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Q: i need to destroy all of one type of block in the world (not just a small part)

Ethani had this amazing skyblock map until someone /fill barrier block all over i need to get rid of all of it with 1 command please help

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2:35 AM
Ooh. Wheel of Time TV has cast their main characters.
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3:51 AM
Q: What happens if I pay for changing my character appearance but end up canceling the editing?

LemonOn the New Generation versions of Grand Theft Auto Online, you can pay GTA$100.000 for editing your character appearance from the interaction menu. What happens if I go back to the game without doing any changes? Is my money refunded?

lol apparently Majora's mask any% got demolished
There's a glitch that let's you access the debug menu
Which had been known for low% but there's a new set-up for it that's faster in any%
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5:12 AM
Q: So my friends and I lost all of the villagers at a village cam we get them to spawn?

Brady76So we took the villagers out they despaired even tho they adjusted to their new beds idk how glitch or something we cant get them to spawn back at the original village anyone help?

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6:56 AM
so i am almost done with my PC Build. i am missing 2 SATA cables for a 4TB and 10TB drives and i need to see if i can get a USb 3 Header to USB2 for my NZXT Hue+ since i already used the 2 USB 2 ones i had for the Water Cooler and the PC Case
was looking forward to seeing how my game would play on higher specs
@Unionhawk wouldn't using the debug menu disqualify a speedrun?
7:11 AM
7:50 AM
Q: Killing Molly in GTAV

DarkAngelAt the end of the mission in which you deliver the cars (the mission in which we take down police from the bond style car with Trevor driving the trailer and Franklin in the car), Molly denies you any money and rides off. However, once we get control of our character, we can still see her car and...

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9:21 AM
9:34 AM
hm, it seemed funnier 12 minutes ago 🤔
10:09 AM
Q: How do you teleport a certian player to spawn after they win a 1v1

SenIn minecraft i manage a kitpvp server and everything works fine except when players wanna duel eachother they get sent to a room where they 1v1 the main problem is when the winner wins i have no idea how to teleport him back to spawn, Sorry for my bad english my main language is a native american

10:27 AM
just curious, with a standard 20pin USB 3 Header, how many USB Ports would that work with?
because while looking for a USB 2 to USB 3 Adaptor i found some more front modules but they always have only 2x USB 3 ports
@Elise I still think it's funny
Also morning bridge! I'm currently in a small little town called Baddeck, chilling by the water. The water is so clear I can see fish swimming.
Also, my legs fell asleep.
10:49 AM
Q: How do mods decide whether a game of Werewolves is balanced?

leucosticteDo they look at win rates and adjust setups to reach a particular number (e.g. 50% village win rate), or is it based on some other assessment of strength of the two sides, and what the two sides SHOULD be able to accomplish if they play well?

11:48 AM
Q: Does the List of Most Wanted Terrorists of CS:CZDS uses real pictures?

LemonOn Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, there is a training map for testing the game items and weapons. When you start the map, you need to take an elevator that has a poster with "Most Wanted Terrorists". Are the pictures on this list real or they were created for the game? If the...

@fredley I expect nothing less
I suppose a burrata might count as an italian burrito
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12:50 PM
@Memor-X no because you can access it through the game with glitches
And also it depends on the community, who have decided no it's fine this way
Like it's not like somebody found a dev cart and got there using the dev magic button combo, they didn't take it out of the final game and if you play song of soaring a bunch of times it opens the debug menu for some reason
Manticore is fun but I can see why people were disappointed in it after GoF2. It feels more like everspace but without the permadeath. Linear mission-based space shooter
Definitely doesn't really feel like an RPG like 2 although there is a story
It's not terrible at all. Most likely will complete it
Maybe it's just been a while since I played GoF2 or maybe I'm just used to everspace on PS4 but the graphics seem to be a step back from 2
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Q: Minecraft: Iron farm and world spawn point

SlayerDiAngeloI've been playing Minecraft 1.12 Java Edition on PC. I built a simple iron farm with 13 villagers and 24 doors. The farm works perfectly fine and I'm getting a decent rate of iron ingots. To make it work all the time I moved my world spawn point to the coordinates of my iron farm by using the /se...

3:43 PM
This looks like it might be fun
oh boy, and this
Definitely one for the switch
Reminds me of Overcooked
4:06 PM
Q: Missing Iron in pocket edition?

roseI am in Minecraft and I had crafted an iron pick axe, an iron sword, an iron axe and shears. I put them all in my chest and went to bed, when I woke up all my iron tools and iron ingots were gone. I checked my inventory and the chest multiple times then restarted the app. This didn’t happen with...

4:26 PM
Q: How do you teleport a player to spawn when they win a 1v1

TheAncientSen123see, on a kitpvp server i manage players can duel and when they duel eachother they get teleported to a room anyways i'm having trouble teleporting the player back to spawn after they win i can do it manually i just rather it be automatic

5:06 PM
Q: Are there any issues adding mechanical implants?

vianna77If I add mechanical implants (Jernaugh's clinic) will I lose something or will it have a detriment effect bodily or storywise?

Q: How do you use collision blocks (and triggers) in Geometry Dash

Pika ChowI have searched all over the internet for any answers on how to use the items stated in the question in the Geometry Dash Level Editor but nothing was very accurate or detailed. The help in-game and out (see hyperlink) is absolutely useless and I really just want to know how to use them. Geometr...

5:45 PM
Splasher for $2.99. Looks great. Action platformer/speedrunner
ooo, Moon Hunters for $3.75
I was kinda thinking about getting that on the switch tho
Okay yeah this is cool. Meat Boy + Portal Gel
@badp @InvaderSkoodge maybe
Splasher on Steam
6:06 PM
This reminds me of the fancy pants adventure but better
Think I might buy this on the Switch actually
6:24 PM
@InvaderSkoodge yo bleed 2 is sick
7:06 PM
Q: Why are all my buildings suddenly disappearing in Cities: Skylines in this one district?

user2428118Suddenly, the houses in my district started disappearing in quick succession. It's not related to this bug or this one, so what could be the cause?

7:23 PM
Wargroove is hard!
Q: Gears of war 2 split screen on Xbox One

RollinI have one account on Xbox One, and I figured out how to play Co-op on Gears of war ultimate edition, locally, with my dad. Now I'm trying to play Gears of war 2 and onward, locally as well, with an offline guest account. Is it possible or will I be playing by myself locally?

7:38 PM
@Memor-X why do you need a usb2 to usb3 adapter? They both use the same connector and are compatible. I doubt you can get usb3 speeds from a usb2 with an adapter... 🤔
7:49 PM
I think it's an adapter for connecting USB 3 ports to a USB 2 motherboard header, since they have different pin counts
Like if your case has USB 3 front ports but you have an older motherboard
@TimStone ah, that makes sense
8:45 PM
Q: What does “Progress: %” refer to in the loading screen?

WondercricketIn No Man’s Sky: Beyond, there was a slight change to the loading screen. Below the star systems with visible names, it now includes “Progress: %” What does this percentage refer to? I did not see this mentioned in the patch notes, and in my efforts to figure this out, the only “progress” I ...

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10:44 PM
Q: Why does the Dark Presence attack Alan?

KutuluMikeThroughout the game, Alan Wake is attacked by creatures that have been possessed by the Dark Presence found under the lake, where Wake and his wife stayed in Bright Falls. By the end, though, we learn that the darkness needs Alan alive, in order to thus why it kidnapped Alice at the start of t...

11:04 PM
Q: Where is the key to the guarder door?

KerikoKraftSo there's a locked door in the Tower on the Wall location that I can't find the key to. Whenever you go down the stairs and past the three hooded undead guys, you go down a ladder (or hole in the floor) and there's a guy with a halberd in that room. After killing him, you come across an iron bar...

11:23 PM
Q: How can I alter a player's helmet data? (Such as attributes)

ginkgoSince you can't modify player nbt data with /data modify, I had to think of a workaround. I thought to use /data modify to copy a player's helmet into a chest, modify the item there, and replace it back on the player. So, while wearing a helmet, I tried: /data modify block 31 241 16 Items[] se...


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