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12:04 AM
@fredley I wonder how much of Brand Twitter you can replace with Markov chains a la subreddit simulator
Because that's the strongest vibe I get from that thread
Q: Were there ever a save file-deleting monster in any JRPG (or any other kind of game)?

savefile deleterI used to have this fantasy where I imagined that, as I was running around in a secret cave somewhere in a Japanese role-playing game, I would suddenly encounter a super-rare, super-evil monster which has the most evil imaginable magic spell/superpower: The ability to actually delete the current...

@Lazers2.0 not sure if this is more "game recommendation" or "game identification"
@murgatroid99 game id i think
I picked game ID
12:21 AM
I think I ended up going with game rec because they're not trying to remember a specific game that actually existed
That works too
"Identify this game but I made it up"
12:37 AM
Whoa, since when do close reasons sit athte top?
Yaakov Ellis on December 05, 2019

We know that giving our community mechanisms for sharing and receiving feedback is important. In her recent blog post, Meg Risdal described some of the ways that our Public Q&A product team is working to improve the way our system helps users share and receive feedback. I’m pleased to announce that starting today we are rolling out our new post notice system on Stack Overflow and across the entire Stack Exchange network. 

As a reminder, post notices are the informational banners that sometimes appear on closed, duplicate, and other questions. …

Ah, okay, since...now. :P
I saw it in the sidebar, but I ignored it because it said "Stack Overflow questions" and assumed that was where it meant
12:52 AM
@Ash i would start with using some sort of company or team email to set it up, you don't want it bugging your personal email when you get a better job and leave this one behind
Aaa I just got an answer with extremely good info that's also definitely NAA (attempt to reply) please see my comment before flags start rolling in on your very good info friend :(
@GodEmperorDune this is not a work thing
but yes, I plan to set it up with a not me email because it's also not a personal thing
because yeah, I eventually will likely not be in charge of this thing so I want ot be able to easy hand it over
@Ash ah org thing then but yeah
use ash@wipqoznistheworst.com
snorts that works :P
I don't have an email for this org, and there's not one I can personally access, so I suspect I will go with some sort of gmail
because I can forward it to me for now, to others if needed, and outright drop it on whoever at whatever point
from what i recall, when you set up a website with wix you can get email as part of it
but yeah you'd need to use a separate email initially
1:02 AM
nods I don't need the email for much else beyond creating the wix account, so I likely won't pay for a mailbox
2:00 AM
Yeah, ideally this would one day be owned by webmaster@whatever.org or similar
2:10 AM
Q: Why don't my skins save on Creator PE?

flowinglinc101On creator PE, an skin editor app for Minecraft, my Emerald derp skin will not delete the mustache. I do not want to erase part of the mustache, but not the whole thing entirely. I cannot erase the part, but I can draw over it. How can I fix this?

2 hours later…
4:17 AM
Q: What are my vulnerabilities in this wall defense?

KGlasierI'm starting to build a bot-fed wall defense. I'm new to using things like flamethrowers and modularized factorio. The wall is based on alternating between flamethrower turrets and another turret like Flamethower, gun, flamethrower, laser, repeat. The gun turrets and flamethrowers are stocked by...

5:55 AM
Murderize omg
Official subtitles by the way. This is hilarious
That makes it even more awesome sauce.
2 hours later…
7:44 AM
Q: Halo MCC (PC) unable to access campaigns other than Halo Reach

Adithya UpadhyaI downloaded Halo MCC (Master Chief collection - PC version) from Microsoft store after redeeming my Xbox game pass ultimate. The game showed that it was included with my XGP. Under Campaigns menu, I was only able to select Halo Reach (all other campaigns were disabled). I assumed that the other...

1 hour later…
9:06 AM
Q: Did Minecraft take away shift-click to move inventory items in bulk?

TrejkazIn 1.7 modded Minecraft I could have sworn it used to be that: Left click an item stack to pick it up Hold sneak/shift Left click in another inventory, e.g. a chest This action used to move all of that item into the destination inventory. Now I'm on 1.12, and it isn't happening. I have no i...

Morning chat
@PrivatePansy is that, what's it called, demon girl next door?
Q: Trying to figure out a way to get a redstone signal from an empty hopper minecart

user240954Essentially, I want a hopper minecart to stop moving once it's empty. I have a straight line of rail, with a block at each end, and rails all along it such that the minecart bounces back and forth between the ends. My current plan of attack is to have the powered state of the powered rail at one ...

Hmm nice, it's on my vague "to watch" list
9:48 AM
Q: The witcher 3 alternative looks

MrCap18I have a problem... I have The Witcher 3: Wild hound on PS4 wit both DLC. Nowday I saw a DLC´s with new alternative looks...then i download them and when i looked to downloads, there was my download alternative look...but under it was: waiting for instalation... when i press ,,X,, a then take opt...

10:28 AM
I got into work this morning to discover I officially no longer work here
@Ronan oh man that sucks. didn't they give you any notice prior?
I haven't actually been fired, it's just mix ups with contracts
@Memor-X Fairly sure the UK isn't insane enough that no notice is an option. What kind of country would allow that kind of abuse
Just checked my contract, it's 1 month notice
@Elva *looks at the US*
10:36 AM
is very much aware
@Ronan oh lol, did they have your name wrong or something?
@Ronan Oh man
So wait, are you going to continue working there or not?
Actually it looks like it's just one of the systems, all my pay and email accounts and things are correct
Bah. Got the solution out for today, but I spent quite a long time trying to make a function call work, kept getting lifecycle errors I don't fully understand.
11:02 AM
Today was super easy
@Memor-X Is that one SFW?
I generally wouldn't watch anime or live action shows at work but...
You do you! :p
Yes it's super SFW, I've been watching it and it's great
@Elva For me, SFW means "contains no sex or nudity at all" and not much more
@Nzall i havn't seen it myself, i only know it from the cute yuri i see posted about it. no idea if it's canon or just subject
11:08 AM
Stop saying such things about baby Shami
Q: Is there a way to log into my PS4 account on a work PS4 without giving my colleagues credit card access?

dewordeStep 1: Log into PS4 on my work machine Step 2: Check the PS store Step 3: See that this has given my colleagues access to my personal credit card Step 4: Attempt to secure that user so the account can stay on the machine without everyone having access Step 4a: Fail at step 4 Step 5: REMOVE ...

@Ronan yeah, however dealing with passing references is not for me
12:07 PM
Although because it's a tree the path is just down to the common ancestor and the back up again
Q: Game of ancient Egypt similar to Age of Empires

Ibrahim CSI remember an ancient Egypt game that I used to play on my computer like 16 years ago, it came to me in a disc of demos, it was about farming and growing up buildings and a civilization but I can't remember the name, just that was about ancient Egypt, I can't remember if it involves war just the ...

@Lazers2.0 i'm going to guess it's Pharaoh from Sierra Entertainment because how my dad got into Age of Empires was because he thought it was like Pharaoh
@Ronan Yeah, it looks way easier and quicker than yesterday. I might actually have time to do it today!
12:24 PM
@Memor-X Probably a good guess.
I still play that.
Q: How to make rain look like snow in Minecraft?

JohnTis' the season, and I'm making a Minecraft Christmas resource pack, and I'm trying to make the rain look like snow. I've tried renaming all the files to do with snow to "rain" and putting them in the environment folder in the textures folder. What am I doing wrong?

@Frank likewise, though i prefer the non military levels and just work on building up trade and housing
@Memor-X 16 years ago means it's more likely to be Children of the Nile, I think, unless it was already 5+ years old when they played it
12:42 PM
@ToxicFrog well they said they played it 16 years ago from a demo desk which doesn't mean it was release then because i used to play demos of Revenant, Gangsters: Organised Crime and Incubation for years and only got Revenant this year off GOG
1 hour later…
1:56 PM
Q: Stardew Valley Mobile Multiplayer

RiotRuthSo I was looking around and realized that pc has multiplayer, but i was wondering if that feature will ever come to Mobile. I would looove if they did add it because i could play with my friends. also if they do, will they add cross multiplayer?

Q: How do I properly complete the quest "In Wolf's Clothing" before doing its associated main quest?

CloudAfter investigating the magic explosion with Yennefer, I said I'd join her later on Hindarsfjall instead of going there with her directly, in order to explore Ard Skellig a little more, playing Gwent with Ermion and Gremist. When I did get to Hindarsfjall, I following the upper path to the Miss...

2:06 PM
oh god I don't remember my Data Structures class that well and that's probably an issue
let's just wing it based on some stuff I found from codereview and hope for the best
Q: How To Change Class In BO4 Zombies Splitscreen

SeeYaInHECKEvery time my brother and I play splitscreen Zombies on Black Ops 4, it only gives me the option to change classes. Is it possible for him to change classes?

@Unionhawk wait, what dodata structures have to do with SDV
2:24 PM
@Wipqozn Even with some of the cover issues, Phoenix Point is pretty fun
@Sterno 2
2, indeed
@Sterno "2" is Wipqozn for "I'm still waiting for it to release on gamepass"
Did I die yet?
I have had zero deaths
You are, however, completely worthless. I recruited you and you had no weapon and I haven't had time to make you one
You're basically bait
The thing is, you're not even good bait. It's like they know you have no value as a human being and just ignore you.
3:02 PM
Actually, I take that back. I have had deaths. But I've been reloading missions that wipe while I'm still learning. Too early for ironman
3:15 PM
@Sterno :(
There's certainly some karma involved with me being a meatshield.
3:39 PM
Q: Which moves can’t be used in raid battles?

WondercricketWhile doing max raid battles, I will occasionally get a message that says, or something similar to: “[X] move has failed; [Boss] protected itself” This messages has appeared for both my Pokémon and the boss itself. So far, these are the ones I know to not work Explosion (used by boss,...

3:51 PM
@Wipqozn You're making an excellent meat shield in Aftermath, if it makes you feel better.
@Wipqozn Congratulations! You have a pistol now
It's based on unknown tech so when it runs out of ammo, you're a meatshield again though
Oh wait Phoenix Point is out? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@Sterno Unless it explodes when it runs out of ammo or something
@Sterno This will probably just make me a more attractive target for the aliens.
@ToxicFrog yeah, but it's EGS exclusive
3:56 PM
Alsoooooo this is terrifying, also cool: youtube.com/watch?v=V2YDApNRK3g
@ToxicFrog Only on Epic. Game pass has been delayed.
for now at least
@Wipqozn I've considered taking all your armor off to make you more appealing to them
I've got gamepass, so I'm waiting.
"Growing Human Neurons Connected to a Computer"... by a hobbyist
3:57 PM
Plus, I'd hate to lose that armor when you inevitably die
@Sterno O_O
@Wipqozn @Nzall this is not a dealbreaker for me.
@Frank It does, thank you.
@ToxicFrog I just meant if you've got gamepass, you mine as well wait. It was supposed to release this week, but it's delayed because of reasons.
3:59 PM
I don't, and I'm not even sure what that is.
No point in tossing $40 down on it when I'll be getting it with game pass
@ToxicFrog IT's basically Netflix for XBOX and the Windows Store on PC.
Gamepass looks really good.
Gamepass has had some nice games
outer worlds, age of empries 2 DE, Dishonored 2, Metro Exodus... some fantastic titles on their
I might get it and then feel like I need to buy the new Xbox to take further advantage of it.
4:00 PM
I backed this like 2-3 years ago or whatever though so didn't need to buy it on EGS
Which I'm pretty sure is Microsoft's entire game plan.
@Yuuki There's a tier just for PC
Oh, I got a washer and dryer yesterday!
I'm pretty sure microsofts game plan is to just have people giving them money every month
I'm wondering how this worked out that EGS exclusives are appearing on game pass.
Microsoft has got to be paying them money or something.
4:03 PM
some games are availible on Xbox game pass but not on Xbox game pass for pc or whatever
you can't play outer wilds on pc game pass for instance
@Sterno I think the way it worked is Epic only cares about Steam and GOG.
So apparently a CRPG based on the tabletop game "Paranoia" just came out. I hadn't heard of this. I see now reviews. But man, I loved playing that game
So I guess I'd better buy it
@Wipqozn Maybe. But I sure do hear a lot of people lately saying "Nah, I'm not going to buy that, I'll just play it on gamepass"
@Sterno Yes
@Wipqozn It's fine to be critical of companies and assuming they're just after money, but you have to take into account that they're sometimes offering a really good deal for the money
like, sure, they might be greedy, but not every company offers a subpar experience for the money you give them
@Nzall I honestly have no idea why you're saying this to me?
4:07 PM
@Wipqozn Because you say "Microsoft's game plan is to have people give them money every month", which while true is not necessarily a bad thing
@Nzall I never claimed this? Game pass is a great deal.
@Nzall When did I ever say that?
@Wipqozn In the message I just replied to?
@Nzall I never said it was a bad thing
The more I'm playing Phoenix Point, the more I think I like it better than XCOM
@Wipqozn ah, must have misinterpreted it then
4:08 PM
Game pass is great and a great deal.I never said it was bad. I said microsofts "game plan" is to just get you giving them money every month.
It's a little janky but action points and free aim (with cover being 100% based on bullet pathing) is pretty awesome
@Sterno Yes, those things seems great. I've seen folks with some issues around free aim, but that mostly seems like janky buginess that can be fixed.
The geoscape is a lot more fun too
@Nzall I'm deleting that since I don't think there's any need to start "calling out" other users.
@Wipqozn I see
4:10 PM
@Sterno I don't know much about it the geoscape layer in this one. I do know you need to feed your soldiers. Which difficulty are you playing on?
One down from the highest. Which has been pretty easy
But I didn't want to go full hardest on a buggy game
@Wipqozn I just about killed you when @Nzall threw an incendiary grenade.
@Sterno I've heard the game is far too easy from quite a few people, which is a shame.
@Frank That is exactly why I wanted to be a pyromaniac character: so much potential for friendly, err, fire
makes runs interesting
I should clarify. It's not "pretty easy" like "OMG this game is too easy". Guys can still die fast. But it feels a lot less like random bullshit killing you than XCOM does, so if you do screw up, a reload can usually fix your problem by making better choices.
If I restart I will crank the difficulty up though
4:13 PM
@Wipqozn is also my guinea pig for alien weaponry.
It's also still very early in the game, and I don't have a sense yet for whether or not I'm doing well on the tactical battles but in risk of getting screwed on the overall geoscape level
So if it blows up, ain't gonna lose anybody else.
It felt like a lot of XCOM's difficulty was based on "I have a 70% chance to hit! I just missed 3 times in a row!"
The true X-COM experience is one of your rookies turning a 70% hit chance into a sick 360° noscope headshot of their own commander, causing the entire team to panic and start throwing live grenades around the skyranger
Gotta say, though. @Wipqozn was a beast with that submachine gun.
Just load him up with ammo, run close enough to use, and spray.
4:17 PM
(and on the other side of the spectrum, the true X-COM experience is ETHEREAL COMMANDER HAS PANICKED. Which is, I think, not something you can do in the new XCEU games, sadly.)
@Frank I only use step 2 of that. Run him close enough.
(but in the original game, making the enemies use exactly the same morale mechanics as your troops was a fantastic bit of design and incredibly satisfying in the late game)
Q: Fallout New Vegas, hardcore mode. A doctor refuses to heal non-crippled damaged limb of the Courier in full hp

Ivan F.Playing Hardcore mode, according to https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Hardcore_mode "Limbs can only be restored by a doctor's bag, hydra, weapon binding ritual, healing poultice, Auto-Doc, or by visiting an actual doctor. Sleeping does not heal health points or crippled limbs, unless it's in an own...

@Sterno He's using a starter weapon. They have the advantage of having unlimited armor.
@ToxicFrog Phoenix point does that too.
4:20 PM
@Wipqozn attempts to act as a scout, but more often finds aliens by being shot.
There's a weird thing in Phoenix point where you spend willpower on your special skills (like dash, or lowering the AP cost of a shot, or whatever) but that's also what you use for morale checks. So if you used a lot of skills in combat, you're more likely to flee or whatever
I don't hate it but it's kind of weird
I really like the body part damage system
@Wipqozn oh excellent
The most satisfying part of OG X-COM was basically that you were the Borg, assimilating and improving on everything the aliens tried to use against you until they were completely outmatched, and having them realize that.
> A story driven game set in the League of Legends universe will be announced at The Game Awards next week
I can't wait to play Aftershock, where I can use different ammo types.
Nothing says hello like explosive bullets while @Wipqozn is right next to the alien.
@ToxicFrog that must be extremely satisfying, the journey from your army going into panic and such to having the enemy go into panic
4:25 PM
@Yuuki Probably that ARPG that they teased during the 10th Anniversary event
ETHEREAL COMMANDER HAS PANICKED is of course the culmination of that, but I also have a soft spot for that time a Sectoid battleship captain decided to vaporize the entire command deck of the UFO rather than let the terrifying humans have it
They showed the video of a top-down Diablo-style game with Blitzcrank doing stuff, but they never talked about it
@MageXy Looks like it's a third-party game.
@Elva it really is.
Man, now I just want to finish Aftermath.
See who survives into Aftershock.
And then Afterlight. Where beastmen are just terrifying.
Their queens are death on two legs and bullet sponges.
4:41 PM
Q: What is the secret potion used for?

Lsootgamer13I've made secret potion, now I'm wondering what you do with it, or does it have no use to it in the current version.

4:59 PM
Sounds like I need to pick up Phoenix Point
5:22 PM
Q: How do I know if a car is RWD, FWD, 4WD or FWD before purchasing it?

LemonLet's say that I want to buy a 4WD/AWD Off Road vehicle: How can I know if the vehicle is RWD, FWD, 4WD or FWD before purchasing it?

5:43 PM
Q: How is score calculated in Hotline Miami 2?

Shadow Z.I am currently playing through Hotline Miami 2 and attempting to get the achievement for getting an A+ on every single normal stage. I want to know how exactly score is calculated so I can optimize what I am doing. How are Kills, Combo, Flexibility, Mobility, Boldness, Time Bonus, and Special ca...

6:24 PM
Q: Which Weapon is Statistically Superior

K00lmanI was playing Apex Legends and I had two guns, and there was a third one on the ground. I did not have any attachments on it, and I had ammo for it. I wondered what weapons are statistically the best? Does it change if you have attachments? Ignoring the special weapons that cant have ammo picked ...

1 hour later…
7:26 PM
Q: Is it possible to spread malware through Minecraft Servers? How likely is it?

DaddyMikeIs it possible to spread malware through minecraft, thus making it dangerous to join? Are any safety checks of incoming traffic made, is it necessary for the server to have malware or is it also possible for a user that joins to infect others that joined the server? I couldn't find any informatio...

Q: How can I get parts for a vehicle that I can't use to win any races?

LemonI wanted to enjoy a Nissan GT-R on sprint races, so I purchased one. Sadly, I have already completed the story so I can't win any race events to get parts for the vehicle because the rivals are at LV 375+- and the GT-R is at LV 254 (I can't even complete the first one of the game, Midnight Run). ...

7:47 PM
Q: How would making a world copy/backup work in Java Beta 1.7.3 work?

BlueTangsRockso I currently play on a world for MineCraft Java Edition in which I started it in Beta 1.4, and update versions each month until I got to Beta 1.7.3, I know that after this update things drastically change and biomes shift so I want to make a copy of the world that I could keep in Beta 1.7.3 and...

Q: Mobile Donation Glitch

RiotRuthSo I have a problem, Pretty much every time I would go to donate something, it would be all normal, I could put the item on the table, but as soon as I would exit the donation menu, the items disappear. I want to donate these things, but they don't stay. why?

1 hour later…
8:49 PM
Q: What causes the bounty hunters and police to attack you relentlessly in RDR2?

Kai QingIn Red Dead Redemption 2 it's no mystery how you end up with a price on your head and that bounty hunters will try to find you if you are worth anything at all. The other day, admittedly with a $500 bounty on my head which may be the game's maximum per region, I was attacked by bounty hunters tha...

9:10 PM
I'm in my team's quarterly planning meeting with about 25 people. 0 are women.
Our team recently split and I think at least a couple of women ended up on the other side of the split, and another one just recently left
Update: 28 people, including 1 woman
I think it's mainly an issue of inertia. Almost all of the people in this room have been on the team for years.
And many have been at the company for a long time. And all that doesn't fully explain it, but I'm not privy to decisions about who joins the team
Update: 30 people, 2 women. Maybe if I keep talking about this the team demographics will become reasonable
9:29 PM
@Memor-X That's search engine is impressive. I wonder how it does it.
9:46 PM
@PrivatePansy there's a writeup iir
Q: Hoppers directed into chests - What happens when the chest is full?

G_Hosa_PhatI'm playing in a single-player survival world on Bedrock Edition on my Xbox One and I've been looking at some of the item-sorting builds on YT. I'm currently leaning towards the design shown in Minecraft Tutorial - Compact Automatic Item Sorter - Expandable(Minecraft 1.14+), but I have a couple o...

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11:55 PM
Q: Can all wells spawn rare (purple) beams?

l II've tossed 20+ wishing pieces into the well to the right of Hammerlock's entrance without any success. Now I'm wondering if it is possible for that well to spawn rare beams or at all, or did I just have a run of bad luck?


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