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Cc @Ash
12:49 AM
@GnomeSlice Oh, these are fantastic
1:18 AM
Q: Does spending Fortnite V-bucks on one platform affect another platform with the same account?

Confused Fortnite GamerWhat happens when I have different amounts of V-bucks in Fortnite, Battle royale, on different platforms with the same account (Example: It shows on PC that I have 1000, while on PS4 I have 1,050), then I decide to spend some on either platform? Does spending V-bucks on PC affect the amount I hav...

1:52 AM
The game, not like, game development software
2:39 AM
Q: What Order might The Five Nights a Freddy's games go in?(not counting books)

SpringtrappedI think that Sister Location happens first, at 1983. Then FnaF 4 in 1987. Next is FNaF 2 a few years after 1987, possibly nineteen ninety. After could be FNaF 1 in 1993. Finnaly, we have FNaF 3, in 2023(because it says 30 years after burning.) I don't care about FNaF world or that stuff. ...

2:59 AM
Q: What does buying a wish in Sega's Aladdin do?

king of panesIn Sega Genesis's version of Disney's Aladdin, the player on multiple occasions encounters a merchant who will offer either an extra life for every five rubies Aladdin collects, or a scroll labeled wish for every ten rubies- what benefit does the scroll labeled wish offer?

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Q: How does spending V-bucks work on different platforms?

RetroSo if it shows that I have 1,000 V-bucks on PC, and 1,050 on PS4, and I decide to spend 200 on PC, will that take 200 from PS4? And same question vise versa.

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5:10 AM
> Luke James Munday, 27, was on Wednesday sentenced to a 14-month good behaviour bond after being convicted of domestic violence-related common assault.
> Munday in July pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner Grace Campbell while live-streaming a Fortnite game at their Oran Park home, in Sydney's south west, in December 2018.
5:41 AM
Afternoon all, I have a bit of an odd question to ask.
Firstly, it's about solitaire.
When you play it on your PC or on your mobile or wherever, it gives you the option to undo moves, to the point where you can start over.
In other similar games, like "Pyramid" (half the deck is stacked in an overlapping pyramid), if you get stuck, it allows you to rebuild the stack in its original order (basically a mass-undo function)
The question is about the allowance of this rule in these types of card games. Would this be better off on boardgames or something?
6:03 AM
might depend on the mechanics of the board game, not sure about Pyramid but in solitaire the only degree of randomness is the deck's initial state before you draw when you go to shuffle (in which i assume the undo doesn't redo the desk shuffle), while with a board game generally the dice roll is always random so when you undo your redoing that randomness
6:41 AM
> 1. "There's not as much content in Sun/Moon because we spent a lot of work on the models for each Pokemon."
> 2. "We're cutting more than half of the Pokemon because Sun/Moon showed us that there's too many Pokemon for us to improve the models for each generation."
> 3. "In Sword/Shield, we're re-using the models we made for Sun/Moon without improvements."
Man, GameFreak is a clown show.
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8:06 AM
Q: Why is the Jarl of Markarth always in his room?

RandomHandleIn Skyrim SSE, I'm running quest for the Jarl of Markarth, but when I'm prompted to return to him to complete the quest, he's in his room with the door locked. I don't want to pick the lock and get fined and perhaps get a bad reputation. I've waited in sight of the throne one hour at a time for s...

8:47 AM
Q: Counter Strike 1.6 - How to modify the limit of grenade allowed to carry?

123iamkingIn counter strike 1.6, you can carry 1 grenade, 2 flash, 1 smoke. I want to carry more. Is there any way I can modify these numbers? Note: I just play with bots.

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10:08 AM
Yesss one week smoke-free :D
@Jutschge Congrats!
10:29 AM
Q: My Hotbar disappeared in minecraft

MangoisRICHHey guys im play minecraft Window 10 version on a MacBook. I was just playing in a server and was just finish from a mini game. I teleported back to the lobby then i relized my hot bar is gone! I went in Google and tried every single way i could found but none of them work! Please help! Thx ps:...

@Jutschge Well done, keep it up!
Also don't worry if/that you still feel the urge to smoke, a few ex-smokers I know have said that doesn't go away for ages
10:49 AM
Q: How do I set up Undertale on an iPad?

Steven MatheyMy nephew is all excited about Undertale, but did not play the game yet. I would like to gift it to him for Christmas. Unfortunately, he only plays games with his iPad (and is not computer savvy) and I am only familiar with Windows and Linux. Is there an 'official' way to play Undertale on an iP...

Q: Is there such a thing as a software, paid or not, which allows me to easily photo-realistically recreate a limited real-life Western location?

stuckinthepastEver since I was a child in the 1990s, I have dreamt of digitally recreating my unique childhood block and its nearby residential areas as some kind of computer "game" (simulation), for the purpose of nostalgia, recreation "and more". Having installed software such as Blender and Unity countless...

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@fredley there's finally a release date stardewvalley.net/1-4-pc-release-date-more
I think I'll need to complain on the forums about Slime Hutches again
They're so underwhelming as a late game building
11:44 AM
@Jutschge that's certainly pin worthy. Great job.
12:17 PM
@Wipqozn Oh shiiiiii
@Ronan I haven't smoked in like 7 years and there are still times when I am like "oh you know what would be good right now"
12:43 PM
Omg no, look at the pattern too
Oh that just looks...awful
Round and hten square and then round again
The pattern itself is probably some sort of painting with a frame
Thx for the kind words :) Yeah I'm looking forward for the first month and year^^
1:11 PM
@GnomeSlice I've seen this in stores, and it's called "The Vault."
Although it looks like it was recently renamed... either way, it's a ravensburger puzzle. They've got black and silver ones too.
1:43 PM
hmm... twisted league this week
idk which account I want to play it on
(osrs gamemode wherein everyone is a region-locked ironman (no trading between players) with an exp multiplier)
@Unionhawk Oookay that sounds interesting
Which region are players restricted to?
@Jutschge Zeah
whole continent
Oh ok. Yeah there's lots of stuff to do there
Not entirely swampletics like but I guess you'd still have to be creative
Main notable differences I can think of is no good agility training and no ava's
I should study for it by finding a good zeah only ironman series lol
(there is apparently some way to train agility to be able to then do it in wt, but I'm sure it's very stupid)
I mean Wintertodt is a thing (if they haven't nerfed it)
1:50 PM
It is but you need something around 40 agility
It was pretty much the first thing I did on my HC. Getting 99 FM
@Unionhawk OSRS doesn't have open world PvP, right?
60 I think even not sure anymore
@Nzall there are open pvp worlds but not in general
Yeah, not normally
They used to do a gamemode called Deadman Seasonal (open PvP except in cities, when you die you lose levels and drop a bank key and your opponent gets some of the valuable items in your bank. Players play a seasonal period, then a week long final culminating in a classic mass clan fight then a 1v1 tournament)
but Deadman sounds vastly too stressful for me
even permanent deadman on world 345
no thanks I choose life
@Jutschge Oh lmao the wiki has compiled a guide oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Twisted_League/Guide
You apparently start at level 15 and can barbarian fish
good to know
that's vastly less stupid than jumping over a bridge for 10 hours or whatever
and influences my choice on the relic (ava's ez)
(though, infinite run and 4x regen...)
Infinite run is probably the best choice tbh
2:02 PM
I'm between those 2, 85% ammo and rune pickup sounds pretty good
especially with my "need to get my broad bolts" brain (ava's assembler helps that part of my brain a lot)
I mean think about running around permanently in full plate armor
Weight has absolutely no effect
@Unionhawk "barbarian fish"?
@Nzall barbarian fishing is a fishing training method that also happens to give exp in agility and strength
And you also won't need as much food (4x hitpoint restoration rate)
I really love the HCIM guide I was following. Went smt like this:
Step 1: get runes etc. Step 2: get 15 woodcutting with the axe you get there. Step 3: get 99 fishing through barb fishing
Like ... yeah one of those things will take a while
Also I skipped the fishing part. But I did the next step which was getting 99 FM in WT
Was my first ever 99 and it was on my hc lol. My main still doesn't have one
Although I really haven't played in a while now
I should do barb fishing on my IM at the office with a goal of getting it to quest cape shape
and maybe getting some genies to train herblore
2:07 PM
I'm somewhat close to QC on my hc but I'm super scared of DS2
plus I have pretty low agility
Oh and yeah they released another GM quest... no clue how hard that one is
I can't wait to finish wt
Wt is terrible
I hate it
2:08 PM
Like... the LoL community is friendly compared to the toxicity going on there
and I hate that I feel like I have to do it before training hp
How much HP do you have?
Hmm yeah still worth doing true
I get hit for like 3 on this account, and my 89 hp account regularly gets hit for like 12
2:10 PM
Yeah. I did it with 15 hp. It's really a joke then
On my main I hate WT
On my hc I was basically just re-watching Dr Who lol
It's just really the easiest 99. And the fastest way to get an obby cape as an IM
or well. something equivalent to an obby cape
Plus you get a shitload of money and supplies
I've been opening 1 crate every trip to try and roll for pet, axe, and boots, but I kind of want to do the farming->33 quest chain to get slightly better seeds on those crates
(fairytale I, forgettable tale, garden of tranquility, my arm's big adventure (hmm nvm), enlightened journey)
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3:15 PM
Q: Does Xbox Game Pass (for PC) support buying DLC?

user240075I purchased The Two Colonels DLC from Microsoft store and the content appears as owned in the Xbox application: Pressing "install" briefly flashes this screen, the page the reverts. In the game's chapters menu, the DLC is locked. I've restarted Metro Exodus and the Xbox app after purchasing. ...

@Jutschge oh what, something more toxic than the lol community?
@Yuuki Yeah osrs can be pretty wtf
@Jutschge Everyone thinks their own community is the most toxic. Like, the only community I can think of that isn't toxic, or at least not as toxic as the average Multiplayer community is the FFXIV community. Never saw any toxicity in there, because the dev time is quite strict about enforcing their rules
arbitrary code execution, ARBITRARY CODE EXECUTION, A̸R̴B̵I̷T̶R̶A̴R̸Y̷ ̷C̶O̶D̶E̷ ̸E̶X̷E̷C̶U̷T̸I̶O̴N̶
it appears SRM, the glitch that makes moonwarp possible, is also in OoT
3:24 PM
@Nzall I actually have very little bad experiences in most MMORPGs. (WoW, FF, GW, Swtor). The worst are usually competitive games
Counterstrike, lol and dota are saltier than the dead sea
@Nzall IIRC, FFXIV doesn't have a strong (or any, now that I think about it) PvP community.
Correlation is not causation, but my anecdotal experience is that the toxicity of a community has some kind of relation to the degree of PvP that it has.
MH, for example, has been pretty non-toxic in the past and that game has literally no PvP elements at all.
@Jutschge I mean, some WoW communities are quite toxic. Like, the hardcore community is constantly looking down on the casual community and blaming them for all the changes that add RNG and remove stability.
I think it's mostly a matter of concentration in this case
the greater the density of people playing a children's medieval clicking simulator from 2007, the more dumb shit happens in chat
@Yuuki Now that you talk about it, yeah, the PvP community of WoW is consistently the big offenders when it comes to toxicity
@Nzall I mean I was a part of the Cutting edge community for quite a while and while, yes toxic ppl do exist there, the majority of people I know are either neutral or friendly
3:31 PM
There are still people playing oldschool who are just living their best lives
But assholes exist everywhere (unfortunately no way of preventing that) and they are usually the ones you notice the most
I saw a guy in the asgarnian ice dungeon yesterday fighting an ice warrior with a granite maul and green dragonhide armor
@Unionhawk Those are some serious 07 flashbacks lol
Like if someone is bankstanding in champ gear I'm suspicious that they're fishing for that sub but when it's out in the wild
I'm glad twisted league gives me a 2 month excuse to put off serious fight cave attempts
@Unionhawk Are you farming the pet? Or just the cape?
3:39 PM
Hmm If you're struggling with completing it I found a good guide that really helped me. Got it in the 2nd try after that
I just choke on jad
Do you use F-Keys?
That's really important
my last run died to switching prayers to "incredible reflexes" instead of "protect from magic"
just the most egregious of misclicks caught perfectly by runelite's death screenshot
Hmm I'd suggest practicing switches
I think there's an online tool for that
3:44 PM
This is not usually a problem I have once I get started, I got to healers the previous run
not a fan of jad spawning in that spot in the cave
Here a lambda there a lambda and another little lambda
Make everything lambdas they said, no servers means less maintenance headaches, they said
Hmm I mean it's all about practice, preparation and patience. Are you using italy rock?
I think my first fire cape took me 1.5hrs. I was waiting for ages
Safespotting whenever possible
Just slow and steady. And I think I even took a break before Jad
and rewatched the video to make sure I'd get it right lol
Yeah I should have recognized the sound originally and swapped to mage to not take that first 45, and I should have accepted that gift of life from the RNG gods and not misclicked the second hit
3:50 PM
Also running against walls for practice helps in most games :P. I remember constantly dying to vorkath and gorillas in the beginning. At one point I could do them in my sleep.
Rn I'd probably die again though lol
That's the thing, you can't exactly do that here
because you need to sit in the jad waiting room for about an hour each try
oh hey and that one's oldschool too
I used an rs3 version for a while which worked ok too
What setup do you use btw?
blowpipe (addy cave, rune jad), blessed dhide, fury, archer's ring (i), assembler, restores, brews, bastions
84 range 77 defense 89 hp 70 prayer legally speaking I should have this
3:55 PM
hmm yeah sounds good. Blowpipe is probably the most important thing
practically speaking I do not
Eh it takes some getting used to. It's still a boss that can OS you if you mess up
yeah, I'm mostly glad that screenshot doesn't say "96"
if I get a couple hp levels he can't kill me in 1 hit if I'm brewed up
I mean I think on my first attempt he just instagibbed me.
That was fun lol
I have the clip of my first one somewhere
just straight up fight or flight response
I don't know why I thought running away was going to work
4:02 PM
Haha yeah panic is a thing. Idk I remember being super anxious about any challenge in gaming at first. And after a while of playing LoL that went away
Like every time another player attacked me or I was about to attack one I was actually shivering and stuff. Then I somehow learned how to remain calm (only exception being mythic fights in WoW when close to the kill lol)
I probably would have still died that run even if I played perfectly from then on but
4:21 PM
I unironically want Wurmple in Smash now.
4:51 PM
Pokemon is getting good reviews. I'm so happy, because it's already causing drama.
Like what kind of good reviews? Like "it's good at being a Pokemon game"? Because that's pretty much expected.
I don't think I ever expected bad reviews mostly because the drama around Sword/Shield has little to do with "review-able" things.
Tbh every major release nowadays causes drama...
Well, this Pokemon stuff is some extra-spicy drama.
10 hours ago, by Yuuki
> 1. "There's not as much content in Sun/Moon because we spent a lot of work on the models for each Pokemon."
> 2. "We're cutting more than half of the Pokemon because Sun/Moon showed us that there's too many Pokemon for us to improve the models for each generation."
> 3. "In Sword/Shield, we're re-using the models we made for Sun/Moon without improvements."
@Jutschge I don't think so. Smash Bros Ultimate didn't really have much controversy, and even now there's not too many complaints other than the online experience.
Same with Luigi's Mansion or Link's Awakening.
Death Stranding doesn't have any controversy around it either, does it?
I think it's more about the companies behind the games, and their consistent patterns of failure. Some companies are more likely to botch releases (cough EA cough), and they get in the news every time they do.
@MageXy As far as I can tell, Death Stranding's controversy is mostly that it's weird as hell, which is about what you can expect from a Kojima game.
That and apparently the gameplay is boring?
5:06 PM
@MageXy I remember ppl being outraged about having to unlock everything in SSBU
@Jutschge I think "outraged" is exaggerating a bit. There were some people that I saw that were annoyed by it, but I think they were the hyper-competitive players that just wanted to jump in with their favorite characters right away. Most people were fine with unlocking characters (at least based on the streamers I watched and the subreddit)
@Yuuki The point is that people got on a huge hate bandwagon for this game, so it getting reviewed well makes them freak out.
Which is exactly what I'm seeing.
And I don't know why they thought it was weird to begin with, every smash game had character unlocks
@Wipqozn TLDR of the internet tbh.
@Wipqozn I mean, I'm kinda bandwagoning on Sword/Shield, although "hate" is a strong word for my view on it.
5:10 PM
Ppl get riled up about something and are outraged when critics disagree or try to be objective
@Yuuki I'm not referring to everyone upset with the direction sword and shield has taken. I'm mostly referring to folks with this huge irrational hatred, that send death threats to gamefreak, and straight up want the game to fail.
I'm probably not going to get it because they're just going to release a x.5 version in a year or so and not having the Pokemon Yorkshire Terrier in a game set in Pokemon England is a bit of a fox pass.
At the end of the day reviewers are mostly confirming what I expected: The 400 Pokemon limit doesn't matter at all for the vast majority of gamers.
400 is still a lot of Pokemon, and in reality, you couldn't catch most Pokemon until post game anyways. Trading was an option, but again, very few people did that.
It was never going to affect anyone who didn't have a specific Pokemon they really liked.
As always it's a case of the internet not realizing just how in the minority we are.
@Yuuki I'm not buying it because I never finish Pokemon games anymore.
5:14 PM
And the vast majority of Pokemon players either don't have a specific Pokemon like and want to have in every game or their favorite Pokemon made it in.
Especially given that a lot people really like Charizard and Charizard is the only starter from previous generations to make it in.
@Wipqozn I just never finish games anymore period.
@Yuuki Most gamers don't
I'm at a point in Atelier where I'm pretty sure I'm at the final story fight, but I spent the past day or two figuring out how to craft one particular item.
Oh, my house has a bed now!
@Wipqozn real gamers dont finish games. they get distracted playing new games they buy
I need to get a mattress, a desk, and Internet connectivity and I can move in!
which is another example of how the internet is completely disconnected from the average gamer. So often I'll hear people complain about reviews are "crap" or a game is "trash" because "The endgame isn't good!" or "After 300 hours it loses it's appeal!" or "There's no replaybility!, but none of those are issues for the vast majority of gamers.
5:16 PM
@Wipqozn try warframe. i have almost 1500 hours on it i think
and reviews are crap since they don't give games negative scores for that kind of stuff ^
But again, the vast majority of gamers don't care about that stuff, but REddit doesn't seem to realize that.
@Dragonrage Or they obssessively play one game until they 100% it
looks at 1500 Terraria hours
Bridge! I had my first bellydance class today! It was awesome and also maybe I wanna die.
@MageXy i actually dont have that much interest in 100% completion of warframe. i value my sanity too much for that
@Wipqozn I have so much trouble with game reviews because often yeah that's what they're saying makes the game bad and that super doesn't matter to me at all
5:23 PM
@Dragonrage Especially since you can't 100% Warframe without time travel.
@Wipqozn Replayability used to be an issue when the vast majority of gamers were teenagers or kids and both had a lot of free time to binge games and little disposable income to get new games. Nowadays, the demographics have shifted and while replayability is still a big issue for that portion of the population, it's no longer an issue for the "vast majority".
I used to shy away from games that didn't have more than ~100 hours of gameplay. Nowadays, I'm more than willing to shell out $15 for Untitled Goose Game, which entertained me for little more than an afternoon.
But I had a blast that afternoon.
@Yuuki excalibur prime :(
What does the outline thing do?
@Ash Removes ads and popups. The original had one about cookies and privacy or something that I didn't feel like clicking on.
5:37 PM
@Yuuki Yes. 100 hours of gameplay can be a huge turn off for me now.
@Nzall I'm kinda disappointed that it doesn't wag
@Yuuki I have over 800 games in my library, not counting Xbox game pass. about 300 of those are games I haven't even started yet.
@Yuuki Oh, thats neat.
@SaintWacko Same.
6:30 PM
Prepare for rep bumps - stackoverflow.blog/2019/11/13/…
And if you're wondering when it's coming to non-SO sites, "Stack Exchange sites, you’ll be getting this in Q1"
I didn't even notice that in the announcement
@Wrigglenite it sounds like the rep bumps are all happening today, the Q1 seems to be referring to the improved asking experience.
Oh, that's entirely possible
I did not read all of it, so my bad
hmm, i wonder if it is enough to bump me up to 25k
probably not. ive answered far more questions that i have asked
6:36 PM
"We’ve rolled out an improved question asking experience across Stack Overflow (Stack Exchange sites, you’ll be getting this in Q1)."
WHereas the rep sounds like today: "As of today, we’re running it back. We’re changing the reputation earned from getting a question upvote to ten points, making it equal to the reputation earned from an upvote to an answer.

We’re recalculating reputation for every Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange individual based on this change. Every question upvote earned in the past will earn a value of ten reputation points retroactively."
Wow, I did not even read the entire sentence
someone should write a query using sede to find out how much rep we will gain
No worries! :)
@Wrigglenite just blame @Wipqozn
Dangit @Wipqozn
6:38 PM
Nice, that's about 1k rep for me, as a rough estimate
I'm one of the minimal asker -- more answers guys she's talking about.... won't see much of a bump anywhere
There's at least two other users I can think of that will probably get huge bumps as they ask a lot of questions.
@MageXy retro
best guess for me is that i have somewhere very roughly around 500 upvotes on questions. if like half of them werent over repcap or would now put me over repcap with changes, 250 * 5 is probably like 1250 rep or something
we will see how close i am when it actually happens
im at 21 repcaps, lets see if it increases at all
6:55 PM
Someone made a lock with 9^99 possible combinations in Super Mario Maker 2
For comparison: that's about 2^138
In regards to the question rep bump, I made a small SEDE query. It doesn't take into account any daily rep caps or anything, just literally counts the number of upvotes you have on each question.
so I'll be somewhere in the 26k realm
It might bump me into 40k
it might bump me to 25k, probably not though because of rep caps
oh man, that level has 1880 bits of security
7:25 PM
That should bump me to 40kish
@Ash WarAsh 40k?
So I'll be up 3k-ish rep?
7:39 PM
Q: My PC runs a Minecraft server can my wife and I connect together without using internet or LAN just a router/modem

CamdyCornAs the title suggests we are hoping to connect over just a router. We are hoping it is possible to have our computers in the same room, plug our PCs into a router that has no internet service (like access to Google), turn on the server on my PC, my wife can type in the IP or something and we can ...

8:39 PM
I'm trying to figure out when a weird bug got introduced
this is painful
Did you check your last commit? /s
I can't figure it out by looking at files changed so I'm going through getting x version over and over until eventually I find the breakpoint
let's see is this changeset broken...
git bisect is your friend
no, ok sweet I now have the other end of my search
You can also use git log -L<lower>,<upper> to see the change over lines
8:43 PM
im getting a bunch of yearling badges on sites i used to ask a few questions, but didnt quite meet the rep requirements
so some sites have had the recalculation finished
oh yeah my meta rep just shot up to 466
rep just updated on SO. got a 20 rep boost lol
I think I got 500 rep here?
I can't tell if my rep changed at all
I don't think it did
On Arqade, I mean
I don't think Arqade rep has updated yet.
8:56 PM
Meta definitely has
workplace is the only other place I've noticed a bump thanks to my one question with 33 upvotes
I don't remember what my rep was before the change so I have no idea if it's been updated or not.
Yeah, I don't think the largest stacks have updated yet
My rep on Skeptics literally doubled
I have no idea how much rep I'll get from that
Or what I have already I probably won't even notice
Hang on
I got an idea
if I just post 3 messages in a row
it'll show my full rep
or 4 or 5 messages
I don't think that has updated yt
9:01 PM
But only in kiloreps if your rep is high
And it is combined reps across the network
Yeah, I know
I wonder how much rep Jon Skeet will gain from this
He doesn't ask questions often I think
he's only asked 50 questions on SO. but one of them has over 2k upvotes...
I see. I assumed that
took the SEDE query from above and got a result of 37k increase for Jon Skeet
9:16 PM
So why did rep go up?
nevermind, I apparently forgot the star list is a thing
We're just gonna pin that for a bit...
> Starting with the 2020 Season, we will be updating the LCS and Academy Official Rules to grant each Academy team an “emerging region” import slot for their active roster. Only players that are residents of a participating emerging region (see full list below) will be eligible for this additional import spot.
9:39 PM
nooooooooo I have yearling on lifehacks now
looks like i got 2.3k rep on arqade from it
Yeah I got about 3k or so give or take
hello 27k
Yep, rep bonus just went through. I got about 1k, like I expected. Nice
and i now have 8 more days where i repcapped
I don't think I added any repcaps
9:43 PM
@Dragonrage You watch the finals VODs yet?
@Yuuki yeah
@Unionhawk Pretty sure this is enough of a life-changing experience to count for a pin.
@Dragonrage Damn, that was a walloping.
@Yuuki not the series i expected
In hindsight, it makes more sense to me.
For all that G2 is acclaimed to be a rough-and-tumble proactive team, their strength is their mid-game not early-game.
> "It's good that we won the first game...so the following games were easier. Had we lost Game 1, the series would not have been so smooth. It would have been 3-1 instead of 3-0."
9:45 PM
@Yuuki I seriously considered it when I went to star it
- Tian
They simply out-skill the rest of the LEC to such a degree that it looks like they have a strong early game.
It doesn't look like I got any extra Rep yet
And I remember stats from MSI that said G2 has a distinct problem with playing from behind.
I have over 1k on Lifehacks now though
9:47 PM
So they match up badly against an LPL team, all of which hyper-focus on early-game aggression. Especially against FPX, who have a unique early-game roaming mid playstyle.
@Wipqozn that because you are a turtle and are slow
meta rep hasnt synced yet
I have sooooo many Rep now
@MageXy Do you think Senna would work better with a botlane mage? I'm thinking one with peel, like maybe Neeko or Veigar?
Alternately, you could build Neeko on-hit or AD.
It's not like her root duration is affected by AP.
Oooo, Neeko ult with the Senna E could be interesting.
If by mage you mean caster, maybe. I wanted to try a build with Runaan's since auto attacks reduce the cooldown on her Q and Runaan bolts are included for some reason.
But if you mean AP, definitely not.
Her scalings are terrible.
No, with a botlane mage, not as a botlane mage.
9:54 PM
Oh my bad
I actually want to try Senna + Neeko now.
I honestly don't know
I'm almost starting to wonder if she's better as regular ADC
that's literally the only game I played with a Senna where she did well.
Possibly, but you aren't going to get many wraith drops when you're farming lane since they don't drop if you kill the minions yourself, IIRC.
I think botlane mage is the play and you need one with peel, so not Swain.
She's so squishy that she either needs a partner to double up on strong ranged harass (Caitlyn) or one that can peel for both of them (none of the ADCs).
Ashe has okay peel + poke, that might work.
@MageXy Against run-at-you lanes maybe, not so much against anyone with a gapcloser.
She has to burn her ult to peel that.
10:03 PM
Wait, so what's this rep increase?
Apparently I'll gain around 3k rep?
@Yuuki I want to try AD Neeko, but the nerf on the W on-hit damage really hurt. I'm sure it could work, but I think there are better choices.
Plus her ult would just be a suicide button. It's already kind of awkward to use in a regular AP build.
@SaintWacko You probably already did. I believe it went through on Arqade already.
Yeah it did
Basically all upvotes on questions now count double what they they use to.
@MageXy Doesn't look like it...
I'm still at 24505
Maybe they're updating on a user ID basis instead of site basis?
Or it's a caching issue.
10:07 PM
And the rep tracker still shows +5 instead of +10
It went through for me idk
I don't think I see any difference
I'm trying to remember which mages have good peel that could team up with Senna.
I definitely gained about 3k, maybe they're going user by user or in batches?
Note: this also works for PC gamers who are subscribed to the PC Game Pass basic version. It will automatically upgrade remaining time and extend with 3 months and you can just choose to let the Ultimate expire and then return to the normal version
10:53 PM
@Unionhawk I am a terrible gamer, I don't know what game this is :P
Hmmm I noticed a thing
Chat! Should I pin a thing for Desert Bus For hope?
@Ash It's League of Legends :)
Ah, okay :)
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