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12:03 AM
@Dragonrage sorry, we have determined you are not human because you did not select the mailbox
Whee, I wrote a new blog post - on winter, holidays, finding joy, and calendars. abortretryflail.blogspot.com/2019/11/… (It's about the Baha'i calendar a bit, and also about how winter sucks.)
Q: I cant find the jungle temple in my large world

yeti ive been searching for a jungle temple for quite a while now. I have reached right to left, top to bottom of the jungle and it still hasnt showed up. i dont know how large it is, but i dont think its that small and im worrying that my world has spawned without a jungle temple.

(I blog irregularly about Baha'i stuff kinda and life bits and random stuff that my brain comes up with.)
12:30 AM
Q: Heads up: Reputation has been recalculated for questions

RobotnikJust in case you logged in today and saw that you unlocked new privileges and/or badges without any significant reputation change: Reputation for question upvotes now awards +10, instead of +5. Key points: The reputation change only applies to questions It has been applied retroactively, so th...

Hey, there's the rep!
12:54 AM
I feel so fancy now :P
1:50 AM
Q: I downloaded a minecraft map called Dawntreader but it wont show up

FyhonI downloaded the map (this isnt my first map ive downloaded) but it doesnt show up in the singleplayer world list. Ive tried solutions of people who had a similar problem but to no appeal. Please help me find a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

Q: Is it possible to remove this floating wooden pallet in House Flipper?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn House Flipper for PC (on Steam, with Garden Flipper DLC), I can't quite figure out how to remove this piece of trash that's floating alongside the telephone lines. Even when jumping on top of the big scaffold I can't get high enough to actually reach the wooden pallet that's up there. (Not sur...

2:17 AM
@SepiaLazers oh yeh, this
yay! i have over 10k rep, now i need a new rep goal
2:30 AM
Q: How to batch sell equipments?

Kaynn CahyaBasically I am clearing out my storage box by selling equipment that I don't use. However I do have a lot of equipment to sell (a few pages worth), and from the image below, I didn't see any shortcut keys to mass-select equipment to sell them. Is there any simple way to batch sell a number of...

@SepiaLazers Added in @MageXy fancy query into that
2:51 AM
Q: Steam Isn't Downloading a Game but It Thinks It Is (Missing Executable)

RothXSo there is a Steam game that I haven't played for quite a while, and today I felt like playing it again (The game is "Contradiction: Spot the Liar", if it matters). But I was greeted with this error: I'm on Mac, as you can see. So I went to the to folder where the game files should be, and, ...

3:08 AM
oh yes, i feels so good to click on a "Modified ____ ago" link and get a deleted answer as opposed to being shown the question and wondering if it was an edit or not
3:31 AM
Q: How do I call my horse using keyboard and mouse?

KleyguerthIn the first chapter, in the hunt deers mission, the game shows how to call your horse so you don't have to walk up to it. I forgot the control for that command using keyboard and mouse. Searching online I could only find instructions on how to call your horse with a gamepad. Looking at the key ...

2 hours later…
5:35 AM
Q: Slime trap in slime chunk gave TONS of slime once, and then never again

mostlypurpleI've been reading the questions here but haven't found anyone reporting this situation. I set up a slime trap in a slime chunk, and most nights nothing spawned. One night, in about 30 seconds 8 or 9 slimes spawned and I got a bunch of slime. The only thing I noticed different about that night w...

6:16 AM
Q: How do I use Extracted Legendary powers?

BenSo I've been building up my Extracted Legendary Powers library in Kanai's Cube, but at this point, I have been unsuccessful in figuring out how to access them again. I know I can select them, but that's as far as I have been able to get at this point; none of the options in the "recipes" have gi...

2 hours later…
7:46 AM
Looks like I gained about 2K rep from the changes
8:23 AM
Uhm does anyone here have some experience with russian (e) visas?
@Jutschge the guys over at Travel.se might be able to help you
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
@Elva Morning
8:41 AM
@Elva morning
8:55 AM
@Nzall Ok I asked there (but if one of you guys know the answer it'd also be appreciated) :)
I never had to apply for a visa before
2 hours later…
10:57 AM
I've had to do it twice now. Once to visit Turkey and once to visit the USA
11:20 AM
Q: Left and right triggers for xbox elite controller 2 not working on android

JamesI have a galaxy note 9 plus. A new elite controller series 2. I have connected the controller through Bluetooth. Loaded into fortnite. The game accepts the controller and gives me options to configure the controller. I load into a match. I can not aim nor shoot. I downloaded gamepad mapper apps. ...

12:08 PM
@Elva oh, I didn't know that you ever visited Turkey
Couple of years ago to be very touristy
June 2015 according to chatlog
12:52 PM
I like that they removed the level up messages for league because it would have been super annoying given that it's 5x exp and time is money
@Unionhawk I guess the league is up for a limited time, right?
Wow this rep recalc is doing well for me.
I don't think I've gotten any new privileges or anything, but my Arqade rep alone went up quite a bit
@aytimothy Oldschool Runescape. They added a new gamemode afaik
12:55 PM
Is there an easy way to tell what the old count was? I wasn't really keeping track of it
@Jutschge 2 months
Oof ok not gonna max out in that time. Even with 5x multiplier
@RedRiderX wayback machine maybe
Only really works if you were keeping backups yourself :P
Either I had no question points or that it hasn't calculated for me yet.
Q: How to progress objective nine of Expert Gunsmith missions?

Timmy JimIn the new Call of Duty, there are multiplayer missions that have multiple steps. Each step completed earns you a reward of some sort. I am on the last objective for the Expert Gunsmith missions, which requires me to "Get 25 Hip Fire Kills using a Laser." From the description of the objective,...

I've gotten two new yearling badges on SO
And quite a bit of rep on there
1:05 PM
I've gotten 15 between a buncha sites >.>
Hmm my rep on skeptics doubled lol
I lurk on a lotta sites
You must ask a lot of questions xD
And here I was 90 rep away from 25k. Now I kinda overshot the target
Oh yeah, I think I got something like 2k from this
and 4 or so yearlings
1:07 PM
@aytimothy Yeah on arqade it's 2:1
I had like 16k rep on August 27 apparently, now I have over 23k
I gained a measley couple hundred..
@aytimothy I've been a user for 9 years
I ended up gaining like 11k here.
@Ash oh wow that's a lot lol
1:11 PM
I gained 500 on MSE and I felt bad that my first thought was "oh I can down vote so many things"
I didn't get a lot of arqade rep, I've got more answers then questions there
@Jutschge I have been here for many years and I ask a lot of questions xD
@Ash Yeah I was just looking at your profile. That's a ton of questions^^ also 2:1
I also got a bunch of Pets and IPS rep, everything else didn't get much.
I think I just like to answer more than ask... :thinking:
1:13 PM
@Jutschge I thought it was close to double, yeah. I get stuck in a lot of games it seems
I rarely get stuck, I guess that might be why.. Or I look up guides only to have 99% of my questions weeded out by that.
Well I'm pretty garbage in any game that isn't LoL or WoW so I mostly ask questions about other stuff
Although for LoL I have answered one or two questions
Lol my highest voted tag I have 1066 score. My 2nd highest i have 93... rip
Q: What do each of the relics do in the Twisted League?

UnionhawkA big part of the Twisted League is the relic system. You earn points to gain permanent upgrades to your character (for instance, I now have 0 stamina drain and 4x hp regen). It looks like there are a few tiers of relics, but their effects are currently hidden to me. What do each of the relics do...

1:33 PM
Omg those relics look pretty busted
And I already have 20 points
on the way to the final tier
Ah I might play a bit but I probably won't have time to actually do anything meaningful...
Yeah, I gained a bunch of rep too
Like 2K on Arqade
and probably about 10K on all together
Not sure
@Jutschge I think you get something if you complete 1 task
Oh, more like 20K
Yesterday that number was around 51K I think
1:45 PM
My main issue is: I might actually have time if I play on mobile but I'm just soooo used to runelite
Can't live without those qol plugins
I like doing afk stuff on mobile, so I'm glad I have 15 woodcutting now
fighting over regular trees was not fun
I mean it was fun but it was more click intensive, I'm glad I picked 0 stamina drain
The league first pet happened not too long ago, somebody already has Rocky
2:00 PM
God, and that's 500 points too just because the RNG gods decided they deserved 500 points this early in the game
First boss pet is probably in a bit once more people have wintertodt unlocked
2:25 PM
Where do I see the new privileges I have?
Nice. I got the 20k stuff
Wohoo faster deleting
2019: Year of the Yearlings
27 Yearling badges in under 24h....
@GnomeSlice I don't have it yet, and I don't think I should have it either
Like, what does the SE team not understand? People have been asking for a way to opt out of receiving moderator privileges for years now, but we still don't have that option
2:39 PM
@GnomeSlice He should have gone for the interception!
@Nzall uuhm don't use them if you don't want them?
I'm getting stress from fucked up chat flags, I'm getting stress from getting chat flag popups in other languages that I don't know what to do with
Like, how the hell am I supposed to know what a random chat flag for the Russian or Japanese stacks is offended about?
There's a "not sure" button
Also I haven't seen chat flags in a while now...
I just always flag them as invalid just to spite the system
@Nzall sounds like you should be leaving them to other people then
2:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Sounds more like SE should just give in already and give users the option to opt out of all crowdsourced moderation privileges
Q: Blueprinted Pole Placement over long distances

Kaynn CahyaThe current issue I have is with placing Blueprinted Electric Poles over long distances as shown in this GIF. Normally, you are able to hold down LMB, and move. Then once you reach maximum distance, you'll automatically place another another pole. (Provided that there are no other poles nearby t...

Not actioning would be functionally the same as opting out, no?
But sure, agreed
The entire concept of crowdsourcing moderation is a messed up thing anyway. SE is the only major site I know if that shoves a significant amount of their moderation onto their userbase rather than giving this only to willing volunteers
And yes, there are volunteer moderators, we elect them even, but there's still the unspoken expectation that users with moderation privileges are encouraged to use them, even to the mental detriment of users
@Nzall Well tbh I don't feel pressured to use my moderation privileges
I rarely flag stuff, I never visit the moderation queues, I don't even want to have them available
2:46 PM
Yeah definitely hit "not sure" instead of "invalid" all the time. This isn't some like strike action you're taking here lol, they aren't going to add that as a new feature to chat
The only times I ever flag stuff is if it's extremely out of line, like if a user starts posting really offensive stuff
@Unionhawk It wouldn't be a chat feature, it would be a global "I don't want anything to do with moderation visible to me anywhere" feature
Also again: It's totally fine if you don't actively use it. There are some high-rep users that barely vote, vtc or delete stuff.
Like, it's good that they already decided to not show that hideous "there are X open flags in the queue" notification in the nav menu during the redesign, but I just wish they did the same for chat flags so it didn't obscure part of my screen, even if it doesn't obscure anything relevant
Maybe time to write a userscript to hide/remove mod references you don't want to see?
I have never felt pressured to use my privs either
2:51 PM
There's probably a userscript like that already, but again: that's Stack Exchange hoisting off often demanded features onto the community
Whenever I select all roles in Overwatch QP I almost always just end up playing tank
Which is my main anyway but still
Looks like you just need to add __web-inspector-hide-shortcut__ to the css class for the button that links to the review queues
but I don't really know much about userscripts, tbh
I have literally only seen 1 person ask for this so idk about "often"
@GnomeSlice They enabled that? I didn't look at the patch notes that closely
yeah a while ago
and youre locked to that role all game
it wa sa big change a bit ago
2:54 PM
@Unionhawk yeah... probably a handful of people ask for it but, I think not even a percent of people would want that
No, I know about role queue, but you made it sound like you could queue for multiple roles
Q: Let me opt out of viewing chat flags

MDMarraI'm not a moderator. I have ~50k rep on Server Fault. I am a regular in chat. Because chat allows all 10k+ users across the network to act on chat flags, I (and many other regulars in SF chat) see some problematic users from other chats flagging things that aren't actually offensive. I disagree...

Didn't link the question, sorry
So at least 83 people thought this as well
As you can see I also posted about it
Guess I'll just have to add a filter to uBlock origin
If any of you wish to block it yourself: chat.stackexchange.com###flag-count as a custom filter in uBlock Origin
Q: What pieces of warm clothing can be obtained on Zeah?

UnionhawkI'm working on getting to Wintertodt in the Twisted League, but I don't know what warm clothing I can get here. On my main I use the Santa outfit which obviously cannot be obtained on Zeah. What are my warm clothing options for the Twisted League?

Q: what is the fastest or easiest way to make money in skyrim at the beginning of the game

Tardis1015I have just started Skyrim and I need gold to get a house and weaponry. I want to know what is the fastest or easiest way of earning it.

3:04 PM
@Lazers2.0 dupe
@MBraedley Guess he doesn't want to get married yet lol
3:24 PM
Q: For some reason my Chain Commandblocks are not working

David GallondI was trying to create a parameter in wich a wall would disapear, but the chainblocks just weren't powered, so for easier understanding i made this line I saw in a tutorial and it didn't work either. I was building on a Nitrado Server on 1.14.4.

meta.stackexchange.com is the gift that keeps on giving
Oh no, what now?
@Sterno Yep. And I've had my fill for now.
I check in every week or so
I just realized I've been credited with a bunch of yearling badges at other sites because of the question rep boost.
3:39 PM
@MBraedley same, got over 30 new yearling badges
4:06 PM
@GnomeSlice nice, we need more 20k users
@Sterno i look at it occasionally, and go "well then." and come back to arqade. a lot less drama here
4:33 PM
Rename 'meta.stackexchange.com' to 'drama.stackexchange.com'
This is the Piccadilly service for FLEEING THE COUNTRY
Please stand clear of the doors
Goodbye Hammersmith
You were surprisingly not shite
Hammersmith is a relatively posh bit
idk if I could deal again with living in a country where people speak a language I understand
then I have to actively sleepwalk the city over
also it turns out hyde park is a shit place to look for eating at 7pm :p
4:41 PM
So by the time you learn dutch you'll move out to french? :p
I studied french in middle school
J'aime la baguette
Le chat est sur le table
Just sprinkle some diacritics semirandomly
Ou sont les lasagnes?
Mon dieu, jeaux disaster chat
*jaune chat catastrophe
Close enough
Q: log4j2 logger only prints to console, does not write to file in Minecraft 1.8.9?

Venkatesh GotimukulApache log4j2 logger prints to console, not to file when run on server side. The same logger if placed in client side logs to file as expected. This worked fine on 1.7.10 but when transitioned from 1.7.10 to 1.8.9, the logger no longer logs to file but prints to console instead. the log4j2.xml i...

Least favourite thing of London
Distant first place
Cell reception
Feels like 1996
Is Sepia Lazers okay?
@Wipqozn I thought the problem was rather how they dropped half the pokemans and mangled half of the remaining pokemans and please subscribe to this online service for the luxury of destroying your collection
4:50 PM
Oh nevermind, I'm dumb
I sure hope that if my flight departs from LHR T5 that means i am going straight to LHR T5 and do everything there
and maybe then take the shitty internal train to get to the specific flavour of terminal 5
@Yuuki I like that
5:05 PM
@Wrigglenite something something, blame @Wipqozn
Why is that starred :(
Blame @Wipqozn
@Wrigglenite its tradition. @uni is a prime example
5:24 PM
Why does Keanu Reeves make an appearance? That seems kind of forced. But otherwise the trailer looks funny, I'll probably watch the movie eventually
The 3D style is kinda interesting
Q: edit brightness in resource pack - minecraft

misik22I tried to edit "world0" brightness in my resource pack, but game was always crashing, even, when I just changed brightness in editor, but I didnt changed anything.. why is it crashing all time? Nothing else is edited in resource pack, just this texture

@GnomeSlice What is this, a crossover episode?
@badp Better to feel like 1996 than 2016!
@Wrigglenite There, now it's pinned in addition to being starred!
That is way too many pinned messages
Actually we probably already have enough pins
Here, I'll clear out all the other pinned messages
5:37 PM
Hey, no
That is not what I meant
I think what @Wrigglenite wanted was to pin even more stars. That's really the only logical conclusion to this series of events
I'm gonna be a fuddy duddy and unpin stuff.
Clearing stars is someone else's abuse.
brb, abusing the star list
@fredley has removed @Wipqozn's stars from The Bridge
5:52 PM
@Wipqozn oppresses more
@fredley I'm pleased you didn't miss an opportunity
I never miss an opportunity.
Although it's not friday
It is in Sydney!
Or Tokyo!
6:07 PM
Q: How can I repair damaged truck?

arghtypeMy truck is damaged badly, but I cannot figure out how to repair it. When I use it in-game tip appears about placing it in a garage, but when I drive it to a garage I cannot enter it - elevator turns red and says that incorrect object is placed there. What can I do? Is there any special garages...

@MageXy yeah it looks way better in motion than I thought it would from the stills
@MageXy He's a sage. in a ball of sage...
I don't know. Hasselhoff was in the last one
As himself though
It's the year of Keanu
6:32 PM
I fuckin really want this
$1,299 though, probably not for a few years lol
the touch controls and motorized jogs are amaaazing
Akai pro pads
Maybe a little overkill but damn
Q: Can you pick up animals in adventure mode in Minecraft Earth?

Erin BIn Minecraft Earth, there are places you can go that are indicated by beams of light. When you reach one of these, you can go into adventure mode, where you can see animals, mine, and gather materials. When you're on your build plot, you can just pick up animals and add them to your inventory. D...

6:57 PM
Everyone's talking about the new Pioneer all-in-one system as well
Rekordbox is what all the DJs in the group I used to work for use... hm.
> The fact this won't play 4 channels from USB totally eliminates the reason for this device. Game set and match to denon.
Wow, didn't know that
That is bad
7:40 PM
bbl BA444
8:08 PM
ooo SO is down?
appears so
Chat may be clinging to life hello
there we go
definitely wasn't trying to look up an answer to something
I can't wait for okay panic to tell us all about how so was down and is back up but in broken tweet format in like 2 hours
8:10 PM
Chat is currently in the Twilight Zone, normality expected to be restored soon-ish
chat is the twilight zone
@Elise that's insane
@Elise whoa.
@Elise Will have to check out later.
8:25 PM
Apparently the SE issues are SQL related.
Some third party decided hammering the API yesterday was a good idea.
Could be the same thing today.
8:44 PM
I finished watching Attack on Titan a few days ago. I can't decide if I like it or not.
I really enjoyed the first season, where the premise is set and there's major threats around every corner.
But eventually I started wanting to understand the background lore better, and after finishing season 3 I'm a little frustrated because my guess for where Titans come from was waaay off. There's not really much foreshadowing about their origin, they just kind of drop it on you and you have to accept it.
Which would be fine if it was something you learn early in the story, but this was supposed to be a big revelation and there's no way you could have predicted this based on the evidence they give in the story.
Sounds like all of Studio Trigger's works
It gets annoying after a while
AoT isn't Trigger, is it?
I think AoT is Wit Studio
@Wrigglenite I thought "random alien conspiracy finale" was the hallmark of Studio Trigger?
@PrivatePansy Yeah I'm not saying it's theirs
@Yuuki Pretty much, yes
8:52 PM
Spoiler alert, but that's Kill La Kill, Darling in the Franxx, Promare...
Always happy when I get a response from Twitter stating the report I sent for an account is justified
Promare was especially egregious because the aliens could've been completely cut out of the plot and nothing would have changed.
I actually like Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia. They were very over the top (especially Kill la Kill) but I didn't think the plot twist was that ridiculous
Like, one of the very first things we learn about in Kill la Kill are sentient clothes, it makes sense for there to be more than the ones the protaganist meets
But in AoT, (spoiler alert), I spent the whole show thinking Titans came from some kind of scientific experiment that had gone wrong. Titans escape, wreak havoc on the world, and set scientific progress back hundreds of years.
@MageXy I finished the first season, and then...lost interest.
But no, turns out, Titans have basically always existed, they came from ~magic~, and the reason no one remembers them from that far back is because of ~magic~
8:58 PM
All I remember is the protagonist was supposed to check out his dad's basement for something.
@Frank Yeah, pretty much. It takes him three seasons, but when he finally reaches it, it's just a lore dump. Everything up to that point is really cool imo, but then the lore dump kinda ruins the whole thing.
Oh, it takes three whole seasons for him to get to it?
Bleh. Glad I stopped when I did.
Gurren Lagann was dope
I can't do grimdark anime.
I didnt finish kill la kill
9:03 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh don't get me started on that
What a disappointment that was for me
@GnomeSlice Fun fact: I didn't like it first time I watched it.
You need to go into Gurren Lagann with a certain mindset to enjoy it.
I liked it a lot
Kinda like Pacific Rim.
9:04 PM
The art style originally turned me off.
In fact, you need the exact same mindset to enjoy both Pacific Rim and Gurren Lagann.
I liked Gurren Lagann for how silly it is. Pretty much what Yuuki said
Giant robots fighting giant monsters, whoo!!!!!
I watched Trigun a while back too and loved that
But watched a bit with some friends, and the seriousness compounded with the straight faced comedy makes it pretty awesome.
9:05 PM
@Yuuki I think Pacific Rim at least tries to not be completely camp
Kamina from GL would be an awesome cosplay
@PrivatePansy Are you sure? Did you miss the giant robot fist going through a building, slowing down just in time to set off a Newton's Cradle?
Or the part before that where the kaiju tackles the giant robot but they kill it and manage to slow down in time to bump a ship tie, causing a seagull to fly off?
@PrivatePansy have you seen the second one?
Or the literal rocket punch?
@GnomeSlice No, I guess I should at some point. Probably when I'm on a plane
9:08 PM
It's way campier
@Frank S W O R D
I love Pacific Rim but it is the dumbest awesome movie ever made.
@Yuuki They're fun watches.
I swear I'm going to end up logging in to a regular osrs world instead of a twisted league world all month lol
You can now pre-purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 39.99 https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection
> Includes 7 items: Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4
Or Halo: Reach can be bought individually for 9.99
but it also looks like Reach is DLC and you need to own Master Chief Collection to play it?
9:25 PM
Hang on, 40? really? damn that's cheap
Yeah I was expecting like $100
$50 for me still not bad
@Steve-o169 ooo
This is literally my first preorder in 2 years
I'm not sure if that's all that it will cost...
Seems like Halo: Reach is the first game that's ready and it won't even have the rest until 2020
9:28 PM
The game cost about $60 years ago on Xbox One. I wouldn't be surprised if it's down to $40 now
And it looks like the collection is 7 different Steam games, so I assume the Reach preorder is standalone
just very confusing on the store page... shows a package price of 39.99, individual price of reach is 9.99, and shows a price of 39.99 for most of the other games in the MCC
If you scroll down, they're selling each of the other games for $40 and Reach for $10
guessing they might all add up to 39.99 once they all get added in?
Or they just really want to sell it as a bundle
I mean, each game is set up as DLC, so you literally have to get the collection
9:32 PM
@Yuuki My cat's been doing this
@Steve-o169 Right, I just saw that
@Steve-o169 Seems like a pre-order more than anything else.
seems like they would've started with Halo 1 if they're releasing them individually... gonna be playing them in reverse order at this rate
@MageXy @Dragonrage These FPX posts popping up on Reddit are endless entertainment. They flame each other so much, it's hilarious.
@Steve-o169 They're releasing them in chronological order based on the timeline
9:37 PM
> DoinB: I was 100 CS behind and afking under my tower, calling Tian ‘Can you help me? Otherwise mid turret will be gone in 2 minutes!’ But Tian wasn’t able to come, because he’s too busy: Gimgoon was quivering under his turret, too. You can’t win with two Gimgoons in your team, you know? If both your mid and top are Gimgoon you simply can’t win.”
> How could I win with Akali if they int like LWX? I need to play Naut and protect him.
@Nzall ooh, I never played past Halo 2 so I didn't know Reach was first
> "It’s okay to call LWX the worst ADC, bro, or FPX toplaner the worst, but it’s not okay to call me the worst mid."
@Steve-o169 Essentially, Reach was one of the first colonies of Earth and the place where the SPARTAN-II augmented soldier training program started. The game itself is a prequel to the original trilogy
The first Halo game takes place right after Halo: Reach.
Chronologically speaking.
The events of Halo reach take place directly before the events of Halo 1. It depicts the invasion of Reach, and Halo 1 starts with the Pillar of Autumn jumping away from that invasion to the Halo ring
9:50 PM
10:02 PM
@Nzall curious, are the games added to your account similar to free games by PS+?
@Memor-X it's a separate client (currently in Beta) that uses the Windows Store backend to deliver the games, and you can simply install whichever games you want as long as you're subbed
But if your sub runs out, you lose access to any games you got installed
I don't know if that's how the PS+ free games work
@Nzall it's more or less the same, except sounds sorta more like Humber's Trove
i assume with the PC one it uses Windows Store in Online Mode as a form of DRM
@Memor-X The way it works is you install a separate client called the Xbox client, which serves to sell Xbox games as well as provide a platform to see the games you can play
@Nzall ahhhh, so that wouldn't have an offline mode them
because i know Windows Store does have an Offline Mode
Then when you download the games, it uses the Windows Store servers to download them, so if you happen to have Windows Store and Windows Update throttled, it also throttles these downloads
@Memor-X actually, it does.
You can mark 1 PC for offline play, although just like other services you need to go online at least once per month to confirm
10:07 PM
@fredley I'll take that
the self service passport control was closed so this was the first time someone manually interviewed me on entry
And you need to launch games in online mode at least once before you can do offline play
thanks @fredley I really needed this in my life
Also, because it uses the Windows UWP platform, you can't choose which drive to install games on during the install, it can only use the drives that Store apps get installed to
@Nzall actually testing that with Steam now. on my old computer i never had to connect Steam online but i wouldn't rule out some sort of re-authentication being passed from my laptop when i updated the library
It also has a "random game" mode, which suggests a random game for you to play
10:13 PM
@Nzall using relative paths? ie. if i had the app my laptop on S: but i have on my PC the app on D:, it'll work regardless?
@Memor-X I'm not entirely sure what you mean
@Nzall well say i have the Store app on my laptop on S:, then i decided to move it onto my PC but i have the app on D:, would the games still work despite the Drive Change or are they hard coded to only run on S: unless i redownload them?
In the Windows 10 settings app, you can choose where new content is saved somewhere. The option for "New Apps" is used to choose where games are installed
@Memor-X I don't think you can share games between multiple computers using shared network drives
It's UWP so I don't think that's possible, you'll need to have the games installed on a local drive
@Nzall not shared network drives, copy and paste using either a portable hard drive or data transfer cable
@Memor-X You can share UWP apps installed through a storefront that way? I don't think it'll recognize games installed in this manner, because you can't choose an install location for UWP apps
10:18 PM
like currently i download my Steam Games to a portable Hard Drive on my Laptop and copy them off it to my Gaming PC
@Memor-X ah, that's not possible unfortunately
your gaming PC will need to download them manually, though I think it might be possible to redownload the game on your PC from your laptop using Windows features
I know that Windows has a setting that allows you to download Windows updates from other machines on your network in addition to official servers
But I don't think it's possible to copy an UWP game in that manner
anyway, I'm off to bed
11:07 PM
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