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12:14 AM
@Hakase I mean, it's not exactly the same genre, but there's a lot of similarities.
12:31 AM
Q: refund or help fixing a pack on Minecraft PE for Samsung Galaxy s10+

smokieoatsrecently purchased the furniture: modern pack for Minecraft PE but every time i try to create the world the game crashes. I have tried uninstalling other games/apps on my phone to free space, messing with the in game setting (FOV and render distance), deleting and reinstalling the app yet nothing...

12:41 AM
Aaand TL four-peated.
1:30 AM
Q: bedrock testfor command

Dan Howeso basically im trying to create a capture the flag (banner) map which detects if the flag has been dropped and replaces it back at that teams base but i cant manage to set up the command. so far i have tried /testfor @e[type=Item] {Item:{id:minecraft:banner}} to recieve Syntax Error: unexpe...

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2:48 AM
Q: ran into a issue involving lava

user236720I used a fire resistance potion to get under a ocean of lava, but forgot that I left my second one at home, so how do I escape? My picks are too low durability, and I don't have any wood. And, it was in the nether with about 200 blocks to shore if I could swim in lava.

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4:36 AM
bridge wtf my vlang tweet got into packt's news
> Just tweeting out so I can point back at this in the future.
looks like someone beat you to it
@Memor-X that
's me
5:18 AM
It does look too good to be true but I thought the same thing about Pony before I understood it
@murgatroid99 i semi-audited it on release day, it's vaporwave
for the most part just a c wrapper and some extensions on it
Does the C->V translation thing actually work? Because translating arbitrary C to something with the safety guarantees that language supposedly has would be pretty impressive.
5:38 AM
@murgatroid99 I've only seen small bits converted, not actual projects
and again, to best of my knowledge, vlang just converts everything back to c and runs cc of the system anyways
just an example: github.com/vlang/doom
@Ave Wow, that's 3500 lines of globals and declarations. I guess the "no globals" thing is just a suggestion
@murgatroid99 no, it doesn't have globals.
globals are however recognized by C
@Ave I guess then I don't really understand what __global does
there's many ways to make the V transpiler (because that's what it is) let certain bits to be handled by C compiler, and last I checked it did one of them
@murgatroid99 it is a global, just not a V global, but a C global. fun, right?
But if it's in a V file, and accessible from V functions, in what sense is it not a V global?
I'm actually more curious about how this translator would handle some of the more far-out C stuff, like pointer types that stuff extra information into the low bits, or struct handling code that takes advantage of the fact that the first element of the struct is guaranteed to be at the same memory location as the struct as a whole, or various uses of double pointers
5:51 AM
@murgatroid99 ppractically speaking it is one
@murgatroid99 practically speaking it is one, but in theory V doesn't touch itor like it
so yeah, one could say that no globals is a suggestion
6:06 AM
Q: Nether warts x villagers?

SierraIs it possible to get nether warts from a certain villager? I have already searched through all the fortresses and could find a single wart.

Q: What's special ammo?

DrFishIn Destiny 2, I frequently come across weapons that require 'special ammo' of which I neither don't have, nor the game ever drops. How do I get hold of these? And is it worth it? I'm having already a quite a good time with the available arsenal as it is, but I also would like to know about th...

6:46 AM
Q: Game is stuck on Building Terrain Loading screen on Windows 10

user236728I made a realm and uploaded a world on it and then while i was playing i found unloaded chunks so i left and re logged and now my game is stuck on Building Terrain and it wont let me join and this is happening on the Windows 10 Version of the game.

7:09 AM
so apparently today is International Dog Day. not that i need a reason to post this but it's relevant
cc @GodEmperorDune
i should track down that movie just to see what he is yelling while holding the Pug
pat stew + pug = glorious
7:27 AM
@Memor-X It's Dune, and according to the screenplay he's shouting "Long Live Duke Leto"
7:58 AM
real interview hours: "so have you heard of company i use a lot"
"yeah we're interviewing you for that"
also epic question hours
"so does lambda have a timeout"
ave brain: no which fucking language would hqve that even "no", interviewer: "wrong"
ave: "wait do you mean aws lambda?"
"of course it does"
"what's the default timeout?"
Default timeout is 3 seconds
Maximum is 15 minutes
Oh WoW classic releases tonight
Didn't even realize that was today
@Nzall when i said 15 they said it's 5m
@Ave it's 900 seconds according to AWS docs
i'll email them
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9:23 AM
Q: I've found a fix to authserver.mojang.net not working

Terry ThaiThis may be different but, go to \Windows\System32\drivers\etc and you can see hosts, then open it with notepad and if there's authserver.mojang.net blocked or sessionserver then you may need to download hostsfileeditor at https://hostsfileeditor.com/, then find authserver.mojang.net left click a...

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10:44 AM
:) 2000try of eye tests
and all done
11:01 AM
11:18 AM
Nooo my guild wants to play alliance on classic :(
@Nzall lol, i know, that's why i know to ping @GodEmperorDune
11:40 AM
Q: After beating wall of flesh, I can't get into hard mode

brainwashed756This is a really bad problem and I need help from you guys.

@Ave aand nothing. that's good.
now I know that sitting in front of computers for hours doesn't damage my eyes
12:20 PM
Q: can you update a game on the ps3

Tardis1015is it possible to update a ps3 game still

12:38 PM
@Yuuki why did you ping me about The Day After Tomorrow? I mean yeah I've seen it but how did you know
I don't remember ever talking about it that movie was meh
I think I remember like two scenes
1:42 PM
@GnomeSlice You've mentioned it a couple times here, mostly when climate change news comes up.
2:17 PM
Q: i have one question before i download minecraft bc i like my laptop better than my PC

AnonymousSo I want to download Mine-craft on both my PC and laptop but I don't want to have to pay for it twice, is this possible?

@Yuuki have I?? Are you sure that's me
Pretty sure.
At the very least, I've name-dropped it before and you mentioned that you saw it.
3:20 PM
I have seen it yes
Weird lol
3:38 PM
just found an old psp with patapon 2 on it
im hype
patapon is a gem
shame it hasnt gotten a switch port or something
i mean isn't it a sony title
it was re-released on ps4 apparently
4:00 PM
Any of you fine folks planning to get into WoW classic?
@Wipqozn I'll definitely play some but I don't know how active I'll be. Also I'm playing on EU :(
@Wipqozn me and World will probably try it at some point
@Wipqozn subscription based games :(
4:19 PM
I might
@Ash I always forget you play
I wasn't planning on it. Such a huge time sink. But it's what all the cool kids are doing.
i'm very tempted to move my main github account to github.com/s8n from /aveao
(I have control of s8n)
@Wipqozn the cool kids play warframe
4:35 PM
the cool kids play minecraft
@Dragonrage the cool kids read books
I have literally never been cool
@Unionhawk you are cool.
@Unionhawk have you tried one of those big freezers butchers have?
4:51 PM
@Wipqozn I am taking a bit of a break from it because lack of money but yes
@Wipqozn On the one hand, I'm interested in some of the old-school WoW stuff. On the other hand, I don't know how many QoL changes Classic will be missing.
WoW's built up a lot of QoL changes over the years since vanilla release that I really don't want to see reverted.
Q: Can you modify the wolf's tail with Minecraft Bedrock Edition Add-ons?

villager1When I was creating an add-on for Minecraft, I was trying to modify how the wolf's tail rotates as it loses health, but I can't find the code which does this. Does anybody know how to modify the wolf's tail rotation, or is it hardcoded?

@Yuuki Supposedly all of it? I guess there isn't even a LFG tool.
Yeah, I'm not doing it then. I'd rather not mess with buying arrows for each attack or whatnot.
"nope can't do the last boss tonight because i only bought enough arrows for four wipes, not five."
WoW classic doesn't have its own dev team right
5:04 PM
no idea
Q: What's the point of fighting monsters in Zelda BoTW?

ZeldaPlayerWhen I first started playing BoTW, whenever monsters attacked me, I engaged in battle. But soon I noticed that: I'm getting basically the same stuff back that I spend and break fighting them And shrines contain much better loot And Zelda doesn't have XP system like other RPGs Moreover, monsters...

5:34 PM
Q: Why did so many questions I've answered get bumped to the Arqade hompage recently?

PausePauseOver the course of the weekend five questions I've answered were bumped to the homepage of Arqade. Before this no questions I've asked or answered have been bumped by Community before (to my knowledge). Four of the five questions only had one answer - the answer I posted, which I also thought was...

@Unionhawk It does, though it gets support of the main team
@Jutschge What realm? I might join you if I like it enough.
Though I don't know if it's going to be fun sitting in 4 hour queues
6:13 PM
Q: LoL TFT: Does RFC-equipped Jayce fail to transform?

MrSpudtasticI was playing League of Legends' new game mode Team Fight Tactics with a friend the other day. He had attached a Rapid Fire Cannon to Jayce, which improves his attack speed and doubles his range. At one point though, my friend began complaining that Jayce had failed to transform at full mana, a...

I think facebook might be down
If and when I move I would like to learn to play dnd
@MBraedley not for me
Oh wtf it doesn't work if not logged in
I'll try to find a mirror when I get home
Here actually this seems okay
Nice story. Sad but also cool
@GnomeSlice You should link to the actual twitter thread instead
I don't have it
I was riding the bus standing with only one hand free
7:05 PM
@MBraedley I'm not crying you're crying
@Wipqozn It wasn't real crying, I was just chopping onions. While I read that thread. In bed one morning.
connect stove and countertop to bed
make breakfast without ever having to get up
copyright anadactothe
7:32 PM
@Anadactothe seems dangerous
no, not at all ;p
I can't wait to bawl my eyes out playing through the Reach campaign again.
I still have those games on xbox360 but I don't have XBL any more
Wait, I thought the MCC was already on Windows
7:41 PM
Halo 3 was my first online game tbh I played hundreds and hundreds of hours of halo 3 multiplayer back in the day
@PrivatePansy idk?
> For the first time ever, the series that changed console gaming forever comes to PC with six blockbuster games in one epic experience, delivered over time and available for individual purchase.
Ah, right, it was released for the Xbone first
> Each game released into the collection also adds new multiplayer maps, modes and game types, building a unified multiplayer suite that expands over time. When finished, The Master Chief Collection will have the most diverse and expansive Halo multiplayer experience to date, with more than 140 multiplayer maps (including the original Halo Combat Evolved maps) and Spartan Ops maps. Not to mention, countless ways to play with community created Forge content.
Omg what are they doing maps across game
The original release was pretty terrible. Hope they do better this time
Q: Can't see Half Life 2 Deathmatch server, created on LAN

DimsI am running two instances of Half Life 2 Deathmatch on two Windows computers in the same LAN (from two Steam accounts). On one machine I am selecting Create Server -> Server -> dm_lockdown, and on other machine I am selecting Find Servers -> LAN and getting There are no servers running on your...

I only ever played the original, but I have very fond memories of multiplayer and like two of the singleplayer levels
(and very unfond memories of the rest of it)
8:01 PM
wtf has happened here D:
8:18 PM
@djsmiley2k honestly that's my reaction 90% of the time when playing Isaac
8:30 PM
@PrivatePansy They essentially redeveloping it for PC
I mean not from scratch, but they're doing a ton of development work to port it properly
Q: Sniper 3D assassin Ahnselmman air tour

Ali SheikhpourI am stuck in Ahnselmman city in primary jobs 4/40 air tour. It seems no bullet is going toward the target. I have tested two types of sniper rifles and also pistol but no chance. Is this a bug or this level needs a special trick?

@GnomeSlice If I remember right from MCC on Xbox One, you essentially play different Halo games within the whole game. So you might play Blood Gulch with Halo 1 gameplay, or Valhalla with Halo 3 gameplay, but matchmaking and stuff is integrated
@Yuuki, whatd you think of finals?
From what I understood of the description they're releasing them chronologically as individual games... maybe not
Yeah, I think that's right. I know they've mainly been testing Reach, so I think that's coming first
8:40 PM
Yeah, they're getting released in story order, so first Reach, then the original trilogy, then 4
Like, seriously, McDo, do you WANT to kill children? Because there are easier ways that don't involve waiting for them to get fat
I think they just want to sell hamburgers
Mostly because they tend to no longer be children when they grow older
@Dragonrage Not sure what C9 was thinking with that Game 5 draft.
@Yuuki better than CGs
Q: How do i clear the command prompt for my server

Scott Pierre ZangenbergSo im running a survival server with my friends on a attack of the b team modpack, how do i clear the command prompt that shows everything. I dont mind it shows the commands we did but it also shows like info like player moved wrongly or this mod is outdated recommend updating it. I know normally...

8:56 PM
Oof... 100min login queue for classic
@Jutschge TFT queues were worse
Yeah but it hasn't released yet
how long till release?
Then again... I somehow survived the EU servers pre-split
1 hour
hi @John
9:01 PM
hi @Dragonrage
I suppose the Shen and Xin picks pretty much neuter C9's ability to skirmish in the mid-game.
@Dragonrage I have to go look up that draft because I probably blocked it due to trauma.
@Yuuki they picked Karma top for the second time in a row
when Karma had like zero presence the game before
oh yeah, they drafted scaling against Sona/Taric.
Well, at least they beat TSM in the quarters.
i meant CG vs CLG
9:13 PM
@Dragonrage TI9 grand finals were yesterday and one of the teams there also did this. Picked 2 heroes that did nothing one game and then picked them again the next game
spoiler: they lost the next game too
Also, picking Karma into Poppy is a bit of a question mark ping as well, imo.
As far as I know, you pick Karma to neutralize lane-dominant carries.
And Poppy is... not one of those.
Is tank Karma a thing again?
Or is it just a normal build?
I don't think CG played tank Karma, but tank is still one of her options.
@Dragonrage To be fair, Karma isn't supposed to have presence. She's supposed to prevent the other laner from having presence.
Tank karma is just completely unkillable top past 10 minutes
About the only playmaking Karma can do is speed up engages with Mantra shield.
9:16 PM
I think it was two seasons ago that she was a somewhat popular pick and that was just a full stop to the enemy top
9:37 PM
@Yuuki when the only presence you have is one kill at the end of the game across the whole team, you probably need to draft a bit more presence
10:01 PM
Oh damn that loading screen is going to take forever
World server down >.>
Oh man release is painful
A buddy of mine got queued up super early, but then his computer went to sleep and now he's got a 2 hour release haha
I'm in the world now but damn
Yup, I'm quite glad I didn't play. Waiting in line to play my game does not sound fun.
Google Photo has a timezone bug that causes my photos to appear as if they have been taken in the future
10:45 PM
11:33 PM
@Wipqozn but that's how WoW used to be back in the day. They're being true to the original (I'm assuming you're talking about WoW Classic)

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