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12:03 AM
At a water lantern festival with chantal and of course it's raining
I feel bad she paid a lot for special date night tickets. We got a bit mat and some other goodies
Hopefully it will clear it like like it won't get super bad
12:37 AM
It cleared!
1:23 AM
Q: How do I get to the other side of this bridge?

KerikoKraftIf you've been to the Undead settlement then you already know this. In the Undead Settlement at the Foot of the High Wall, there's a place with a bunch of dead pilgrims, except for that one sorcerer guy. Anyway, if you peer over the edge you can see a broken bridge that has a dead dragon and a fe...

2:22 AM
Q: Select Players with inventory open using Mincraft Commands

RoboticRenaissanceWhat I'm trying to do: Make sure players always have a particular guidebook/spellbook (a special command-generated one with clickable links and a special tag). If they lose their book, it should appear back in their inventory. If they drop their book, it should do that and the book on the groun...

3:02 AM
Q: Is it possible to get custom heads in Minecraft Bedrock

Ozzy-LotBefore you say Oh, this is a duplicate of insert thread here I've already read some of them, they all say something about a component tag thats being added. Well while messing around with commands and typing "/give" the template says this /give (player: target) (itemName: Item) [amount: ...

Q: Can I use Nintendo network id on my nintendo ds?

flowinglinc101Is there any way I can use network id on my ds? I want to use the eshop and get nintendo friends. I also want to sync my nintendo switch eshop game data with my ds. Also, I would like to use themes. Last but not least, My nintendo points.

3:41 AM
Q: I need to kill the Undead Legion!

KerikoKraftI have been trying so hard for a week and I can't figure out how to kill these guys. I can finish off the first half but no matter how hard I try, I can't kill the stupid fire dude! Does anyone know either a quick and easy way to beat them, or a way around them? Plz help. I'm turning into a rage ...

4:05 AM
@GnomeSlice pretty. where is that?
4:43 AM
Q: FPS Technical Mouse issue

Adam GluntzSo I was trying to practice my 180-blinks on Tracer in Overwatch (for those of you who don't know, Tracer has an ability where she teleports a short distance; a common technique is to teleport past an enemy and turn 180 degrees immediately to shoot). However, my mouse stops turning mid-turn and ...

5:42 AM
Q: What is the mathematically optimal purchase sequence to gain money the fastest?

Souradeep NandaIt feels like clicker games like cookie clicker, adventure capitalist or clicker heroes are classical optimization problems which have a well defined solution that can be calculated analytically. To put it formally What is the optimal sequence of purchases which results in the highest net ca...

6:02 AM
Q: How should you adjust your strategy in a closed setup, compared to what it would be in an open setup?

leucosticteE.g. let's say you don't know what kind of werewolves are in the game, or what roles, items, etc. exist. How should that affect your strategy?

6:35 AM
Hi all. I would ask this as a question, but I'm pretty sure that it's off-topic for this site. Can anyone recommend an android game like Marvel TsumTsum (which was retired several years ago)? My wife and I liked the fact that we could play and level up separately, that it was a puzzle/matching game, and most importantly, that whenever we wanted, we could play the same board cooperatively real-time on 2 devices. Every so often, I look on the Play Store for hours, but never find a similar game.
7:01 AM
Q: How to play with out the Disc? I have the 5 install Discs and Key

MizatI have the 5 instal discs, they also provide Unreal Engine from 2004 (pretty cool), but I cannot ply the game with out the Game or Start disc. I have the CD case with 5 install disc and even entered my key (a special password of letters numbers needed thats on each boced version). It was ok after...

7:13 AM
> It's annoying I installed 5 CDs in 2019 and then cannot play.
yes, because games from 15 years ago automatically update to todays rules
as opposed to downloading a game and not being able to play it because of the DRM requires you to be online
Q: Why can’t i join my friend’s minecraft PE world even after trying to fix it?

LianaI want to know why i cant connect to my friend’s minecraft world. I’ve seen many other people have this problem and have given many different tips of how to fix this issue. I’ve tried reloading the app, waiting a day until playing again, turning my phone on and off, restarting my phone, deleting ...

8:00 AM
Q: Star Wars: Trench Run

DanDan0101I played Star Wars: Trench Run a few years back and enjoyed it immensely. It's a browser game that runs on Unity Web Player, which has since been deprecated both by Unity and by many web browsers which now don't support NPAPI plugins. However, the game can still be accessed on certain places on t...

2 hours later…
9:59 AM
Q: Why does Tryndamere ultimate cannot with stay the fountain dive?

kitYesterday I have a match using Tryndamere as top lane hero. So our game is doing great and we also destory the enemy base. Only left the Nexus tower. When my team destory the Nexus tower, enemy team Lux retrieve so I planned to dive her but when I dive her using my ultimate, I end up dying. Isn...

10:18 AM
Q: Any strategies for Moon Lord on Expert Mode?

Dark_DaylightSo, after i defeated every boss in Normal Mode, i decided to go on Expert Mode. I beaten all bosses except Moon Lord. I thought he is as easy as on Normal Mode, but when i checked his stats, his damage doubled, and his life increased a lot. I want to beat him because this is the last thing i want...

10:58 AM
Q: Minecraft Server: What is the difference between region file extension .mca and .mcr

EmeraldEyeI host a Minecraft server and I checked my world folder. I went into the DIM and DIM-1 folders and I see .mca files and .mcr files. What is the difference between these two file extensions?

Q: How to make links in comments?

SkyPaulI have been trying to get links into comments but can't get it to work. I tried making one the same way you make one in a question or answer, but that didn't work. And then I tried these guys ways, and it didn't work. Help!

11:57 AM
Q: i would like to give a small area off effect with the wither effect arround shot arrows, is this possible?

Wybe Zandstraim trying to make it so arrows give the wither effect to zombies in a range arround them using the command /execute at @e[type=minecraft:arrow] run effect give @e[type=zombie,distance=3] wither 5 5 false im in minecraft version 1.14.4 the command im using is not giving the zombies the wither eff...

Q: How many end ships can you find in an end city?

IsabelleMe and my friend want to go to the end and we both want elytras and we are not sure how many ship

1 hour later…
1:16 PM
Q: Seamless teleportation with rotation - Minecraft 1.14

badhaloninjaI am trying to figure out how to seamlessly teleport the player while also rotating them, the problem is when just doing execute as @a[x=-153,y=29,dy=2,z=-84] at @s rotated as @s run tp @s ~-37 ~10 ~1 ~180 ~ the x position wont be correct because it isn't being mirrored but I don't know how to do...

1:55 PM
pffft, who gets model railway sets now-a-days when you can just buy a game where you're playing with a model railway
2:11 PM
@Memor-X People like me.
I get gunpla because I enjoy the building process.
@Frank but i don't think there is a gunpla game though
@Memor-X Gundam Breaker, anyone?
And the new mobile game, too.
2:27 PM
@Frank i stand corrected. though the reviews on Steam aren't great
oh wait it uses Denuvo, it's trash
2:55 PM
Q: Minecraft Console Skin Anim Codes

That NinjaCan someone tell me the ANIM codes for the minecraft skins on console. I know some codes like 0x40000 and 0x40002, but are there more? **Also im on wiiu!** I hope this Information is important. I dont know if every console got different skin-codes

@GnomeSlice okay this looks very much a me thing.
3:15 PM
Q: How does a 5K Star Fortress loose to a 2.8K fleet?

tatsuI have positive energy by the way. way way positive. but this KEEPS ON HAPPENING. every time I create a very favorable situation for myself early on in the game, for example : I've locked in a species and they can't spread anymore. and at both possible points of passage (that I own) I've place...

3:30 PM
Swipe Casters is a pretty fun gesture based mobile game - you cast spells by drawing patterns with your finger. It's a simple game but somehow I have been playing it for like the last hour.
Q: Is alien interaction limited to the same 4 dialog options in No Man's Sky's "Beyond" update?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasThis question is specific to the Beyond update to No Man's Sky. I'm playing on PC. Prior to the Beyond update, when you interacted with an alien in a space station, you'd see a bit of flavor text, and the options you received were somehow related to the flavor text. For example, the alien might ...

@Memor-X The new one is crap
Gundam Breaker 2 & 3 are pretty decent.
4:14 PM
Q: Make item unable to be picked up and despawn?

SillyEar7Is there a way to: 1: Make an item unable to be picked up. 2: Make an item unable to despawn. I want to put items on the ground that are for decoration that nobody can pick up.

1 hour later…
5:20 PM
@TimStone why are they playing... whatever music they're playing over the game sound
Wait, what?
they are playing... whatever music they're playing over the game sound
I don't hear music >_>
nope it's definitely on the stream
like now they have a fight theme going on
I can only hear the game music if I really crank the volume, and that's it, so I'm at a loss tbh
5:23 PM
??? how are you listening to something different than I am
Yeah I can't here music either
Are you sure you don't have other tabs open?
no when I mute the twitch tab all of the commentary, the random music and the extremely faint game audio all go away
What if you mute the video, is there another video on the page somehow?
muting the video gives the same outcome
5:28 PM
no change
Your browser's cursed
Really the only explanation tbh
I posted on discord a recording from my mobile cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/173091843062497280/…
the explanation is that y'all be trolling me
I only hear the game music in the recording ??? lmao
5:32 PM
that is not the game music
that is just some random music
like they've just entered a fight
the music would have stopped to play the fight tune there
this hardware isn't capable of cross-mixing music tracks
> they don't want to stop the run to get the runner to turn up the volume on her end, so they're just playing the ost over the top
> The audio of the game was too quiet so it's getting DJed instead of asking the runner to turn it up
Oh, okay
I thought that might be possible too
I can like, not hear the music
Unless I really turn the volume up
5:36 PM
from like 3% to 4%?
I have the tab amplified to 120% and I can occasionally hear the faintest noise
yes the menuing sounds are super faint
@TimStone so you're not listening to the game main menu theme sounding thing right now.
because that is very audible
Right, I get that, but I can't hear anything really except the talking
So when you said something was playing I thought it was the game audio that was really quiet but it's the OST they're playing that's really quiet :P
it... really isn't...
oh well I guess the only thing that's cursed is @TimStone's audiophile grade equipment
I'm using my crappy speakers, let me try my headphones
5:40 PM
probably a $4 single-ear "video conference" earpiece that lacks the range to play back anything other than speech frequencies? :P
lmao, wtf?
Yeah, if I put on my headphones it is not loud per se but definitely more audible
okay this track is kinda quiet
Everything is even more quiet than this track without my headphones
you should try playing that recording I've sent from the speakers on your mobile
yeah this track is not quiet
so uh I hope you haven't used those speakers for anything important
otherwise you might have whole games you might want to replay
I only use them when my headphones are charging usually :P
They're pretty cheap speakers, but it could be any of the background noise drowning it out
5:45 PM
a couple of friends of mine have some bullshit fancy headphones with hot-swappable batteries
I'm happy with in-ear earbuds but
if you want I can ask them what gear they're using
Mine last for like 23 hours, so
That was quite the journey we all went on
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
Q: Has anyone ever gotten smited from a Werewolves game for reasons other than inactivity?

leucosticteLike was anyone ever being such a dork that they got smited for that reason?

7:26 PM
@Ash Can I talk to you in private?
Our discord is probably the best way to DM someone here
7:43 PM
I'm in there now
@Ronan Weird, Ash and Fredley appear twice in that
IIRC, Ash lost her Discord account somehow or something like that.
Mods can also create mod-only chat rooms here
It's not really private, but it's usually private enough
8:12 PM
Q: What amount of bookshelves and experience levels is required for which enchantments?

The league of unknown gamersI am kind of looking for a list of them like for instance how many bookshelves and experience is required for luck of the sea to be available, i know the silk touch enchantment requires 30 levels and 15 bookshelves, can someone give me a list with this kind of data on enchantments?

@Yuuki yeah I broke it somehow
@Wrigglenite pinged you on Discord
8:32 PM
Q: pubg crashes whole system to the point of forced shutdown

infinitezeroI could play the game for years without this problem occuring. This error started about 1 week ago. The Problem As far as I can tell this seems not reproducable. It happens during the game as well as in the menu. Once it definitely happened when I clicked on quit (or exit?) game in the main men...

Q: Is it possible to remove a boat with a villager in it without damaging the villager?

monk56Every time I try to destroy the boat the villager takes damage.

8:51 PM
Q: How much health does bosses have?

DieheNot only the Calamity Ganon, but I’m also wondering about Ganon blights, different formes of a hinox, a talus, a molduga, a Lynel, Master Kohga, and Maz Koshia?

1 hour later…
@fredley Sounds like Defcon was good this year.
10:11 PM
Q: Where is Eluend in the final stages of Song of the Elves?

UnionhawkI'm at the final boss battle of Song of the Elves, but my teleport crystal is out of charges. I looked for Eluend in Lletya, where she has been throughout the quest, but she's not here. I tried looking in the Underground Pass where I saw her last during the quest but she isn't there either. Where...

2 hours later…
11:41 PM
@Frank i assume they are japan only ones

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