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12:13 AM
@PrivatePansy @Ave's hinted on it but the site does link to their github repository and they also have a description on how it works there too
> trace.moe uses sola to index video and work with liresolr. This repo only include the webapp for trace.moe, which demonstrate how to integrate anilist info, and how thumbnail/video previews are generated. If you want to make your own video scene search engine, please refer to sola instead.
image it a bit out of date because of the url change as it was whatanime in the past, now it's trace.moe
12:41 AM
hey folks
A: Land loop and land branch

skovacs1They define the division of the world. There are some test images floating around that I have included for convenience. The random world generator creates chunks of land and determines where to place them relative to previously placed land and these settings tell it how to decide to go about that...

all the images are gone and the poster last logged in in April 2016
if anyone knows how to find those images please fix the answer, thanks in advance
also it looks like I'm gonna get my Index kit before anyone posts an answer with precise weights of its contents
I was kinda hoping some of the owners have a scale at home or something but the lack of tags on the site about VR hardware is kinda sad
there seem to be lots of things to ask about the topic but not many people do or perhaps they don't do it here
@Hakase Oh no, I don't think there's any way
These weren't uploaded to i.stack, which means they follow imgur's original retention policy
I'm not familiar with the game so I don't even remember what the images were at the time, so unfortunately I can't help fix them
@PrivatePansy yea that's kinda what I commented just now
different display name
also it's one of the least fun games in terms of losing all your progress when you die
@Hakase is not anything in this snapshot from 2015?
I used to save-scum when playing it so it wouldn't feel so harsh, but still it wasn't fun enough
@Memor-X perfect, it's all there!
thanks, I'll be editing those in
@Hakase ok good, hopefully you can download the images and reupload them
12:50 AM
I really wish the devs paid more attention and posted answers to these themselves
the deed is done, the fix is f…un?
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2:48 AM
@Wipqozn It sounds like you might be waiting a while for the gamepass version.
good to see the site knows what they'll really be used for
Q: Suffixes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

user240985How do I add suffixes to player names in chat in bedrock edition?

4:03 AM
@Sterno Yes. I'm tempted to play XCOM 2.
4:40 AM
@Ash i misread this a pachelbel was trans
Q: What steering settings to pick, to minimize inputs at straight-line 140 kph driving?

ExplorerAssume: I use just my keyboard; I have no steering wheel and don't like to use mouse to steer. I'm using a Car Mod, not a truck. I don't want to slow down. Just for fun, I like to drive 140 kph on highways, but something's amiss! Even on straight roads, every 5 seconds, the car stops going ...

5:05 AM
Q: ELI5 — Steering Non-linearity

ExplorerSteam Community and Reddit don't explain it simply enough.

5:26 AM
Q: How can you stream computer generated content on twitch

NavidDue to my lack of knowledge about streaming on twitch, I have a hard time searching for this on google. I'd like to write a program that generates graphs (for example stock price) and streams it on twitch. But I don't want the program to be running on my PC. I want the program to run on a remote...

6:07 AM
Q: Muphen64Plus FZ and generic N64 USB controller issues

Michelle LoweI tried to map my USB N64 controller to Muphen64plus FZ but the controller doesn't even show up on the emulator. it shows up as a generic joystick controller on my windows 10 computer and I ran the tests on it so I know the controller that I recently purchased from Amazon works. I have searched a...

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8:31 AM
Q: Is there any way to prevent an Xbox Controller from opening Windows Magnifier?

Justin SearlsI'm using an Xbox controller on PC and I find that there's some particular button combination (something + the guide button) that launches the Windows Magnifier accessibility ("ease of access") feature. Disabling the feature doesn't prevent the controller from just enabling it again, however, and...

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11:37 AM
Q: Where can I learn the jargon of the Diablo 3 community?

0xC0000022LI have played Diablo 3 a few times. Always just "offline" with my own heros. Recently I started again and noticed (again actually) those messages from other users. Alas, the flawed English in use isn't the only problem, but also the jargon that seems to be used. For example: "lf t16 bounties"...

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1:41 PM
Q: The PS4 screenshots are over 2MB in size. What is the best way to upload them on Arqade?

LemonI'm having this little problem where I want to add images on a question or answer straight from a PS4, but the files are over 2MB in size. Take for example this question about NFS Payback Stance Tuning and this answer for the Screenshot of the Week contest, where the original files straight out ...

2:21 PM
Q: Breaking blocks in creative or placing blocks

user241001I just got Minecraft edu on my school iPad. I went to build a house. Then I made another world. The next month I found out about dispensers and went back to that world to put it in the house. I was in creative but I couldn’t break or place any blocks. Please help me

2:33 PM
@Sterno Also, joking aside, I wouldn't be surprised if the AI is programmed to target soldiers based on threat level.
Also, I need to finish yesterday puzzle still. I had it all typed up, but never had time to run it. Work was super busy. Gosh darn work.
2:47 PM
@Wipqozn Threat level are the core of any decent AI
3:43 PM
I just restarted on harder difficulty. @Wipqozn was once again the new guy with no weapons, although this time he didn't have armor either.
I just made him run around the battlefield looting ammo clips off dead soldiers. It was like in Enemy at the Gates. "One man has the rifle, the next man has bullets. The one with the rifle shoots. The one with the bullets follows him. When the man with the rifle dies, you pick up the rifle and shoot."
Unfortunately, all you ever found was ammo, and now you're in the hospital after being shot with a poisoned crossbow
Due to your excellent performance in looting 3 ammo magazines and not dying, I'm equipping you with a grenade. If you can survive 4 days until we have time to produce you a rifle, I'll actually give you a gun too!
4:05 PM
Well, the very next spot we went, we were ambushed and you started next to two guys. So you grenaded them and yourself. Not sure if we can save you yet, but it isn't looking good. but way to take one for the team, @Wipqozn!
Bad news is, that guy died. Good news is I just found it was my OTHER new guy, and you're safely back in base. Congratulations!
@Sterno yay! Go me!
Either that or I accidentally gave your name to a female soldier. I can't check atm what the dead gal's name is
Okay, I just learned unarmed guys can punch. You're useful now!
@Sterno schrodinger's wipqozn
RIP @Wipqozn
It's interesting that I got full XP for evacuating all Phoenix Operatives even though you died. That's the game making commentary on your usefulness to the team, not me!
4:21 PM
Fuck me day 7 part 2
@Sterno Not sure if you spelled my name wrong intentionally or not
If it was intentional, well done.
Have you considered, though, that it is perhaps YOU spelling your name wrong?
@Sterno I have not, but interesting thought.
Man @Sterno, you're going to make me play some XCOM2.
I'll name every soldier @Sterno, and they'll all be meatshields.
Sounds like a sure path to victory
The secret is all my characters are meatshields
4:40 PM
@fredley Yup I just got there
I'm assuming your intcode computer also loads all the inputs as an array before hand
5:09 PM
I'll try to get that one done today but
5:47 PM
Q: What happens to inventory when you die under ice

GuestI tried to go back for my inventory but there wasn’t anything there...

6:05 PM
So this is kinda weird and adorable and it's about pronouns: schlockmercenary.com/2019-12-07
CC @Ash cause I think they'll like it
I like it :)
@Elva I love that comic
I don't know the comic, perhaps I should.
6:27 PM
There is a looooot of backlog
A comic a day for.... a long time
But it's good if you want a lightheared hard-scifi comic
6:41 PM
@Elva yeah, I think it's like a comic every day for over 18 years
19, actually. Started in September of 2000
and he is one of the most consistent webcomic authors there is
Hasn't missed a single update since the day the comic launched
so over 7000 strips
but yeah, it's a good comic
It's about a space mercenary company that time and time again happens to be right in the center of the absolutely biggest galactic upheavals
It's really well written, and it's funny, and it has excellent storylines
7:36 PM
Professor X Sends Thoughts And Prayers, Killing Thousands
Praise lol. Funny stuff
> In the entirely forgettable 2007 film Feast of Love, Morgan Freeman’s character says, “Sometimes you don’t know you’ve crossed a line until you’re already on the other side. Of course, by then it’s too late.” For Brand Twitter, that happened at 10:24 pm ET, when a bag of chips tweeted about fisting.
Q: If I buy minecraft on my laptop and I’m getting a new one at the end of the year can I get on the new one I’m gonna get?

Matthew ThorneycroftIf I buy minecraft on my laptop and I’m getting a new one at the end of the year can I get on the new one I’m gonna get? I’ve seen people say this works but other people say not I really want to play but idk if I’m going to have to buy it again and waste money? Please help thanks :)

7:57 PM
Great, 30 mins of him dying and uninstalling the game
8:23 PM
8:42 PM
Looks like Google shouldn't have bought HP SSDs
8:57 PM
@GodEmperorDune This made me laugh enough that it triggered a coughing fit. (I will be so happy when I am over this cold.)
@GodEmperorDune I don't get it
9:29 PM
I was wondering why there are so many people dressed as Santa wondering about SF slightly (more than usual) drunk. Turns out this is a thing santacon.info
....there are a lot of these, whoa.
10:17 PM
Q: Visual Boy Advance does not load battery/save file

Unknow0059I have a 128kb sav file that I want to use for Pokémon Fire Red. This sav file was not created by another emulator. The filename of the sav matches that of the ROM - the sav file originated from the ROM file I have. The ROM file is in the same directory as VBA, yet when I run it in VBA, no "Lo...

10:58 PM
Q: no dlc's to download in the Xbox store

BORTH-WICKThere are no dlcs to download in the xbox store and I already tried to reload the game so what should I do?(https://i.stack.imgur.com/yPkkp.jpg)

@fredley have you solved it? I'm so confused. part 1 was easy. now I'm getting infinite loops or wrong answers.
11:25 PM
@GodEmperorDune Hahaha
@fredley Ah, crap, I forgot to start doing that this year
11:39 PM
Q: How do I customize how fast a horse is going with commands? (Bedrock Switch)

TheMP8I'm trying to make a really fast horse, so how do I summon a customized horse to increase speed, jump height, and health? Most things aren't up to date, so what's the best way to /summon a horse that way?

@MattE.Эллен Yeah managing the input/output is hard
@SaintWacko It's not too late
I just kept track of the input so far and then replayed the whole thing :p
I have since gone back and done it more sensibly, but it was a good hack
I used a class-based approach so each computer kept track of its own memory
it halted at each output and I provided a method to push more inputs in and restart, keeping track of the pc
yeah, I'm using objects, but I must have misunderstood something.
do the amps run independently? so a keeps going after it sends its output to b?
or can it be don in serial?
maybe I need sleep
the processes halt at intcode 99 still, right?

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