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12:15 AM
@Ash The downsides of a creative universe.
12:34 AM
@Wipqozn it would be great for the switch with the Gyroscope as a control method
or you can play it now in Pokemon Go by taking screenshots of when you find a pokemon
not as good as what the real thing is but you can take more photos
@Memor-X Not the same at all
@Wipqozn i know because there's no Professor evaluating your work
12:54 AM
Q: Animals in the end?

Mine craftIn the over world I had some llamas on leads and leading them to go in the end portal. I made them go in before me and then I hopped in and saw them there then I picked up the dropped leads that went through the portal aswel and lead the llamas (and some other animals that I had teleported to th...

1:54 AM
Q: getting enemies / mushroom houses to reappear on the world map

neubertOn World 1 - Acorn Planes there's a Piranha Plant that appears on the world map. He goes in and out of his pipe. If you beat him he disappears. In the course of my playing the game I've observed that he eventually re-appears but what are the specific conditions that need to be met for enemies on...

2:54 AM
Q: if i reset my hero class, do i get back my gems?

BlackCrystalI'm playing GrowCastle version 1.23.8 on my cellphone. I was checking my hero's class and i saw that i chose left branch of Druid class but the right one is better for my current strategy. there is a bottom it says reset class. i want to know if i reset my hero class, i get my gem back. i spend 3...

@GodEmperorDune omg want
@Yuuki it got a little frustrating but I managed.
3:35 AM
Q: Steam games by sneakernet with an external hard drive - Is it possible? if so, how can I do it?

KippLeKippI've recently moved houses, but unfortunately my new place is in a part of town where the only economical way to get an internet connection is via a prepaid data modem (DSL in my building is super expensive for a super slow speed) and as such large downloads aren't really possible unless I pay ab...

4:03 AM
Time for the hell journey. 28 hours of traveling.
Correction, 23/24.
Give or take a few minutes.
1 hour later…
5:31 AM
Q: Xbox 360 wireless for PC

andrei pintilieIs there any chance I can connect an Xbox 360 to a PC using the adapter from another Xbox 360. I read it on the internet but it does not work for me. It only worked with its adapter and that is broken now. What should i do?

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6:46 AM
@Yuuki what's the journey for?
7:01 AM
@Nzall i read all of that and then was thinking of what optical trick they would do for the vase, and then i see it
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
Q: Mount & Blade: Warband - Are villages worth it in a rebellion?

Lars A.I am playing Mount & Blade: Warband on easy difficulty, forced saving when exiting and have no mods installed. Currently I am the marshal of Swadia, I am on good terms with the king (approx. 60), I have some 25 000 denars and the kingdom of Rhodoks has fallen, mostly by my doing. I aspire to beco...

9:36 AM
Q: I am unable to play age of empire rise of rome over lan in windows 10?

HaziqIn age of empire rise of rome when you create a server it provide you the IP address which you set it over wifi adapter property in the internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by selecting the option of use the following IP address the IP which I have set it is not showing in the age of empire ris...

@Memor-X Nanjing to Houston.
@Yuuki oh this is your return trip from China
3 hours later…
12:13 PM
Q: SMAC map choice to benefit factions

MawgI imagine that choosing life forms abundant and cloud cover sparse would be a big advantage when plating the Gaians. Are there any other map choices which would greatly benefit one faction while hindering others?

2 hours later…
2:14 PM
I drove for like an hour yesterday
2:24 PM
It... wasn't so bad, but definitely still pretty scary
@GodEmperorDune This looks dope!
Have any of you watched Nailed It! on Netflix?
cc @Ash
It is hilarious
Show's great, they celebrate imperfection so much they even include missed lines and stagehand gaffs
Just a giant blooper
@Ave Halo 6 looking dope
@Ave Lol though, what the hell haha
It's becoming sentient
2:49 PM
Q: 1.14 Commands for minecraft

GamerMSo as we know, in 1.14 (or 1.13) the commands for minecraft changed a lot. It is very hard to find commands here because they are for previous versions. If this is a duplicate, please do link. For 1.14: 1- Are these commands the same for commands in chat and command blocks? 2- How would I add ...

@Ave Hmm that Cortana first boot thing must be new
Or maybe US only
3:08 PM
Q: Placing back NBT blocks

theasianjasperI have an adventure map that I'm working on and there are lots of chests with custom items in them. I was trying to make it so that the Map cleans itself up and resets everything itself so i don't have to go and put each custom item back manually. So i was wondering if it was possible to place ba...

vorkath give me your head please
(it's a 1/50 drop or guaranteed on your 50th kill, but it'd be nice to get it early)
oh right hey idiot you need to also have protect from magic on
3:46 PM
election are the worst. Apparently Flanders is now voting significantly more for the far-right...
As in: currently the far right party has tripled their percentage of votes. Combined with our "secret" alt-right (as in, they are better in hiding their racism) they are around 45%
Welcome back, Arperum
only good thing is that even the alt-right ones don't want to work with the extreme right ones.
Yeah, apparently if we want a coalition without the far right, we need EVERYONE: Green, liberals, socialists, democrats and communists
@Arperum I think that might actually depend on whether they can form a coalition without any other parties
3:51 PM
@Nzall True. I really hope they don't get enough to pull that trick. That would be very bad.
I think we should probably continue this in TIF since this is really just politics
Just drove for like and hour and a half
1 hour later…
5:03 PM
bbl KL1634
5:42 PM
Q: Dolphin emulator: pointer only works properly on the home screen

aj wagnerI'm attempting to play Skyward Sword with a controller, using the right stick to move the cursor. In game, the cursor will only move horizontally. When I press the home button, the cursor works perfectly fine, but as soon as I exit the home screen, it only works horizontally again. This is a prob...

6:40 PM
Q: In Plague Inc., How come I lose the game when all hosts die but I have the Necrosis upgrade?

Jerry CuiIn Plague Inc, you can lose if all the hosts of your disease die. But the necrosis upgrade allows people to get the disease from corpses. So if everyone with the disease dies while I have the Necrosis upgrade, shouldn't the game continue since I can still transmit the diesase?

Q: Mob Grinder is not spawning mobs

FreshFfromSpace22I have 2 accounts at this location. Y is 195 on the floor the mobs should spawn on. It is an 9x24 enclosed box with 0 light. Ocean biome. I know the server has mcmmo running but I am not sure what other mods would effect this. Server version 1.13.2 I have tried standing near the room, 20 blocks ...

7:16 PM
oh wow at that indy 500 crash
now red flag
5 involved and probably out
Q: Switching user accounts on minecraft?

AnonymousTomWe have three people in a family sharing two computers (and two minecraft Bedrock windows 10 accounts). Lets call them Tom, Dick, and Harry, using minecraft accounts A and B. So, Tom and Dick usually play together on a world. But Harry wants to play on that world with Tom while Dick is off doing ...

I want Mary BRowns so bad right now
For those outside Atlantic Canada it's a fried chicken place
It's basically the answer to "Yeah, but what if KFC was actually good?"
oh, they DO eixist outside of atlantic canada
It started in NEwfoundland, and I thought it was just an atlantic canada thing
7:38 PM
Q: Dolphin emulator: Skyward Sword won't pass the "Connect motion plus" screen

aj wagnerI'm mostly wondering how to enable motion plus. I'm using a control configuration from a youtube video, except with my specific controller. I know dolphin 5.0 has native motion plus support, but Skyward Sword doesn't seem to be recognizing it. This is my control profile: [Profile] Device = DInput...

@HalfEmpty I was hoping from the description that this wasn't a baking show
As in, that it would be a full-on comedy show where they'd keep the bloopers in etc
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
Q: How Long Does It Take For Hostile Mobs To Spawn In MC

RedMuggI've been trying to make a mob farm but it doesn't seem like the mobs are spawning. I've gone to the official MC Wiki trying to find out, but all it tells me is where they'll spawn. Like the radius of where they spawn and despawn.

9:33 PM
Q: I accidentally placed a command block that constaly kills all entitys inculing me

Skylar RohterI accidentally placed a command block that constantly kills all entities including me and i do not know how to fix it. MC edit wont work, and it is a single player world. HELP.

9:49 PM
These security questions are terrible
How does a question like this even work for anyone above 20?
Your grandparents are either retired or dead
It says "did"
So I assume they're assuming that the user's grandfather is retired or dead
That's fair, I guess. Most of these are "favourite" things, which can change over time
And a few are names, which are trivially found publicly
security questions are actually the worst
10:30 PM
Q: Would putting my video game console inside of a freezer make it last longer or work better?

MuzeHow can I improve the environment of my video game console to make it run the best? Would freezing or bring it near freezing make my video game console run better?

Q: What's the exact name of the regeneration arrow to be able to use it as a custom recipe?

LeyI know how to create a datapack, but can't manage to find the exact name for the regeneration arrow as a result of a craft. Tried "item": "minecraft:tipped_arrow{Potion:"minecraft:regeneration"}", but didn't work. Thanks for your help!

10:42 PM
@Wipqozn this is so true
I love Mary Brown's.
@PrivatePansy that's where I always was like "okay but I am not gonna rmeme Er m
@PrivatePansy that's where I always was like "okay but I am not gonna remember my favourite anything
10:54 PM
@Lazers2.0 Well. That's novel
11:14 PM
Aaand now in Canada.
@Yuuki Eh?
Trip back has a stop in Toronto.
Huh, I'm surprised there isn't a direct flight from Shanghai
Indirect flights are because of flat Earth
@Unionhawk Absolutely. If the Earth is really a sphere planes will be digging through the ground
11:23 PM
@Ash Zinger Chick will always be my favourite fried chicken place but Mary Brown's is alright
and you can get it without traveling to Guelph, so~
@Lazers2.0 :thinking:
11:37 PM
@PrivatePansy IIRC, there is but we didn't get it for some reason.
@Yuuki waves
@ToxicFrog yeah I only get Zinger Chick with you guys. I can get Mary Brown's easier :p
Q: How do I turn off a command that's on repeat on Switch Bedrock?

user232135I put a command block that would teleport "@p" so when i get close it teleports me back to another place, its Always Active and its a Repeat Command Block, I've tried lots of commands but none work, I've been trying for hours


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