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12:22 AM
Q: Do i even do any damage to Bosses when they have the Gold Aura?

Memor-Xin Tales of Hearts R i've gotten to the point where i now can use the Lv 4 Spiria Drive and the in game help says i am invincible while it is active. one thing i have noticed however is that i have the same gold Aura as i have seen Bosses get in the middle of battle since the start of the game. ...

Q: How is skill bonus for excavations calculated?

Oblivious SageThe new Ancient Relics story pack added excavations. Each time your scientist works on an excavation, you have a chance to make progress. There are 3 factors that modify the odds: the difficulty of the excavation site, a "skill level", and the number of clues already gathered at the site via part...

12:42 AM
Q: How do I reset parental controls on a Wii system?

Annette DaleI bought a used Wii that still has parental controls enabled. How do I reset it? I tried formatting the Wii system but it still asks for a pin.

1:02 AM
Q: What do I put in the generator-settings area in server.properties?

Ded TurtleSo I'm trying to make a custom superflat world on my server. The wiki says that I need to put flat as the level-type, and I need to modify the generatorName, generatorVersion, and generatorOptions. The thing is, there's no more info on this, although I think it might be important. But for now, I ...

Q: Cannot log in to minecraft (Loading forever)

GamerMAfter June 15, I wasnt able to login into my account on minecraft. This is two days after the new Minecraft Launcher came out. It is forever stuck on the login screen. Ive tried re-installing java and resetting my password. I can however login through the minecraft.net website. I have looked onli...

1:41 AM
Q: What determines how long my train is?

AshI am playing Train Taxi, and the train gets longer as you pick up passengers (it is a snake-style mobile game). It doesn't seem to add a new train car for every passenger I pick up, but I can't really figure out how it decides when to add a new car. When does Train Taxi add a new car to my train?

2:01 AM
Q: Command Block Testfor

MamaWolfGenI play Minecraft 1.11.4 on my iPhone and am trying to find a way to make a gate work with command blocks, red stone, and a button on either side. I want to use a diamond sword with the custom name Key to open/close the gate. How do I do this?

2:13 AM
@PrivatePansy I'm guessing that matches your experiences?
@Ash Oh yeah, this entire weekend has been completely foggy except for an hour this afternoon
2:31 AM
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5:27 AM
Q: Is there an ideal time to use the boost?

DJ Spicy DeluxeOn Game Dev Tycoon when one of your employees has their boost ready and you're making a game, is there an ideal time to use it or just as soon as possible (so you can hopefully get 2 during the production of that game)?

Q: Is there an ideal time to use marketing?

DJ Spicy DeluxeOn Game Dev Tycoon when you're making a game and are going to start using marketing to generate hype is there an ideal time (like close to G3 or during the final phase) to do it, or will it have the same effect regardless?

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7:39 AM
Good morning chat
Good morning @Kevin
8:16 AM
Good morning @Kevin
Good morning
8:27 AM
Q: Double Speed Arrows

user233088I'm trying to make whenever an arrow is shot it will fly at double the speed without falling. The no falling part was easy, simply did execute as @e[type=arrow] run data merge entity @s {NoGravity:1} and that did the trick. The other part is the real problem. As I understand, I'd have to exec...

uber paid a fine I got months ago now
That's some delay
correction: it was in february 2019, not september 2018
still, that's 3+ months
I was gonna say, I remember you getting fined but it was much more recently
1 hour later…
9:47 AM
Q: What Game is This?

davidjwestMy son was watching a video on YouTube of a game that looks a bit like Rampage (run around the city as a giant Gorilla destroying buildings) but it's a top-down isometric perspective view. It might have been a mobile game but not sure the platform. If you earned enough points you got bonus char...

10:07 AM
Q: How to raise the water level in a part of the map?

DanHow do you do this is? It would really help me, as I have do do an assessment on this. It is on the Aztec Empire server.

10:33 AM
Oh hey, SGDQ starts this week
10:51 AM
This sunday apaprently
11:35 AM
user image
@Memor-X It's great because it's hilarious
The one that I like the most is that miss universe thing
@Wipqozn You should totally post the dawn of the final day or 48 h remaining on the Election chat
Whichever is correct
11:55 AM
@Moacir I only use that for trolling people
@Wipqozn Nice to know it then. Btw, did you get Cadence of Hyrule?
Just use normal units
Problem solved
@Kevin tbf a unit of measurement that's one arc-minute is a pretty cool unit of measurement
One arc-minute of what though? The site you linked doesn't say
I mean, it does say... but it's wrong because the earth isn't spherical
@Kevin Of the earth circumference as measured around the equator
@Kevin RTFA M8
"you could pick up one of the halves and look at the equator as a circle. You could divide that circle into 360 degrees. You could then divide a degree into 60 minutes. A minute of arc on the planet Earth is 1 nautical mile."
It's not a circle
12:16 PM
This is heptowhateverseconds all over again
@Memor-X Robot Lives Matter.
Do they mean they then wrap a circle around it that fits the biggest extreme?
@Kevin It's circular enough.
Or do they measure it as if the length of a rope wrapped around it, what about the coastline paradox
Regardless, it's now defined as everything else is. Some amount of meters (which are defined based on the laws of physics)
@Kevin I don't think that's how the coastline paradox works.
12:20 PM
@Yuuki I meant coastline paradox as a third option, my bad
@Ash Given the context of this revelation, it's "our people".
@Kevin You hate gamemaker, but is the only engine I actually know how to build. If I were to learn a language to make bots, automations, api, with database connections, which language would you suggest? Python?
Python probably
@Moacir Python
And I don't know gamemaker it's just a thing that is useful in a very few limited circumstances
@Moacir Anaconda.
@Yuuki Get out
@fredley Ok, this link you sent has the best argument for me to do something: "Update and format data in Excel spreadsheets of any size"
@Moacir I beat it on the weekend. It was very enjoyable.
An equator of a rotating spheroid (such as a planet) is its zeroth circle of latitude (parallel). It is the imaginary line on the spheroid, equidistant from its poles, dividing it into northern and southern hemispheres. In other words, it is the intersection of the spheroid with the plane perpendicular to its axis of rotation and midway between its geographical poles. On Earth, the Equator is about 40,075 km (24,901 mi) long, of which 78.8% lies across water and 21.3% over land. Indonesia is the country straddling the greatest length of the equatorial line across both land and sea. == Etymology... ==
12:24 PM
@Wipqozn How's replayability?
Hmm, does anyone have any books or websites for learning python when you've not learned any other programming language yet? A friend has 'automate the boring stuff' but it's too complex for her to start with
@Wipqozn I'm a little lost on what to do, honestly.
I managed to stumble my way into finding the first dungeon and beating the boss but I have no idea where to go.
@Moacir You may find pandas to be somewhat transformative to your ability to do things with Excel data, but it's a bit more advanced: dataquest.io/blog/excel-and-pandas
@Moacir I don't intend to replay it anytime soon, but the world is randomly generated, so there's definitely some replayabilty.
pandas is a python data processing library.
12:26 PM
@Yuuki You basically just wander around trying to find dungeons and items.
@fredley That site is wrong btw. Nautical miles are defined based on latitude, not longitude
A nautical mile is a unit of measurement used in both air and marine navigation, and for the definition of territorial waters. Historically, it was defined as one minute (1/60 of a degree) of latitude. Today the international nautical mile is defined as exactly 1852 metres. This converts to about 1.2 imperial/US miles. The derived unit of speed is the knot, one nautical mile per hour. == Unit symbol == There is no single internationally agreed symbol. M is used as the abbreviation for the nautical mile by the International Hydrographic Organization and by the International Bureau of Weights and...
@fredley I managed to go evolve inside VBA until Class Modules, but I think from now on things gets harder to do without that extra resources
Geographic miles, on the other hand, those ARE defined as based on the longitude
@Nzall In that case it seems like @Wipqozn was wrong
12:28 PM
@GnomeSlice that's a backer only post. I hope people get their money back
@Moacir Yeah, I'd do the ATBSWP spreadsheet module, then if you find that easy try pandas
Oh I thought that URL would work for others
@Ash I don't think they will, but I don't expect them to either
@fredley Nonsense. He cannot be wrong in his own year
> It's costing us more to run the Hex Gambit servers than we make from selling the game. So it's with a heavy heart that we announce the end for HG, probably my favorite game design in our nine years doing this.
@GnomeSlice "Please provide the relevant content from that link, in case it becomes inaccessible in future"
12:30 PM
What's Hex Gambit?
@Moacir in fact, in his year he cannot be anything but wrong.
@Kevin Then it would just be a regular year
In a normal year there's the slimmest of hopes that he might be correct
@Ash I love the detours that the show takes.
@Yuuki Current strategy game for PC/Switch by the developers of Outwitters
Which is a really great mobile game
But it looks like his programmer left him and now he can't complete it
12:33 PM
@GnomeSlice rekt
Just think folks, soon the Year of Wipqozn will be over...
That sucks. Their past games were excellent
Except for the fact that I'll be the one to help mold the minds of the new mods!
@Wipqozn Just in time for the Year of Wipqozn to begin
The Year of Wipqozn will continue forever
Because heck, @Robotnik will be asleep most of the time the new mods are awake anyways! IT'LL ALL BE UP TO ME TO MOLD THEM! INSPIRE THEM! GUIDE THEM!
Really my biggest regret is @fredley isn't still a mod
Little Wipqoznlets
Can you imagine a mod team where @fredley and I were the main people responsible for teaching new mods?
It be terrible great!
@Feeds Exactly!
12:36 PM
Could you imagine ErrorTheWolf as a lead mod?
Lesson 1: How a diamond increases your trolling capacity
Error and Ronnie for mods
Lesson 2: See Lesson 1
@Moacir I thought mods were made out of diamond, not lead
Jun 12 '15 at 14:17, by fredley
@Unionhawk I literally only became a mod to expand my trolling power
12:36 PM
@fredley Best platform
@Kevin rimshot.mp3
I can recommend picking up a pro-tem site once you're a mod
All the trolling power, none of the responsibility
@Moacir Ronnie mod jokes are fine because as far as I know, not an active user and they actually ran for mod.
That reminds me, I should check for flags this month - oh there are none
I've been waiting for the full launch to play the PC game at all, maybe I should try it before the servers die
12:38 PM
@fredley Best advice. Really @Ash dropped the ball on that one.
Or just forget about it
@Wipqozn ikr
But maybe let's not call out specific people, especially if they aren't involved with the mod election.
@fredley We've got 3901 flags backlogged right now. @Robotnik and I decided to just not even bother once @Ash stepped down, and just save all the flags for the new mods.
@Yuuki Sorry
Can someone remove those messages please? It was uncalled for
(My messages)
12:39 PM
> If I (this is Adam, the artist) am able to learn enough about programming to finish another game or turn things around, I intend to get back in touch and give you guys whatever I can to try and make it right.
@Wipqozn Are you serious? Holy shit.
Can you imagine what would happen if that @Wipqozn guy became a mod
I never saw more than a dozen or so flags backed up when I was mod
@Wipqozn Truly we are in the year of Wipqozn
@fredley No hahaha. That be hilarious though.
@Unionhawk For one, we'd probably have 3901 flags in the backlog.
12:40 PM
@Wipqozn I was gonna say. Those are SO numbers
@fredley Yeah that be horrifying.
starts going on a flagging spree
@Wipqozn For the quarter ^^
@fredley My word
Also unrelated, I'm very close to Marshal finally :o
12:42 PM
@Wipqozn ikr
Clearly you should all recognize my brilliance and just give me mod-rights now
@Kevin unrelated because it requires helpful flags iirc
I'd say I've handled more flags today, but I thin the "day" just switched over 45 minutes ago.
@Unionhawk yeah
It's not just "flags cast" that'd be insane
Flags actually have slowed down a little bit, it seems, since @Ash stepped down. I'm pretty sure the whole site is just in mourning.
12:44 PM
Flagbolt! Flagbolt! Flagbolt!
@Yuuki it is so fun and also makes me hungry but makes me actually wanna cook.
@Wipqozn that must be it.
@Ash IT's either that or it's because all our biggest flaggers are too busy making themselves look fancy for the election
I love getting emails from kayak about a search after I already booked at a higher price :D (that low price flight probably doesn't fit with my time constraints it's fine)
We all just wanted our flags to be read by Ash, now that they're gone there's no reason to flag things anymore.
@Ash was clearly playing both sides
12:46 PM
@Wipqozn nah it's definitely the first thing you said
@Kevin aww <3
@Kevin That must be it
Turns out all the flags were raised by @Ash's socks
"oh lord, Wipqozn is probably going to see this flag? Forget that"
@fredley something something well I am bisexual so it's my nature something something?
@Ash Haha
Speaking for myself, I wouldn't want to be handled by @Wipqozn
12:47 PM
@fredley I know it's starbait, but I just can't resist.
Starbait reminds me of the good ol' days, when stars were lucky to star on the list for more than 24 hours.
@Wipqozn Those were the days
The biggest troll would be that as soon as the election is over, @Robotnik and I both step down.
@Wipqozn With immediate effect
That sounds like a @Wipqozn move
12:50 PM
It's ok, I'd step up to the plate as pro tem mod
You have been warned
@fredley well shit, that makes me want to do it all the more.
I have just quit my job, so...
Although it's kind of wild when you realize that every mod from before @Robotnik and I election are stepping down.
Question: If I open IDLE(Python) and do the import commands, this does not mean all modules are kept imported forever, right?
I'm not saying that I'm responsible or anything, but you know, just do the math.
12:51 PM
So I also picked up Slay the Spire.
@Moacir They're imported at runtime. Whenever you run the program again they'll be reimported.
@fredley How much time do you have remaining before the resignation actually comes into effect?
@Yuuki I didn't mean to star that but I'm gonna keep it because yeeeesssssss
Can't remember off the top of my head if IDLE is a persistent kernel
Amazing game. Did you buy it on Switch or PC @Yuuki?
12:51 PM
@Kevin 2 months
One run, I picked up the Ritual Dagger card followed by an event that let me duplicate any card I chose.
@Wipqozn Switch.
But you know what notice period is like
@Yuuki Just a heads up that the Switch version is currently really buggy, but there's a patch waiting on approval.
So I had two Ritual Dagger cards in my deck. Fun thing about that, the damage increase is applied to both cards.
It was pretty great that I could stack up the damage on it twice per combat.
12:53 PM
Yeah I heard the switch version got framey with a bunch of cards on screen, but it's not terrible
Are the reasons you quit any better yet fredley? Or at least better to ignore
It's not "I did the wrong thing on accident because of the frames"
@Yuuki Sounds like a bug tbh, but I've never used Ritual dagger before, so who knows.
Have you unlocked Silent yet @Yuuki?
@Wipqozn Makes sense in my opinion. But having a 1-cost 36 damage nuke twice per combat was pretty great.
@Wipqozn Doesn't sound familiar.
@Yuuki Basically have you beaten the game with Ironclad yet.
12:55 PM
@Wipqozn Nope.
Also fun combo, that card that removes costs in return for no draws, multiple Blade Dances, and Finisher.
@Yuuki Those are silent cards. Did you buy the prismatic shard or do a daily?
Although it's possible another bug is you're getting cards from another class. WHO KNOOOOOWS.
No wait, I have the Silent.
But I don't remember beating the game.
I think I beat Act 1 and then died to the boss in Act 2.
@Yuuki You might just need to beat act 1
I thought it was beat the act 3, but I could be wrong
I just beat Act 1 on my first attempt on switch, sicne well, I've got 150 hours on PC.
so I didn't really notice the requirement.
I just made a helloworld executable that is 10 mb somehow but it works
@Moacir executable? Are you turning your python code into an exe?
'cos normally you'd just have the .py file
1:10 PM
@Moacir Heh i can make a 100mb hello world even if i try to make it in less than 100kb try to beat that
@fredley For my personal use, yes, I will keep it py. But most of the "automation of boring things" that I do it here is for people that have no programming knowledge
So I will probably need an exe for them to be able to use it
@Moacir So you're building stuff for other people to use?
@fredley Yep
(the reason that it's 10mb is that the python executable is bundled along with your tiny file)
I already do this with excel, however due to cost reduction some people use libreoffice
1:12 PM
pyfreeze and things like that aren't really compilers or anything, they just put a thin wrapper around the standard python executable and libraries and call it done
@Kevin Yeah this
Which to be honest wont be a problem, unless I manage to get it to GB's
And I think I wont
No, it won't.
If you write 1MB of code, your executable size will be 11MB
Unless you start bundling in tensorflow etc.
Yeah, that will cause ballooning
I will MAYBE do a database system, but thats for the future
1:15 PM
It's smart enough to only include what you use and nothing more
@Moacir Interfacing with a local sqlite db or connecting to something central?
@fredley Sqlite initially, something central if it works well
We already have multiple systems here, but the people from Dev are always flooded with work
Like, they need to fix so many things they cannot work on improving the QoL
So I focus on QoL on my downtime
And then when they get a demand for something I did, it is ready, so it is basically check + deploy
(I mostly do reports to be fair, not anything that changes the DB, just read from it)
After all, accounting is not about working with numbers. Its about working with information (However we convert information to numbers to be easily comparable)
> End of the world
Karaoke all alone
Heal all the pain from my office job
Wake up in the morning
And do it all again
Sell my soul
'Cause I'm a corporate slave
Choke on my rage!
Choke on my rage!
@fredley Funny enough, I watched the entire season 2 yesterday
It was one of those cases where "Just one more episode" to "Wait, is it over?"
1:31 PM
@Wipqozn you probably see more flags than I do anyway, just based on timezones
@Moacir Yeah I'm half way through S2
@Robotnik Holy shit, @Robotnik is a real person
really? let me check
yep, I'm here in the corporeal
Is it the middle of the night?
9:30 AM for me
1:34 PM
'Cause 24-hour format is better
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we eagerly await the end of the Year of Wipqozn. [-♦♦♦♦] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-mods] [murder] [-pedantry] [-politics] [time-tetrahedron]
hmm what if simultaneous 3-day time tetrahedron
1:38 PM
Voting ends tomorrow, so Go Vote! Do it now! Right Now!
But what if I did it yesterday
double check, just in case the timecube stuffed it up
Hmm that makes sense
@Robotnik Yup, absolutely. Like I said before, you age I being the main active miss right now is nice since we've still got 24 hour coverage.
Make a new account and vote again
1:41 PM
Oh no I forgot to run in the election, alas
That's some extreme autocorrect
Nono I do age the main active miss
it's part of the job
@TimStone I was hoping you'd run tbh. I was going to comment on your nomination that you'd be a bad influence so that makes you the perfect choice.
Next time, next time
we'll remind you in 3 years :P
1:42 PM
I figure I should probably participate first, instead of just lurking, absorbing all the information
@TimStone nah
I should have run on the platform of immediately stepping down
It's what all the cool mods do
@Ronan I'd vote for that
@Ronan *It's what all the mods do
@Quijibo Nah only the cool ones
1:44 PM
@Wipqozn True, I should have run on the platform that I got my current modship just by asking, therefore no one should question it
Sorry @Robotnik you've been caught in the crossfire
@Ronan Poor @Robotnik. He's been lumped in with me.
I like how the mods use avatars of evil characters
So I worked my obliques Saturday and my sides are super sore now.
Existence is minor agony.
1:55 PM
@Moacir Evil Dr Porkchop
Q: Is there way to see how much plates were taken after they fell?

Fredy31While in a game of League of Legends, it seems that after 14 minutes, when the plates fall, you have no way to look at how much plates were taken from each side, and so take a guess how much your team is in front/behind in gold. Is there a way to look it up while in game?

Q: Minecraft - invalid migration attempt

snaktastici entered all of the details in correctly which were needed to migrate the account. I then press migrate and its says Invalid Migration Attempt. Cu

2:12 PM
@fredley There are memes of your avatar with 'Do not believe his lies', so you are evil enough
@Robotnik what if you were the first person to vote this election?
Well that was a fun morning
My old first email account got compromised
So I had to recover that, as well as the handful of other accounts they gained access to
I think I got them all, and I'm finally switching over to using LastPass
Q: What's a good way to make a health bar using the bossbar command (For multiplayer pursposes)

Wicked GrinnI want to use the bossbar command to create a health bar for the players (each seeing ONLY their own health). So I came to the conclusion that there are two main ways to do so: 1) This is the best but is single player only: Create scoreboard called "health" linked to the player's heal...

2:41 PM
@SaintWacko Good rocketship
why python does not import everything when you import *?
I may have the things wrong, but for example: From tkinter import * and From tkinter import messagebox
Shouldn't the first one also import the second one?
I expected this to be deleted, but not red flagged. interesting.
i can understand why it got red flagged thoguh
I assume the turtle pressed the super delete button
@Dragonrage Almost sure it has something to do with Phantoms
3:00 PM
@Moacir that links to a deleted answer
which you can't see because <10k
@Unionhawk You dont have to rub in my face! cries in the corner of 1k
Toronto employers give staff the green light to skip work for Raptors parade beta.cp24.com/news/2019/6/17/1_4469493.html
That's pretty radtastic
They were expecting 2 million to come out. Not sure how many did, but it's huge.
something something stanley cup
3:21 PM
@Yuuki NBA, not NHL
Yes but I didn't feel like elaborating on my joke so you'll have to imagine that it's hilarious.
@Yuuki Along the lines of "Leafs haven't won in over half a century"?
Pretty much.
@MBraedley they haven't won since the year my mom immigrated to Canada.
@Ash spooky Canadian noises
(Basically oooooo~ but ehhhhhh~ instead)
3:33 PM
@Yuuki my family jokes that World Engineer arriving (in 10 sleeps omg) is either gonna break the curse mom brought with her, or make it even worse.
Hmm. I'll accept the Leafs winning next year. That might work out.
I don't get why it's better than rotating the screw
@Ash Let's just say he preemptively broke the curse with the Raptors win. Either that or they are now cursed for 50+ years.
@Ronan Scoops at the bottom force material in, making it more consistent in terms of volume of material lifted.
3:59 PM
So I watched the new Godzilla movie over the weekend.
It took reading the Wikipedia entry to realize that Zhang Ziyi played twins in the movie.
4:26 PM
@fredley Amazing
4:50 PM
bridge, I bought a thing.
I've been meaning to get my own mug at work for a long time now
but I don't like carrying brand icons on me, so I was planning to design my own mug
but I just couldn't think of a thing to go with
then I got reminded of this gem
so... now i have two "you are not immune to propaganda" mugs
In the thumbnail it looks like it says "You are not to propagate"
@SaintWacko Well, in addition to corporate takeover of the zeitgeist, overpopulation is also a serious problem.
5:07 PM
Q: I can’t even play

AndyWhenever I try to join a world my game crashes and I can’t do anything about it. I can create a new world and it works for a couple minutes but then it crashes again. I keep trying every few days but it keeps crashing I need help please

5:21 PM
@Ave 0/10 Not nightmare fuel gameboy Garfield
@Wipqozn 10/10 not that
6:00 PM
Does anyone own the Sony XM3 or Bose Quiet Comfort 35?
Looking for opinions on headphones.
Both seem pretty great choices.
I have the V-MODA Crossfade 2.
They're Bluetooth headphones though, don't know if that's what you're looking for.
Yeah wireless. I like the RF ones I have now, but I think I'll be buying Bluetooth this time.
I like my V-MODA. Either I haven't set it up or there isn't support for it, but about the only minor complaint I have with it is that it doesn't have wireless functionality outside of volume control and play/pause.
Never mind, apparently it does and I should've looked through the user guide more carefully.
6:16 PM
I haven't had a bad experience with any Bose product
I keep my headphones wired and my earbuds wireless
oh hey. @John is here
Quick! Say something that makes him sad!
@SaintWacko @John irl
@FoxMcCloud I feel like Bose stuff these days is too much for too little.
6:25 PM
@Wipqozn The XM3 consistently rates slightly higher
But IIRC it is also slightly more expensive
Bose also has a new NC headphone which is even more expensive theverge.com/2019/6/7/18654154/…
Hello, Bridge!
How are ya today?
I'm good
Thinking how to properly setup a terraria server when I get home
I am almost getting a Raspberry pi (It seems it can handle it)
Raspberry Pi is pretty cool. Have fun with setting a server up though.
6:38 PM
There is a guide on instructables
That is exactly how to setup a terraria server
Oh ok. That makes sense.
I just wonder how long will it take for tshock to get up-to-date when the last update goes live
Probably 3 days ;]
One time i was downloading Fallout 4, and the WiFi cut out, so the estimated download time shot up to 3 years.
That was a regular thing on old dial-up internet
Lol. I am too young and "hip" for that.
6:47 PM
Q: Shadow over Mystara how to manage the cursed sword

TomásI know that some characters can equip the cursed sword, but they can't use it properly. How can we 'break' this curse?

@PrivatePansy Yeah comes out end of month
@Lazers2.0 Oh the nostalgia
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