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12:12 AM
Q: Do abandoned mineshafts have a higher swan rate for ores?

Stephen LeppikToday I mined out an abandoned mineshaft for iron ore to power my beacon. Strangely, in a timespan where I might find 1-2 stacks of iron ore through mining in normal caves, I found almost 4. I heard a rumor a while back (no idea where it came from) that more ores will spawn near these structures...

12:51 AM
Q: Minecraft server ops.json

Flame CandyIf I change an op's "level" in the ops.json file, will it save their level individually or will it default back to the server.properties "op-permission-level"? Just wanting to make sure before I test it and find out someone I thought I gave a level of 2 instead defaulted back to level 4.

1:34 AM
@Nzall Rambeau? the woman shown in her flashbacks who at some point had a daughter?
either that or it's Valkyrie which i did see fan art of Thor introducing Carol to her and Valkyrie puts on the charm (though i suspect it's a altered version from a fan art scene from She-Ra where Catra is in Valkyrie's position)
Into the spider verse really is brilliant: twitter.com/lvftovers/status/1150107496457129985?s=09
Cc @Yuuki probably
1:52 AM
I really want to see that
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3:10 AM
Q: Does disorientating the hostage do anything?

RobbieI noticed as Echo if you use your Yokai to disorientate the hostage you get -5 points. Does anything actually bad happen to the hostage when you do that or does the game subtract 5 points for nothing?

3:40 AM
youtube knows what to suggest to me
Q: Hamachi MC Server not letting me join all of a sudden

danielwiluI and my friend have been playing on his hamachi server for a bit now. I've been busy for the past 2 days so I couldn't play. Today I tried to hop on to play, but I found an error "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information". We've encou...

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5:11 AM
Q: Overwatch Workshop: set payload starting position?

Nathan HincheyIs there any way to affect the payload's position with workshop rules? I've found a lot of tutorials, and none of them affect the behavior of the payload. (Although there is a cute what that makes heroes magnetically drawn to the payload). I've found how to get the position of the payload, but ...

5:51 AM
Q: Does the Bulwark of Harmony tradition work in total war, or against crisis-factions like the Contingency?

ELLIOTTCABLEThat +33% build-speed bonus is pretty sweet; but what about when the Crisis rolls around? Does the Crisis existing count as a "defensive war", or does that bonus stop being helpful once you're past warring with other local-galactic empires? Similarly, what about "total war" factions that are at ...

6:11 AM
Q: I installed minecraft 1.14.3 and can`t turn it on

user234589I don`t know which java to choose for it to work

2 hours later…
8:02 AM
Yay @Ave!
Hmm... always fun when people send in meeting requests for the next workday, at the time I typically just arrive at work... and they do it after I've already left for home
8:26 AM
@GnomeSlice It's a report from the Mail on Sunday, so take it with a spoon of salt
8:36 AM
9:04 AM
They're normally fine for that kind of news
9:30 AM
Q: When Kayn terrain-walk to gank enemy champions, how does his shadow-orb-signal work?

Revol NoomDo you see that? Whenever there's an enemy champion near the terrain Kayn's in, this orb will show up. But it's not clear where it will. Do you know how it works?

3 hours later…
12:06 PM
> During a routine traffic control at night, Antwerp police stopped a driver who overtook the clearly marked police van while loudly using his horn. After the stop, the driver claimed he was honking his horn because "the van wasn't going fast enough"
@GnomeSlice Honestly, I think it would be pretty hilarious if they just do the exact same James Bond with Lashana Lynch without changing anything. Goes by "James Bond", flirts outrageously with women, etc.
> Lynch: "Bond, James Bond."
> Person: "But you're a..."
> Lynch: "It's Bond, James Bond."
12:50 PM
I'm glad it will be canon that James Bond is just the codename for 007, especially since it's well established that M and Q are just the codenames for those people.
Q: How do we get to the city in Minecraft and how do we get to different mods etx bomb mod

YusyIs there a way to get to the city in Minecraft or do we have to buy it or something like that

Q: How do I get to the area near the end of the fridge?

Glen CosstickTrying to get the achievements for discovering all locations and there is one part near the end of the area I can't find anyway of getting to

@Lazers2.0 Isn't that Borderlands 2?
Ha, a coworker who is out of the office today broke the build on Friday.
@Yuuki deep down i want the last bit but a part of me feels she'll flirt with the men. so instead of a Bond Girl we'll get a Bond Boy
Okay, so the unbearably long loading time for Dragon Quest Builders 2 seems not that bad with hindsight.
It appears to load the entire map and you don't spend much time switching between maps anyways.
I haven't hit a loading screen in the past two or three hours of playtime.
1:05 PM
@Yuuki That's the best reason for long load times
It's a super long load time though.
Like "go read a book" long.
@Yuuki Just so we're clear: are you on an SSD or on a hard drive?
oh wait, isn't DQB a console game?
I'm playing on my Switch.
I really need to get a toolset and fix the stick drift on my Joycons.
Or apparently just get some electrical contact cleaner.
ah, okay, Switch. That does suck
1:21 PM
Okay, I basically closed all my issues for the week, that means I get to go home now right?
@Kevin No, that means you go to your boss and ask him for more tickets to do
That is so damn accurate
Also, check out the alt text
@Nzall Someone did warn them. Unfortunately, they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
@Yuuki honestly, I don't know if I'd find it hilarious, necessarily, instead I would just find it awesome that a woman gets to play that role. I am worried they're going to like neuter the role to make it "appropriate" for a woman because oh a woman couldn't do what Bond does or whatever
@Memor-X part of me worries that if she does flirt with women it will be the creepy male gaze style unrealistic lesbian ideal that is just to titillate a male audience. :/
@Ash did not think of that
in that case i would rather she flirt with the guys
@Ash I mean, she needs to flirt with men so there's still male eye candy. We can't go from shirtless Daniel Craig to nothing. That shit just ain't fair.
1:29 PM
Augh, the bandages are making my forearms so itchy.
@Wipqozn let me play the world's tiniest violin for you
@Yuuki that sounds highly unpleasant.
So update on the staph: seems much improved, my arms look less like first-degree burns and more like way too much time in the sun.
@Ash not a fan of shirtless Daniel Craig? :o
@Kevin yeah I'm offended
If I remember my stuff correctly, shirtless Daniel Craig is still a example of "male gaze".
1:36 PM
I don't remember it anyway
I'm not sure if I watched that bond movie or not
You play as 'Birb'
> Join Birb in his heart-warming journey of discovery, as he sets off to find his true origins. Follow this cheerful little bouncing bird who revels in singing, and guide him through this magical journey of stunning pixel art and gorgeous animation that shapes itself to your musical interactions! Chirp to activate platforms, and sing to the residents of the forest, learning new notes to aid you in captivating rhythm battles against the creatures of this sprawling, enchanting world.
... I need to link that to someone who's nickname is birb
Yep. I'll probably be playing this
Music platformer? Yes pls
I bought Crypt of the Necrodancer in the steam sale
Haven't played it yet
Woo, expense claim is about to come through.
1:49 PM
Yet it somehow doesn't cover the entirety of my credit card balance :(
Q: What is this old programmable robot battling game?

Peter BridgerWay back when I used to have a 286 with an EGA monitor I had a game that allowed for programmable robots to battle each other. I believe the idea was to teach the basics of programming, by allowing the player to provide a basic script for a robot based upon sensor readings and variables in order...

@Lazers2.0 wait, i think i selected game rec instead of id request for off-topic
@Memor-X Yeah, sorry about that
Well I at least did it correctly ;)
2:30 PM
Q: i need a command to replace a head on an armor stand without removing the armor stand pose in mcpe. anyone know how?

Bowden Larsoni'm using mine craft pocket edition, i want to make a horror map. it needs to be replacing a Steve head with a wither skeleton head. also, i'm using mine craft pocket edition, 1.12.0 , if that helps

2:58 PM
Damn, Infested Planet is hard
3:09 PM
It's good
Anyone here who loved Creeper World would probably find a lot to like in it
@SaintWacko @Frank
@GnomeSlice Eh?
Infested Planet?
@GnomeSlice oooh this looks fun, and there is a demo FOR switch so I can see how hard it is
3:37 PM
still can't believe that I did this
@Ave It's one hell of a night when you wake up with a british company
@Ronan one that's named lasagna.dev ltd too
4:04 PM
@Ave Was seriously wondering why I didn't remember watching this before until I scrolled down a bit to see when it was uploaded.
4:20 PM
@fredley Turn Great?
@Yuuki No, put your vehicle into a superposition of turning both left and right
4:35 PM
@Ave Now I don't feel as bad for wanting to use capitals for Subtle Emphasis.
@MBraedley Yeah I feel like it's been a while since we've seen a notebook-style Tom Scott video.
4:47 PM
Okay, I think I'm going to drop about $500 to upgrade my computer
New mobo, cpu, psu, and hard drive
There are some good deals from Prime Day
Ooo, I should take a look.
When I get home.
1 hour later…
5:49 PM
Q: How do Electrical Anomalies behave in Metro Exodus?

PausePauseElectrical Anomalies are an unusual danger in the Metro series and with the open world of Metro Exodus they make a reappearance as one of Russia's many threats. What I know so far is that they're a form of ball lighting* and deal immense damage to Artyom. What I've learned but I am not complete...

6:29 PM
Q: Can’t claim my reward in Pokémon Go

Melanie I can’t claim my reward. I checked my storage for both bag and Pokémon and there’s plenty of room.

6:49 PM
Q: How do I learn recipes?

AshI have unlocked the Tavern in Littlewood, and I discovered one recipe just by trial and error, but honestly, that's going to take forever if that's the only way for me to learn to cook. Are there other ways to learn to cook other than me just randomly trying combinations? Failing that, is there ...

Q: What do I do with Deluca coins?

AshI keep getting Deluca coins for leveling in various things - are these good for anything in particular, or can I just sell them for Dewdrops? I haven't yet figured out what they might be good for, and if I should keep them for something or not.

Q: How do environmental hazards work in Metro Exodus?

PausePauseAfter the nuclear apocalypse there are pockets of radiation covering Russia. Toxic spores and other non-radioactive threats also require prudence to traverse. Artyom has a gas mask to protect himself from most of Russia's dangers, but it's use isn't fully explained. When exploring the wasteland...

7:29 PM
Q: Does anybody know what game this vgm snippet is from?

Help mehttps://vocaroo.com/i/s0v0ftAOUmOk I heard my friend's autistic brother who was playing the game where the music is coming from, I couldn't ask because his autistic brother always loses it when someone gets in the way of his vidya, or even if someone goes inside the room where he's playing, so I...

7:40 PM
Okay, finally decided what to buy
Ended up being from Newegg instead of Amazon lol
I'm upgrading to a B450 Tomahawk motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Crucial P1 500gb SSD, and 2x8gb DDR4 3200 RAM
Got all that for $414, and then I'm getting a new PSU from Amazon. 750W 80+ Gold rated, from Cooler Master, for about $40 after a couple bonus credits I snagged
@SaintWacko I feel like the sweet spot for SSD in terms of $ per GB is 1TB now
With that size you can actually load most programs and even games in addition to the OS
@Frank Yeah. Have you played it?
Pretty happy with it so far
Playing on hard and getting to the point where it's a real challenge
I like how the aliens adapt and mutate as you clear hives so you have to keep adapting your defenses
@GnomeSlice Can't say I've even heard of it.
the aliens develop new abilities and mutations during the missions
7:52 PM
Sounds like I'd rather play as the aliens
some later game gameplay
Game is dope. I grabbed it for like $3 in summer sale
I think you would like it, Frank
@PrivatePansy I agree. considering the average game right now is around 50-60 GB, and a number of games are breaching the 100 GB barrier, a 500 GB SSD is on the small side
8:09 PM
Q: How do you use Reinforcements?

GnomeSliceI researched the Reinforcements ability but I can't figure out how to use it. The in-game description states the following: Respawning Marines are dropped on the front Respawn speed is 30% faster New Marines are inspired to fire 300% faster Each heli-drop costs 1.5 ammo Once I build the st...

8:55 PM
A: How do you use Reinforcements?

PotatoEngineerAll of the benefits of the Reinforcements building are passive: you can't activate any of them via commands. Going through those benefits in order: Normally, when your marines die, they respawn from a base after a while. (I think it's the base closest to where they died.) You can see their heal...

Quality answer
@GnomeSlice Dang. Wish I'd seen this in the sale. It looks like fun.
@Coronus I meant to message you about it but... I forgot
Not sure if you heard but my family is currently going through some pretty terrible stuff
Q: Why isn't my Switch Pro controller working with Steam

Real NameIt has worked in the past but I used Xinput emulation with it using a rudimentary program I found online called ProConXinput. It has worked in the past, even after using the program for the first time, because i uninstalled the drivers that ran the program. I once again uninstalled the drivers an...

9:16 PM
Ay, #41 in weekly easy challenge leaderboard
@GnomeSlice :( Sorry to hear that. Feel free to message me if you ever need to talk...
Thank you very much
9:49 PM
Q: Can't login with external ip Minecraft java server

FinnYes i have portforted. I can join the server with my local ip but i cant join with my external ip (Whatsmyip.org) No my Ipv4 Ip hasn't changed and my multiplayer is set to true Friends can join when connected to the same internet I don't have firewall on (Put it off and tried to join didn't work ...

10:09 PM
Computer rebuilt in its new case and it is happy.
@Ash \o/
10:29 PM
Q: (Java Minecraft 1.14.3) Instant mining item that can be taken advantage of if the item is switched quickly

HydraI am in 1.14.3 and I'm trying to give the player an item that when held gives the player instant mining. execute as @a[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:shears"}}] run effect give @s haste 1 127 true I am also using execute as @a unless entity @s[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:shears"}}] run ef...

10:41 PM
Yay, got building materials delivered today.
Now to haul it from outside into the basement.
@Dragonrage the only part that didn't work first try is when I forgot the graphics card needed power but then when I turned it on it reminded me
Oh and also. The creepy momsnt when my carbon monoxide detector went into "I have a problem and am not working correctly" mode (light patten and beeps) and then my google Home responded unasked for with "I'm sorry I don't know how to help you with that yet"
@Ash ive done similar things. i forgot to plug in the hdd once. was wondering why it wouldnt turn on
@Ash lol. at least we know the robots arent uprising yet. they cant communicate effectively with verbalization
@Dragonrage this is true we are safe for another day
11:16 PM
@MBraedley we need a box
> Epic Live-Action Remakes
like Sonic?
It's a joke site
Q: Will Console receive the Tavernkeep?

RobbieWill console be receiving the Tavernkeep and the Old One's Army or was the last update the Moon Lord?

> Other planned releases include an H.R. Gigeresque take on Marvin the Martian and an epic Duck Dodgers film directed by James Gunn starring a real duck in green pajamas.
11:37 PM
so OSRS is doing a beta of a revamped Last Man Standing and
I am not good at pvp lol
(it's runescape fortnite, they give you standard gear to start, 99 in all stats except defence which is set to 75, unlimited prayer, good luck)
I am. Not good at tribriding lol
At what now?
It's the technical term for "using all 3 combat styles and also your opponent is using all 3 combat styles giving you vastly too many things to keep track of and switch"
I'm so bad at this. I will probably try to stream it after the prime day strike ends

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