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12:12 AM
@PrivatePansy That was 11 at night. It was over 30 during the day, and that's abnormal
Q: Question for "From your starting point"

xXOttey_BaconXxWhen you said that you can find Nether Fortresses 100 blocks from your starting point. What do you mean. Spawn point in the overworld or starting where your nether portal in the nether is?

Usually by that time, it's down to around 20 or lower.
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2:51 AM
Q: Minecraft * Line 1, Column 2 Missing ‘}’ or object member name error

EthanI Typed In The Chat “/give @s skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:”TBNRfrags”} “ And It Said” * Line 1, Column 2 Missing ‘}’ or object member name “ in red. I Tried It Again In A Command block, and the same thing happened. I Played In Minecraft PE, BTW. Not Java. And TBNRfrags is one of my favorite YouTubers.

3:42 AM
@Ronan So I sprayed some electrical contact cleaner on the joycon sticks and it fixed my drift issue.
Remembered that I has promised to update you.
Q: Ways to help play a visual novel without quitting mid-way?

kiteI always have a hard time with visual novels. Some I bootup and they are super interesting and compelling, but then I end the session either out of life calls or boredom. I comeback, but each time I comeback it's harder and hard to boot it up again. Then after too long I forget parts of the story...

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4:51 AM
Q: How to set minecraft camera projection to ortographic?

Icebone1000It would be really handy for building, like for viewing it from the top, etc. Ive seems many images on the internet, but I dont know if theres a command or mod for that.

5:31 AM
Q: Digital game and disk game

Kevin CasillasI got The Last Of Us Remastered digitally on my Ps4 around 5 months ago. I recently got a Ps4 pro with my cousin’s account on it with the disc game in my cousins account, which transferred to mine. Do I have to delete the disk version and download the digital one again?

5:50 AM
Q: Sheep eating grass with fences on it?

ThomasIn Minecraft, Sheep used to be able to eat grass even if there was a fence on top of it. But recently a friend of mine made a wool farm, and the sheep aren't eating the grass that has a fence on it. Is this still possible or am I just REALLY unlucky?

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Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Morning @Kevin
@Nzall should see if Photobucket is still crap with uBlock because with AdBlock it was slow as crap and adds were intrusive (should have taken that as a hint)
@Memor-X Photobucket is 400 USD
7:04 AM
@Nzall it was free
key word: was
if it's no longer free then fuck it
> By July 6, Photobucket’s 100 million registered users found out how that was going to happen. Overnight, millions, possibly billions, of photos uploaded to hobby sites, message boards and niche forums in the past 14 years were replaced by an image of a meter running at 100 percent. To see the original image, one needed to “unlock your account” by upgrading to the new $399 plan.
8:05 AM
@Nzall @Memor-X what did you two use tinypic/photobucket with?
@Ave I used to have a photobucket account. I mean like 8 years ago or so
I now use Imgur for hosting
8:30 AM
Q: Best Maple locations after a dungeon?

Vince EmighMaple appears after defeating a certain amount of enemies (30 or more without Maple's Ring, and dungeons contain a lot of enemies. As soon as you leave a dungeon, you're bound to encounter maple. Problem Some areas are filled with water or have holes, causing many items to fall in, becoming un...

8:50 AM
Q: Best Maple locations after a dungeon in Oracle of Seasons?

Vince EmighBackground Maple appears after defeating a certain amount of enemies (30 or more without Maple's Ring, and dungeons contain a lot of enemies. As soon as you leave a dungeon, you're bound to encounter maple. Problem Some areas are filled with water or have holes, causing many items to fall in,...

9:10 AM
Q: Enderman won't leave my house but didn't attack me?

YureiI'm very new to minecraft & am playing in survival mode. The first few nights I noticed Enderman wandering near my base. I didn't know what he was so I just avoided him. Fast forward several days of playing; I was farming outside during the day & as I enter my house I see this shimmery thing floa...

9:40 AM
let's see what this is all about
Oof, that listing of the CO2 ppm..
10:50 AM
Q: I want to play minecraft in 1.7.10 but after launching it through the launcher and i try to open a server or single player world it crashes

Julien MartinI haven't the file "option.txt" in my file ".minecraft". Crash report : "aft Crash Report ---- // Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. Time: 22/07/19 12:06 XRay version: 47 Description: Unexpected error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex(Buffer...

11:10 AM
Q: My turtles aren’t swimming back to their home beach

user234937When I breed two turtles they either freeze still and don’t dig in the sand (which I have) or they hop back into the ocean and don’t go onto land to lay eggs what do I do/am I doing anything wrong

11:50 AM
Q: I stole some furnaces from a village and a villager spawned at my house

user234939I was playing minecraft (ps4 edition) and raided a village for anything and everything. I got home, placed my new furniture and now a villager has spawned in my house. He is from the desert village I stole the stuff from and there is no villages near my home. I can't find anything about this and ...

They're predicting 40° C in Belgium on Thursday
We just almost hit 100F the whole weekend and people literally died from the heat.
40C is hotter than that, so be safe.
@InvaderSkoodge Yeah, I'm probably not going to walk home
I'm not going to walk home from the train station at 5 PM when it's so hot
Problem is that buses may not be an option either, because the bus driver doesn't always turn on his airco
The bus driver better turn on the AC if it's 40C out.
How is that even a question?
@InvaderSkoodge Because not all DeLijn busses have airco. Last I heard, around 500 buses don't have it
Though that was 4 years ago
12:04 PM
Around 75% of their busses do have it
Q: Minecraft crashes when trying to load: unable to extract native files

GavinGGMinecraft crashed with this reports: Unable to extract native files. Error details: Minizip error while extracting: -116 Filename on disk: lwjgl-platform-2.9.4-nightly-20150209-natives-windows.jar Path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\libraries\org\lwjgl\lwjgl\lwjgl-platform\2.9.4-n...

12:29 PM
Guys it's not 40 degree out, because global warming is just a hoax guys. COME ON NOW
Wake up sheeple
I don't wanna wake up, it's too hot
Q: Why do I keep dying?

MechMK1 I know this question may be too broad, but I really don't find a way to state my problem in a more concise way. I recently began playing Don't Starve Together with my girlfriend, but it has not been a very enjoyable experience for either of us so far. We just keep dying, over and over and ...

@Ave i used to use it on forums for sharing images and for my avatar. but then they just started to use way too many ads. even after getting an adblocker (which may not have helped because it was AdBlock) it was no better
@Wrigglenite oh man, i just watched the Co-Optional Podcast with him as a guest last week. had no idea he was ill
1:08 PM
@Ave please let us know what this is like
1:20 PM
@Memor-X use elixire
@GnomeSlice will do
@Ave sounds interesting! Please keep us posted.
@Wrigglenite oh, damn
Today we get to start the process to get my husband healthcare stuff! It's mostly waiting for a while after we do the paperwork stuff. But still. Adulting!
oh bridge, my capture card arrived today
@Ash Just tell him to never get sick or injure himself and it won't be a problem.
I'm more than a bit excited to be finally able to stream switch games
1:30 PM
Q: All games stuttering, even old ones

Rafael AugustoI have a new Windows computer that is not running any game properly. I already reformatted it because the Windows it came with was full of manufacturer trash. I installed all drivers from manufacturer sites and stopped the superfech perfech thing and also changed the Windows power settings to max...

I fixed my joycon drift issue last night.
I am lucky and didn't get it yet
I think I might get spare joycons when current ones start drifting (then fix current ones and have them as spares)
I'll need to mod them tho... I need to find a place I can solder, for various reasons I can't in my house
(tl;dr there's smoke alarms and the thing that's used to suck out smoke during cooking is obviously in an area where there's a lot of food things, and last thing I want is to get lead there)
@Ave I just sprayed mine with electrical contact cleaner and it fixed the issue.
Apparently, there's a more permanent fix out there that involves replacing the sticks, but I'll do that when the cleaner stops working.
@Ave soldering doesn't cause much smoke, you could rig up something with a computer fan and an air filter
@Ave soldering inside will not set off smoke alarms
afaik. my dad did it all the time
@GnomeSlice thing is, it's too risky
Have you ever done it?
I have a lot of non-water-resistant expensive hardware in the house.
@GnomeSlice no, not since I moved to this place
They automatically start spraying water o.o what kind of alarms do you have?
1:38 PM
actually I'm not super sure if that's the default behavior
I'll have to investigate
Sprinklers are heat detectors anyway, not smoke detectors
the ones at home do seem that way, so hmm
(I've watched that, yeah)
@Kevin Given that they're meant to suppress fires, I imagine that's the entire concept.
1:39 PM
I guess I might give it a shot.
I'm sure you're fine
@Yuuki -_-
@Yuuki I tend to go for permanent fixes
that's why I have metal buckles in both of my joycons
also why I have a permanent mod to use right jc as an rcm jig
I don't fix things until they start breaking, myself.
1:42 PM
what does that mod do?
just for size comparison
the soldered thing between the pins is a 0805, and image I posted right above this is also one, but from a further angle.
the whole set of pins is smaller than a microsd card
@Memor-X allows me to get into recovery mode (and then do an exploit to get into cfw) without having to use a dedicated tool, and without breaking any functionality
That will definitely not set off your smoke alarm
I hope so.
in any case, I'm not even sure which color joycons I'd go for lol
Get a set of pink ones, a set of blue ones and a set of white ones
@Kevin ahhh that reminds me
1:48 PM
I really wish N sold development joycons to the public, they're pitch black and are absolutely beautiful.
let me see if I have a picture of one
googles Looks nice
okay yeah, I can share this one
It looks so uniform and nice
I quite like it.
Yeah they look nice
oh and fun fact
I heard that they're not changing the sticks on the switch lite
so get ready for drifting in a year
except it'll be even more of a pain to fix them in the switch lite
1:52 PM
what about the new pro?
I don't think there's a new Pro.
The one with the doublebattery life?
Same sticks, same joycons
Or at least there wasn't any announcement I'm aware of other than the extended battery by Nintendo Japan.
yeah that one
its the same otherwise?
1:53 PM
only major change is SoC (shrunk) and different ram
better power usage
I figured that was just a new build, not a different model.
therefore better battery life
@Ave this is 51111111, which is weirdly satisfying.
Like "oh, there's better battery tech so more power".
@Ave So a matte black finish?
@Yuuki It has same battery AFAIK, but I may be wrong
but yes, as I said, it has the shrunk soc and ram that runs on lower voltage
it's what we were referring to as "mariko" for over a year now
@Yuuki yep
> The Historia Brittonum, a 9th-century Latin historical compilation attributed in some late manuscripts to a Welsh cleric called Nennius, contains the first datable mention of King Arthur, listing twelve battles that Arthur fought. These culminate in the Battle of Badon, where he is said to have single-handedly killed 960 men. Recent studies, however, question the reliability of the Historia Brittonum.
Yeah, sounds kinda suspect.
2:10 PM
Q: Players gliding with Elytra

NoTimeLeftI am looking for a command that make players glow once they're gliding with the elytra. I read that player gliding with the Elytra get a FallFlying tag, but I don't know how to pull it of exactly. I've tried /execute as @a[nbt={tag=FallFlying}] run effect give @s minecraft:glowing 1 but this does...

Q: Is there a way to use PlayOnLinux to install Roblox?

plzmaketoastI play Roblox very often, but I cannot get it to install using WINE. WINE does not work on

2:22 PM
> I often get "in trouble" for writing comments or using small modular functions - my PM says it's not worth the disk space.
Q: My current job follows "worst practices". How can I talk about my experience in an interview without giving off red flags?

TheOnsenAt my job, there's absolutely no code review, no testing, no version control, no organization of software architecture, no concept of "test vs production servers", no code commenting. In fact, all of this is explicitly banned and I often get "in trouble" for writing comments or using small modula...

Q: How to fix this pls. I downloaded mobskinpack but it shows this.Pls Help Me

Carter Friginal!the bottom is blocks skin and the upper is mob skin packs.(https://i.stack.imgur.com/BaXLO.png)

@Nzall yeah what
His code would fail code review for "too readable" if they implemented code review.
Yeah but he's fine, code review is just a waste of time
Just connect to production and open notepad, do it directly. Quickest way
@Kevin Just hack into your client's computer and write to memory in real-time.
2:47 PM
I mean, for my work's project, roughly 1/4th of the code is comments
But still, any decent compiler would optimize out all those comments for a release build AFAIK
@GnomeSlice Have you tried Dauntless on PS4? It's free to play and I picked it up over the weekend.
So far it's really cool.
I've played it on the PC a little
I was hoping to get my gf to play with me but hasn't happend yet
There's a recent bug where the sound glitches out sometimes, but otherwise I'm enjoying it.
It just made me want to play Monster Hunter World. The worlds felt really empty to me
2:51 PM
There's also cross-platform support even with PS4 which I found really surprising.
The combat is good though
I like the streamlined item system compared to MHW.
It's way easier to figure out
MHW seems to have a lot more busy-work, where this one just lets you focus on fighting big monsters.
I may get back into it at some point. Maybe on PS4 if it's cross platform
I played several hours of dauntless
2:52 PM
I think you can even like play with your PC progress on PS4.
Can you group up cross platform?
oh using epic account right
Actually yeah Paragon was the same
Cool man. Might get back into it a bit
I'm not sure about grouping, but you can probably group cross platform because there's an in-game group menu, rather than the PS4 group menu.
I'll let you know. Have a lot going on
2:53 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't get back into it right away anyway because that sound glitch is annoying.
Hopefully they fix it soon.
capture card is here and it works (yay)
A: How do you use Reinforcements?

PotatoEngineerAll of the benefits of the Reinforcements building are passive: you can't activate any of them via commands. Going through those benefits in order: Normally, when your marines die, they respawn from a base after a while. (I think it's the base closest to where they died.) You can see their heal...

Great answer if anyone wants to upvote
it's pretty wild how they managed to get a 4k capture card in this form factor
I've always wanted one of those
I made some vehicles in banjo kazooie 3 that I was pretty proud of
i drove like 50 ft from a 100 or so acre brush fire yesterday
2:58 PM
@Dragonrage Did you live?
Q: How much space on disk do software comments take compared to the rest of the project?

NzallA question on The Workplace mentioned a company that explicitly banned code comments: https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/140843/my-current-job-follows-worst-practices-how-can-i-talk-about-my-experience-in with the explanation being: my PM says it's not worth the disk space. This ...

@SaintWacko i think so
Come on, that was the logical conclusion of someone complaining comments take too much space on disk
@Nzall presumably 4 bytes per character in source and 0 in compiled
Subtle jab at the lack of maintenance in US infrastructure at the end there Tom
3:44 PM
@Nzall disk space is cheap, human time is expensive
@Dragonrage Jatt's back!
@Yuuki He was always my favorite caster when I watched.
I'm excited to see him back on The Dive.
I don't have as many gripes about his absence as most people did, but I still can't wait to see him back.
Q: Valve Basestations 2.0 not properly working with SteamVR

Federico NardiI am trying to setup SteamVR to work on Ubuntu 16.04 with two Valve Basestations 2.0 and a HTC Vive tracker. Currently, the problem that I'm experiencing is that it looks like only one basestation at a time is working: image1 image2 As a consequence the Vive tracker is correctly tracked just ...

Oh did a lot of people complain while he was gone?
I haven't watched in ~2 years.
I saw CLG won with Sona+Tahm Kench bot lane the other day though which what
3:50 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Sona as a botlaner has been pretty popular recently because she scales really well with gold for a support-type champion.
The OG duo is Sona+Taric botlane.
Does she build AP or AD?
She pokes hard but instead of consistent damage that you'd get from a standard AD carry, you have consistent healing.
Sona+Taric works really well for skirmishing because you can disengage and heal back to full faster than any other comp.
Side note, the comp takes almost no damage from Baron attempts, so there's a smaller risk of Baron throws.
Also, because they both have support items, Sona+Taric/Tahm/Relic Shield have really high gold generation.
Oh interesting, I'm glad to see that the meta is including more diverse strategies like that.
If you make it to the midgame without a heavy deficit (the weakness of Sona botlane is that the duo is really weak in the early game), it becomes really hard to teamfight against a Sona+Taric/Tahm comp.
They nerfed it awhile back because it was becoming really oppressive (Sona was 100% pick-ban at MSI or really high up there, IIRC) but NA has still been using it a lot.
Fun fact, Sona botlane originated in NA.
Anyways, it was a smart draft from CLG because C9's botlane hasn't been particularly good at punishing botlane drafts with early aggression.
Oh, did you see that CLG finally ended their drought against TSM?
Yeah, I didn't see the match but I'm on /r/clg
So that one made it right to the top of my main page.
4:06 PM
CLG has been doing really, really well this split and I'm glad because Biofrost is my second-favorite player after Doublelift.
Q: I can't join my friend's Minecraft worlds :(

flowinglinc101I have Minecraft bedrock 1.12.0 and I cannot join my friend's worlds on either my phone or Nintendo Switch! Why is this!??

Part of me was sad that he couldn't complete the TSM Revenge Tour last year but I think he and Hauntzer have won some convincing games against TSM this year.
4:25 PM
Oh man, Galio's pickrate has dropped to 0.8% (below Ivern!) after his nerf.
4:51 PM
Nice, I also got an invitation to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta
the TWW leaderboard has split, now any% no actor unloading and any%
@Unionhawk Is this like the previous any% before they figured out that arrow/barrier skip thing recently?
any% with actor unloading is now a 1:48
@InvaderSkoodge Yep
Wow a 2 hour improvement?
It takes like 30 minutes to set up barrier skip and it still cuts out like half the game
4:59 PM
So like 8 years ago when Cosmo put out the video about how it's the "holy grail" of speedrun glitches to find, they weren't kidding.
Yeah because it allows you to go straight from tower of the gods to the end
any% has to do earth and wind temple at least
and fire and ice islands for those too
So now names like "xXxOnlineNameFrom2000xXx" are now lore-compliant in FFXIV apparently.
Q: How to use /give command correcly

Death Video Gamesim a minecraft command begginer, so i need to know how to fully use the give command. Example is the data number.

5:44 PM
@Yuuki what is his win rate down to?
6:10 PM
Q: How to get out of a semi frozen state

BrianHow do you get out of the semi frozen state because I believe that is what I am in and I can not hatch eggs?

6:37 PM
Does anyone know of any simulations for Pokemon battles (any generation, but presumably Gen I since it's the most simple)? There are a very finite number of Pokemon and moves, and the algorithm for damage and the like is quite simple, so I'd think it should exist somewhere.
The closest thing I saw was a question on Math.SE: math.stackexchange.com/q/831022/543292
I think this is the official one Smogon uses?
Er, I mean a mathematical simulation.
In any case Smogon is your source for all competitive pokemon stuff you could ever want.
@forest I'm not sure what you mean then?
@InvaderSkoodge Well my end-goal is to run a Monte Carlo simulation of battles with certain heuristic moves, which means I need to be able to run millions of battles a second.
@forest Hold up, you're not going to run millions of battles per second unless you can borrow a supercomputer
Maybe millions an hour
6:44 PM
@Nzall If you cut out all the animations and just do the math this sounds pretty reasonable TBH.
@Nzall Why? Calculating the probability of a hit, buffs like STAB and the like is very simple math.
It's far more simple than SHA-1, and that is something I can calculate a million times a second.
You might just have to roll your own, I doubt anyone's made a library for performant pokemon battle simulations.
Ah, okay. you're confusing formulation and simulation
@InvaderSkoodge I can roll my own library, but seeing another simulation would make it far easier for me to do it myself. I'd really hate to have to reverse engineer the entire game.
@Nzall Well simulation is Monte Carlo terminology.
6:46 PM
@Dragonrage In Plat+, 42% in the support role.
That thing I mentioned earlier is open source.
Simulation is when you have 2 hypothetical teams fight each other with the exact same rules of the game, while formulation is when you do math to determine the results
You might be able to re-use or base your code on bits of that.
The thing is, dropping below Ivern is really problematic because Ivern is super, super niche except when he's overtuned.
@Nzall Then it must be both. I've never heard the term formulation in this context, though, but I know that this counts as a simulation. When it comes down to it, all simulations are math.
6:47 PM
Even when Ivern's numbers were higher than they should be, his pick rate wasn't very high because it's such a different playstyle.
Even simulations of game theory boil down to math.
@Nzall I'm not really sure the distinction you're trying to make.
@InvaderSkoodge Oh neat! Does it use the exact same rules as the game?
@forest I know that if it's used for Smogon then it's going to be damn close if not exact.
Cool! I'll look into it.
6:49 PM
@forest I'm using the terms from World of Warcraft. We used to have 2 competing tools for calculating DPS results: Rawr and Simulationcraft. Rawr used formulation and got consistently the same results, because it would calculate how many of each attack you would do per time period and how much each of those attacks would do. Simulationcraft is still around and simulates a battle using the rules of the game
Q: In minecraft when I break a block it doesn’t let me collect

PolitePanda4If I break wooden stairs it won’t let me recollect them. The item disappears in survival. It happens for everything, if I kill a mob no xp drops as well as items. I can only get fishing to work. I use minecraft on ps4.

In the WoW community there was a huge debate over which solution was best, but in the end, Rawr got discontinued and Simulationcraft became the de facto standard
I see what you mean. I'm only familiar with the Monte Carlo testing method which isn't game specific.
@Nzall I'm still failing to understand the difference. If a true simulation of the game got different results from the theoretical results from Rawr, then Rawr was just wrong.
A good mathematical simulation will be identical to the game.
Or put another way, a good simulation will behave exactly as the algorithm used in the game, sans fluff like graphic animations and sound.
6:53 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Rawr was an approximation. you would do that on average over thousands of fights. Simulationcraft got to the same result, but slower
Ok, that makes sense.
If you want "close enough" but done quickly, I can see the value in that.
Simulation in a game like WoW is definitely going to be a lot slower than in Pokemon, though.
the main issue with both of them was that you needed a separate program
There are a lot more factors in a massively multiplayer game with 3d positioning than there are in a turn-based 1v1 rpg.
there's a pretty good spreadsheet for osrs that's solid for comparing gear at least
Yeah I imagine WoW has a lot more complexity behind it.
6:54 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Most of those factors are abstracted out though. it doesn't care about positioning usually
@InvaderSkoodge Especially since they removed 2v2 and 3v3 from the game.
glares at GameFreak
We generally just calculate damage based on patchwerk fights, which are essentially "stand still and kill the boss before he enrages"
@Nzall If you abstract that out then it's not a true simulation?
We have tried to make approximations of other fights based on things like movement, additional targets, interrupts, damage reductions
@Yuuki about what i expected. he got hit really hard
6:56 PM
Even discounting movement, though, there are a lot more things going on in WoW if 2 entities just stand still and wail on each other than there are in Pokemon.
@InvaderSkoodge it depends. We abstract it out, but we also have simulations where we account for them, but the community has chosen patchwerk-style as the de facto standard for comparing different simulations because they have less variance
@Dragonrage Yeah, the ability to taunt-flash was basically the only reason he was being picked.
Pokemon has probably the simplest actual battle mechanics of an RPG.
@InvaderSkoodge The mechanics are actually surprisingly complex.
@forest Oh I know plenty about Pokemon.
6:58 PM
There are a lot of modifiers for move damage, as well as a random component. It has to take into account type effectiveness, items, STAB, IVs (and with that, Nature), Ability, etc.
The main reason we recommend simulations is to figure out what item to use, what talents to pick, what rotation to use, item enhancements, consumables,...
Ok, I guess a lot of things go into the equation.
apparently only qiyana has a lower win rate in plat +
But there are not a lot of decisions to make in a battle.
@Dragonrage Yeah but she's an AD assassin with any apparently high skill floor.
6:58 PM
@InvaderSkoodge yeah, it's just 4 moves, so you could realistically brute force everything
Galio's kit is fairly dead simple to learn, imo.
@InvaderSkoodge Same with Chess. You can trivially iterate every possible next move.
I didn't mean to imply that it was easy.
Or am I misunderstanding the concept?
And with Chess, there is no probability. Every move is deterministic and has no modifiers.
7:00 PM
looks like brand mid has the lowest play percentage in plat +
@Dragonrage Feels so weird because Brand was such a popular mid back when I started playing.
But now he's a "I main mid but got auto-filled support" champion now, I guess.
@InvaderSkoodge My end goal is actually to use machine learning to find strategies during battle, since the inputs and outputs are simple enough that ML can really work for that.
@Yuuki most immobile mages are better supports than mids now
esp if they have high base damage on their skills
I suppose Veigar and Vel'koz make up for their lack of mobility with their pick potential (Veigar) or sheer range (Vel'koz). And the fact that they both start with V.
And even then, they're situational picks.
I can't believe I never saw Protobelt Veigar coming though.
Speaking as a person who used to main tank Veigar mid.
7:28 PM
I only played Scion
Pretty much
Sion is a fantastic toplane tank. He's my go-to when I have no idea what to play when given toplane.
I played him top and jungle
Everyone said he was trash when I was playing
That's weird because, if I recall correctly, you were playing right around the time that Sion was super-meta.
7:48 PM
It was a while ago like before the new graphics even
I D k I liked him though
I saw a lot of yoricks in top around that time
That guy was impossible to win against
Q: Load certain entities only when a player is near

jntsI have a spigot server with the TrainCarts plugin installed. The trains need to have some chunks around them loaded so they can move and interact with rails, signs etc... Because of the high amount of trains that I have in the map, almost the whole world has to be fully loaded all the time. The p...

8:04 PM
@GnomeSlice Sion does fairly well into Yorick though because Sion gets max health every time he kills a ghoul.
You have to be careful about your positioning though and be wary of Yorick's E when he has four graves up.
Q: My turtles wont breed

DarkI have bred more than 20 times but none lay eggs why I know that they need to be on they hatch site but idk whare all of them came from

Q: Minecraft Commands for giving an item custom name and being only placable on one type of block

wlojorI would need a combination of two commands in Minecraft 1.14. I hope you can somehow help me... I want to have a lever named "Key" that is only able to be placed on Chiseled Stone bricks. I know how to do both of them, but not at the same time... Pls help

8:24 PM
@Yuuki I just remember feeling like it was a losing battle against a huge army every time
Have either of them been reworked in the last few years
Both but I think you played after their big reworks.
When was that?
I played like 3 years ago or more
I think 3
Maybe 4
Could you shoot eye beams with Sion?
If yes, that was pre-rework.
If you can't remember, did your ultimate (R by default) make you charge really fast in the direction of your cursor?
If yes, that's post-rework.
Yeah the ult was bulk charge
Maybe it was urgot everyone said was shite
Also I wish they had recast Jane foster for the new Thor I don't think she's a good choice for it
8:41 PM
@Yuuki pre-rework sion was hilarious
though i also liked pre-rework yoric
9:50 PM
Q: Question about different versions of Wolfenstein Youngblood

MerlI have two possible version available to buy on Steam: https://imgur.com/a/uA17uRj I assume the ~$50 version gives me the english version + the buddy pass. On the other hand the ~$40 version gives me the english + german version but no buddy pass? It just looks weird because looking at the p...

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10:52 PM
@Dragonrage Pre-rework Yorick was weirdly fun despite all of his abilities being various flavors of "summon ghoul".
i also liked his ult. it essentially provided an instantaneous GA

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