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12:42 AM
Today sucked job search wise
I had a terrible interview this morning
First it was for a senior developer position, which is not really what I am yet
And second, it started with a little written test, which completely threw me off and I never really recovered
And then the recruiter heard back from one of the companies I was excited about and they're going with someone else
1:13 AM
@SaintWacko That sucks, but I'd just consider the interview practice for next time.
1:27 AM
@Wipqozn Yeah
It still felt like crap
2:10 AM
Q: Can you find voyager in Elite Dangerous

K00lmanWhen playing Elite Dangerous, I have noticed that sometimes when pulling into a station there have been advertisements to see the Voyager probes. I was wondering if this was just to add flavor to the world, or if you could go and see them. If so, where would they be?

2:31 AM
Q: Minecraft /kill @e targets item frames and armor stands

MasterPookaIn one world I tried to fight nine stacks of zombies at once, but it lagged my pc out and I had to use the /kill @e to get everything back in order. On the same map I had a 341 map megamap that was on item frames and

@Wipqozn lol, was just talking to someone about Sword and Shield
3 hours later…
5:44 AM
So... how much do I pay to not be on United
1 hour later…
6:56 AM
Q: My minecraft launcher won't open

Kiet NguyenMy Minecraft launcher isn't opening and every time I try to open the launcher there is a loading pops up next to the mouse for like second and goes away with nothing pops up. I tried everything from reinstalled multiple times, Try to delete the .minecraft folder and stuff. Go on google and search...

7:14 AM
Yaay got Pokemon Shield^^ and today I have a 6 hr flight to Russia so perfect for speeding that up
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
Q: Is there a way to controll which item gets combined and which gets dropped?

ZaibisYesterday it happened to me, that under time pressure, I wanted to give a lvl 2 (Lets say its a Jax) unit its 3rd item which would combined with the 3rd item already equipped. Now I had another lvl 2 Jax on the Bench, which due to the hectic, I gave the item instead of the one being equipped alre...

9:34 AM
Morning chat!
Morning @Elva
Final half hour of Desert Bus for Hope! Unless someone donates enough for another hour but that's unlikely :p
Though it's "only" 17k
9:59 AM
Q: I can't play Multiplayer Lan with my friend

CookieCarIs it possible to play multiplayer in minecraft with using any cables or maybe different devices like Laptop and PC playing multiplayer?

10:31 AM
Q: Playing Mobile games on PC, is it a crime?

SmoughIt's my first question here, and if this question is not allowed, feel free to delete. I would like to know if playing Shooting games intended for Mobile to be played on PC (via Android Emulator, or other) is a crime? or bannable offense? I've been playing a lot of FPS games on my mobile, when ...

11:28 AM
@Elva If anyone slept on the lego building segments, they're all on youtube
11:44 AM
They're pretty good
"Keep talking and no-one legos"
They're mostly relaxing, but some of them are hella stressful
What else was good this year?
The horse joke?
The horse joke was very well executed but I wouldn't call it good :p
Also Snerge (evil Serge) was interesting
Selected segments ^
And the second annual coffee pong invitational was good!
Q: What attack stat does each starter Pokemon favour in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

RobotnikI'm hoping to soft-reset for my starter Pokemon's Nature to boost it's primary attack stat, but I'm not sure which stat I should prefer with Scorbunny, Grookey or Sobble. Which of these mons are primarily physical vs special attackers? Or are they fairly mixed? (Other family members are playing...

Desertbus (and LRR) are just a great community, fun fact, their team page has pronouns listed! desertbus.org/info/team
@Elva They were wearing badges all week
Nice, I hadn't noticed!
Look at this built in drum machine what
Ugh, everything is listed in USD everywhere it keeps throwing me off
$899 CAD jesus
I mean musical instruments are always expensive
You can fuckin add external hardware synths to this thing too
I really want to get into chiptunes more, that would be sooooo helpful
This one has me drooling but it's like a thousand dollars more
12:14 PM
Q: Is it possible to tell if a Pokémon is too powerful?

WondercricketI just reached the wild area in Pokémon Sword, and there is the chance to encounter Pokémon that are too high of level that can easily take out your team; nor can you capture. Some Pokémon are obvious, such as 2nd or 3rd stage evolutions. I’ve already had some close encounters with a Haunter and ...

12:39 PM
A friend shared this this morning and it made me laugh.
@Ash I thought you hated incredibly lame puns?
I love them and hate them simultaneously!
They're the best and the worst.
That one's not terribad
Q: Can I save the collectively created level in Ultimate Chicken Horse? How?

LinkbladeIn the game Ultimate Chicken Horse in Party mode you and your 3 additional local players create a hard to pass level. The level evolves with each round as each player puts new pieces into it and changes the level. At the end of the match or at any point mid-match the level is at its best. Is ther...

1:15 PM
Q: Minecraft Win 10 vs Minecraft Java Edition

KludgyOne67095I've found multiple listings for both versions at low & similar prices, but I still have no idea which one is actually better (despite seeing the magnitude of comparisons). I've never played Minecraft on PC. I last played on someone's Xbox One, but before that, I was playing it on my Xbox 360S. A...

1:50 PM
I wonder if I can find a good midi enabled hardware synth for chiptunes..
Meh. Can't afford any of this stuff anyway
Damn this thing looks homebrew
That's dope
I don't think that would do what I would want.. I need to do more research into midi and hardware synths though I don't have a lot of knowledge of how it all works together
@GnomeSlice I missed out on the limited edition po-137 :( I forgot about it until just now
Poster says he samples it and uses the samples in his production... That's not a bad idea at all. If I do get my hands on the Roland controller you can trigger custom samples in the TRS sequencer
@MattE.Эллен boo! I never heard of these til today
I think they are on sale but not from teenage.enginner
so, probably marked up quite a bit
hmmm. £85, so not too bad
2:07 PM
Amazon has it for $59 but probably USD
I'm not ready to buy for a while. If I do get the Roland I'll probably just work with the built in drums for a while
Idk though the controller itself is gonna run me like $900 which is.. a lot
I can't believe the DJ-808 is $1900
that is expensive.
The 505 is like $1000 less and probably had enough to keep me going for a long time
My Mixtrack pro is wearing out. It's also like a 17 year old piece of equipment that I got for $80 used like two years ago
Served me well getting going
2:27 PM
@GnomeSlice sounds like a better investment
2:43 PM
Theres also the Mixtrack platinum which is significantly cheaper. Like sub $350 and is more or less a nicer update to what I have now with better build quality. No sequencer or drum machine though but I could go today and be able to afford it
4.5/5 as a starter unit on digital dj tips but I may have already outgrown it. Doesn't really give me any new capabilities over my current one except some fun but not required screens in the jogs
It would make a good backup and be much nicer to use than what I have now but I'll want to upgrade again like pretty soon lol
I've been playing a lot of chiptunes and the main problem for me is the lack of consistent basslines and beats. The drum machine would give me a lot of control over that
I know this room is probably not a great place to discuss such things lol
I don't know what's involved in simply adding an external drum machine to an existing setup but this seems to integrate it way better. Plus it gives me effects knobs and a step up in general
I'll be on a video research binge tonight
Oh yeah... Going for the Roland will probably also mean switching to a new dj software, serato, which I will have to buy... The standard edition is only like $120 and the unit apparently comes with several of the expansions for it
I haven't been able to find results for the 505 working with virtual DJ yet
It's a few years old and a lot has been supported but I might have to do some scripting in which case forget about it
I could barely figure out how to script my pitch faders to invert the direction on them
We're breaking the build, but at least it's still morning!
3:26 PM
@Yuuki lol? 😅
@GnomeSlice In all fairness, the villain from Black/White's last name is, and I'm not lying here, "Gropius".
what the hell is this "collection" thing that reddit's doing now?
3:47 PM
@Yuuki seriously 👎😂
@GnomeSlice Feast your eyes upon Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius.
That's pretty out there lol
@Yuuki ..... how to make someone regret joining the room in a single second.
I guess I will post this info just in case someone need it and then quickly escape.
^ it is about the SD corruption bug caused by Pkmn Sword/Shield.
SD corruption bug?? That sounds bad
4:12 PM
Q: Where are these traps in the Sanitarium map?

FedericoTo complete the Yuletide Horror seasonal objectives, one needs to use the "Tentacle Whip" and "Suction Trap" within the Sanitarium new map (already available through the open beta). Where are these located within the map? I think I used all triggers (and killed zeds in with them), but my counter...

4:37 PM
god this still amuses me
4:54 PM
@GnomeSlice actually, not that bad apparently
> Also, to be explicit: save data is not at risk at all. Saves are stored on the internal NAND, which uses FAT32/doesn't corrupt.

The only data at risk are downloaded games/other SD card files, and those can be redownloaded.

The absolute worst case is you lose some screenshots.
OK, people absolutely eat Pokémon polygon.com/2019/11/15/20963329/…
@Wipqozn Weren't Slowpoke tails trafficked by Team Rocket in Gold/Silver?
But suddenly, it's okay now?
f--kin' brexit, man
@Yuuki Yeah, that was one of the first dungeons: Slowpoke Well in the bug gym city
You told the guy who makes the pokeballs that Team Rocket was mutilating Slowpokes in the well near the city, he runs off, when you go after him he pushes a Team Rocket member in the well and falls after him
time is a flat circle
@Nzall Oof, wow
I mean I know the non-mainline games have a bit more latitude in their stories, but that's surprisingly dark for a children's game
5:10 PM
@PrivatePansy you should have seen the original games. If you read between the pixels, you literally kill one of the pokemon of your rival
Do Slowpoke shed their tails then since we apparently have free-range Slowpoke tails in Sword/Shield?
5:25 PM
@Yuuki Yes
5:39 PM
yay, test env is down. i get to not be able to do work until it is fixed
6:05 PM
@Dragonrage Heh. Reminds me of the day our top network tech rendered her resignation.
Company panicked. Locked down every IT and dev person's account.
The stupid part was we had a system account that needed domain admin privileges for all sorts of stuff.
And I had the password written down. I could've just re-enabled my account and kept on going.
6:18 PM
@Wipqozn Is this really a surprise? I mean, assuming that humans in the Pokemon world evolved in a similar fashion to ourselves, they are omnivores. They eat meat. Have you ever seen a non-Pokemon animal in the Pokemon world? Where do you think the meat comes from?
Q: how do I use the /particle effect in Minecraft education edition

Clover4c679exactly as the title said I was wondering if the /particle effect could be used in education edition. anybody know?

6:42 PM
Q: WorldEdit Torus 1.14

LuridiiI want to build a giant "Space-Doughnut"(Torus) and I've found answers to similar questions, but they didn't work for me. I would like it to have a major radius of 91 and a thickness of 21 blocks. I'm not sure why things like: "//g stone ([Major Radius]-sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2+z^2<[Minor Radius]^2" didn...

I really wish all of our clients would upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server... I'm having to maintain procs with 2005 syntax and it's really annoying
I can't get my Vive to work
6:57 PM
@MageXy It's also mentioned in Pokedex entries too, although take those with a grain of salt since Alakazam apparently has 5000 IQ according to those.
@Yuuki My head canon is that many of those Pokedex entries are made via the exaggerations of excitable children. imgur.com/a/LQBqj
@MageXy I love the Drifloon one
7:17 PM
my goddamn face when
Turns out jimbo and his crew made a social media on wt:social
and jimbo is now following me on wt:social.
7:43 PM
Q: how can i get the coords of the player in multiplayer

AgentBurkinso im trying to make something like a snitch that tells you where you are and if you are in the radius of a block but the only thing thats missing is the coords of the player so i can see where they entered the area i already got the player detecting part done thats the only thing left.The server...

@Ave who
Q: Is it possible to view which climable areas can be used by the current animal?

Sumurai8While building a climbing area for my gorillas, I found that the traversable area view did not show blue areas for my climbing material. Eventually I figured out through patiently waiting that my gorillas will actually use the climbing platforms I have placed, even though it does not show up. Is...

8:14 PM
@Yuuki jimmy wales
@Ave Wikipedia?
@MageXy Oh these are great
8:38 PM
@Yuuki Or FF14?
Q: Resistance Order with a empty slot won't accept order. What am I doing wrong?

vianna77Here is a screenshot to explain the situation: When I try to drag those available orders to the empty slot (red arrows) they won't move and make a bip sound like "can't do it". There is no explanation why it won't accept. I don't know what to do. What am I doing wrong?

@MageXy non-pokemon creatures were more common in the early seasons of the anime. Mostly fish and smaller insects, though.
@Dragonrage Omega Ruby is ruthless
9:03 PM
@MBraedley Yay!
Man, I always regret it when I start working out again
I honestly don't know how a previous change didn't break the build, because it should have.
Q: Problem with keyboard

Benjamin VoieI have a problem with my keyboard (Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L RGB). I've had this keyboard for around 2 years now and it seemed to look fine. But now it would only press down one key when I play games. For example, if I press 'w' to walk then I can't press any other button at the same time. ...

The two dilemmas of a programmer. “Why does this work?” and “Why doesn’t this work?”
my god, people, outing someone after they falsely claimed you two broke up because you cheated on them is an "everyone sucks here" situation, am i taking crazy pills?
9:09 PM
@Dragonrage "This shouldn't work. But it does." and, "This should work! I don't understand why it doesn't!" The former is an accident waiting to happen, but will probably make it into production anyways.
@Yuuki I mean, they outed them as a means of correcting the lie
It hadn't been necessary for their partner to make up a reason in the first place
Restarting the laptop unbroke the build again. I should really be shutting the services down properly instead of hitting the stop button on Visual Studio.
10:00 PM
@Yuuki yes
@Frank when someone comes along and tries to refactor it to be better, then breaks it?
10:18 PM
Apparently the new Star Wars game gets decent reviews
Like, people are comparing it to Dark Souls and Sekiro, in a good way
Like, Steam reviews are actually good, which is surprising for a Star Wars game in this era
nearly 1500 reviews, 90% positive
Oh hey, a sequel
I should really make time for POE
10:50 PM
@Nzall This makes me think it will be difficult.
@Nzall Oh, is it out?
@Ash it's out already, and people are mainly comparing it for the combat style, not necessarily the difficulty
A combat style based on dodging and parrying, with some mild platforming
11:07 PM
Q: Is it normal for a soldier whom got healed ended up hurt at the end of the mission?

vianna77I find it strange that I healed two soldiers but they show up hurt when they return. Here is a screenshot of them: Is it suppose to be normal???

Q: Casting a spell with every selected unit

user34258Suppose for example I have 13 corruptors selected, and I'd like to have them all cast caustic spray on an enemy command center. I can do this by c mouseclick c mouseclick c mouseclick c mouseclick ... (thirteen times), but this is time intensive and can lead to mistakes if done too fast. Is the...

@Nzall Ah, okay
11:33 PM
@Wipqozn it's not really a sequel
there's the current acts 1-10
and there's going to be a new alternative set of 7 acts
they both go into the same atlas endgame
but yes what I guess you could call acts 11-17 are plot-wise a sequel to the 10 acts
the most important announcement obviously is what's got @fredley drooling
a brand new grass tech rendered with precomputed raytracing
@badp Pretty sure @fredley is excited for the Archer tie in promotional material.
@Wipqozn also the entire thing is set in post-brexit Clerkenwell
pictured: post-brexit Clerkenwell
the Citizens of Thiswhere are equipped with Corrupt Eurocrat Scanners for rapid Sovereignty Takesies Backsies action
Q: How would I make a AOE [area of effect] attack that damages mobs in its raduis? (minecraft 1.13/1.14)

Derpy PersonHow would I make an AOE attack that does 5 damage to any mobs in its radius? Also, if possible, could someone explain how to add particles as an indication of the radius for the attack? Thank you for your time :)


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