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12:34 AM
@fredley This is so true. I am living proof of this currently :P
1:32 AM
Q: Can't heal or escape?

RobbieI was playing against the Ghost Face and it was a pretty normal game but when he hit me I couldn't use Self Heal. The option didn't even show up. I ran to my teammate and healed them just fine but when they healed me I couldn't see the progress bar go up. Then later near endgame the killer got ...

1:52 AM
Q: Is the game different in any way if I chose Jude?

Memor-XWhen i started the game for the first time i was given a choice between Milla and Jude (which i assume is the game skipping the title screen and going to New Game) and i chose Milla. the game then showed Milla and Jude encountering one another just outside the sewer entrance to the lab. further...

2:12 AM
Q: Is it fine for me to just dump all materials into Shop Expansion?

Memor-Xi've gotten up to reaching Milla's Shrine with Jude and Alvin. every time i've gotten to a shop after going through an area i've been dumping all the materials which gets me bonus points in the Shop Expansion. however is this wise? are materials only used for Shop Expansion or should i be hordi...

2:51 AM
Q: Pregen after go live

RdsterI went live already... But the server seems to be struggling a bit. I was wondering if I could pregen the world, nether and end offline and then just copy up any region files that didn't already exist? I'm thinking this would work... Right? The end has not been unlocked and there hasn't been m...

3:43 AM
If they actually stick to the concept that you fighting is just to stall for Saitama to show up, that would be amazing.
4:13 AM
Q: Minecraft: Automatic Flying Machine Farms

SlayerDiAngeloAre there any methods to make a flying machine pumpkin farm more efficient by making it automatic? Right now, I've a semi-automatic flying machine farm where I've to manually activate it by means of a lever, but it's quiet inefficient in terms of output obtained. I've tried to make it automati...

4:32 AM
Q: How are levels for Super Mario Maker 2 licensed?

CharlimWho owns copyright on the Super Mario Maker 2 levels produced by users? My initial assumption had been Nintendo, but I have been unable to find the EULA available publicly. Do level creators have any right to use alternative distribution networks outside of the official Nintendo ones? Or, for ...

4:42 AM
@RedRiderX it is interesting and a good way to integrate a character who's that oped into the game
2 hours later…
6:28 AM
i had a feeling this was the case
Epic rejects an indie dev because they didn't take the exclusivity deal and because "they aren't in a position to open the Epic Store to game that simultaneous shipment" which we know is a load of crap
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
@Ash speculoos is a thing you put on bread like you would do with nutella
With speculaas like ingredients so it tastes the same
Also morning chat
Morning @Elva
@Elva morning!
Woke up too late to call in sick, jooooyyyyyyy
8:48 AM
Q: Is there a move list for Arcstrider?

David YellThe Arcstrider sub-class in Destiny 2, has a number of different moves available when using the super. Is there a list of specific moves and combinations of strikes to better understand what is possible, or is it just a matter of lots of primary attacks?

Q: Is there a Trait Level limit in Remnant: From The Ashes?

MechMK1The Trait system in Remnant: From The Ashes works similar to an Experience system in other games. When defeating enough enemies or obtaining a Tome of Knowledge, the player gains one trait point, which can be spent on any trait the player has "found" yet. To my knowledge, there are 35 different ...

A: Who was president of the USA?

Night2PHP, 936 bytes for($a=explode('-',gzinflate(base64_decode('dVTRbtswDPwV/YANKXZq+zFJ1wRts3VZtgB7Y2Mm1ipLAO0089+PtNIuHbAnAzySd+RRNkVZ6XxSJUsMdES1g66x/tgHn5iiKnSms+Q+NF7Nami7xJTajLFtE1ro1D0eDkidZJe6itnQYqfWUNsYNsV1OHgKyNHJ9G/rryfr98M7wyT2mfma8KzuYf8SG2Wx0Rqot179AK/mJ0JB8qhpZ52z0KoVehrUCoguEhjP38i...

There is apparently a bit of a hubbub about this answer on Code Golf because the original version would output "Orange Idiot" in place of one of the presidents
I mean... not inaccurate
Does it save bytes though?
That'd be cheating
9:04 AM
No, it's equally long, but it's bringing politics into something that's not supposed to be political
I 'unno... he is pretty orange and he has clearly he's not very... smart
@Elva It goes against the "Be Nice" policy though
You're taking my comments way too seriously again
Also, the assignment was to print the president's name, so it doesn't fit the assignment
I was making a joke~
9:45 AM
yay speedtest.net finally recognizes me
(tho that upload isn't accurate at all)
Heh, #blameCaching?
yeah this is more like it
@Ave Why do you want to run your own ISP though?
@Nzall it's mostly for use with servers
Like, that sounds like a whole lot of problems
9:52 AM
@Nzall and yes, problems do happen, and it's not the cheapest hobby ever
but it's fun.
@Nzall Can't get angry letters from your ISP if you are your own ISP *headtap.png*
It's fairly satisfying to get things to work.
@fredley haha this reminds me, if I actually use this for things that'd get me angry letters from ISP, I'll get angry letters from companies
My email, number and address are somewhat required to be public apps.db.ripe.net/db-web-ui/#/…
@Ave /hamstare
Q: Was Takeshi no Chōsenjō (aka Takeshi's Challenge) successful in Japan?

Poto_feuA lot of people call Takeshi no Chōsenjō "the hardest game ever made", and we can't disagree on the fact that it is really hard. But did it had any success in Japan or was it a minor title ?

10:26 AM
Q: What fighting game was this?

SiyahI can vaguely remember a game I played 10-15 years ago. I played it on my PC and I think it was via an emulator (not sure if this is true). The things I remember: The game was - most probably - Japanese. It was a fighting game (fighting-fantasy) where you could choose characters from a roster. ...

11:12 AM
@Ave couldn't you create a separate email, get a second phone and use a PO Box?
@Memor-X Burner phone, burner address, burner life
@Memor-X it's exactly that tho, lol.
I do get emails sent there, calls to that number do ring my phone and I can read mail sent to that address
BUT, none of them are my main anythings
Q: How can I make a command block output a redstone signal when there is a redstone signal somewhere else?

SomeguyI need an array of command blocks to output a redstone signal, each with a different trigger.

11:42 AM
cc @Unionhawk and other people who I'm lazy to remember but maybe @Ronan or @Yuuki?
Q: Minecraft Java Edition: Block can only be placed on

SuperlogikSo I wanted to be able to give a player a certain block or lever that can only be placed on a certain block. I tried the following: /give @p lever{CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:obsidian"]} 1 It even said in the tag of the lever that it can only be placed on Obsidian, but it actually could be placed...

12:06 PM
@Wipqozn I've never been elite or dangerous
I just remembered a thing that I toyed with doing before changing my name
@Wipqozn Yes
Apparently :p
12:21 PM
Word. On sale for $50 CAD in a few days
That's like... $40 less than a pro controller
I kinda want the pro+ but it's only gonna be on sale for like $64... Plus I don't really need analog triggers if I'm gonna be using it on the switch mostly
@GnomeSlice if you're going to go with the aliexpress path
there's $20 pro controllers
I disassembled one not too long ago
they're almost identical in functionality except they lack nfc and the rumble is shit
and they look absolutely identical
Idk I have a much less new 8bitdo controller and I love it
NES30 (now the N30 Pro, but mines older and doesn't have motion controls)
How are the ones without the side grips?
I messaged them to ask if they were restocking on Amazon and they sent me to their official store on aliexpress
@Ronan so the one I have doesn't have then either but it's also a bit smaller than that. I've been playing Zelda with it with no real issues, the main thing is that on the N30 Pro the triggers and bumpers are side by side instead of vertically stacked as usual
I hope I linked to the right album or else I'm getting timed out lol
yeah that's the right album
the one on the right is the fake pro controller
12:29 PM
@Ave What was the other album? Your nudes or something?
I don't find it particularly uncomfortable though and the SN30 pro is apparently bigger and grippier, although everyone agrees that the new pro+ with the handles is one of the best third party controllers ever made
@Nzall maybe.
And the PC software for it looks fucking fantastic
(I have a lot of shared albums, some are hardware, some are pics with the person I am sending the shared album to, some are silly videos, and yeah, some are that)
The one without grips is cheaper, doesn't have the crazy software and has digital triggers instead of analog
And I'm probably primarily going to be using it on the switch cause my dad bought me a brand new official Xbox controller for PC for my birthday back in April and it's still going strong
This guy is a dweeb but his reviews are super thorough
@Ave that's crazy lol
Can you wake the switch up with it?
Apparently no third party controllers can but I wonder about a knockoff
12:53 PM
Depends, if it's because some kind of DRM system maaaaybeee a knockoff just went "Nah I don't care" and implemented it
But otherwise well, they're still just thirdparty ones
@Ave yeah, I think you best not share the latter ones here. Especially not while most of us are at work
@GnomeSlice IIRC yes but I'll check.
@Nzall obviously, I'd never do so here.
@Ave never intentionally, you mean
*has mental image of @Ave's NSFW folder being just full of images of her holding hands with her girlfriends*
@Nzall correct
1:07 PM
@Memor-X memor-x banned for being to lewd
Holding hands is well known to be the lewdest thing possible nodnod
@Elva Where did that meme come from? Like, Handholding is one of the least NSFW I can think of
@Memor-X I would but whenever I do that my phone (which is from a japanese company) automatically mosaics them cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/609280388191223808/…
@Nzall uuuuuuh... kinky places where there's lots of actual-NSFW things going on but nothing like handholding
Places I'm toooootaaaaaallyyyyy not a part of shifty eyes
(this was a tweet I tweeted out after being inspired to automate the thing I did for mosaicing the image above which was in a friend group a couple days ago)
> Currently it is unknown when or where the meme originated from. Other then it being a run-off of unnecessary censorship with images relating to anime characters holding hands with image blur as a sexual innuendo.
I think we might want to stray the topic away from handholding, kinky places, NSFW and mosaics before someone says something they REALLY can get into trouble for. I've already had to hold me back from going over the line a couple times in this conversation, both from a "be nice" and a "you don't do that to friends" view
1:40 PM
Damn, tomsguides likes the sn30 pro+ more than the switch pro controller tomsguide.com/face-off/…
Now I don't know what to get
Q: How can you access Undertale Game Files on a PS4?

Kailee AsmonoI saw that you can change your fun value, So I'll need to access the game files but I'm not sure how.

What do you need NFC for on switch? Is that an amiibo thing?
I have no idea or interest in amiibos
Switch pro has 40 hours of battery life? o_0
@GnomeSlice yeah
@GnomeSlice the controller maybe?
What even are amiibos
@Elva yeah the controller I meant
1:49 PM
Oh wait yeah duh, controller of course
I'm looking at controllers
Sorry didn't clarify
I mean you did, I'm just not very much aware of the switch eco system
The pro controller for switch and the SN30 pro both don't have analog sticks... But that won't matter if I'm just using them on the switch
Er analog triggers
@GnomeSlice figures with an NFC tag that interact with certain games. For example, in Super Mario Odyssey, scanning a bowser amiibo reveals the location of a purple coin on a cooldown. Or, in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can train an AI fighter saved to an amiibo
it depends on the game but it's optional stuff. They are pretty high quality figures for US$13
@Unionhawk that's.. neat I guess
2:03 PM
@Yuuki I'm playing on normal difficulty and I feel like my units are almost never even at risk of dying.
However I can barely recruit anyone because my MC's stats are all garbage compared to the rest of the team, even in the things she focuses on in battle.
Huh, my MC was and is heads-and-shoulders above everyone else.
Really I think they need to get rid of this "growth rate" stuff.
Just have fixed stat growths per character per class. Like a character gets X number of stat growths per level and their class determines where those stat growths go.
My MC's stats are fine, I guess the thing that's lacking is skills? Like Sword and Riding etc.
Her highest one is a C in Sword, meanwhile Bernadetta already has an A in Bow.
2:27 PM
@Yuuki Is the number of stat ups a character gets when they level up random?
The only healer I had at the beginning of the game now has more strength than magic even though he's only ever been a magic class the entire time.
He's also really underleveled compared to everyone else because healing doesn't give that much XP. He'd be really really underleveled if I wasn't trying to feed him every kill I conceivably can.
@InvaderSkoodge Yep.
I have more healers than I need at this point though, because I think it's scripted that you can just recruit all the teachers for free.
Plus I made sure my offensive mages got enough faith to learn Heal at least.
@InvaderSkoodge Most of them become recruitable when you hit level 15.
@Yuuki That would likely make it too easy to be insanely overpowered.
@Yuuki Ok that makes sense.
2:29 PM
Basically what happens is that you have personal growth rates (which are different for every character) that combine with class growth rates (which are the different for each class).
Oh, my MC is level 20 but doesn't even come close to qualifying for any of the advanced classes.
The highest chance to pass a test is like 11%.
@InvaderSkoodge Those depend on skills not stats.
Without some random chance, you're eliminating any sort of replayability.
Right, so I meant skills.
Except for story arcs.
2:30 PM
My MC is really behind everyone else in skills.
@Frank Which Three Houses has plenty of so I'd be okay with removing some RNG stats.
@Frank I don't think our criteria for replayability are even remotely the same.
@InvaderSkoodge Honestly, that's really likely.
Also, I think I lose a lot of replayability when a character that should be really good is instead made of paper and hits like a Nerf gun because I lost out heavily on RNG stat growths.
Anyway, I must be doing something wrong in the way I'm playing this game because my MC's skills are trash.
2:31 PM
Every time you level, it runs a check against each stat and rolls for your combined growth rate for that particular stat.
Because I almost never replay any Fire Emblem games.
But it seems like I'm at the point in the game where people should be recruitable.
Probably due to the massive number of restarts. Yay for permadeath.
@InvaderSkoodge How often are you being tutored by the other teachers and how often does your MC engage in combat?
In any case, I didn't recruit my first student until maybe another month or two after I recruited the teachers.
@Yuuki I try to get tutoring for at least half my activity points each month. Maybe I'm too passive with the MC in combat. I got in the habit of letting the other units do most of the work because the MC was super overpowered at the beginning.
I wonder if I should wander the monastery more than I have been. I've only been doing that once a month.
2:34 PM
Once a month is about right.
Avoid Seminars and Rest, they're kinda worthless.
I have never used Rest.
Once your professor level is high enough, the only advantage that Rest has over Explore is that you recover durability for certain weapons.
The points I get per faculty training session seem so miniscule though.
I reserve faculty training for entry-level magics and Heavy Armor, Riding, and Flying.
Once you get your first spells for Reason and Faith, it becomes a lot easier to level them just by doing battles.
I should probably try switching my MC into a class that can use magic to try to level those up.
I do have the first spells unlocked but apparently thieves can't use magic.
2:37 PM
Stiiiilll reading MC as minecraft
I also played for nearly an hour on my commute this morning and didn't do a single battle.
Some of the monastary stuff feels a bit too much like busywork.
But some of it is pretty good.
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, there's significant more non-battle stuff in this one.
3:17 PM
@InvaderSkoodge I never play thieves in games
I made one in dark souls and never finished it with her
@GnomeSlice In Fire Emblem they pretty much play the same as each other but they have minor stat differences and maybe like one different passive.
For example being a thief means she can open chests and doors without keys.
And otherwise she's the same as every other melee class.
Locktouch is so incredibly useful in Fire Emblem.
Luckily, Three Houses gives you multiple class skills and Assassin also has Locktouch.
I'm pretty interested in trying to make every character into something they're not "meant" to be in my next playthrough.
Raphael's going to be a mage.
Make Bernadetta into a heavy armor thingy.
3:21 PM
Eh, I'd say Swordmaster.
Bernadetta in heavy armor kinda reminds me of Kellam from Awakening.
@InvaderSkoodge Can't they class up to Assassins?
Which used to get Lethality, a straight % chance to one-hit kill someone.
@Frank They can class up into anything they meet the skill requirements for.
But Assassin is a pretty likely progression path for Thief I suppose.
That's what I'd like to make my MC into this run.
I moved my thief in Awakening to Assassin, learned Lethality, and then to...Hero? for extra non speed stats.
Made for a slightly fragile guy that dodged more or less everything, and on occassion destroyed anyone who encountered him.
@InvaderSkoodge okay yeah seems useful
I do like that you're a lot more free with your weapon choices in Three Houses because I doubt IS is going to release a lance and magic class.
Dark Knight and Holy Knight are perhaps closest but I don't really want a cavalry unit.
3:26 PM
@Yuuki Is there still Pair Up/Carry in this one?
@Frank No, but there are Adjutants.
Adjutants are basically Pair Ups that you assign in pre-battle preparation.
@Yuuki So...partners for the battle?
@Frank Yeah.
No Carry though.
Not sure what happens if a unit with an Adjutant falls in combat.
They sound permanent, for the length of the battle.
@Frank Yes, they are.
And you can't switch who's "on the map", so to speak.
3:29 PM
So the Adjutant is, I'm guessing, a separate character you don't want to use for the fight.
It lets you keep gaining XP on the characters you're not actively using, which is nice.
Yeah, sounds like a more forgiving system than Pair Up.
It upped the current character's stats, but in payment, the booster lost their own turn to do something.
Q: Are goals simply presets?

user1821961Do I lose or gain anything from (dis)allowing my students to have new ones? Is there any significance when they ask me stupid questions where the class name is different but the weapon/goals are the same? (E.g. should I master class A axe/brawl or class B axe/brawl?)

4:07 PM
cc @Frank
@Yuuki I haven't played Stellaris for a while.
I should do that again.
Probably next time the expansions go on sale.
4:30 PM
@TimStone I don't get it.
@TimStone ... why did he include Kojima?
Kojima retweeted the initial tweet
So then he replied with whatever the hell that is and Kojima was like "…this is dumb as hell" and replied with that Twitter classic
4:40 PM
Q: PS4 Drops internet connection more often

zzlalaniI've just purchased a PS4 a week ago, and I'm observing after running for some minutes or an hour it usually drops the internet connection and got hang at setting up the network connection option, Is there anything wrong with the latest update?

I love when people file issues and fill in literally none of the information in the issue template
4:59 PM
@murgatroid99 Even when there's no template and they give you no information, you have to wonder how they expect anyone to help them. When there is a template I can't even comprehend how they fuck it up.
At least you guys get tickets.
My main problem user just pops his head around the corner.
And no matter how much I insist on tickets, I can't get anybody on board.
Yes, that is one nice thing about the support work I have to do. It's done 100% by email. I don't ever have to even get on the phone with somebody.
Q: Why are my dupes tiding stuff into storage bins far away instead of nearby?

MrFoxI have storage bins all over my base so that when materials from digging is cleaned up it can be put into a storage bin directly available. However, dupes often ignore the closest storage bin. I've seen no effect from the currently stored amount, only that they'll ignore a storage bin that's alre...

5:39 PM
@Elva I knew it!
Also seeing @RedRiderX made me think of @RedtuberX. GOOD TIMES.
That reply was a long time in the making
5:59 PM
Q: Mindcraft change accounts

bart bruggemanI bought minecraft on my Google account, but my son wants to use it on his Google account. Is that possible, b/c now I bought it on my account.

So much red in my IncrediBuild window
6:32 PM
We've successfully broken the build on a Friday afternoon (dev branch only)
Q: What will happen if I backup and load a modded world in Minecraft?

SonnyI have a world on 1.7.10 Forge on Minecraft and I haven’t used any modded blocks, there are only modded animals around the house. If I load up the world in 1.14.4 version, will I loose progress? I haven’t used modded blocks I’ve only used original Minecraft blocks, it’s only that there are random...

1 hour later…
7:38 PM
bridge I'm looking at rings for uh, shitpost reasons, yeah, and oh my god why are most ring designs this bad
Do you mean the band itself or the jewel?
the jewel
like what's this shit
@Ave ow
7:42 PM
I don't get why anyone would want any of the ones I saw yet
@Ave That is too many diamonds cubic zirconiums.
Surprisingly it's not too expensive either, just under $200.
@Ave I'm pretty sure that doesn't include the cost of the diamonds and labor.
who'd wear this lmao
also looks incredibly brittle
@Ave It's a sealing ring
7:45 PM
As in, the thing you press into hot wax to seal a letter?
I wonder what the present day equivalent would be. A solid gold Yubikey with your private key?
considering it's 22k gold I don't know if that's a good idea or not
also yeah this is not a historic thing
it's something you can buy right now
Okay, Bridge, what are the odds that my application actually runs?
@MBraedley On a Friday? Probably about 25%.
7:49 PM
this is how you show that you have money and aren't scared of throwing it away ig
@Frank Mostly there. Got 2 errors in the log, but it's the component I rely on.
it costs just under 20k
@Ave What are the diamonds encased in? It'd look so much better if they were just chocolate diamonds.
And fail. Need to update some other things as well (that should have caused a build error).
@Ave People still use wax seals and therefore sealing rings.
It's for being incredibly fancy and/or pretentious.
My uncle actually makes sealing stamps as a hobby, though it occupies a different cultural space in China.
For one, they're typically used with ink and not wax.
best thing about being trans
no idea what to pick :)
though they'll give me angry calls if I pick female
8:00 PM
because I can only get one through insurance, per year
That's a good reason
well I guess I'll go to neither :)
They should have a third option for trans and non-binary persons. Not perfect, but better.
@MBraedley fun fact, this is a very high end hospital that even does SRS
hell it's the second best hospital in istanbul, turkey even
8:05 PM
@Ave if you have healthcare benefits you should make use of them
so you'd expect them to have such an option, but nope
@GnomeSlice it's an unnecessary headache.
Just pick one who cares doctors know how to treat everyone
I am physically okay, and I don't have the time for it anyways.
Healthcare benefits are huge
@GnomeSlice Yes, but no.
8:07 PM
(and mental shit isn't supported by my private insurance and I don't want to go to a therapist at a public hospital)
I have never met a therapist who was able to help me in any way
Didn't even know public hospitals had them
*so far
@GnomeSlice trans care is overall not great in turkey, even the top names don't do it right.
I've talked about it before about how they get basic stuff wrong.
A check up is a check up is it not?
8:09 PM
@Ave pretty obvious. Do you wear a pink kilt, or a blue pantsuit?
@GnomeSlice they do here, but time between appointments can get a bit long and each session is too short
not like they're close to being long enough in private hospitals tho
I think it's 20m at public and 45m in private, heh.
Q: (osu!) (Question About Skinning) Editing Coloration/design of hitcircle without switching around overlay/hitcircle elements?

NeonKrakenI am currently working on a skin mix and am at the point where I am wanting to edit the hitcircle. The two skins I'm using for the hitcircle/hitcircle elements are: https://www.reddit.com/r/OsuSkins/comments/bt3fdu/osuskin_n_o_e_l_v_5stdsdhd/ (Noel v5) and https://www.reddit.com/r/OsuSkins/com...

8:26 PM
Got mostly there in the end. I think I just need to copy another dll over to the working directory to get everything fully up and running.
lol in BoI my chain of followers is so long i can't get it to move
ded greed using lilith :D
Q: Is it possible to generate a leveled character in borderlands 2?

finduslIn borderlands 2 for steam,is it possible to generate a character at a specific level and story mission point for the standard multi-player campaign? Reason: I played borderlands 2 some years ago fully by myself. Then I played it again with my brother. Now that I'm married I started playing it ...

it was kung fu fighting! moves as fast as lightning!
8:52 PM
that 3d rendering?
arugh giant gif attacks!
Oh wow google duo is live apparently
Google bought the 2FA company?
9:02 PM
I think I've got assigned to the worst support person at google
Er google duplex I think
The thing where Google Assistant can call restaurants like "Hi, I'm calling to reserve a table for 2 preferably at 7pm"
Like this is dreadful, but luckily I'm about to get assigned to a specialist. IT's due to them completely misunderstanding me, but well, goodbye!
That or this may be an artifact of me having beta maps
I thought this feature was only available if you had a Pixel phone
Oh I also have one of those
That'd do it
10:03 PM
gawd I still suck at BoI :D
(I can make it last longer and be bigger than that but asciinema has a rather strict size limit)
oh no, lol
@Ave Expected Friday. Was not disappointed.
Q: Trying to use /execute for a player facing a direction

LeafI'm trying to use the /execute command to test for whether or not a player is looking at a certain location. However, I don't know how to use /execute since 1.14 came out, so I can't get it to work. In case it changes anything, what I want players to be looking at is a painting. Could anyone tell...

@Ave Make a feature request so we can hear Friday via terminal bells
10:16 PM
@PrivatePansy I can actually hear the sound- it's being sent to pulse
and please don't tempt me I already have very cursed projects
why am i installing soundfonts to my pc I blame you for this ppansy
oh no
this isn't half bad
elixi.re/i/zlr7zkv3.mp3 < midi friday, played back with fluid foundfont, saved as mp3 v0
I'll convert it to beep commands and try it out tomorrow, rn it's a bit too late and I don't want to wake up my gf by doing loud friday beeps
10:35 PM
But then it won't be Friday anymore
chuckles in loud friday beeps
@PrivatePansy keep your eyes open next friday for links posted by me then :)
also ngl I love this soundfont
I'm ashamed of admitting this publicly but this soundfont makes even friday sound good
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