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12:02 AM
@Memor-X i have a whole folder of screenshots i could use
12:27 AM
yeh wouldn't hold your breath that it'll ever get fixed
Q: Is this a good party setup? (octopath traveler)

TheMP8I'm looking to level up and optimize my characters in Octopath Traveler, but I'm not sure if my party's current stats are very good. Therion, level 21. 1316 HP. 64 SP. Broadsword and Silver Dagger equipped. Plate Shield, Oasis Hat, Wind Attire, Protective Ring, and Wakeful Stone equipped otherw...

> if you're playing halo with friends tonight on @discordapp, pro tip, lower the voice channel bitrate to minimum so it sounds like old xbox mics t.co/25DFd50Xdh
1:00 AM
Bridge, I apologize for the utter random of this statement, but...I am so glad we created a good space where everyone can be the truth of themselves. I love that we created a space of trust and safeness and stuff. Y'all are excellent humans.
1:15 AM
@Ash Right? This place is great
Q: How to I give a player a item every time they spawn? 1.13+

Derpy PersonSo far I have this . . . /scoreboard objectives add CrimDeath deathCount /scoreboard objectives add CrimRespawn dummy /give CrimsonCreates carrot_on_a_stick{display:{Name:"[{\"text\":\"Dash Attack\"}]"},Enchantments:[{id:"binding_curse",lvl:1},{id:"vanishing_curse",lvl:1}]} 1 /execute as @e[n...

yeh, just wish it was as easy to come out irl as it was here
not that i think there would be backlash at work or at home. just hard to find a time where i feel comfortable to come out to my mum
smashes face into desk
I'm trying to be reasonable with this person from my ISP.
But it's apparently not reasonable to expect to sustain the level of bandwidth I'm paying for.
@Frank i'd say check the contract but then again if you're in the US chances are you're in a monopoly and screwed either way
1:33 AM
@Memor-X Canada.
But not much better.
@Frank yeh not sure if in Canada if you can take them to the ombudsman about failure to deliver a service they have a legally binding to provide (depending on wording) but if you have a choice of ISPs you might be able to use what they promise and fail to provide as leverage
@Memor-X Sadly, I'm not in a city, so service is crap. This was literally the best I could get.
i used to have a lot of issues at my parents house with internet service. i had to frequently call them and complain that I wasnt getting anywhere close to the service i paid for.
i was paying for 100 mb/s down and 10 mb/s up and at times i couldnt even load a basic webpage
they finally fixed it, not sure what they did. probably stopped throttling it or something. but it took 20+ calls to them, and 10 or so router replacements
1:58 AM
Welp, after enough wrangling, I managed to get them to upgrade me to their newest package for no additional cost.
Not that I'm sure it'll help; I can't even seem to get what I'm already paying for.
Theoretically, I should be able to get up to 50 mbps now.
2:15 AM
@Frank maybe your issues are propositional to your max?
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
A lot of places will wiggle on that with a "we said up to, nothing is guaranteed" especially if it's a fixed point wireless thing.
@Ash yeh which is why i said depending on the wording. those contracts are made vague on purpose so they have that wiggle room. you could argue that if they didn't say "up to" then it's a promise of a set speed
6:02 AM
Q: Is it possible for Minecraft users on Mac (Java) to play with iOS (Pocket) users?

EJ MakMy family is an Apple household (Macs and iOS devices), and we are getting into Minecraft. I've been trying in vain to find a definitive answer as to whether there are any options for letting family members use these separate devices to play on common servers or worlds. It seems doubtful at thi...

1 hour later…
7:03 AM
Q: Pokemon learning moves through generations

revoltinhaaaI want to know if a pokemon that can't learn a move in a previous generation can learn it when transfered to an actual game

Q: Datapacks question: Craft Enchanted Items

HalpMeThe title explains most of it for you. I basically want a cursed crafting recipe However, I want the resulting wooden pickaxe to be enchanted with sharpness (for absolutely no reason). I tried modifiying the .json file of the crafting recipe: { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pat...

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9:04 AM
hey cool, turkey's finally getting standardized cigarette packaging thing
Also the warnings are getting a lot more gory
my god I love this
they're censoring the cigarettes on the anti-smoking PSAs
@Ave have you started getting the images of the gang green and mouth cancer yet?
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
Morning chat
11:07 AM
Q: What are the factors that decide on whether you die instantly or get knocked out in PUBG?

DrFishWhen do you get knocked out, and when do you die instantly after getting attacked? Clearly, you get knocked when you lose all your health in the blue, and you die in some time after getting knocked. But there are times when you die directly from a shot/grenade. Why is this the case? Do you al...

Q: Is there any new game+ exclusive content in Trails of Cold Steel 3?

raznagulIn Trails of Cold Steel 2 there was the book series called the black records that could only be collected in NG+. Is there something similar, some quests, etc. in Trails of Cold Steel 3 that are only available in NG+?

11:17 AM
@fredley You're catching up
@Ronan ikr
Today was another easy one
It took a bit of refactoring to get the computer to be extensible
11:49 AM
Yeah for me too. Had to hardcode it to not try and deref argument 2 if it's a short op (3,4).
@fredley ...why didn't I run into that problem?
Oh I guess I was fine reading from outside the program in javascript
12:05 PM
@Memor-X we have uh
cw body horror these
12:49 PM
@Ave looks like we something similar for the mouth cancer warning, though not sure if that sticker on your is supposed to be there, pretty sure here in Australia you can obstruct the warning images
1:06 PM
once I actually read the third and final example I got it, but nice to have confirmation of "okay, you're not insane, that is worded awkwardly". Also, I don't get why that critical example was last.
REgex? What a champ.
That actually makes sense
As in, using regex.
I just used a python loop, since I'm a lazy turtle.
I still need to do day 3. I didn't have time for it on the actual day, so at this point it doesn't matter when I do it.
yeah, most of the solutions I've seen use a loop. it is logical
I just have to be different.
@Memor-X sticker is identifier
which is on every tobacco or alcohol containing thing
1:22 PM
@Ronan Yeah Rust it is not
@Wipqozn Yeah it took me a lot of effort to get this right
My solution was terrible
1:52 PM
I wish there was a way to see how many hours I listened to a specific band in 2019.
My no 1 was godspeed, which was 197 hours. My number 3 was "The National", with 31 hours. I don't know what my number 2, Stars of the Lid, is.
I'm just curious how much of a gap between it and Godpseed You Black Emperor
@Wipqozn yeah, that's really the biggest one, it was asking for a solution with at least one set of exactly two digits next to each other, rather than at least in part 1
my solution was fun (I made it a string, foreached it, checked if it was still nondecreasing, then if it was I checked to see if there were 2 instances of the current char, since as long as it's nondecreasing that means they're adjacent)
(I arrived at that "since" on accident)
today looks fairly annoying but doable
2:11 PM
@Unionhawk That never occured to me
@Ronan I got it right then I was like "wait a minute, that shouldn't have worked, why did that work"
@Unionhawk Yeah, I did something similar.
That loks terrible
> An unhandled exception of type System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
looks like your argument is out of range
yeah I tried to be lazy about something
I could still be lazy about it by swallowing that exception probably
2:23 PM
tis the programmer's way!
Laziness is what advent of the code is all about
where the heck is "surround with"
no I can't do that lol
2:56 PM
Does Porkchat not work in Firefox anymore?
3:17 PM
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
3:35 PM
@Yuuki oinkions?
@Elise fig pigs
3:47 PM
@Elise They're used to make Piggy Pudding.
@MattE.Эллен That's basically what I did as well.
"if the instruction modifies the instruction pointer, that value is used and the instruction pointer is not automatically increased"
be the smash mouth you want to see in the world
does that mean if the pointer is altered, the next instruction starts at that pointer value?
pointer being the 4th value in the instruction
@Yuuki this is all information I have no knowledge of, so I can't tell if you're serious or joking
I'll stick with oinkions 🤷🏼‍♀️
@Yuuki "OMG you don't know who [insert famous person] is?" is such a old people/hipster/asshole thing to say
I was gonna go with old people/hipster, but then I realized people say that to old people about today's artists, so it's just an asshole thing to say, really
also, someone needs to start a petition to move the apostrophe away from the Enter key
adding an apostrophe in a sentence is the quickest way to prematurely end it
@Unionhawk oh hey, top 10k for both parts today, neat
4:03 PM
Mediaeval cooking commonly employed figs, in both sweet and savoury dishes. One such dish is fygey, in the 14th century cookbook The Forme of Cury, which in Modern English is "figgy", this dish being known as figgy pudding or fig pudding: It is referenced in the Christmas carol "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" in the line "Now bring us some figgy pudding!". Despite this, figgy pudding is not plum pudding, although it can be considered a precursor to it; it is not as rich, and the recipe is simpler.The Middle English name had several spellings, including "ffygey", "fygeye", "fygee", "figge", and...
@Unionhawk can you explain the instruction pointer not automatically increasing thing?
@Yuuki that made me realize, I have no idea what non-dried figs taste like
I've only ever had dried figs and figs in cookies
RDR2 was supposed to be available 5 minutes ago on Steam...
@Elise They're super sweet and delicious
@Batophobia if it jumps, you don't increment the pointer from there. If it does not jump, you do.
@Wrigglenite so are dried figs and the ones in cookies 🤷🏼‍♀️
fresh figs probably don't taste much different
4:06 PM
Today's puzzle is just very bloody wordy. The puzzle itself isn't that bad, though. The description also kind of sucks.

I am having flashbacks to my "operation systems" class where we needed to build a mock CPU.
lol yeah
aye. took me a few reads to get it
Very "I'm pretty sure I did exactly this in CPS 352" energy
@Elise They're kinda fleshy
@Batophobia high five regex buddies :D
4:13 PM
Q: Which settings in Aim Lab map to Destiny 2?

David YellAim Lab has a number of settings in the game to help mimic the setup of common FPS games, such as Overwatch. However it doesn't have a pre-configured setup for Destiny 2. What settings should I set to best mimic Destiny 2 when training with Aim Lab?

4:24 PM
So for part 2 I'm completely refactoring my solution to make use of a class, because I suspect we'll get another "IMPROVE YOUR INTCODE" one in the future, which will make me really want this thing to be an Object
Tonight is my last shift at my current job :o
no more night shifts after tonight, wee
also, I'm not hiding that I'm trans at my new job, so that should be... interesting
I mean, I haven't specifically said it to anyone (although my wife mentioned it to my potential manager ("potential" because there's 2 managers fighting over me and I'll find out who gets me on sunday)), but I'm going to tell them and ask for a different nametag on Sunday
@Wipqozn Yeah I might do that instead of just copying my static int Run(int[] intcode) over and over just adding new things to my switch statement lol
gah, I'm just sitting here, doing nothing while I wait for RDR2 on Steam >.<
by the time it's playable, my kid will be getting up from a nap and I won't be able to play ...
4:35 PM
Wake the kid up now!
nodnods That's how children work right?
And then you have the old-timey choloroform to ensure they sleep when they're supposed to.
@Frank but... she's supposed to sleep now, lol
RDR2 just needs to be released in a more convenient time for me
@Elise Not if you follow @Elva's advice and wake her up now. :P
(Don't follow @Elva's advice. Cranky children are no joke.)
@Frank actually, my wife said I can play the game when she comes home, so I'm just gonna let my daughter nap until wife comes home, if possible :P
probably not possible tho
but as long as I get to start the download and then it's done by the time wife comes home, I'm golden
@Frank honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she's already awake. She hates naps and refuses to sleep unless she's too tired to stay awake
@Elise My niece seems to be like that.
4:39 PM
Ah, wouldn't it be nice to hate naps again? :p
She's also a super squirmy baby.
But so, so cheerful.
but I know when is a good time to put her to nap and then she only fights it for a few minutes
if I wait too long, she regains energy somehow and won't nap anymore
@Elva I hate that I love naps
I could do other things, but naps feel so good :(
whenever I put my daughter to nap, if she has the energy, she stands up and gives me the most betrayed face ever
it's terrible
she knows how to play with emotions
I could be playing Pokemon right now, but instead I'm just waiting for RDR2 🤦🏼‍♀️
@Elise I hope it all goes well :)
@Ash well, no one can openly discriminate against me, their policies are quite strict against it
@Elise good!
4:51 PM
I want to get a nametag that says Elise, so people don't have my legal name in the back of their minds every time they see me
it's one of the reasons why I didn't want to come out at my current job, I find it very difficult to change. It's much easier to start fresh
I just need to have the courage to do this right, because so far I've used my legal name in every interaction I've had...
5:09 PM
@SaintWacko Did Porkchat ever work in Firefox?
@fredley i think Ave ported it to firefox. maybe
@Dragonrage @Wipqozn is entirely to blame
Wait, people store celery in water?
I love the prim and proper gentleman in this webcomic can become almost unrecognizable within a day if he doesn't do any grooming.
He grows a beard within three days.
5:37 PM
@fredley I thought it did... It's in the firefox addon store, at least
6:16 PM
@Unionhawk I definitely think it was worth it. Now need to go back and do day 3. Works busy so I've been actually working.
It's terrible
@Wipqozn yeah I can already think of a few better ways to do the thing than just having a ReadOnlyCollection copy of memory as a static in Program (like just reinitializing it on new Computer())
get my day 2 into the microseconds lol
(probably not it's probably about the same)
@Yuuki Been there, done that.
Hurts to shave it off.
6:41 PM
@Yuuki i could do that in like 3 months. maybe
I'm accidentally finding some of the absolute worst flights I have ever seen searching for my full spreadsheet of options for a february trip
oh wow, that rewind is really bad
you know how most TV shows usually have a clips show about half a dozen seasons in when they want to save money by using old material? Well, this is basically that
they just show a second or 2 from each of the most watched videos in each category
> Sun Feb 16 Spirit 970 DEN-FLL 11:45pm-5:30am
> Change planes in FLL - Long layover (3h39m)
> Mon Feb 17 Spirit 570 FLL-TPA 9:09am-10:14am
> Change airport from Tampa (TPA) to Tampa St. Petersburg (PIE) (10h55m)
> Allegiant 1331 PIE-CVG 9:09pm-11:17pm
This is why I set a max duration when searching for domestic flights lol, anything more than 12 hours is probably not good
Also it almost looks like all frontier one stop flights are self transfers now which ? Are they being a bigger discount carrier by not sorting bags and making anyone with a transfer go out to baggage claim, recheck it, and come back in?
7:34 PM
@Unionhawk I suggest going to somewhere with good Sushi. Which I suppose means Vancouver. Most authentic sushi in the world.
I mean, within north america that might not be too far off
@Unionhawk True,but also I was referencing a Canadian TOP TIER MEME about how everyone in Vancouver thinks they have the best sushi: thebeaverton.com/2019/03/…
> “I had one friend from Vancouver who refused to eat sushi when we went out because it wasn’t authentic enough,” Ontarian Celeste Wan tweeted in support of the address. “And that was when we were backpacking in Japan!”
My buddy lived in Vancovuer for a few years. When he came back, he said the main thing about Vancouver sushi he liked is it was just so damn cheap. Halifax is crazy expensive by comparison.
and also sushi places are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
> It also suggested that Vancouver should be modest about its talents and privileges, like how Manitoba is with their cheap phone bundles and how Ontario was with their student loan plans.
@Yuuki in case you didn't realize: the Beaverton is satire
Yeah, I knew that.
Doesn't mean it's not a funny line.
7:53 PM
@Yuuki I guess you need to be Canadian to understand why it's funny
IIRC, the "funny" part is that Ontario is currently defunding their student loan plans. Or making them less accessible.
lol @TimStone you made it into The Register theregister.co.uk/AMP/2019/12/05/atlassian_zero_day_bug
Q: House Building Materials

RiotRuthSo I want to make some epic bases and whatnot, but I wanted to know what blocks won't register as a house building material? like for example I know meteorite won't be allowed to be built with. what else?

Q: Minecraft play with the same account on multiple PCs

eran otzapIv'e bought minecraft on one pc. how can i download it again and use it on a different pc when i go to download minecraft from Minecraft offical download it prompts me a page that states that i have to buy the game in order to download it.

@Yuuki So I assume that Manitoba doesn't have cheap phone bundles either?
> In the Twitter discussion, Tim Stone, a moderator for StackApps, observed that IBM's Aspera plugin client uses a similar server scheme, local.connectme.us, for client-server communication.
7:58 PM
@Unionhawk theregister.co.uk/2019/12/05/atlassian_zero_day_bug non-AMP link for those of us that aren't on a mobile device
@Nzall I feel like the author accidentally omitted the word "cheap" there.
So it should've read like so:
> It also suggested that Vancouver should be modest about its talents and privileges, like how Manitoba is with their cheap phone bundles and how Ontario was with their cheap student loan plans.
But then again, I could be wrong.
8:17 PM
So, I just created a pull request that touches 520 files...
@MBraedley I have done commits in the past that changed every single JSP file to clean up old dependencies. I think that was around 3-400 files last time
@Unionhawk wow and its not even about caching
@Yuuki OSAP still exists, it's just been gutted and you get a lot less than you used to
8:58 PM
Oh cool, just accidentally sent an email blast to a bunch of people who are no longer clients of the company
9:20 PM
@SaintWacko Last year, I was testing on a copy of a customer's database they sent us so we could debug a performance problem. I accidentally managed to send loads of their employees test emails because I forgot to sanitize their user emails.
10:07 PM
Oh wait, I posted that in TIF.
10:44 PM
Q: How to replace multiple items with same count of a different item?

Sp33dyI am trying to make a custom food recipe. I'm using spawn eggs with /replaceitem because spawn eggs are not obtainable in survival. This works fine when the player crafts only one spawn egg, but when I scroll over multiple spawn eggs, I receive only 1 of the custom food. BTW this food uses custom...

10:58 PM
> You're so sensitive that you take fall damage going down the stairs.
Bridge! Anyone know enough about website building/hosting/domains (specifically, I'm gonna do it through Wix, I think) to answer a few possibly potato-level questions for me?
Once I understand that bit, I can likely build the rest, but since...it's not my money, I'm hesitant to click buttons without understanding what I am getting.
I do, with the caveat that I have no idea what Wix is
@Ash ^
@ToxicFrog it's one of those supposedly easy to use website building sites where you can also purchase domains through and mailboxes adn stuff
I tihnk I just need someone to sit down with me and like...look at this site, and then tell me what amount of money I need to spend.
I dunno.
I feel like I should know this.
Like, from the "Wix Premium Plans" page?
I approve this message
11:14 PM
@ToxicFrog I think so?
Maybe I shouldn't do this when I am sick :P
@GnomeSlice I 1000% fortify instead.
@Ash which one you want really depends on what you want to do. The free tier gets you 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth, and I'm not sure what sort of domain name (something.wix.com, maybe?), so that's fine for small, low-traffic-use websites.
@ToxicFrog yeah, free is .wix.com I think, and the ptb want not that, they want a .org or something for reasons
(good reasons, just aren't relevant to this)
$5/mo doubles the bandwidth and lets you use any domain name, but you have to buy the domain name separately.
It also has ads, as does (I think) the free tier
We...do not want ads.
The cheapest one that doesn't have ads is $10/mo.
11:19 PM
So I think the $10 tier is where it is at
Have you looked at Weebly?
I used that one in college
Don't know how the rates compare today. Probably similar
$10 seems pretty cheap though
That gets you 2GB/mo bandwidth, 3GB storage, and you can bring your own domain. If you haven't already registered your domain elsewhere it also comes with a voucher for 1 year of free registration with Wix. (It costs money per year after that; the amount probably depends on the domain name but in my experience it is in the 10-20$/year range)
Yeah, I figured it would be about $20 a year for the domain based on stuff I nkow for work
If that bandwidth proves to be insufficient I think you can upgrade in-place to the $14 unlimited tier, too.
I don't think bandwidth will be too big a problem.
Now I mostly need to determine if I need to create a non-me email to sign up with to do this so if I need to someday hand the reins to not-me I can without fuss, or if I can do it all with my email, and then later if I need to, figure out how to drop this in someone else's lap.
11:23 PM
You are paying a bit of a premium here for the website building software; hosts like Dreamhost are half the price for no ads and unlimited bandwidth. But you have to build the site by hand. (And there's no way to build a site on Wix and then export it to another host, since the website builder is Wix's entire business model)
I figured, but i'm okay with that, I don't want to build this by hand
I want to be able to click the happy buttons and have it easily do things
(I'm already taking on an interesting amount of overhead with social media coordination, this is going to add mroe fun.)
Q: Did Donkey Kong Country for the SNES use any kind of special hardware in the cartridge?

Blonkey Plong FountryWhen that game was new, I couldn't believe my eyes. My eyes were the size of saucers. I thought it was literally a joke/scam/fake. I thought it was screenshots from the upcoming monster console "Ultra 64". However, later, I realized that they had "simply" pre-generated normal, static sprites wit...

11:25 PM
(Good luck!)
Thanks :)
I am sure I can figure it out, I just want to have the "I would like this many pennies please" sorted ideally sooner rather than later so I can tell the ptb how much I want to spend, tehy consult, then I build.

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