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12:57 AM
Q: How do I access the stairs behind the royal rapier in Hyrule castle?

GigazelleNext to the king, there is a staircase leading to a hallway with pits on both sides. The royal rapier is at the end of this hallway. Above this area, there are two sets of stairs; one that goes up, and one that goes down: I have searched high and low through Hyrule castle, but have not found a...

1:09 AM
@GnomeSlice Awesome! I have read....a surprising number of these.
(I highly recommend These Calculating Stars and the Murderbot books, both things are AWESOME.)
(it's a white card and can get discoloured as you might imagine, not a functional issue, but my goodness)
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2:15 AM
Q: Why can't Mehpisto drop super rare unique items?

Paul ErlenmeyerI want to find very rare unique items like "Griffon's Eye", "Death Fathom", "Crown Of Ages", "Immortal King's Soul Cage" etc... . As far as I understand the drop algorithm in Diablo 2 it basically just depends on the Monster Level that allows the item to have the same item level to match the high...

2:34 AM
@TimStone Apple Proprietary Microfiber Cloth sold separately for $99
2:55 AM
Q: What is Arqade's stance on adult games?

senpaiA decade ago, adult games that contained content of a erotic or sexual nature would have been considered fringe and non-mainstream. Lately however, adult games have made their way to the mainstream audience through the Steam Greenlight program and triple AAA titles like the Witcher, and the upco...

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4:16 AM
@Nzall fuck the micro-transactions. i shouldn't need to spend money every month to feed my character
4:35 AM
Q: I'm trying to replace all crafted iron chestplates with chain mail ones for a hard survival multiplayer world

Ben HaverfordMy initial idea was to detect when an iron chestplate is applied to the armor.chest inventory slot and to use /replaceitem to turn it to chainmail. I am not skilled enough with /execute /replaceitem /scoreboard /data or any higher level commands for any of this. Any ideas?

5:30 AM
The style switch is hilarious
Also the husband joke
5:56 AM
@PrivatePansy i saw the anime style part as a clip before, never really had proper context of it
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7:10 AM
@Memor-X Technically speaking, those aren't microtransactions. You pay for those with money you earn while playing
Q: Are there account age or level requirements for obtaining special research?

RubbelDieKatzMy coworker created his account about a week ago and only got three special research tasks. The newest one, "A Thousand Year Slumber" was not among them. What are the specific requirements for getting special research tasks?

7:22 AM
Nooo I wasn't awake when a League question was asked...Now all I could add would be too much for a comment and not enough for an answer :(
Or wait... actually there are some things missing that might be enough for an answer
7:38 AM
Morning chat
7:51 AM
Q: Is it possible to obtain the Terrain Manipulator without leaving the first planet?

Roger MAs you know, NMS is a game that's supposed to be played the way you yourself want to play. Your own pace, your own goals. Well, my goal is to never leave the first planet and still get to do as much as possible. I've played the game several times before, I know I'm missing out on a lot of stuff ...

8:30 AM
Q: Spider and web - stuck at the Tee junction

Erel Segal-HaleviI am stuck at Spider and Web and do not want to look at a complete walkthrough - I only need a hint. I am now at the "Tee Junction" inside the complex. I hear the footsteps of guards coming. I tried to hide in the east dead-end, or in the west corridor - but they found me easily. The north door i...

@Elva morning
grumbles I apparently broke my RSS feed reader yesterday
Now what will I do at work!?
8:45 AM
@Elva RSS Owl?
I use tt-rss
Can't install software at work
And want something that always runs
@Elva ahh that makes sense. i dislike web RSS Reader after the ones i tried to use all went and updated and ruined the UI. also i like how offline desktop ones cache the next
so you know how your broke it?
Oh yeah, updated the kubernetes server
oh god k8s
You don't like?
9:02 AM
Does anyone like kubernetes?
@fredley I know someone
I don't hate it
I know a guy
he yelled at me for not using k8s when prod server went down when switchroot android got released and thousands of people tried to get files at the same time
after we told him that k8s wouldn't solve the problem he went on to yell at us to use s3 or something s3 compatible
to which I shrugged, I don't feel like paying for terabytes of transfer costs
later I set up CF load balancing with 2 other (yet weaker) servers
which solved the problem
also torrents
Yeaaah, k8s is cool but it's no magic bullet
9:07 AM
I don't see any real usecase for it tbh
Q: My Minecraft multiplayer servers can't connect

Rexxae8My Minecraft servers can't connect any more, except for two of them. I'm playing on a Windows 10 Dell laptop. My Wi-Fi connection works perfectly fine. I don't know what's wrong. I tried to make new firewall rules to fix it, but it still didn't work.

@Ave it's pretty useful for microservices and such
Especially spread out over multiple rented virtual servers in the 'cloud'
i have no idea what kubernetes is but it seems like that is a good thing
Also I just like software that can 'heal' other things, in a "Oh, we want $this to be the case, but it isn't, let's make it so"
Though I'm curious, is this not microservices "thing" something you don't use (and as such don't see the usecase of k8s for) or do you have a different setup to accomplish something similar?
9:35 AM
@Memor-X Kubernetes is something Google developed so they can automate the creation, deployment and management of containers. In case you're wondering, containers are essentially virtual machines, or rather templates that can be used to automatically build virtual machines with a fixed content
@Elva I use lxc and docker, though I try to avoid docker.
speaking of kernelcare for proxmox 6 should be out
been 6 workdays so
ah nope, guess I'll wait for a couple more days
@Ave hmm, yeah different usecase
We have buzzwords like 'devops' and 'cloud' instead
So we're running on google kubernetes engine
Docker is pretty nice for easy setup though
@Elva I have those buzzwords too
but I found that they put too much of a wall between me and the code that runs
Well, a wall between me and the code that runs is baaasically what the boss wants
9:53 AM
@Nzall sorta like what Amazon does?
@Memor-X I think Elva or Ave might be better to explain that
Amazon does a lot of things, not sure which service you're referring to
I have a vague idea what k8s and Docker is and how they work, but I don't have the knowledge to compare it to other services
Fairly sure they offer actual kubernetes as a service to soooo
@Elva AWS i think?
9:55 AM
Hmm AWS is I think basically all their developer services?
So no, kubernetes isn't really a replacement for that =p
Basically containers are a way to package some software in a way that you can put it on basically any server (of that base OS (linux/windows) and machine architecture) without having to install any dependencies, because the image contains all the dependencies
So to start my development test postgres all I do is docker run --rm -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_USER=test1 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=test -e POSTGRES_DATABASE=test postgres
Kubernetes is software that manages running containers on a collection of servers, with things like making sure they can all be accessed, that you can have multiple of the same container be loadbalanced (in a fairly primitive way), that you can set configuration and such
It's a lot of telling it "I want something that looks like this" and it figuring out where to place that and how to hook everything up
10:16 AM
Weeeeeeeee, my boss was in the office for 1 and almost a half day in the last 3 weeks... he's gonna get on a plane again...
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11:41 AM
Somebody convince me not to buy a CNC milling machine...
@Elva you could spend the money on pizza instead which is basically happiness you can buy
Q: How to test for item in players inventory

Z0xyI'm trying to create a map in minecraft 14.4, now it's based in adventure mode, i gave a player blocks required to craft a crafting table, but now how do I test for the item that they craft, so the later on command block can test if they have a crafting table, and give them 'permission' so they c...

@Jutschge I'm not a big fan of pizza
11:59 AM
@Elva uuhm chocolate?
That's good hmm
It depends on the price of the milling machine. But given that the cheapest milling machine is easily over 2000 EUR, spending that much on chocolate or pizza would seen rather excessive
@Nzall You underestimate my love for pizza
Let alone the more professional machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
@Jutschge You're from Switzerland, right?
Yeah. I'd probably spend it on chocolate lol
12:04 PM
@Nzall I hope you're not thinking I'm gonna spend thaaaat much :p
I think I've spent around 600 on chocolate before
12:25 PM
@Yuuki It's kind of nuts how the plot is completely incorporating my house choice in FE3H. I'm still only like 1/3 of the way in but I want to see how it plays out in the other houses too.
12:46 PM
Q: How can I recover dead entities with a backup?

TiggerElProI accidentally put /kill @e trying to put /kill @p. I think there is a thread talking about this, but for me, it doesn't work, nbtexplorer keeps crashing, any other solution? I'm in a server, 1.14.4

oh hey, the new line of sight algorithm is in beta, neat (in osrs the algorithm is not symmetrical, so it is possible to be in a spot where you are considered to have line of sight on a player, but that player does not have line of sight on you)
they're borrowing code from 2009 I think
1:31 PM
@Nzall Only took putting hundreds of millions of users at risk for them to do the right thing
1:45 PM
Q: how do you harvest carrots in creative mode

Joeri HendrickxI'm playing creative mode (java edition, win10) and can't for the life of me seem to figure out how to harvest carrots. I've planted them and they've grown to the point a little bit of orange is sticking out. They're not growing any further, so pretty sure they're ready to be picked. Right-cli...

new colors! cc: @Ash
p.s have any of you ever tried taking a picture of both of your hands with your phone? It's not easy 🤔
@Elise Reminds me of that chain of "how did you take that photo" pictures.
@Yuuki I secretly have a third arm 🤔
actually it was a mix of a timer on the camera and some acrobatics with squeezing the phone between my chest and chin, but it's not as fun when I explain it
2:12 PM
@Yuuki I kinda like this one better, it's more relatable
I like relatable memes and/or content
I've only painted my toenails because those are hidden in socks :p
@Elva I actually got my mom to paint my toenails while she was visiting, she has no idea I'm trans 🤔
2:15 PM
I painted my own
I've had them painted for a month now and the paint is still holding good
I'm quite impressed actually
Question: do women paint their nails just for aesthetic purposes generally?
Or is there like a genuine advantage you gain from it?
@Nzall female nails tend to be more brittle, so nail polish helps protect them
but yeah, mainly aesthetic
ah, okay
So apparently streamers are quitting a Fortnite tournament en masse because Epic introduced a quasi auto-win mechanic.
2:16 PM
I just like the look!
@Yuuki Got a source? Always want to know more about Epic fucking up again
much lower levels of testosterone really change the body a lot
@fredley heh
I'm actually impressed by this super cheap nail polish. It doesn't get super solidly hard, like nail polish usually would, so it gets nicks and dents more easily, but it doesn't chip
2:18 PM
@fredley I've got some chips of the paint on my toes though I tend to walk around without socks and such
so it doesn't look as good as a more expensive polish would, but it stays on longer
tl;dr Epic added a mech vehicle that kills people super quickly and it's incredibly hard for anyone not in a mech to kill said mech.
I also recently found some cheap nail polish I had bought yeaaaars ago... it was stored on it's side so it's literally a block of blue on the side of the bottle now
Supposedly it exists for more casual players to have a higher chance of winning games.
kitty :)
he's hard to take pictures of, so I'm quite impressed by this one
anyways, I should go have some sleep... ttyl
2:22 PM
@Yuuki Instead of matching players based on skill level?
@Yuuki I've literally seen someone wipe an entire squad with their monitor turned off
@Wrigglenite I mean, games have a hard enough time matching players based on skill level in games with 10 players (LoL, for example).
I can't imagine the matchmaking f--kery involved in 100 player matches.
Doesn't that game have like a bazillion players?
@Yuuki In LoL it works pretty well tbh... Unless you're smurfing or boosted but no matchmaking system can detect that
@Jutschge Actually apparently LoL's smurf detection has gotten really really good.
The real issue is matchmaking at higher tiers.
2:28 PM
@Yuuki I mean that will always be a thing just because there aren't too many people on that level to choose from. But that'll only affect players in master/grandmaster/challenger or extreme low elo
The only times weird matchmaking is common for "normal" players is at the start of a new season
I remember a match where I was playing with an LCS player and a dude who was gold 2 all in the same game.
I really want to get back to playing ranked but my friends don't really want to play LoL and whenever I have time for myself, I get on Fire Emblem.
Okay, I'm buying a Vive
I've just played my placements this season so far... I might try to get to diamond 4 again but I not any further since that alone will take way more time than I actually have.
There are just soo many matchups I've never seen since thery are either new champions or completely reworked ones
@SaintWacko why not the new one?
The Valve Index
Also reaching my goal means I'd have to get through the toxic wasteland that's platinum...
2:39 PM
Oh it's still available for 400 euros less... That'd be a pretty good reason..
@Elva Well, and I found someone willing to sell me one with a few dead pixels on one side for $150
well, not dead pixels, it's actually sun damage
It's off to the edge, but if it turns out I can't deal with it, I can buy a replacement screen for about $90 and fix it myself
Ooh nice
What are good games for our virtual reality goggles nowadays?
@Frank Elite dangerous and Beat Saber are isanely fun
VRChat can be fun to hang out in
2:47 PM
@Jutschge Tried Beat Saber. Neat, but it doesn't really need VR.
I have a sudden desire to watch The Day After Tomorrow.
True but afaik there's only a VR version... Or is it playable without it?
I can see FPS's being helpful with additional periphial vision.
cc @GnomeSlice since I think he's like the only other person in this room that remembers that movie
@Yuuki I remember it. Remember seeing it, anyways.
2:49 PM
UpIsNotJump has some pretty good and fun reviews about VRGames
I use Beatsaber as an exercise routine. There's a mod you can get that shows how many calories you burn per song.
@MageXy I think it's called a Fitbit.
I should get one of those dancing games for the Switch.
I actually saw someone talk about a VR roguelite dungeon crawler recently that he called a killer app for VR
Apparently if you are doing Expert level songs, you burn an average of 7 calories a minute, which is on par with playing tennis
I think realistically it's probably a bit lower than that but still a good workout overall
2:53 PM
People are comparing it to Dark Souls and saying it's one of the best VR games they've ever played, because unlike other games where VR is merely an afterthought like Skyrim or Doom, a different way to experience the game, this game was designed from the start to fully incorporate VR into the entire thing
@Nzall This is the sort of thing I'd want to use VR for.
@Frank Well, if you own a VR headset, you can try In Death
Not just a gimmick like 3D is for movies, but something that's been integrated fully.
@Nzall I'm trying to find a use case to justify getting one.
2:56 PM
Shelling out near a grand for a single game is a bit much.
I will try it, probably
If I remember
@Frank Doesn't have just to be games. I think plenty of places these days offer VR tours that you might be able to view.
this meeting is going long save me
@Nzall Are there swords in that game at all? From playing Valve's "The Lab" bow and arrow tower defense game, I can tell you from experience that firing an imaginary bow for more than 20 minutes or so gets really exhausting and starts affecting your aim pretty drastically
@MageXy AFAIK no, but there are bombs, and you move by shooting at the floor
3:00 PM
@Yuuki So far, that's not really something I'm interested in.
Also, the vertigo while moving is something I'm not sure I can deal with.
I accidentally tried to go to the implementation of ToString() in Eclipse. Turns out that when Eclipse tries to load a couple ten thousands objects in a list, that doesn't go all too well
ksp 2 hype
> When Eclipse tries to load a couple ten thousands objects in a list, that doesn't go all too well.
@Frank Beatsaber is my favorite VR game, but if you prefer something more action oriented, SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years really fun and engaging.
@MageXy It's not so much a game I'm looking for, but a use that a regular monitor can't do.
3:03 PM
I've heard that competitive/multiplayer games like Pavlov are really good as well
@Frank You can't wear a regular monitor on your head without serious neck pain.
@Yuuki what if you wear two to counterbalance the weight?
@goodguy5 I guess that's one way to not have a neck anymore.
@MageXy I didn't get a chance to play it, but I saw a game that was basically beatshooter. lemme find the name
@Frank Honestly most games in VR could work just fine if they were not VR based. But VR is more about the experience IMO. It's one thing to drag a mouse and click to shoot; it's quite another to physically pull the trigger on a gun you're "actually" holding
3:05 PM
@Yuuki Well, that's a use. Not really a good one, but a use.
i really wanna play pavlov but im poor man
@Anadactothe that game doesn't ring a bell
@MageXy I get that, and I understand why people are getting it.
Just that the experience isn't enough for me, personally.
Unless we get an actual SAO VR game.
Then I'm all over that.
Beat Saber is not only the best VR game but one of the best recent games.
3:07 PM
Fair enough. I'd be super psyched about that kind of experience as well haha
its taking all my energy not to do the funny meme arrow and then "sao"
I think VR is in its infancy and as developers learn what works and what doesn't it's going to wind up being revolutionary.
@Frank I for one would prefer not to get shocked in the brain 'til death.
@Jutschge I'm looking forward to trying out No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous
But hey, I'm not gonna kinkshame you.
3:08 PM
i heard the new NMS is looking really good
@MageXy Is it pretty effective for that? I'm interested in that as well
@InvaderSkoodge Agreed. Also once the tech is more firmly established so it's more affordable to more people
@SaintWacko It's pretty good cardio.
@InvaderSkoodge Movement is the big challenge afaict, in that it makes a lot of people feel ill, so either you need a static game or a movement rig
@SaintWacko If you already have a Switch, you could try one of those dancing games first.
3:08 PM
@fredley Yeah, definitely.
I feel like that'd be cheaper for a comparable experience.
@InvaderSkoodge Okay, that's good news. Cardio is something I struggle with. I have a desk job, and play video games at home, so I don't get a lot of cardio
You have to get decent at it though for it to start being a workout.
@fredley yeah spinning around in an asteroid field in elite made me take off my headset pretty fast...
If you're playing on easy you don't move much. If you're playing on Expert+ you're never stopping.
I should set up my oculus in the new area where I moved my PC.
3:09 PM
@InvaderSkoodge if you're playing on Expert+ you're not human
@Jutschge I can pass a few songs on Expert+.
Definitely not all of them.
@Yuuki I could do without that part too.
@SaintWacko What Invader Skoodge said. The Easy (and often even Normal) levels don't have many notes, so it's harder to really work up a sweat.
@MageXy Audica is the more famous one
But I was thinking of beat blaster

sCATter also exists
@InvaderSkoodge That's my thought, too. I'm excited to see what they can do with it, but so far, it's got some growing to do.
You know it'll hit mainstream once we get a clicker game for VR.
3:12 PM
Apparently GORN should be pretty fun
Haven't played it but I've heard a lot of good things
GORN is ok, you have to move around to really play it so 1) it requires a pretty big play space (which I don't have) and 2) it's super easy to get motion sick.
@Jutschge There's a new game that's kind of in the same vein. The gameplay looks like fun. Blade and Sorcery
One thing I learned from VR games is that my ability to aim a gun is worse than I could have ever imagined.
Speaking as someone who's been to a firing range, people suck at aiming.
Myself included.
I have been made aware that the cookie monster has a British cousin
3:18 PM
@Yuuki Really? I'm bad at fast shooting, but given time, I'm usually okay.
Most of it for me is not having the arm strength to hold it steady.
My experience is that everyone is comically bad on their first couple visits.
Like not even "oh i'm off-center" bad, more like "i missed the entire target" bad.
Granted, my only experience at a range came long after shooting in my back yard.
I'm decent at short range but man... 300m I'm terrible
And I suppose growing up with an air rifle is not a common experience.
And long guns are different from handguns.
3:21 PM
It's a miracle I don't have to visit the repetition every year. Somehow I manage to stay above the minimum required points but usually not by much.
Our shooting instructors in the army were terrible...
Q: Logged out and lost all worlds Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition)

user236543So I was watching a minecraft video that was talking about a mod and so I downloaded the mod (it was a zip folder) and I put it into the resource and behaviour folders (in the com.mojang folder). I went on to minecraft and I found that i was logged out. I logged back in and ALL of my worlds were ...

@Yuuki which what sort of weapon, and what range?
@Yuuki there's two important things in aiming: Being able to hit the same spot repeatedly, and being able to hit the spot you want
@Dragonrage Handguns at 50m? Everyone I've taken to a range is really bad their first couple of times, far worse than any of them expect.
Which isn't unexpected, guns are more complicated than "point and shoot".
I'm okay at being consistent (with throwing darts), less so at being able to hit where I want
Though this was a whiiiileeee ago
Almost told someone "I don't know, that's your job" they were asking me what priorities are for scheduling development... you're the product manager... that's ... literally your job ain't it?
3:38 PM
@Yuuki are these person sized targets, or the small ones?
@Dragonrage About torso-sized.
whats a gun
@Elva The issue with guns, particularly with people who play a lot of shooters, is that people either forget that you're basically setting off a miniature explosion in your hands or they think about the fact that you're basically setting off a miniature explosion in your hands way too much.
@Yuuki interesting. my first time shooting at targets from a similar range was against very small targets, and while i only hit the target 30-40% of the time, all of my misses were very close
Is bullet dropoff impactful at all? In most games bullets just travel in a straight line but I know that's not how IRL physics works
But the bullet travels so fast, so does it really even matter much?
3:41 PM
Obviously, the caveat is "depends on the distance".
@MageXy at 50m, no, not really
But generally speaking, no.
the targets i was shooting were around 8 inch disks
@MageXy Here we're required to shoot 300m every year. Dropoff doesn't really have too much of an impact but weather can affect your accuracy.
3:48 PM
i know theoretically how boolet should work but id probably be rubbish at shooting a gun
@Jutschge As in to keep your licence?
@fredley as in you go to jail if you don't (as long as you're in reserve).
@Jutschge rekt. What happens if your shooting is terrible?
@fredley Probably have to take courses?
You have to visit the "Nachschiessen" which is basically just a sort of repetition until you get the required points
3:55 PM
Britain: Shoot guns and go to jail. America: Shoot guns and don't go to jail. Switzerland: Shoot guns or go to jail.
But you have to pay for the ammo yourself then (although there's no legal repercussions)
@fredley Britain: Shoot yourself in the foot and leave Europe.
@Yuuki Sighs in British
@Yuuki Too soon.
@Frank Yeah, it's a couple weeks until no-deal actually, right?
4:02 PM
@Yuuki Haven't been paying attention, but I think so.
couple of months, it's a couple of weeks until Parliament comes back tho
they're on holiday because lol
Then the circus will resume in full
@fredley Ooh, is it one of those fun circuses with clowns and acrobats and the like?
pretty close
@MBraedley I mean, plenty of clowns. No shortage of clowns.
@fredley I think he covers off both...
4:22 PM
Q: Can not remember what the name of a game was

FletcherrrThere used to be this 8-bit flash game that i would play on some website a few years ago, i would like to play it again but i can not remember what the name of the game was. All that i can remember about the game is that it was set in another solar system that had highly advanced technology, you ...

> Nutella contains more sugar than Betty Crocker chocolate frosting.
So what you're saying is that I can eat chocolate frosting on toast for breakfast?
@Yuuki Yep, checks out
I've never had Nutella before.
4:37 PM
@Wipqozn You monster
@Wipqozn reported
@Wipqozn get out
inb4 mod election
4:52 PM
move to bring formal charges against @Wipqozn according to Article II Section 1 of the bylaws
I suppose this could be considered a life-changing event.
@Wipqozn considering one of the worse meanings of nutella in turkish, I'm glad.
@Wipqozn It's pretty good, man
Have you ever had speculoos?
That is a thing in countries that aren't the netherlands? o.o
@Elva What? Nutella?
5:03 PM
Not speculaas, speculoos
Well yeah, I doubt everyone in the US maintains their glasses on a regular basis.
5:17 PM
u spec u loose
Q: the method specified in the request is not allowed for the resource identified by the request uri Minecraft lan issue how to solve it

SharkiI been trying a lot of process for showing up my lan MC world to my bro we are on the same network his pc is windows 10 and mine windows 8.1. Since a blackout happend yesterday my lan doesn't show up. and also i tried with direct connect and it works but at the moment that he's joining it said:'...

5:36 PM
@GnomeSlice I have no idea what that is
@Unionhawk If I go down, I'm talking you all down with me! Especially @TimStone.
Q: Is there any way to swap a bot by a specific bot name?

VikasI play Counter-Strike: Condition Zero game. When I play around total 50-60 rounds, one of my bot gets swapped automatically with a Easy bot. For example, Maverick is swapped by Kenny. Now, I can kick the new bot, but again someone else joins. So, is it a bug in game. If yes is there any way to...

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6:59 PM
Q: How do you use /clone x y z x y z green concret

bonnie the bunnieYou cant get colred concret yousing tha

colred concret
oh neat
Overdrive's (library ebooks) website has an OpenDyslexic font option
7:20 PM
neat. never heard of it until just now
I have Blood Sweat and Pixels out on an overdrive checkout now
the bad part is there's only 1 copy in the system so there are a bunch of holds and it's due in 14 days
but it could be worse, this is at least the Cincinnati specific copy, the state of Ohio has a statewide electronic library that is even more thinly spread
but at least individual systems then don't have to pay Overdrive
After my ps4 remembered a few weeks ago I owned the DLC, I've finally returned to play :D
with Azeral
not sure if that was meant to be harder or easier
but i found it easier
greed fun
7:39 PM
Q: Three Houses New Game Plus - Locked Skills

prawnRecently started the New Game+ option. I saw that we could level up skills by paying renown. However, for some characters, all of their weapon skills are locked. What determines if they are locked or if I can purchase the ranking with renown?

7:58 PM
Q: I've gathered a bounty that I can't afford to pay off. What do I do?

PausePauseAfter an train robbery that got out severely of hand I have acquired a $700 bounty in the Heartlands region. I don't have the money to pay it off and now I am regularly pursued by bounty hunters. I've already gathered the gold bars from the treasure maps so I can't use that as an easy source of c...

@Lazers2.0 ... Die?
@djsmiley2k! Long time no see!
i'm s=treaming too lol
.... then perish
Woooo suicide king run and i got moms knife
8:04 PM
inb4 brim
@djsmiley2k Sadly, never enough time to watch streamers.
i know that feeling :D
slowly building some health...
Hopefully more time for watching stuff once I finish my hobby room.
hobby room :O
8:17 PM
Reno'ing my basement, DIY style.
aka. I don't know what I'm doing, but I saw Dad do it, so it can't be that hard, right?
@Frank At the very least, you should be able to save some money. At least theoretically.
@MBraedley That's the plan.
I've helped Dad build a couple houses, so some of the experience is there.
And I can always ask for help with the fiddly bits, like electrical and plumbing.
And extra manpower for mudding and taping the drywall.
There's so much that I can't/couldn't/wouldn't do in my basement that it just made sense to pay someone to do most of it.
Fair enough.
We're trying to stretch funds by doing it ourselves.
We have a big basement.
I mean, my basement isn't small either.
8:22 PM
hah growing up is fun right?
I'm slowly doing up the garden for the kids
@MBraedley Getting it all done at once?
@Frank For loose definitions of "at once"
@MBraedley Like...over a year?
No, it should be all done within a month, but it should have originally taken ~5 weeks, and was supposed to start right after Victoria Day
Well, that's a ton shorter than our timeframe.
I think we'll be lucky if we finish the first third by the end of the year.
8:26 PM
Mind you, 5 weeks would be for fully booked, 7+ hour days.
I want my basement back. Watching TV in the living room is no fun. Computer in the spare bedroom is only fine because there's no bed there right now. Etc. etc.
@MBraedley Yeah. We turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into our office.
But what's wrong with watching TV in the living room?
lol lilith in greed mode >_<
@Frank It's just not a great setup right now. I can't set up surround sound, so I'm using the TV speakers, limited lighting control before sunset, couch isn't square to the TV because it needs to be in the corner.
That's fair.
It's makeshift because it's temporary.
8:34 PM
@Elva yeah although it's not very common. I work in a bakery so I know what it is. Most jars of it are called "cookie butter" and even that's not very prolific here
I think pc cookie butter is the only speculoos spread my entire company carries
Oh, is that what speculoos is?
Trader Joe's carries cookie butter and it's delicious
8:51 PM
@SaintWacko Pretty sure speculoos are just ill-fitting glasses.
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