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Q: How to use multiple mics while streaming on twitch local

RobbieMe and my family have been streaming some games on our Xbox One but we've only been able to get one mic working. Is there a way to make it so all of us can be heard on stream? We tried all getting into a party but still only one works. I know a capture card would work but I was hoping for a cheap...

1:01 AM
Q: What is the jizo in the main courtyard for?

DraconisIn "Bowser's Kingdom" in Super Mario Odyssey, there are a few puzzles that involve capturing jizo statues and maneuvering them into different positions. However, there's also a jizo in the Main Courtyard, behind the small building to the right of the arrival point (just before the two circles wh...

Q: What specific types of Chinese Martial arts Does Ling Xiaoyu use in the Tekken series?

Ling Xiaoyu Trip kicking proWhat specific types of Chinese Martial arts Does Ling Xiaoyu use in the Tekken series? I know it says she uses "hekka" based martial arts but which martial arts does Ling use?

Q: What is the strategic value of the move Memento?

forestMemento is a Dark-type move introduced in generation III. It causes the user to faint and harshly reduces the oponent's Attack and Special Attack. To me, this seems like a very bad tradeoff. When I compare it with Explosion which has an effective power of 500 (officially 250, combined with halvin...

2:01 AM
Q: Cannot join friends, windows-key+g does nothing

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftWhen a friend invites me to a game, I get a popup on the side of the screen saying "Press windows key + g to join". However, pressing that does nothing. I tried reinstalling the "XBox Game Bar" app on the Windows Store, which made things worse - not only does the key combo still do nothing, but...

2:55 AM
Japanese curry cubes are the best
Just add vegetables, meat and water, no additional seasoning required. Dead simple and tasty every time.
2 hours later…
4:37 AM
@PrivatePansy I am intrigued.
As you can see, no seasoning at all except the curry mix
5:55 AM
@PrivatePansy neat!
2 hours later…
8:04 AM
Q: Is there any way to revive my Sim?

AbystarMy sim died by freezing. Making an ambrosia is quite tough. Is there any cheat code to revive my sim?

1 hour later…
9:27 AM
@PrivatePansy that sounds tasty
2 hours later…
11:37 AM
wtf I just found myself from 7 months ago in yt comments
@Ave is it really your comment? not another account that decided to steal your avatar?
it is my comment yeah
now i have to wonder what video or comment you are replying to in order understand the context of why you are talking about someone grandma and a car
now you'll be even more confused
@Ave just from the thumbnail, yes, yes i am
but one thing i am certain of from the thumbnail, it's not Friday
@Ave ahhh i see
i don't why the game is saying it so many times
but at least youtube gave me some quality suggestions of what to watch next
cc @GodEmperorDune
have to wonder that given how we quickly scan, if the 3 non pug videos is youtube trying get my attention
12:04 PM
Q: How do you solve the Multiplayer issue with MCPE? (LAN multip off when world opened)

Jose MiguelLegit, tried multiple times, I turn the multiplayer pn manually before opening my worlds, both precreated and existing, but the multiplayer is always turned off when I check from the in-game settings in my world(s) and my friends cannot join the LAN network despite having my (android) device as a...

12:55 PM
Anyone around?
Oh cool. How have ya been?
@TheMattbat999 good. beat the main story of Tales of Graces f and onto the Lineage and Legacies section. given how this time i didn't totally suck fighting Lambda's final form unlike the first time i fought him years ago, i'm confident that when i fight the Fodra Queen i wont suck even worse
last time i used up all my Life Bottles and Gels, this time i used only 1 Life Bottle because Pascal just wouldn't keep the hell away from Lambda
Whoa. Good job!
how's things been for you?
1:02 PM
Been playing through the Game Boy Advanced titles of Castlevania. Also been checking in on Arqade everyday so i can try to get my consecutive visits up to 1 year.
@TheMattbat999 never played the GBA Castlevania. though i already get the gist of it's plot from having Dawn of Sorrow
how does it compare to Dawn of Sorrow or Symphony of the Night?
@Memor-X well, there are 3 actually: Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow. Circle of the Moon is really fun, but slower paced. Harmony of Dissonance is so confusing I can't beat it. Aria of Sorrow is Dawn of Sorrow but with GBA graphics.
And without the annoying seals~
IMO Aria of Sorrow is both the best GBA castlevania and better than Dawn of Sorrow.
@TheMattbat999 I never finished HoD either, despite trying twice, something I blame primarily on bad map design and awful music.
i did not know there was 2 more Castlevania games for the GBA, got to hunt those down now
(and yeah, Aria is also the most SotN-like of the GBA vanias)
@Memor-X I would advice skipping HoD, but probably check out CotM and definitely check out Aria
1:22 PM
@ToxicFrog bad map design is the biggest thing.
I like HoD's gameplay, but the castle is so confusing.
@TheMattbat999 no map?
@Memor-X no, there is a map, but you have 2 castles that overlap each other, there are tons of dead ends that make no sense, and even wih walkthroughs and guides, i am still lost.
So you got a map, but it is almost useless.
1 hour later…
2:49 PM
It's getting harder and harder to justify the humble monthly bundle.
This month both the early unlocks are already in Game Pass
@TheMattbat999 Yeah, I remember a recurring theme being "you made it through the gauntlet to unlock a new ability! What? shortcut from here that the new ability unlocks? No, just go back the way you came in reverse."
3:27 PM
switch scene went so far in the last 24 hours, lol.
android is in testing, and there's now a foss emunand solution
@ToxicFrog yep, and then there are so many dead ends. In SoTN, most of the time, there weren't 10,000 paths to choose from.
3:52 PM
Oh snap folks
Election is almost over
Here's hoping no one wins, and the Year of Wipqozn goes on forever.
Yeah I realized today that I hadn't voted in the final phase yet
PC Game Pass is a lot better then I expected this early on.
It only has a couple AAA games but it's scooped up a lot of indie games I've been meaning to try for a while
Q: Disconnecting PS4 From PC

Marc's seikatsuI used DS4 and connected my PS4 controller to my pc. after playing I tried to reconnect it to my PS4, I tried the ps button but when I do the controller just blinks like how it does to connect to the pc, it wont work....and I tried to connect it with the USB but it just lights orange....how do I ...

1 hour later…
5:23 PM
Q: How to display a death counter and kill counter on a scoreboard at the same time?

Scalydread31 Well my question is pretty easy to understand. How can I display a players kills and deaths on a scoreboard. I have tried but failed, I know how to make them separate but I can’t get them to both be on at the same time.

Q: How to design a secure foot or car pathway across railroads in Factorio?

Pac0I'm bulding an extensive and heavily used automated train system. After having enjoyed the achievement of being obliterated by my own automated trains, I would prefer that not happening anymore. I want to create a proper path through tracks so that I can have some "offical safe routes" that c...

6:03 PM
Q: Is there a way to teleport someone somewhere after they have died (x) amount of times?

Scalydread31 I have this custom game called SUPERCRAFT BROS and in this we have 3 stock lives now I usually teleport everyone after 3 deaths but as you know we have cheaters and liars. Is there a way to have them teleported back to spawn after 3 deaths?

6:43 PM
Q: starcraft 2 adding campaigns

Bradley VengenceI have starcraft 2 legacy of the void on my pc, and I have the wings of liberty disc, how do I get the wings of liberty campaign on to my pc, without reinstalling the whole game.

not bad
3rd row from the field, middle of the first base line
My company has some seats a bit to the right and a handful of rows up but these are
7:05 PM
@Unionhawk Watching blernsball?
7:23 PM
Sportsball! Have fun with the sportsball
7:42 PM
Q: How to improve driving stuttering in Watch_Dogs 2 on Ultra textures with already satisfactory FPS?

kouwei32Watch_Dogs 2 has had a bad reputation of driving stuttering on high texture settings for a long time. The stuttering itself seems to be caused by the game not loading in the world quickly enough, and to avoid physics-related bugs the game suspends the game world temporarily while leaving overlay ...

7:56 PM
I'm like, 35% sure they didn't put the third K up on the strikeout board until there was a 4th strikeout
Q: On the masterchief collection are you able to play online coop with someone who has one of the actual halo games?

BioniclePrimeOn the masterchief collection are you able to play online coop with someone who has one of the actual halo games? For example, will I be able to play online coop on halo 4 with my friend while I'm on the master chief collection but they're on the actual halo 4 disc?

8:15 PM
My Surface Pro 3's type cover connector quit working, so I picked up this bluetooth keyboard to replace it with
Any good?
It works really well, but when I went to test it out I discovered a bit of a problem. Apparently I use my right hand to hit 'B' and my left hand to hit 'Y' -.-
So I'm going to have to retrain myself to swap the two
Yeah those are juuuuuuust off
@Kevin Hm?
That those are the wrong fingers to use =p
8:20 PM
@Kevin The ones I use, or the ones the keyboard expects me to use?
That you use =p
Oh, huh. I didn't realize it mattered lol
Eh, probably not noticably?
Hm, I guess the B is slightly close to the left side
Essentially, Keyboards are designed around the index fingers using 2 keys on each row, and the other 3 fingers using one key on each row, because the index fingers are more flexible and have better reach
8:21 PM
But yeah, so I've just been sitting on the couch typing "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" over and over again
and then the thumbs hit the spacebar with whichever one feels natural
Trying to retrain my fingers to type Y's and B's differently
Buy yeah, other than that I really like it
And apparently the one issue with it is my fault anyway :P
It folds in half to be about a quarter of the size of the type cover
8:48 PM
what is turtle?
i've seen people use the word many times
also peel
i figured out what peel is
but what is turtle
in the context of overwatch
In video games in general, turtling is just when you hide behind your defenses rather than going out to fight
I was so close to answering "Wipqozn"
peel is about tanks who take damage away from other players, though i dont know why that word was chosen
a tank is a player who takes damage
i've also recently been exposed to the phrase "bunker comp"
8:56 PM
You'd probably get more attention if you asked on the main site rather than in chat. That's kinda what it's there for, asking questions and getting answers
If you do, make sure you only ask about one term per question
nah, it's ok, i think i know enough from asking the kind individuals in chat
@SaintWacko Is it arched along the split?
@RedRiderX No
9:12 PM
though i do wonder, what is chat for
@user7237069 Well... chatting?
i thought so
@user7237069 Well according to the room description, we eagerly await the end of the Year of Wipqozn
is that something to do with stars and planets?
9:14 PM
@user7237069 Something like that. But much worse
what i really want to know is how can i prove what the sun is made of and see it for myself
I'm pretty sure you can see the sun for yourself
It's hard not to
how can i see with my own eyes, that the universe is billions of years old, how do i see that, with my own eyes
how i do i verify that
a billion years, just one year is such a long time to me
@user7237069 You want to verify the sun is made out of years?
Q: 1 third slabs.With Commands

TimeForceLeader YouTubeI'm trying to get 1 third slabs command in minecraft.The slabs: 1.Can be placed on each other no matter what. 2.If it's an chest,or an interacting block,can be used 3.NO /BLOCK COMMAND!!IT DOES'NT WORK FOR ME!!!

9:23 PM
no, i want to find understand proof of claims that i have read about the materials that distant stars and planets are made of
Friends have been doing a bunch of thrift store runs for me as I get rid of things, and today was a bunch of junky tech bits (ancient laptop, busted EOP set, various cables, etc) and I laughed because my friend was like "ooooooh" and his wife was like "Nooooo you don't need Ash's broken leftovers bits"
@Ash Hah I also have to stop myself following that impluse
@RedRiderX what i mean is, if you read the news you might come across claims about what distant stars and planets are made of, i want to know how i can check that what they say is true
(The one exception was a decent extension cord that I got rid of)
@user7237069 you yourself can't.
At some point, you just gotta...have faith in the science.
@Ash faith in science, faith in god?
9:25 PM
@user7237069 First you need to build a very large telescope
@user7237069 why not both?
Science and religion can/should coexist.
Then you need to realize that the telescope isn't big enough
@RedRiderX biiiiiiigger telescope!
@user7237069 Go to school, become an astrophysicist, learn to read instruments
science is the search for god?
9:26 PM
@user7237069 Do you know anyone named Retrosaur?
@user7237069 It was according to Newton
@user7237069 "God has endowed man with intelligence and reason whereby he is required to determine the verity of questions and propositions. If religious beliefs and opinions are found contrary to the standards of science they are mere superstitions and imaginations; for the antithesis of knowledge is ignorance, and the child of ignorance is superstition. Unquestionably there must be agreement between true religion and science....
"...if a question be found contrary to reason, faith and belief in it are impossible… – Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, p. 239."
I mean, that is, of course, just one take on it, but it kinda works.
(Least, it does enough for me.)
Augh, I can't fix the word "if" now. :(
happy fathers day
Yesssss squeaked in the edit with three seconds to spare :D
sometimes i wonder why i am here, where did i come from, what is my purpose
9:30 PM
@Ash I always thought you could use your mod/room-owner powers to do that anyway
@RedRiderX I don't think RO powers let me
Yeah, I can't edit it anymore, window is gone
Huh, is it just mods that can edit chat messages then?
i exist and so do you
@RedRiderX Yeah
Ah well
9:31 PM
It's really the big thing I miss about the diamond lol
lets play overwatch
i like d.va
in havana
9:50 PM
@Yuuki Super delayed but I have been binging this today. It is SO GOOD
10:02 PM
Q: Minecraft-Lapis Luzuli Drop Distribution

tfcydtykIgnoring Fortune I-III, Lapis Luzuli ore drops 4-8 pieces of Lapis when mined with a stone or better pickaxe. Does anybody know the exact drop distribution for getting either 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces?

may i post a video?
ii just have this feeling right now, right here, this moment, i want to share with the world
our moment
You can, as long as it's not against the rules (nudes, violence, etc)
10:17 PM
@Wipqozn I guess that makes sense, I was in early university then, but wow
@badp was the first one though
I can't believe how long I've been a member of the site. I'VE WASTED SO MUCH TIME ON YOU PEOPLE!
@dly thank you
@Wipqozn they're your people too ;)
err, I mean. I enriched so much of my time because of you people!
that moment has passed, but i will remember for when another moment comes
10:18 PM
@Ash I added an extra R.
I know :P
10:29 PM
i like britney spears
Hello People of the Bridge!
You must be new here.
yes, ten or so
years i mean
@Wipqozn and our time here has been enriched by you(r socks)!
10:34 PM
@user7237069 wait, what?
@TrentHawkins oh yes so much so
@TheMattbat999 i truth be told, i was younger when i first ventured here
life was full of adventure and new things
and still is i must say
@user7237069 if you have been a member for 2 and a half years, why haven't ya chosen a name?
@TheMattbat999 i have a name
no need to choose
@user7237069 user7237069?
10:38 PM
@TheMattbat999 a member? wait, are you saying i have joined something? and that for 2.5 years i have been a member of that thing?
@user7237069 that is what your profile said...
@TheMattbat999 i did not know about joining or being a member of anything, it was done without my knowledge or explicit consent
Can we...not...whatever this is
@user7237069 i am talking about being a member of the Stack Exchange Community.
dont tell me i need to read the small print
10:41 PM
Ok i give up.
did i sign my soul away? oh my god what have i done?
You have put me to the point where i am so confused i don't even care. Good day.
as they say
Q: Pokemon on MyBoy! - changing .zip/.sav filename changes save data to older file, why?

Steve II have FireRed and LeafGreed on MyBoy! and am trying to manage my .sav files. I changed the filename of both the .zip file and the .sav file to clean them up (they had long and unwieldy names from when I downloaded them) and when I reopened the game... the save file was a save from MONTHS ago. Al...

11:02 PM
Q: How do I cancel firing an arrow in Cadence of Hyrule?

Steven M. VascellaroSometimes during battle, I’ll accidentally hit the button to draw my bow. This leaves me unable to move until I release the button and waste an arrow. Is it possible to cancel firing my bow?

11:42 PM
Q: Terraria: Hardmode Pwnhammer Gone :(

AuroraSo I wasn't aware that the loot the wall of flesh drops would be in a box in the air. I did get the box and i most likely did get the loot. My problem is I had left my world before I searched the internet for where it was. I play on 3DS and i dont want to defeat it again. How can i get the pwnham...


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