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12:15 AM
i've put together a bunch of screenshots of my game development. all the wide images with 2 screens are comparisons between the default RPG Maker XP which is 640x480 and RPG Maker XP using the XP Ace upgrade with the resolution set at 800x600
it's not everything as there are some systems i haven't customized yet (like the shop) and they are still 640x480
the single images are the new systems that have been created since the upgrade (before upgrading i was on the Level 3 Tent but didn't make the Cartographer yet)
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1:19 AM
7 hours ago, by Buns Glazing
Anyone who enjoyed FTL would almost certainly like this for $2.50
1:30 AM
Q: Starcraft 2: can you permanently display the frames-per-second?

syn1kkIn Starcraft 2, you can display the frames-per-second by pressing ctrl-alt-f but then it goes away in after the current game ends. Can you permanently display the frames-per-second?

Q: How are favorite foods determined in Miitopia?

DonielFIn Miitopia, you’re able to feed characters different foods collected as enemy drops, which increase the characters’ stats depending on the food. How much those stats increase depends on how much the character likes these foods, ranging from absolutely hating the food (seems to give about 50% of ...

2:01 AM
@BunsGlazing is it as difficult as FTL?
I enjoyed FTL, but I suck at it terribly
I beat it after a handful of attempts
Convoy always looked appealing
It's more accessible
2:02 AM
maybe I'll buy it...
I never beat ftl and i didnt have a ton of trouble with this one
I bought it... gonna try it out tomorrow
2:41 AM
@ToxicFrog i think you was talking to me about delays with the Atelier Arland Trilogy DX on Steam. can confirm that Plus was getting it in Meruru on the Vita for anything which needed access to the container and the delays slightly worse the closer i get to 1999 items in it and generally this delay is like once per scene
ie. i get a slight delay with synthesis, go out to the tavern to complete a requests and get a delay there, get a delay with synthesis again when i come back but no delay when i exit synthesis, save and go back to make something else
not going to say i know how the game works but i would suspect that how the container stores items in code isn't as good as i could have been
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5:13 AM
God damn it, I have a race condition in Exapunks
Oh... I crashed the game
Dungeons of Dredmor actually has a achievement if you managed to crash the game
5:40 AM
Q: World of Light current completion percentage?

Liron YahdavHow do I see my current completion percentage in World of Light in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate?

6:00 AM
Q: Will it still be possible to complete the Genocide ending?

DJ Spicy Deluxe-LeviSo basically this is happened, I got to the end thinking I was still on track to get the genocide ending, but then I fought Asgore and then the game ending with Sans calling me and telling me to go to Hell, and instead of the game restarting like normally it goes back to right before the final bo...

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7:35 AM
Q: What can be done with broken Humanoid bot in Vault 0 Cryogenics area?

Matas VaitkeviciusI have found this broken Humanoid bot in Vault 0 Cryogenics area, I have tried talking but no dialogue would appear also using science and repair skills on him without luck. Is there a quest or something that can be done with this robot?

8:33 AM
Q: How to turn off record highlight feature?

klm123How to turn off record highlight feature? I believe it records everything in the background, and then, when I press the button it cuts part of that recording, right? But that background recording should reduce my fps and I would like to get rid of it. How to do it?

8:55 AM
god, why.
(how to see if you have problematic users when you're an image host: search for your domains on sites where problematic users hang out)
9:35 AM
Morning chat
@Ave So you have users who link to your images on Gab? that sounds rough
Morning @Kevin
10:04 AM
Morning @Kevin
@Nzall not my images, but images on elixire, and yeah
I already poof'd one of them
@Kevin Morning
10:29 AM
Coworker who does planning "How busy are you today?" ... "You did the planning... you know I am just doing random unplanned things"
10:48 AM
@Kevin how busy are you with those unplanned things tho
11:06 AM
Q: Could someone please explain to me how to edit the .DAT files in the PlayerData folder in minecraft?

HyruleOrphanI Tried opening them with NotePad++ and it just came out as garbled junk, is there any way i can edit the .DAT file to make myself go in creative? (Note, It is modded minecraft)

11:25 AM
Q: Low resolution textures on Ultra graphics settings?

Mark HendersonI have an RTX 2080 Ti and a high end Threadripper CPU. I can run Metro: Exodus on 1440p Ultra-wide with the Ultra graphics preset and RTX On at around 70-100 FPS quite happily. However, I'm noticing really low resolution textures around the place. I have annotated some screenshots below (click t...

11:47 AM
@BunsGlazing nothing that couldn't be stopped =p
12:24 PM
There's a lot of neat little touches in Exapunks that's really neat
The EXAs are modeled after phage virus which changes as you code in different behaviors
The CCTV cameras in some levels that lets you see the chaos you're causing
How complicated is it?
Simpler than writing assembly :P
The solutions all have size limits. Most of my solutions so far are less than 50 lines of code
But not as simple as 7 billion humans for example
I assume not. Like TIS-1000 this game deals with distributed programming, so you have to content with synchronization, deadlocks and race conditions, all of which are very fun
Got it
12:33 PM
Oh yeah, the game has asynchronous multiplayer, which is pretty cute
Is this a first for programing games genre?
I know there is a game out there where you program JS and do your own thing
But this specific "puzzle" game with programming is new, right?
@Moacir doctor brain had a bunch of light programming elements in some of the games back in the 90s
@BunsGlazing This looks fucking amazing.
12:46 PM
It's on Android too. Last time I checked it out it was pretty bare bones but it seems to have come a long way
Think it's like $10 on Steam?
I try to be picky about what goes on there but this is such a cool idea.
I used to have a mobile game where you"programmed" a virus in a grid. Like how it expanded, captured antivirus, etc. And you'd run it and compete against other viruses
That was cool
Can't recall the name
Sounds like a virus-themed Corewars variant?
12:54 PM
It doesn't exist anymore though I remember it died so I had to stop playing it
We should totally have a bridge-corewars server
At one point you're given a region locked video game to crack. Once you crack it, (which took quite a bit of effort), you find game's entirely in Japanese, including the help
The only part that's in English is the splash screen which warns you that selling the game outside of Japan is against the law.
This is hilarious
So, about copyrigth on a github project. The copyright is MIT, so it has "Conditions:License and copyright notice ". Where do I need to put these? In the eula when first starting? In a txt with the game? Both suffice?
@InvaderSkoodge have you heard of screeps.com
Oh I think that's the one @Moacir was referring to
@Moacir MIT only require you to keep the license with the original source of the library
1:04 PM
@BunsGlazing Yes. I looked into it briefly but didn't love the implementation.
@PrivatePansy So if I use it I dont have to pass it foward?
Only if you distribute the source
@PrivatePansy it requires that you include the license and copyright notice with all "copies or substantial portions of the Software"; it's not clear to me that that excludes binaries
@Moacir it is not a requirement that it be prominently displayed to the user. IME most software includes a file next to the readme, or a button next to the credits, that lists the copyrights and licenses of all included components; that should be sufficient.
(that said, if you do have a splash screen, it's generally considered polite to include the logo(s) of your dependencies on it somewhere, if they have any)
@ToxicFrog My specific case. I am using gamemaker and there is a script on github that handles twitch connection. I should add a copyright file of the script inside my program, so it is at least inside a folder when it is installed, right?
@Moacir yes. A copy of the LICENSE/COPYING file from the repo should be sufficient. In larger projects these are usually all consolidated into a single OPENSOURCE.txt file or similar.
1:16 PM
Got it
If you make improvements to the script it would be polite to share them, but you are not required to by the license (unlike e.g. (L)GPL)
These are generally applied to open source things, right? If, I have a license to use a resource because I bought it, do I also need to show copyright?
Oh no, I wont be changing anything
Only if the license says you have to.
I will use the outputs to a different thing
This licence thing is hard
The "you have to include the license and copyright notice" bit is part of the MIT license itself.
1:18 PM
I'll have to check the humblebundle license
I am using some sprites from them
(That I bought from humblebundle some time ago actually)
I have no idea what the license is for any resources you may have bought, but it's probably a non-transferrable commercial use license of some kind?
MIT at least is very simple: tldrlegal.com/license/mit-license
@ToxicFrog Yes. I dont have the right to give it for someone else to use, but I may use it in any projects I want (The original license had a wording where I could only use at ONE project but this got rectified)
Or something like that
I have to read it again
Anyways, the requirement to include the license and copyright notice for MIT-licensed stuff is baked into the MIT license itself (it's the second paragraph). It's not something intrinsic to all use of copyrighted components, although many licenses do include attribution requirements.
I just checked the gamedev one
Im cool as long as I dont share the originals or modified versions of originals without a media that actually uses them
1:31 PM
As long as its part of the media, Im cool as cucumbers
Yep. The 4.1 one
Afaik, If I got a bundle that has dogs and ducks, and only use the dogs, I cannot leave the ducks in
However if the dogs and ducks are at the same source, I'm ok sharing the ducks together
That's also my reading of 4.2(b), but I am of course not a copyright lawyer.
It's not clear to me if 4.2(c) requires you to actually make it difficult to extract individual assets or if it's enough that you don't give the user permission to do so; I would assume the latter, since the former is ultimately impossible.
Well, I think I wont get sued for it as long as I dont do anything stupid, like uploading the source to github
Then all the files would be there and that would not be good
2:18 PM
Q: Does Gibbering Gemstone only drop once?

PiggyChu001I had been hunting for Gibbering Gemstone for days on end! And I grow tired and wary of it and decided to teach my fiancee how to do it when I took a couple hours break taking a shower and such. I never know if she ever get the gemstone, because she might miss it or mistaken selling it! Because...

2:37 PM
Q: Where can Goldenfry be found in the Elder's Recess?

WriggleniteThe ingame Monster Field Guide lists the Elder's Recess as one habitat where the Goldenfry is found, but I have never, in 600 hours, seen any fishing spots with Goldenfry in them. Where can I find Goldenfry in the Elder's Recess?

3:02 PM
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
That's awesome.
@Yuuki augh yes but augh the pun
@Ash Are you saying it's an offal joke?
Hahaha yes that is exactly what I am saying
bombsfall retweeted this
how is this even possible
3:19 PM
@quartata How are pictures of cats on the internet possible? I've never thought to ask, but there are so many now it's probably an important question
3:35 PM
Q: Is there a distance limit for minecart tracks?

user978548If I build a (correctly powered) very long track to transport goods via chest in minecart (so without the presence of any player anywhere during the trip except at the starting point), Is there a distance limit in blocs or chuncks after which the cart will stop or something, or will it work inde...

3:54 PM
Q: How much XP is required to gain each player level in Apex Legends?

JackieI recently started playing Apex Legends. At first, I was gaining a player level after almost every single match, but as I've continued to play this has slowed down. I now need to play several matches (perhaps an hour of gameplay) to gain another level. (This is different from the Battle Pass Leve...

4:21 PM
Reasearchers at Bern University of Arts have discovered that Emmental cheese exposed to six months of hip hop while it is maturing has a stronger flavor and aroma than that exposed to Mozart or Led Zeppelin.
QI is a comedy panel show, IIRC.
Yes, but the stuff they post is actual randiom fact stuff
Thats more on the cheese and music thing
How much variation is there in wheels of cheese that aren't exposed to music?
Probably a reasonable amount
I don't think this is any sort of strong correlation that we can really build on :P
Right, that's my main concern :P
4:27 PM
So they only used one wheel per type of music?
And didn't have a control group that wasn't exposed to any music
I thought that's what the middle one was?
> Soundwaves at low, medium and high frequencies were played for three others while one wheel was left in peace.
This is mostly making me want cheese
Curse my lack of naturally-produced lactase.
I'll eat teh cheese for you and tell you how it is. in the name of friendship and helping
4:31 PM
Yeah, I'm going to go grab a chunk of cheese from the fridge
@SaintWacko And some wine?
I should have packed a cheese string or two in my lunch, i am full of regret
Q: MotoGP '08 not starting!

ROBOTIC TechsWhenever i start the game, firstly a dialog box opens to choose settings for motogp 08 and when i click "OK" after finishing up settings, my screen zooms up to the resolution for 2 seconds and get back to normal resolution and nothing happens. No errors! nothing else. My computer specs:- OS Nam...

@Yuuki that's what lactaid is for! Also, in cultured aged cheeses the lactose is one of the things that the culture eats, so older cheeses like cheddar, emmentaler, parmesan, etc are generally safe to eat without it
Alright, I had the gouda yesterday, I'll have the havarti today
Ooh, that's fantastic
4:34 PM
user image
@Ash I thought you wanted cheese, not whatever unholy abomination so-called 'cheese' strings are
@Kevin I think they're actually cheese
Like the cheese is just heated a certain way or something to make it stringable afaik
Wikipedia seems to be in on the conspiracy
4:35 PM
Yeah, it's definitely cheese
They're not really a thing in the netherlands, because we just have regular cheese
(don't try this with young cheeses like mozarella or uncultured ones like halloumi or paneer, though, or you will be very sad)
Mozarella is apparently the one they use most often?
In heresy-land that is
Yeah, I was about to say, mozzarella is what like most cheese strings are.
Yeah. It's low-moisture, high-salt mozzarella with orange dye.
We've been keeping them on hand for Alex (who alternates between wanting cheesestrings and wanting aged cheddar) and I mostly just find them really bland.
4:38 PM
Orange dye?
Wtf kind of string cheese are you eating?
@SaintWacko the ones here are usually either orange or orange-and-white striped
There are also white ones but they're less common
@ToxicFrog o.0
Here you can find them orange-and-white striped
They come in different flavours, according to the wikiepedias
But the orange ones are not string cheese, they're cheddar
And by far the most common string cheese is white
What the heck is string cheese?
I'm just going to make grilled ham-and-cheese-sandwhiches tomorrow to spite all of you
It's sticks of cheese that you can peel strings off of
@Wrigglenite we just went over this -- it's low-grade mozzarella shaped into individually packaged logs that can be peeled apart into "strings" as a snack
Kevin: don't forget the pickled onions, garlic butter, and cumin
4:40 PM
Mmm, garlic butter
Ham, cheese, bit of paprika powder, maybe some sauce if I'm feeling fancy
Pretty sure if the labeling says "cheese" then it's real cheese, otherwise it has to be labeled "Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product".
@Kevin ooooh good idea
@Yuuki Cheez Whiz. Totally not cheese.
It'll be my reward to my self for going out and voting tomorrow
4:41 PM
@Yuuki The best thing about this is "Jesus' Fiverr Page"
WWJD for five dollars?
@Kevin Don't forget the dill pickles.
@Yuuki I think that's why lunchables call it 'cheese food" (or at least tehy used to)
And no ham-and-cheese sandwiches is complete without hummus.
@Kevin what sort of sauce?
4:42 PM
Mmm, dill pickles
The only good kind of pickle
This will be food, not a Yuuki (pronounced yucky) sandwhich
@Yuuki IME I can't fit both dill pickles and pickled onions in a grilled cheese sandwich
....some of these sandwiches are abominations. :P
And I prefer the latter, so
@ToxicFrog probably some chili sauce?
4:42 PM
@ToxicFrog agreed.
(although if I have branston pickle on hand that takes priority over both)
@Kevin oooo, laoganma?
Wasn't there an Internet thread about how adding things other than cheese and bread makes it NOT a grilled cheese sandwich?
I'd leave the cumin out though because no thank you
@ToxicFrog Which ever is the store brand =p
@JasonBerkan I think that's still the top post of all-time on /r/grilledcheese.
4:43 PM
@JasonBerkan well I'm saying ham-and-cheese to start with
And I'm not adding ingredients except spices
@Kevin I mean, I use laoganma as a generic term for all kinds of crunchy flaky chili sauce whether they are Traditional Angry Lady Sauce™ or not
I am picky about food, I don't like crunch unless the entire thing is crunchy
So not laoganma then
(I generally don't care what texture a food is, as long as it's the same texture)
One of my kids refuses to each cheese. Except he loves pizza. Kids are weird.
4:45 PM
(assuming texture is the correct word)
@JasonBerkan Pizza is weird
@JasonBerkan We have to be careful that anything we give my son isn't too hot because if he touches it and it's too hot there's no hope of getting him to touch it with his hands again. He will still eat it, but we have to hand-feed it to him.
@Kevin yep
Even after it's well cooled off, he'll just stare at it and cry rather than touch it again.
@InvaderSkoodge I have a picture of one of my kid eating corn on the cob like he's bobbing for apples. It was too hot to touch.
And by hot of course I mean warm; we wouldn't give him anything that can burn him.
4:46 PM
@Kevin I mean, when I do a grilled cheese the texture is already heterogenous (crispy outside, soft interior bread and cheese, crunchy pickles), so...
@ToxicFrog hmm, it's more variation between bites that sets me off?
Because yeah molten cheese isn't crunchy =p
Dear Inbox I know you're going away in two weeks please stop telling me every time I open the app
Solution: Fry the cheese instead of melting it between the bread so the bread and cheese are both crunchy.
Fried cheese is unbelievable.
I'm apparently unable to type today. That is a lot of spelling errors.
@InvaderSkoodge This is making me think of making a sandwich with the breaded cheese from Metro Restaurant that I had with @ToxicFrog et al at one point.
(which was not crunchy cheese but it was fried cheese.)
4:50 PM
@Ash oh noooooooo that would be dangerously good but also probably kill me
(Although now I am thinking like a parmesan crisp sandwich, I don't know how well that would work
(that was a fantastic lunch, though)
@ToxicFrog yeah it would be a delicious way to go out, no?
@ToxicFrog It was! The company was pretty fantastic too ;)
5:33 PM
I just hope this rush for all these cloud gaming services doesn't mean increased fragmentation of access to games and also doesn't mean that downloadable/offline stuff stops being an option
@Ash On the flip side, a cloud gaming service can actually makes games more affordable for those with access to internet, but who are unable to afford a good PC or gaming console.
There's lots of folks with shitty internet or no internet, for a variety of reasons, but there's also a lot of folks that can get good internet but then can't afford a gaming console.
Although I personally have no interest in cloud gaming.
@Wipqozn yeah, it's a hard balance, to make sure you're getting both groups
@Wipqozn I've tried that with PS Now on my PC. It failed miserably
A very limited selection of games, poor framerate and resolution, and too much lag to make the game playable
5:56 PM
@BunsGlazing I'm concerned about input lag on these kinds of things.
@Ash I think the issue is looking for a one size fits all solution. Cloud gaming can exist without traditional hardware going away. At the very least I don't see cloud gaming becoming the only path forward for quite a while, if ever. Any input lag is a no go for competitive multiplayer, and way too much of the US has shitty internet that would equate to lost business.
@InvaderSkoodge same, i'm not sure how they can overcome speed of light limitations
it's always going to be faster to input to a box a few feet away as opposed to tens or hundreds of miles away in a datacenter
@GodEmperorDune Right. Even if they essentially eliminate network lag by literally having all the players on the same server, there's still going to be input lag.
@GodEmperorDune You just increase the speed of light, duh.
@GodEmperorDune Speed of light isn't that bad, in terms of human perception. A mile is a few microseconds. A thousand miles is a few thousand milliseconds. Which is still well under human perceivable reaction time
@murgatroid99 A few thousand milliseconds is a few seconds.
Did you mean a few thousand microseconds?
Unity is epicstore right?
@InvaderSkoodge Right, I mixed up what I was saying. A thousand miles is a few milliseconds
@Moacir Unity is platform-agnostic, I think?
I wonder how pricing is going to work for Stadia.
6:06 PM
@Yuuki Wasnt there something that if you publish on epic store you dont have to pay for unity resources?
@InvaderSkoodge same
@Moacir I think you might be talking about the Unreal Engine?
@Yuuki Yep. Got them mixed up
@Wipqozn Yeah, agreed
@InvaderSkoodge I am curious about that too
I think you could reasonably render at 30FPS on a cloud service like this, which means 33ms to process and render a frame. So even if the nearest datacenter is 2000 miles away, the server still has almost as much time to process a frame as a local computer would at 60FPS.
6:08 PM
Q: Need a give command for custom diamond sword

caseylanecalhounI need a /give command to obtain a diamond sword with enchantments, a name, and a description of the sword. Can you give me a command? Making a adventure map in MCPE.

If I had to go off the video alone, I would have no idea what Stadia is.
@Yuuki I think it's a flying type Pokémon
@Wipqozn Maybe you're thinking of Staravia?
@InvaderSkoodge no that's the google streaming game thing
6:25 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Oh that's exactly what I'm thinking of. I'm just being HILARIOUS.
Also I really like that Pokémon
Pidgey is a frequent part of my parties, and starvia was the Pidgey of that game
Talonflame was the strongest Pidgey up until they nerfed Gale Wings.
Never heard of it
Oh Pokémon x
I never finished that.
I think I had one of those in my party...
pokemon x was a good game and I hope character customization is as good in sword and shield as it was in that gen
6:44 PM
Ugh, hearing old people talk about Youtube and how it should just hire more humans to do manual content verification is just idiotic. And then when you tell them Youtube would have to hire over 30,000 people in order to do so who speak pretty much every language in the world in the right proportions, they say Youtube should restrict uploads so they can manage it. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS DAD
It's not how it works, but....could it? Should it?
(Okay no maknig humans look at hte garbage of the internet is a bad idea but so is pure computer verification)
@Ash There's also the problem where people actually get affected by the tripe they have to review, like people who genuinely get convinced by some of the conspiracy theories on Youtube because they need to watch that content
@Nzall nods among other things like PTSD and burnout and stuff, for sure
yeah and the working conditions on top of that are apparently Fun
for values of fun meaning "You're a contractor with a quota and an accuracy score and if either of those fall below targets you're in danger of losing your job where you get paid too little to watch the worst content on the internet all day"
6:57 PM
Q: Add Google Stadia tag

LolpezGoogle has announced its new game stream service Stadia, it allows to play high tier games in low tier devices with a good internet connection. Also it will deploy a Developer site for creating new features and games. Does it deserve a tag in Arqade? Maybe in other site? Or just no? I have que...

@SepiaLazers I think the answer is no tag right now?
@SepiaLazers ....fine, delete it while I am writing you a nice answer :(
@Ash I never wanted your green checkmark in the first place! *runs off in tears*
that's me right now yes how did you know
@SepiaLazers Is a tag without a question even a tag at all?
7:04 PM
(technically, yes, but we can't exactly create it without having a question first (I mean we can but that'd be an incredibly stupid edit then revert on some unrelated question))
Feels like the first day of ‘Pool.
(Disney-Fox deal closed today, for context)
@Wrigglenite At least they deleted it - we'd end up closing it.
7:34 PM
Now fox is owned by disney?
@Moacir yep
So now Disney also owns Simpsons
And Futurama, And Family Guy, And Bones
Fox in its entirety or just 20th Century Fox?
> Assets such as the Fox television network, Fox Television Stations, and Fox News Channel spun off into a new company called Fox Corporation
I imagine that Disney didn't particularly want the Fox News Channel in the first place.
I'd not want it, if I were them
Although it's interesting that Disney won't have the Fox TV network but will have the IPs that appear on the Fox TV network.
so apparently, the TV shows still belong to Rupert Murdoch
Ah, never mind.
Yeah, I was wondering about that because Disney owns ABC.
@Ash this is the key question imo
@Ash I can't remember where I read it or the exact numbers, but I recall that the suicide rate for members of certain FBI task forces is significantly higher than other FBI agents.
7:51 PM
@Yuuki that would not surprise me.
I can't imagine that kind of work being anything other than soul-crushing.
8:54 PM
Found a romance novel called 'The Hero and the Hacktivist" and i think I need to read it, just based on the title.
Q: Copy PS2 memory cards to PC for cheaper than an entire PS2?

Camille GoudeseuneI have some PS2 memory cards, a PS3 slim, and a Win7 PC that runs PCSX2. I don't have a PS2 anymore. I want to copy my saved games from the cards to the PC, either directly, or via the PS3. What kind of PS2 card reader should I get? I expect that ebay's $5 gamepad adapters won't work. I'm re...

@Nzall As much as I agree that hiring that many humans to verify content would be unreasonable (and likely cruel to said humans for reasons already mentioned here). I do think the number of people employed could/should be increased somewhat to better aid in catching things that fall through (or fall victim to) cracks in the layers of automated systems.
The number of creators who are just one malicious actor away from having their livelihoods demolished, while only the Uber-popular have any immediate means of having their channels restored is disheartening.
True. I feel like the bots should do the first part and then certain categories should automatically be verified that the bots did the right thing
9:18 PM
Okay, I think I finally have everything set up the way I want on my new work computer
I copied off some of the configs from my old one, but I missed the most important ones
My vimrc and zshrc
9:38 PM
Q: Halo Lore, Were Spartan III's Sterile?

KrythicIn the Halo lore, I'm to understand that Spartan II's were rendered sterile from the bodily augmentations. The procedure itself also held possible side effects of reduced, to near non-existent sex drives. The Spartan III program had also made a lot of major advancements over how the Augmentations...

Bridge, I nailed the interviews. Company wants to make me an offer.
So now it's down to the brass tacks and bean counting.
@Frank Congrats
what's the job?
@Memor-X Consultant. Not sure if senior or not.
The company is primarily a finance company, but has a consultant department to meet client needs for Dev and IT work.
9:53 PM
@Frank Nice!
I'm loving my new job :D
@SaintWacko Woo!
I still need to go through the negotiation process, but I'm hoping that goes well.
So it's not a done deal yet.
Q: Does getting the "bad" ending in Far Cry 5 change the pause menu?

PausePauseI finished the game a little while back and earned the "good" ending in which you This ending affects the pause menu in a way I find distracting and unrewarding. If I were to replay the game again and choose the alternate ending in which do the in-game changes that stem from the good endin...

Ugh, Google, stop giving me a countdown til Inbox goes away :(
10:09 PM
@SaintWacko I know right
10:49 PM
Introducing #Stadia, an all-new way to play from Google. Coming in 2019 → http://goo.gl/jCshXn #GDC19 https://t.co/UQvD3m4jkJ
skeptical, not just because of internet connection charges (because even if streaming might be "free" now, so was SMS when it first appeared) but because i don't see this as being a free service so it's more giving google money for permission to their games, games that they can take down when they want
ie. netflix for games

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