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12:09 AM
Q: How can I quickly fill a large space with random blocks?

ginkgoI want to fill a large area (approximately 40000 blocks in volume, 100x 4y 100z) with random blocks, and as quickly as possible. The area is not solid; it has air blocks which are not intended to be filled. I currently have a method to do so, but it is slow and it crunches TPS. My current method ...

12:25 AM
@GnomeSlice The gameplay video I watched seems interesting, but levels seem kind of simple.
12:36 AM
i still need to get around to posting my guide on setting up one's own rtmp server
12:49 AM
Q: s there a way too get the mini gun in fort without getting wasted In story mode as Franklin ?.

Josepshs there a way too get the mini gun in fort without getting wasted In story mode ?. .

1:08 AM
Q: Garrysmod - Can You Program an On Hit System?

ShrekI've got an idea for a gamemode for a Garrysmod RP server but I don't know if it's realistic within Lua. I specifically want a script that can detect if a person shoots another person with a gun, apply variables to that person (and remember them after he logs out) and also change those variables ...

@Frank The main thing that happens is as you clear hives the surviving ones gain new mutations so you can start seeing new kinds of enemies or whatever so the fighting is more complex than the map would suggest
But yeah there's no terrain elevation or anything like in CW
@Memor-X you mean you can't put a quantum system into superposition and observe it at the same time? Amateur.
I'm fighting a new type of enemy called a guardian and now they have these bunker-like nest things that I can't figure out how to deal with
1:28 AM
Q: How to do swap casting in Diablo 2?

Paul ErlenmeyerThere is a bug where you can use a skill with the casting animation of another skill. For example you can cast chain lightining with the animation of a frost bolt or a fire ball. With paladin you can use charge with the animation of holy hammer. This is usually done in speedruns. How to do swap ...

3 hours later…
4:10 AM
Q: Minecraft Skin Wont Change

user234632so ive been wanting to change my skin I even went to Minecraft net and uploaded the skin file but I go back to my game and it hasn't loaded I also did this a day ago and it still stays the default steve skin. How can I fix this aha

4:30 AM
Q: Why won't my piston push?

Lycandusk I'm in version 1.14.4pre-6 and have average redstone skills, so this is my player conveyor belt design, and this piston won't turn on. It works when I update it, but I don't see why I have to with this design

5:29 AM
Q: i can't seem to transfer a terraria character and world to a flash drive

Rdawg Deejaysi have a macOS high sierra version 10.13.6 and i can't seem to transfer the character and world to the flash drive. hoping i could use some help with this and ill be transferring it to a windows 10 desktop.

Q: Didn't able to buy 7 day shield in new legend system

Kirandeep MaanI was in legend league and at the last 10 min of ending the legend day i purchased all the shields 7 days, 2 days and 1 day but i got only 2 days and 1 day shield and costs 250 gems which means i got only two shield but i purchased 250 gems 7 days shield also but didn't got and gems cost also not...

2 hours later…
7:59 AM
Morning chat!
I slipped and fell twice yesterday on my way to my train from work
Thaaaat's not good
and now I have a limp on my right leg
First fall was going down 4 stairs too fast and slipping on a recently cleaned floor that was still wet without a yellow sign
Second fall was going up the stairs to the train tracks, stepping on the smooth stone gutter meant for the cyclists and losing my footing
I didn't break anything or something like that fortunately, but my right knee feels somewhat wobbly when I first put weight on it
Morning @Kevin
3 hours later…
11:11 AM
I made an appointment with my doctor to get my knee checked out after the double fall yesterday
it's for tomorrow
11:29 AM
That seems... excessive
@Kevin just want to make sure it's nothing serious
"I fell twice and after a few hours my knee hurts still hurts" is... expected :p
Soooo I may have a mistake by buying a DSLR that was like 50% off on Amazon.
@Kevin Yeah, but it's pain that seems like it comes from the bone, and I really feel it if I put a lot of weight on it
Well, you'd know best
11:38 AM
Honestly, even if it turns out to be nothing serious, I'd rather get it checked out and have the peace of mind than ignore it and maybe have something more serious
I'd just wait until at least tomorrow for it to go away =p
And yes, I know it's to be expected that your knee hurts after a fall
@Kevin If necessary, I can cancel the appointment until 5 minutes beforehand
I don't need to pay in advance or anything like that, so if I find that the pain is recovering as expected tomorrow, I'll cancel it
Oh boy, Friday's going to be exciting.
I'm going to be getting something like 10 or so packages.
Fun things?
Various fun things, yes.
And also less fun but important things.
I should see if I can get a deal on a telescope.
12:41 PM
I'm not even looking at amazon's prime day
@Unionhawk ah yeah, sadly I do use AWS for S3, but i don't think I paid the bills in last year or so so I guess I'm not crossing the picket line?
ehhhhhhh AWS is kind of hard to avoid these days
I can avoid AWS
and I will :p
I could look at amazon deals to see if any other stores will match them
1:03 PM
We have a family meeting scheduled with the doctors tomorrow to discuss my father's future and what it's probably going to look like. They had my family write up a list of things and abilities that we think are important to him as a man for a good life and they're going to tell us if they think they're attainable or not. Based on the list my mother wrote I think we're going to be pretty disappointed
They basically said he's not making the progress they'd hoped already. He's not able to communicate by voice or by movement, which is what I suspected. My family has been adamant that he's moving in response to them but it has not seemed that purposeful to me. He's moving like an infant.
He's not on life support though so I guess he may just end up in a long term care home for the next 30 years where they feed him and clean him and dress him and wheel him in front of the TV for a few hours every day and put him to bed until he dies
Not how I want to remember my father. He was the smartest man I ever met. If that's what happens then my father died in that accident
Q: How to land sleeping armies from a transport onto a shore in Empire?

Andriy MakukhaThe game I am referring to is called Empire or VMS Empire. It works in terminal on Unix-like systems, particularly on Ubuntu. It is an early derivative of the Classic Empire from 1970s, which inspired Sid Meier's Civilization. The question is: When I move armies into a transport and then press...

1:18 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm so, so very sorry for your loss. Losing a parent like that is always heartbreaking
don't know for sure yet but most likely
Has your father ever indicated or explicitly said if ... certain actions... should be undertaken if he ever ended up in a physical situation like that?
Sorry if that question is inappropriate
I was hoping he and my mother had had such a conversation but I asked her and she said no
He's not on life support any more either so there's no choice to be made. Canada doesn't have euthanization yet. So I may have to just watch him live like that for the next 30 years.
@GnomeSlice That sucks
It physically hurts to see him. I still hope to God that he improves at least a little but it's pretty terrifying
1:27 PM
@GnomeSlice I really hope he gets at least some improvement
@fredley it's okay
:51043267 :thinkingface:
poor timing but dw about it
Sorry, bad timing
Didn't read the room before posting
I blame mobile?
At least you deleted it instead of migrating it to Android Enthusiasts?
1:29 PM
55 secs ago, by fredley
I blame mobile?
> Didn't read the room before posting migrating
@Yuuki Right? I'm so excited
@SaintWacko I'm gonna take so many pictures.
Just completely random pictures.
At least four close-ups of doorknobs, I promise.
@Yuuki Before or after you licked them?
@Nzall Please, they're not Switch cartridges.
1:39 PM
@Yuuki It's a reference to that joke Tumblr about Asians licking doorknobs
And this is a reference to the time I licked my Breath of the Wild cartridge.
@Yuuki oh right, those things taste really badly, right?
Mar 3 '17 at 23:22, by Yuuki
@Ash Oh hey, blast from the past but I finally watched this movie over the weekend and it was everything I dreamed of.
1:59 PM
@GnomeSlice Nice example of pareidolia
cc @Ash
2:47 PM
Q: Observer behavior in Minecraft version 1.11

SlayerDiAngeloI'm playing Minecraft: Java Edition, 1.11 on PC. The reason I'm playing this version is because of the lack of OptiFine releases for the current version. My question is concerning the behavior of Observers in this version. I built a pumpkin farm as shown in the screenshot below. The farm works...

3:06 PM
Super Monkey Ball for Switch, PS4 looks like a remake of the so-so Banana Blitz eurogamer.net/articles/…
DS monkey ball was amazing
using the touch screen for the controls was a great idea
@Wipqozn wait, ps4?
I thought nintendo owned Super Monkey Ball
Oh duh, it's SEGA. I knew that
3:27 PM
Q: why princess luna died?

Thesnake123final fantasy XV. also I am a girl. I didn't understand why she died, levaiathan didn't damage her, the rocky astral came to their defense so wtf happened, FFXV was amazing btw

@Yuuki I still haven't watched it. I should.
@Ash It's on US Netflix right now, not sure about Canada.
3:42 PM
I will have to check!
@Ash Seems to be on Canadian Netflix as well.
@Unionhawk well
we're now 100% amazon free.
4:02 PM
damn the chrono.gg deal changed while I was in checkout so it didn't work
Q: How do I get my dog out of my Minecraft boat

Emma PI went fishing with my dog in a boat. He got stuck and I cant get him out. How do I get him back out? (Mcpe btw)

Relevant username?
user image
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
4:21 PM
@Yuuki Excellent
@GodEmperorDune Also excellent
@Yuuki that took me a sec. nice
5:01 PM
@GodEmperorDune Kinda want to play Pokemon: 40k now.
Q: How do affixes and prefixes work in Diablo 2?

Paul ErlenmeyerWhen you are looking for Magic or Rare items. What are the things you need to consider? What affixes can an item get? On what things does it depend? Character level, item level, quality of the item, ...? I know the most rares worth picking up, but I want to know a way to find out exactly how to ...

So based on that top AskReddit thread about WTF movies, has anyone else here seen Swiss Army Man or am I the only one?
5:25 PM
Fuck I feel like shit
5:47 PM
Q: Why I only skip 10 with heavenly strike now after the recent 7/17 update?

user4951 Heavenly Strike upgrades now increase splash skip instead of splash count. Angelic Radiance now increases splash count instead of splash skip. Heavenly Strike base splash count increase. https://www.reddit.com/r/TapTitans2/comments/cch54d/tt2_devlog_45_preview_of_v32/?utm_source=...

Q: How to activate commands around a tagged entity with command blocks?

CautiousNinja 199So I am trying to set the score of a person within two blocks of a tagged armor stand, but the commands I thought would work don't. I have tried execute at @e[tag=GFlag] run scoreboard players add @a[scores{dropFlag1.0=0},team=Red,distance=..2] 1 and execute at @a[team=Red,scores={dropFlag1...

Q: Gta 5 unlocking bounty

1988 chevy blazer k5Hey I have a 360 and Im in level 6163 I have just unlocked rank 10 in my crew and the bounty has still not unlocked and advice would help. Thanks

6:05 PM
@Yuuki I've heard of it but never seen it.
@Yuuki giggles oh that's terrible
Finally got it
@MBraedley Awesome :D I have no excuse not to watch it now :D
@Nzall Nice!
@Nzall Congrats! I'm still working on that, but I've been playing a lot less WoW since World Engineer and I have been in the same house
I actually was a lot more motivated once I realized that the Mechagon WQ gives a ton of rep, AND that there's a team you can use to steamroll every single legendary pet battle in BfA
6:12 PM
@Ash It's an incredibly bizarre movie.
for those interested, the pet team you can use to oneshot or nearly oneshot every single legendary pet battle in BfA (and maybe even the game) is Boneshard (Marrowgar drop), Ikky (Spires of Arakk questing) and Zandalari Kneebiter/Anklerender (trolls on the Isle of Giants). Open with Biting Cold, then cast the bleed twice, if Boneshard isn't dead yet use Biting cold, then switch to either other pet and cast Black Claw, then the 100% damage move
@Yuuki I've heard about it and was interested in seeing it.
But then I forgot about it.
Oh god, JavaScript why
> For consistency with functions like String.prototype.padEnd the standard method name is trimEnd. However, for web compatibility reasons, trimRight remains as an alias to trimEnd. In some engines this means: String.prototype.trimRight.name === "trimEnd";
@Nzall aww, I don't have Boneshard or Ikky I don't think
6:15 PM
Backward compatibility is a pain everywhere
@Ash Boneshard is easy to farm, and Ikky is just some questing
Though, web JS probably has it worst
At least with web JS there are transpilers these days that can abstract away the worst bits, IIRC
And you can ignore a lot of it in new code. Any new code can just not use trimRight so its weirdness doesn't matter
I get that, but the name thing is just weird
Is there a standard that dictates both functions have the same name?
6:19 PM
@PrivatePansy probably the same underlying function is used for both variables.
And String.prototype[String.prototype.trimRight.name] === String.prototype.trimRight, and that's probably the most meaningful invariant
I.e. it is likely that String.prototype.trimRight === String.prototype.trimEnd
Ah, if they had different names they would need to be different objects
Meanwhile, JS doesn't necessarily know what name a function was called by, since functions are first-class values; so the function has its name baked into it to assist with debugging.
@Nzall I'll have to hunt them down :)
6:21 PM
(contrast, say, Lua, where functions are first-class but don't have intrinsic names, which means the debugger has to figure out what name a function has from the context it was called in and will, in some circumstances, just give up and go "function at address 0x1234")
@PrivatePansy yeah, exactly.
God, being able to fly is so liberating
@Nzall I can't wait for that
6:57 PM
@Nzall I need to get a couple of those, but that's really good to know
@Ash omg same
The anti-gravity pack is just a teasing taste
Q: Why can't I start the quest "lost to the ages"?

user234660I have finished the main part of the dawnguard dlc but I can't start the Lost to the Ages quest. I've read the book the Aetherium Wars but nothing happened. I checked the misc in my journal but there's nothing there to do with the quest.

7:27 PM
Q: What happens when I team swap while I have Pokemon inside a gym?

MkalafutI am toying around with the idea of swapping teams however the gym nearby was just taken over by me. I am the sole trainer at that gym currently. What were to happen if I swapped my team in the following situations? I am the sole trainer in that gym (recently taken over) I am holding the gym ...

7:39 PM
This might take a while, wtf
8:07 PM
Q: Is there a way to get more home Xbox switches?

RobbieEvery summer I go on vacation and while I'm at my vacation house I set the Xbox there to my home Xbox because my internet is bad. But now it's saying I only have 4 switches left so is there a way to get more home Xbox switches or am I stuck with 10?

Q: What do midget goliaths count as for Badass Rank?

ChaosblessedIn Borderlands 2, there are midgets, and there are goliaths. These two enemies have badass rank missions for killing them. There are also midget goliaths. What do these count for? Just midgets? Just goliaths? Both at the same time? Neither?

I haven't eaten anything all day
8:37 PM
@GnomeSlice You should do that. Take care of yourself sir, despite the everything going on.
Yes, agreed, make sure to make time for sleep/food etc. <3
ohh okay
It's an edit of that one
That's why I couldn't find it
wait..is it?
anyways moral of the story is good comic
panels are different
hmm, is it crossing the picket line if I use goodreads, but only to find a book that's anticapitalist that I read
9:37 PM
wait, is goodreads owned by amazon?
as of March 28, 2013
it's buzzfeed and is bootlicky in the way it's written, but the list is useful.
> Amazon books
YEah I'd never guess that was owned by amazon
@Ave for what?
9:50 PM
@GnomeSlice strike, boycott
@Wipqozn There must be at least 20 items in that list of "business you never knew were owned by Amazon" with "Amazon" in the name
Oo. Good luck with that
i mean if y'all are going to be hypocrites
here's an amazon cafe that's not owned by amazon
@Ave I always forget they own Goodreads now
(That does explain why they do ebook giveaways now but only for Kindle stuff)
people always forget the true meaning of prime day smh
9:54 PM
Nah, Prime Day is for farming the new Wukong frame.
@Unionhawk rip optimus prime
@Yuuki if I were farming anything it'd be Hildryn because OMG she is close to my bodytype :D
@Ash Unfortunately not a Prime yet so it is forbidden on Prime Day.
@Yuuki fiiiiiine I guess you might have a point but she looks SO COOL.
@Yuuki did wukong get any love before getting a prime? he had been in a pretty bad spot for awhile
10:07 PM
@Dragonrage Yep, he got a rework before the Prime dropped.
IIRC, they moved his Defy to a passive that activates on certain threshold and he has some number of "Get Out Of Death" free cards per mission. And they added a clone ability.
And whenever he "dies", he triggers a temporary buff.
hmm. ill have to check it out. havent played in awhile
I haven't played since I got mad at Harrow
I should get World to do that for me now he's in my house
@Ash then you can experience the rest of the stories (spoiler: they are great)
also, a new cinematic quest is coming around December iirc
@Dragonrage Umbra still has frustrating parts though.
@Dragonrage I just hope they're not too awful controls wise.
10:17 PM
Can't be a Warframe quest if there's not a part that's frustrating.
There's frustrating, and then there's "oh hey this is inaccessible"
10:29 PM
@Yuuki i feel like umbra is a bit difficult, but isnt terrible controls wise. just from a personal standpoint comparing Harrow vs Umbra
Harrow makes me wanna vomit because I feel like I need octopus hands to make al teh buttons
10:51 PM
@murgatroid99 You know, the fact that there is at least 20 and it's only a small fraction of what they own really demonstrates just how much they own. Monopoly power. Sort of.
It's kinda alarming
It's like those charts that show what drink company owns what and there are like only three

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