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1:26 AM
@MBraedley yessssss
@MBraedley oh there's going to be a new Star Trek with the Sir Patrick Stewart Picard?
not a "lets to a series when Picard was young and thus get someone else to play this iconic character" series?
Air conditioner is broke, and last minute pet friendly hotel searches are not coming out good
1:53 AM
Q: How to prevent Minecraft from filling up C drive

BenjaminMinecraft Java Edition Windows 10 Home For a while, I noticed that whenever I'm running Minecraft my C drive fills up relatively quick (about 10-15 GB within a few hours). It seems to happen mainly when I play online but I'm not 100% sure if that's the reason. I checked for files that might cau...

Q: Clash Royale loading problem

Oliver Ngwhenever I open clash royale, the progress bar only stays at 50% and doesn't go further. i even tried reinstalling it, but that didn't work. can somebody tell me how to fix this tricky problem? i'm currently using an iphone 8.

@Memor-X yep, the series takes place 15 or 20 years after the end of TNG. Or maybe after Nemisis.
@Unionhawk drive around maybe? Although the AC in my car seems broken, so YMMV
@MBraedley nice. bring back Ricker with the beard
got one, there's apparently some kind of tournament in town or some shit
@Memor-X I don't know this "Ricker" you're talking about :p
@MBraedley sorry, Riker
not sure how a c got in there
2:05 AM
Why so warm?
How you defeat the Borg - Create a Civilisation they want to assimilate but make everything attached to memes so the Borg have to assimilate Memes
first sign will come from their normal "you will be assimilated" being doge-fy
2:21 AM
Check that: no we don't have one
The hotel called to cancel our booking because they're over
2:34 AM
May have one
It says 5 left so
2:53 AM
Q: What Attributes should I invest in?

KerikoKraftI'm a Pyromancer and I have Vigor 18, Attunement 13, Endurance 10, Vitality 9, Strength 18, Dexterity 14, Intelligence 14, Faith 14, and Luck 7. The farthest I've gotten is Vordt of Boreal Valley and I haven't even gotten close to killing him. I also have Hand Axe +2, 5 Estus, East-West Shield...

2 hours later…
4:43 AM
Hello from a quality inn with a stressed dog
4:56 AM
@Memor-X nah just be that xenomorphlike species in liquid space that melts the nanites when they try to assimilate
5:19 AM
5:33 AM
@Wipqozn must be a canadian thing, i have indiana jones but no jurassic park
Q: Making a delay function in minecraft function 1.12

I Like FishI want to make some delay inside function, and i've made this: scoreboard objectives add run stat.playOneMinute scoreboard players set @a[score_run_min=40] run 0 execute @e[score_run_min=10,score_run=10] ~ ~ ~ say 3 execute @e[score_run_min=20,score_run=20] ~ ~ ~ say 2 execute @e[score_run_mi...

6:15 AM
Q: How to make mobs walk to other entities?

HydraI'm in Java 1.14.4 and I'm attempting to make all rabbit entities walk to a specific tagged item if they are in the range of it. execute as @e[type=rabbit] at @s run teleport @s @e[tag=fruit,distance=5..25,limit=1] Will teleport any rabbits to that specific entity, but I was looking for somethi...

6:55 AM
Q: downloads and stuff

gogoWhat if I wanted to free up space and I deleted my games that are on disk if I wanted to play it again will it take as much time to download as it did when I first purchased the game and will all my progress go away btw this is for PS4 ?

@GodEmperorDune Species 8472 (only know that number because of how many times Seven-of-Nine has said it)
7:20 AM
@Memor-X yeah thats the one
3 hours later…
10:35 AM
Q: How do you beat Plunderer III on You Must Build a Boat?

GoneBoyGoneOn the mobile puzzle game 'You Must Build a Boat', there is a very hard quest, that is fairly late-game, and it says to unlock 6 chests in one run. What would the best strategy to do this, be? I've tried multiple things, like giving a 'displeasing' offering to the gods, to try to get the more che...

@GodEmperorDune We also have Indiana Jones
@MBraedley I'm not sold on it. I get the feeling it's just going to be "ACTION ACTION ACTIOOOOON", which isn't what I watch Trek for.
We'll see though.
11:34 AM
Q: My minecraft worlds got deleted twice

carol .bEvery time I leave minecraft my world deletes it self,how can I fix that? I’ve tried logging in and out multiple times but that didn't work

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12:37 PM
1 hour later…
1:52 PM
Are the guys who fix quantum computers going to be called Quantum Mechanics cause I hope so
Q: HUD/UI freeze and stutter in Bioshock Infinite

IljaI've played Bioshock Infinite for some about 18 hours and started to notice some UI freezes in the game, that have made the game unplayable. So literally the UI started to freeze as soon as I've tried to loot some NPC or object. It doesn't showed itself timely, it was half-transparent and doesn't...

2:08 PM
@Ave Trifecta!
We won all three categories
Popularity was 58.05% to 41.95%
I'm very surprised
I expected order to at least get popular vote
nearly everyone here, on discord, on subreddits etc chose order
I got a lot of marches Chaos v. Chaos
4 in a row at one point
This one Order team won like 85% against me (with randoms)
It’s too bad, without Splatfest I can’t play team with both of my two friends who play Splatoon because you need either 2 or 4, no 3 player league
@GnomeSlice i want them to be called Quantum Monkeys
or maybe Quantum Pugs
2:29 PM
@Ave It's all the edgelords
I saw someone called Born2Die
@Ronan Now I want to make a Buddhist edgelord: Die2Born
Also someone called "team cahos"
I remembered you can look at past games in the app
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
@Ronan yeep
4:34 PM
Q: My xbox one mouse is inverted (minecraft)

RangedWings5473I've been playing minecraft on the "xbox one" and recently got a keyboard and mouse. The problem is my mouse seems to be inverted, for example when i go to "mine" a block it "places" a block instead ect. I've looked up how to fix it but i have found nothing, and yes it is a right handed mouse. I...

4:54 PM
Q: What happened to Minecade?

That one personSo I revisited Minecraft not long ago and went to one of my favorite servers, Minecade, Only to find the IP no longer works. Did they shut down or something? Thanks.

5:18 PM
6:11 PM
transferring my ASN to my company, uwu.
Is Alien: Isolation good?
1 hour later…
7:31 PM
@Ave Welcome back, Sethbling here. Today I made Minecraft Earth in Minecraft! Totally normal day and everything.
7:53 PM
Q: How easiest way to get gastor door in undertails

SharkySo wen I watching youtube I see a door at water place an I kant get it on my mammy's computer an I wont to unlock the way to get dor, so I can see the crack fase man! THANKS, U!!!!!!!!!!! and Luv u I have tried everything and really need help

Q: Why do I keep dying after resetting Better Vampire

Zadekiel SephirahThis is the most frustrating situation! On returning to my game to do more vampire quests, I find that the vampires in Volkihar are repulsed at my being mortal again. They tell me to see Serana to turn me into a vampire once again but there's no dialog from her to do this I still look like a vamp...

8:23 PM
I wonder if @MBraedley has power
8:53 PM
Q: Iron farm sky access

posiedon9898 VoLong story short, I want to build an iron farm under a one block deep pool. I read from other questions that you need sky access but I didn't understand what specific parts need lighting and whether having water and glass above those areas means that they are not receiving skylight. I am playing ...

Q: Connecting Mac and ps4 audio to mixer

smoshewOkay so here is what im wondering about. I have a MacBook Pro and I have a ps4. How can I make the sound from both of those devices run through a mixer, to get all audio in one headset? I have a XLR mic to plug into the mixer. I also want to be able to talk on discord on the MacBook and talk in p...

@Wipqozn yep, I've been watching Stargate SG1
9:37 PM
@MBraedley lucky ducky
10:03 PM
@Wipqozn I take it you lost power?
10:33 PM
Q: How to make a commandblock 1 time use for a player

AllimantI was wondering if there was a way I could make a commandblock with a command that will only give someone an item once. For example, Someone presses a button and gets an item, they cannot use that command block again, but someone else could come and use it, and than they cannot use it again.

@MBraedley yes, but it's back now
11:13 PM
Q: In Minecraft Pocket Edition, My Blocks Do Not Fully Load

Anilesia HinezI tried to load my Minecraft PE world, and it is a mountainside mansion. Made of just glass and oak wood. I went to get on the world to fix floor 2’s roof and edit the command block elevator, and all that loaded were the glass and the signs. Please help, as I have NO idea what to do. Thanks!

11:26 PM
@MBraedley That's the temperature I turn my air conditioning to back in Singapore
Oh hey, they're making a Jane Foster Thor movie?
11:37 PM
@Yuuki the Thor movie mentioned here? or would this be Thor 5?
oh wait, @Frank posted a non meme version
@Frank i assume everything that is Disney+ is a series and the rest are movies. of which i see Fantastic Four being the start of rebuilding the Avengers for the next major conflict

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