Wielding Grenade Wizard Build?

mrgI am trying a new build in Divinity Original Sin EE: Dual Wielding Grenade Wizard. But I do not understand his role in my party. I found what abilities to choose in a build guide: but not how to play it. It does not explain some (probably basic) things: I am n...

11:34 AM
@Ash were you talking about a mobile game called Witcheye in here before or did I find it somewhere else
Q: How to see all attributes of all duplicants?

Ilya ChernomordikI can't figure out how to see all the attributes for all the people, there is a skill tree for all, but attributes seems to be not available. Am I missing something?

1 hour later…
1:13 PM
oh amazing
this company that wants to interview me sent me a "McQuaig Psychometric System" test
dystopic bs
"bows down to authority" "follows rules" "systematic"
Somebody who can follow rules is something I look for when hiring as well
"full of life"
@Memor-X šŸ’¦
@Ave "gets along well with others"
"really good at chit chat"
Fitting in well to a large team is an asset, believe me
1:21 PM
There are like 200 people at my workplace
Q: Fullscreen games blacking the screen and running on second monitor

HawKyreIt all started today, it had not happened to me before. Whenever I launch a game which is set to work fullscreen from startup, the game loads a could frames in mt primary monitor before freezing in it and switching the graphics to the second monitor. If I start the game in the 2nd monitor, the ...

hoo boy
Am I being called for a tech interview or not, guess I'll tell by the type of couch or something
oh yes my wage-slave-owner I am very grateful to follow your unethical job practices and then get paid 1% of what you get off my back
okay that was the first half, and second part is 100% same but instead of saying "what do others see you as" it now says "what do you see yourself as"
what is this bs
@Ave kinky
@Elva yeah ikr
1:35 PM
@Memor-X looks dope, that (lack of) cable management tho >.<
1:52 PM
@Elise yeh but i'm not sure if i could do any better like the cables over the RAM (the glowing thing) are from the Cooler (the upside down NZXT)
2:13 PM
@Memor-X you can't route the cables through the back of the case?
it seems like you didn't route any of the cables through the back
some of those cables can definitely be routed through the back, like the mobo power cable
believe me, if you route the cables through the back, it will look gorgeous
@GnomeSlice some people fit so well, it distracts them from their work duties
Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 Sky Mob Farms?

SimpleBenji01I just wondered if anybody truly knows why and if, how much "Sky-Mob-Farms" got nerfed in the most recent update of the game. I read a lot of YouTube comments saying that ideally the farms should be at the bottom of the world now. I also tried making a mob farm in creative above an ocean biome ...

I can get John Wick 3 on Google Play, but not John Wick 2. jfc I hate licensing bullshit lol
2:30 PM
@Elise actually alot are, but the holes are on the right side and there's none at the top
really the main things that are in the back are the Sata Data and power cables and the connection cables for the Case's front (which were already in the back)
Nintendo is trying to get rid of music on YouTube
Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 Sky Mob Farms?

SimpleBenji01I just wondered if anybody truly knows why and if, how much "Sky-Mob-Farms" got nerfed in the most recent update of the game. I read a lot of YouTube comments saying that ideally the farms should be at the bottom of the world now. I also tried making a mob farm in creative above an ocean biome ...

Q: Right clicking doesnt work

xo amberzworld xoI was playing minecraft with the mos creature mod and got and cat and a bunny later on stuck on my head. I had to kill the cat because it wouldnt come off but I dont want to kill the bunny this time. I tried right clicking with a picake and without. Nothing I've tried works!!!

Q: Why did the minecraft iPad controls disappear?

flowinglinc101My iPad is running iOS 10.3.3 with minecraft 1.12.0. There is a glitch that I cannot see my controls or hotbar. How can I fix this?

The worst thing is, instead of making it so Nintendo gets the revenue, they're flagging it so that the videos are deleted and channels get copyright strikes
And they don't sell official soundtracks for 99% of their games, so there's not an official way they're trying to get you to buy the music...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi just hit Netflix in Belgium. Guess I know what I'm doing the next 2 hours and 30 minutes
2:48 PM
@Nzall you haven't seen it?
@Stormblessed no, I don't go to the cinema and considering Disney is pretty good about putting their movies on Netflix thus far, I just waited for it to hit Netflix or for Disney+ to arrive, whichever is first
@Memor-X there's one in the picture right next to the mobo power cable that looks like there's nothing routed through it
@Nzall Well it's a great film!
Have fun
@Stormblessed that's very typical Nintendo though
@Memor-X I don't want it to seem like I'm criticizing your build, it's your computer and you do you, I'm just letting you know that it seems like you're not utilizing all of the cable routing holes to the fullest
@Elise oh no it's fine, i need to learn
@Elise there's a molex cable coming out of it and the 3 connectors are sorta holding it up. behind the case the Hue+ is connected to it
i didn't like them just sitting in the back with that much slack
i think it might have been more ideal to have a molex cable with just the one plug but all i had was one with 4
3:00 PM
@Memor-X better to sit in the back than front, lol
Then again, idk what your case is like
Mine is a little wider than the average case, so it has more space in the back for cables
My wife's case is regular size and the cables are very squeezed in in the back
@Memor-X is your PSU modular?
@Elise ^
@Memor-X hard to tell, but it looks like it has a little extra space for cables
@Elise yes, or atleast that's what it says on the item listing on PC Part Picker
If you didn't have a see through panel on the side, I probably would say don't bother with it, but being able to see that cable mess is just šŸ˜¬
Once you get your cables properly managed, you'll never go back to cables in the front, lol
@Elise yeh but i think the power cables are too think for those. but now you mention it the smaller ones might be able to go through them and around to the the top rubber covered hole
will have to depend on them being long enough
3:09 PM
I am ready for friday.
@Elise yeh, i need the practice
@Ave it's now sunday for me (1:10 am to be exact)
@Memor-X well, saturday here
at the least it's still saturday for others
but I am ready for the next friday I mean
@Ave ahhhh
i thought you might be referring to the friday just passed
what's special on friday?
3:11 PM
I dealt with horrible horrible code for reasons
simply for bridge's enjoyment
also maths
@Memor-X definitely not too thick. Those holes are standard, they can open up pretty much to the size of the metal hole that the rubber is in
@Wrigglenite is the TL40 tag not useful?
The worst part is having to deal with it after you thought you were done, lol
@Elise i was talking about the ones at the top
Q: How are trainers in the TL40 leaderboard doing more than 100 trades per day?

PureferretTL40 is an organisation that collects statistics on level 40 trainers (thus TL40). One of the statistics is the Gentleman badge, which tracks the number of trades a person has done. The game limits you do 100 trades per day. However some of the monthly leaderboards for that statistic shows ove...

3:20 PM
@AncientSwordRage It's a third party website, we're very unlikely to have more than this one question about it. The question might not even be on topic as it is, since it's not strictly asking about the game.
@Wrigglenite I'm hoping it is because it might show you can do more than the cap for trades
If the tag gets more on topic questions I'll add it back
Ultimately, the question comes down to why the website shows more trades than should be possible. This might be because of the game, or because of the website itself.
@Memor-X you mean the 3 tiny metal holes going across the top? Are those even for cables? šŸ¤”
I guess they could be used for something like fan cables and LED power etc
I've never had LED's in my PC, so I don't think about the extra cables they use, lol
but you should be able to route most of your cables through the rubber grommets
took a pic of all my nail polishes (realized I had 2 more after I took the pic)
haven't tried the 3 on the far right yet
4:14 PM
@InvaderSkoodge @Ash So stumbling across games in my steam library that I never even realized I owned is starting to happen with books as well. I just saw two books I didn't realize I owned, and one of the books I don't think I've ever heard of lol. IT must have been on sale or something. Jade City.
Q: How do I unlock a van as a criminal in APB:Reloaded?

ZachTalonGamesYTI've recently gotten into the game APB:Reloaded, and have chosen to play as a criminal. I originally played as an enforcer, until I maxed out all the contacts for that character. Now, as a criminal, I am trying to get a van, but I'm not sure which contact to pledge to in order to unlock the van. ...

@Wipqozn Apparantly I bought this back in 2018? lol wtf
OKay mine as well toss it into "To Read" then so I don't forget about it again lol.
2 hours later…
5:58 PM
Q: I want to use my Minecraft Java Texture Pack on Windows 10, is this possible?

Jerry HanoI've made my own texture pack/resource pack for Minecraft Java Is it possible to make it work for Minecraft windows 10, if so please help

Q: Can't Send Friend Gift

Joseph GoodeI've historically been able to send gifts to a particular friend, but now some days I've been unable to send gifts to that friend. Why is that?

1 hour later…
7:15 PM
@Wipqozn haha I have totally done that with books
@Elise oooh these look like fantastic colours. The Sally Hansen polishes are pretty good for their price, too.
@Ash I have one bottle of Sally Hansen polish, not sure where it came from. It's weird color, so I haven't used it
the ones I got are like 2 for $5 at Walmart, haha
I have embraced the nail polish and wear it to work
the ones you have in that picture, yeah, those are a Sally Hansen sub-brand. They're pretty decent for how cheap they are.
This mostly reminds me I need to redo my nails. :) Maybe I will do them all different colours to match my funfetti sprinkle cake I am making for tomorrow.
@Ash ah, I didn't know that
I don't know much about nail polish :P
I do know that this polish doesn't chip
It's all good :)
Yeah, it's much better than a lot of cheaper brands.
I have a bunch of polishes I like that I got from this nail polish subscription box a couple years ago, but it looks like the company isn't even in business anymore.
I also bought some fantastic holographic sparkle polishes from BornPretty that I like, and @ToxicFrog got me some Starrily ones that are also fantastic.
They're slightly more money, but they're SUPER fun.
@Ash I don't know what holographic sparkle polish is, but it sounds fun :o
7:26 PM
@Elise let me see if I can grab some pics
for me right now, cheap is fun, because I can experiment with doing stupid stuff and just take it off if it's too stupid, lol
@Elise I am all for cheaper polishes, I am just also a sucker for SPARKLES.
@Ash ooh, I like how it changes
I saw some nails done with a THERMAL NAIL POLISH!
it changes color with temperature!!! :O
I bet it's super expensive, but holy crap it sounds amazing
Ooooh yes I have seen those before they are SO NEAT.
especially since I work in the frozen aisle a lot and stick my hands in the freezers until they're super cold, lmao
7:28 PM
I don't have any but I want some, I bet it's likely expensive though
hahaha that would allow for MUCH FUN COLOUR CHANGING
would be great to have my nails change color when my hands are too cold :D
omg yes
ads in terminal
here we go
Q: Minecraft: Remove crafting recipes?

SillyEar7I want to make the carrot on a stick crafting recipe disabled. Is there an easy way to do this? Also, I want it for a specific world. (Snapshot 19w34a)

Q: How do you best utilize star power in Guitar Hero?

GuitarHeroAndDancer9001In the Guitar Hero series (the classic games, before Guitar Hero Live), what would you consider to be the best strategy for use of the game's "Star Power" to make it through and/or score high on songs?

@Ave Devs gotta eat, and if they're not getting enough donations for that, what else are they supposed to do?
7:41 PM
@Wipqozn there's the usual argument of "you don't have to contribute for free if you don't want to" but that's a bit of a mess, but there's many successful open source schemes where you offer same service to people yet make companies pay for, say, enterprise support, non-copyleft license, features only really needed in enterprise etc
That's not to say I want ads in my terminal, but if folks won't pay then well, there's not much else they can do.
so much so that a turkish company that is known for doing so (Acik Kaynak AS, quite literally Open Source [suffix for big companies with over million TRY of assets]) is a million TRY+ company.
and it's not like this person isn't getting enough money or anything feross.org/thanks
couple thousand from corp sponsorships, couple hundred of patreon, likely a lot more through the enterprise support thing he offers too.
that said he does live in SF so yeah, for SF standards this isn't great.
Looking forward to a future of debugging 10 lines of error messages scattered in 1000 lines of banner ads from 1000 different packages
People already have enough trouble picking out the relevant information from npm logs that aren't full of random unnecessary cruft
8:12 PM
watup peeps
anyone know if there's a Frostpunk 2 coming?
or just more scenarios
Not that I'm aware of.
also, any recs for similar games?
I wonder if it supports workshop scenarios from users
I played the demo, it's okay
Q: original mario on nintendo switch - warp zone to 8?

EricI've heard that from 4-2 you can warp to 8, but when I go up the vine the only tunnel says level 6. is this because i'm playing on nintendo switch?? anyone know why its not giving me the level 8 tunnel? thanks!

heh "More Frostpunk DLC plz" in comments to that blog post
What is occurin
8:23 PM
cheap ramen is soakin up the water, remnant is installing, I'm going through 171 missed notifications since last year
fun fact: last year I decided to take a biiig break from SE and all other interactions with people online and I've regained my mental health!
it's fun to see people's confusion when they don't find any vote or comment buttons on my open reddit tabs
2 hours later…
10:13 PM
Q: Cod Waw heart of the Reich not loading

TheAtomicEvanSo when I boot up the mission it plays the opening intro but only loads up to 60% and then the loading stops for no reason. This is on the last mission on a ps3 by the way.

10:33 PM
Q: How to make a block swapper fire twice?

oscarfrederiksenHow do I make my block swapper fire once (changing the block) then after a certain amount of timer change back to the original blocks. My block swapper can be seen here:

cc: @Ash
11:04 PM
mm, the green one is not glossy at all...
11:32 PM
Q: Can you use the Sweep Attack in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and if you can, how?

Crystal335I just think it would be very useful information to know, as I have to deal with a large number of hostile mobs.

11:49 PM
@Elise I really like the pink/red one and the yellow one

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