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12:42 AM
Q: What is the second pickup/interact option for this grenade?

Timmy JimI played the Eridian slot machine in Sanctuary and it gave me this grenade: I haven't noticed until today the second pickup option that is also mapped to the E key. It's description says "~4.3s" which I understood as "around 4.3 seconds" but why is it there? I also played the regular cash mac...

1:10 AM
@Ash every time I do nails, I mess them up at least a tiny bit in the drying process
wow... Uplay launcher was having issues connecting to online play so I went googling...all the comments say change the date on your PC to 10/10 and it works. Ubisoft sucks, but I'm a sucker for AC and Farcry games
@Steve-o169 i take it no offline mode?
@Elise waiting for them to dry is a subtle form of torture, I am sure of it
@Memor-X Seems that AC:Odyssey won't start without a connection to the servers
@Ash yeah, it always takes longer than I think it should
1:18 AM
@Steve-o169 *sigh* well Console might be better then but my dad has yet to play Odyssey
I uhh just had to ask my wife to... pull my pants down so I could use the bathroom without ruining my nails 🤦‍♀️
sorry if tmi
looking into gel polishes, you can get really cheap led lamps that dry gel polishes within like, a minute 🤷‍♀️
@Memor-X Odyssey is interesting. The main story line is pretty interesting, but the gameplay is a little repetitive. Go here, kill this type of person or thing, come back for your reward, repeat
@Steve-o169 that's assassin's creed alright 🤷‍♀️
a lot of side stuff to do to distract yourself, though
@Steve-o169 oh i have an idea how it plays, just that i'm using my dad's set up to see if the games are playable offline since his XBOne can't connect to the network. too far away
1:22 AM
Q: how can a trainer send a gift every day without opened my gift?

JTRI always received a gift from a trainer every day, but every time I want to send a gift back to that trainer a message Your friend still has an unopened gift from you always appear even I have gift in bag. If I'm not mistaken, we can't send a gift to a trainer if we are not open the gift that tr...

he plays Origin's fine on the XBOne so i know when the Steam say
> Requires 3rd-Party Account: Ubisoft Account (Supports Linking to Steam Account)
it's a load of crap because he didn't need a Ubisoft account for console
@Memor-X PC and XBOne are very different
you can play the game from a disk and never connect to anything on a console
this is just unfortunate that it has to re-sync the game files... something to the tune of 13GB 😒
@Elise yeh but the fact they can't just let you buy/download and then never connect to anything for PC is what's crap.
because i assume you can do just that if you brought the game digitally with the XBOne aswell
@Memor-X pretty sure if you buy digital, you still need to login into your xbox account and connect every so often
1:38 AM
I need to get a new GPU.. this one is working HARD with this game lol
Q: Fey mood in room

FlotolkOne of my dorfs is in a strange mood, and she refuses to leave her room... I'm a very new df player so I know she wants something, but am unsure as to WHAT they want... I know a fey mood usually m eans once they reach a workshop I'll know, but they don't go to one. They do have modest quarters...

2:23 AM
Q: Why is my house not valid? [Terraria]

GianniMy house that is made out of meteorite is not being counted as a valid housing, whats the reason for this?

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3:42 AM
cc: @Ash @Yuuki @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn
@Elise aaaa the penish mightier
@Elise Hahaha perfect
4:07 AM
Q: Minecraft io.netty error

user238979I know that this has been an issue for others, but none of the previous solutions have worked for me. To start off, I have to say that I don't know much about all this stuff, but I'm generally pretty good at follow the advice given online and figuring it out myself. So, first things first (and ...

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5:18 AM
> Sergey: I've fixed up 2 more words for you. Why and How
Lea: How, Why, Hi
Sergey: This should make things easier for you
Lea: Why?
Sergey: Because you can ask questions
Lea: Why?
Sergey: because you can get information from people
Lea: *smug look* Why?
Sergey: i am regretting this
even if she can't say much, Lea in CrossCode sure know how to make the most of her limited dictionary
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7:39 AM
12 hours ago, by Ave
but I had a pic of me edited into the jorgi passport
wrong ping
I don't have a fake ID or any sort of ID-like thing (passport etc).
The joke was "lol I edited myself into jorgi's passport once"
@Ave Is it safe to assume that as someone who lives in Istanbul, you know what the Hagia Sophia is?
okay, have I got the video for you: A gameshow where 3 people randomly choose a Wikipedia article, a 4th person chooses one of them and then the two people who had a different article have to make up nonsense about the article. If the 4th person can guess whose article it is, he wins, otherwise the lying person he chose wins. One of the topics for today was indeed the Hagia Sophia
Ah, I know about technical difficulties
and about two of these people are lying.
Had you seen it already?
7:47 AM
8:24 AM
Morning chat
Can I go back to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep?
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9:50 AM
@Elva if you have work then no
Mean :(
i know but you know who to blame
Blame capitalism!
@Elva and who is to blame for that?
I don't know but I bet they're all long dead
9:58 AM
so apparently now all negative scored questions on SO are -1
Q: How to remove or hide powered by text from Google Translate

RobinIs it possible to hide or remove the Powered by Google Translate on the dropdown in Google Translate? I removed the logo part, but couldn't remove the Powered by text. Here's the code: <div id="google_translate_element"></div><script type="text/javascript"> function googleTranslateElementInit(...

Chat doesn't lie but when you click on it, that -61 is -1
i don't understand the point of it really
Says -61 on SO for me
@Elva when you go into the question?
10:01 AM
that's what i'm seeing
Probably a rep thing
To improve friendliness to new users or something
i have 1386 rep and i can see the +/- votes when i click
I can't, but I see the -61
Q: New popup message when voting on a question/answer?

Dharman Thanks for your vote! Your vote has been recorded and it affects this post's ranking. Since this post has reached the minimum score of 0 your vote will not be displayed. I just downvoted a question posted few days ago which was at 0 votes. After casting my vote I got a blue popup with the ab...

10:07 AM
@Wrigglenite had to scroll a bit before i saw Shog's answer, which ironically is -9
10:52 AM
bridge I'm back from dentist
result is that my teeth are hell and I should not have abused them
I will have to go there again multiple times
and while a temporary painkiller was applied by doctor I'm told that it'll only help very little
@Ave hows the dent to your finances?
today? only 300 down
over the next weeks tho I'll need to pay something like 3k
man capitalism is a heck
Q: Can’t evolve one of my pikachu’s in Pokemon Go

YeetMcgee I’m fairly new to the game, I have another Pikachu where I have the choice to evolve him but not this one

@Ave that in total or each visit?
@Memor-X total
11:07 AM
@Ave that's TRY, right? So about 4-500 EUR? Or about 5-550 USD?
yeah, try
Just putting those numbers in perspective because most of us live in a country with a currency that's roughly equal in value to USD, so 3000 without any valuta indicator is a lot
Roughly being between half and double value, not 6 times the value
@Nzall consider that buying power of try is close to usd
I earn 5000 TRY/mo, pay 2000 for rent and all bills etc
oh right
11:36 AM
I love diving with the added possible risks of hypercapnia, hypoxia, and hyperoxia which do not typically occur on open circuit using air at recreational depths, using a diy system
Like there's a few failure modes which are immediately obvious but... if it doesn't actually scrub the air (aka there's an increasing CO2 buildup) I don't think you notice it until your thinking starts getting impaired?
I believe in rebreather diving you typically bring a bailout bottle but
That's a manual action you have to take?
It is, you'd have to, I assume, turn on the valve, grab the regulator, and swap the 2 systems
(remove rebreather blowing bubbles, replace with open circuit)
I was also under the impression that carbonic acid was a risk but no that's just how the thing works
Flooding as a risk just stops airflow
Which is helpful underwater using a diy system
"diy life safety equipment" is a fun thing to consider
To be fair, it all started as DIY at one point :p
11:45 AM
That's true, my old boss told us a story about him going down with a modified fire extinguisher
I don't know that that's true necessarily, but it sounds plausible
But open circuit is kind of foolproof, all you need is air in a container and a method to take that air out at a controlled rate
It's pretty easy to work with 21% O2 0% CO2
So it'd roughly remove the air at the rate you breath?
Ideally with a demand valve, but you can breathe a free-flow, it's one of the emergency situations we train open water divers to be able to handle
Q: Minecraft is blurry

Marko TahtWhen i enter a worl for few seconds everything is normal and then it goes blurry. I thought it was something to do with my laptop overheating so i let it cool. But that did nothing. I was able to play for few hours normally and then this started. After googling i found that this might be someting...

Re: DIY Scuba: I would NEVER voluntarily rely on anything I made myself to save my life if there is a tried and proven professional version available that I can use instead
12:16 PM
This is generally a good plan
Though that reminds me I need to ask my dive shop guy about places that do wetsuit repair
I need to replace a broken zipper and the luggage repair place said they couldn't do it
He told me one day but I didn't write it down so I forgot
@Unionhawk offers many rolls of ductape
12:37 PM
Q: Need help with keeping Battlefield profile from PS3 and moving to PS4 With region change

Nando76OK, so I realize this is kinda complicated but I haven't had any answers from other various forums so I'm trying it again here. I had a PS3 that I purchased in the USA some years ago. I moved a few years later to Europe and bought the vanilla Battlefield 4 disc in EU game store, worked fine in ...

:) one of the temporary solutions the dentist applied fell while I was eating stuff and I apparently swallowed it
Random question time! Are you supposed to be able to extent just the finger next to your pinky finger if your had is in a loose fist?
@Ave fuuuuuuck
I've had a tooth that sheared in two once
That was fun! I didn't notice except that I swallowed something hard and later felt "Hey, there used to be a tooth here... not like, whatever that stuff is called... gums?"
@Elva yes?
I can't do that, on both hands if I solely try to move that finger it moves like an 8th of a turn
@Elva same here
12:50 PM
I can get full extension but maybe playing guitar has increased my finger dexterity
While keeping your other fingers at 90 degrees from the hand?
@Elva No, there are no muscles dedicated to that finger
@Elva Here's something fun to try that's related: Steeple your fingers like Mister Burns. Then try to separate each finger pair without releasing any other fingers. You'll notice your ring finger doesn't go as far out as the other 3
If you put your hand palm down flat on the table, you can't just raise that finger, but you can all the others
It's really brain bending because there's just no associated thought process to get it to move
12:51 PM
I can raise all fingers of my hand individually with it flat on the table, not as much but
@Ronan oh right, that's what I meant
mine comes up about half an inch
I knew it was something like that, but couldn't properly remember
Same, I think, though I don't exactly know how long an inch is
2.5 cm ish
yeah, half an inch is about 1.25 cm
12:53 PM
I can't even lift that finger half a centimetre
I also have stubby toe thumbs, so maybe the muscles in my hand are stretched a little different or something
Or alternatively, this was all a test to find out the lizard people living amongst us!
being a lizard person might be fun
I don't think I can get a good impression of how much a cm is
@Steve-o169 until you have a crazy guy called Alex yelling at you that he was right
1:00 PM
Looks like my nail phalange is just about an inch
So everything from the tip of my finger to the first knuckle
Not sure what you meant but I don't think phalange is the english word :p
my god
I might actually end up meeting with RFID Research Group.
@Memor-X Alex Jones is a reptilian running a false flag propaganda pitch. He's got the conspiracies, might as well flip it around on him
1:07 PM
C'moooon brain, adept to the floaties already
1:17 PM
@Elva Vingerkootje in dutch
The phalanges (singular: phalanx ) are digital bones in the hands and feet of most vertebrates. In primates, the thumbs and big toes have two phalanges while the other digits have three phalanges. The phalanges are classed as long bones. == Structure == The phalanges are the bones that make up the fingers of the hand and the toes of the foot. There are 56 phalanges in the human body, with fourteen on each hand and foot. Three phalanges are present on each finger and toe, with the exception of the thumb and large toe, which possess only two. The middle and far phalanges of the fourth and fifth...
Like, I know I'm technically using the name of a bone here, but I don't thing there's a specific name for a phalange plus all the muscles, blood, skin etc around it
So I bought a hunting game last night and refunded it an hour later.
oh wait, singular is Phalanx
1:34 PM
@Yuuki Lol
I have never had any interest in hunting games
2:02 PM
I like the idea of them, but the feeling was off on this one. Movement was really slow and visibility was terrible.
@GnomeSlice as someone who has tried to jump while in water - that is an incredible display of power and superiority
Right? That's crazy
I can only imagine trying that and breaking my shins or knees
or face
or all 3 of those
or 5, if we count each shin and knee individually 🤷‍♀️
There's really no limit on the number of things you could break trying that
2:09 PM
@Elise As someone who's slipped on wet poolsides, also an incredibly display of luck.
That guy has some serious upper leg strength to be able to lift his torso like that
Q: How to quick switch between Jack the drone's support abilities in Gears 5?

kkarakkA tooltip popped up but I couldn't read it in time. Going through the game menus doesn't show any control for the same? All the websites online talk about controllers - I want the mouse/kb button for the same

just sent a very long message to my mother coming out... This should be good... 🙄
@Elise hopefully things work out
The ball's in her court. If it doesn't work out, it's her loss. I have very little trouble disappearing off of her radar and out of her life.
But I also have a child and she will want to see her, so she better work things out with me first 🤷🏼‍♀️
2:24 PM
@Elise huuuugs
She hasn't even read it yet... 🤷🏼‍♀️ We were in a voice chat before I messaged her and I told her I will send her a message, and she just disappeared after the voice chat 🤦🏼‍♀️
And it's not like coming out isn't stresful enough on it's own
that's fun
my wife is more stressed about this than I am
I think I'm just done being stressed about what people are gonna say
especially when there's an ocean between me and these people 😂
@Elise I think you and your wife aren't the only ones who are stressed about this. I don't know about the rest, but I also have a certain amount of anxiety towards what your mother will say
@Nzall lmao, sorry for getting y'all involved 😁
2:38 PM
Hehe, no problem!
@Memor-X A fellow CrossCode fan!!! It's a secret gem among indie games. Honestly I'm surprised it hasn't been a viral success, the game is amazing.
I keep thinking Cross Code is that RPG on PS3 with all the crossover characters and silly damage numbers.
I have it, but can't remember the exact name for the life of me.
Cross Edge! That's it.
Apr 30 '14 at 18:00, by GnomeSlice
@GraceNote Cross Code
I win. Although I haven't actually played the game yet
I'm probably going to get it on the Switch at some point
@Elise well, it's going better than I expected 🤔
Yay? That doesn't sound bad!
2:54 PM
there's no negative reaction so far and she's actually asking sensible questions. I'm quite impressed 😐
That's great :D
@Yuuki @Dragonrage I thought I was good at TFT, but apparently I don't get it at all. Did some ranked games, tried doing some meta comps (knights+rangers, brawler gunslingers, wild shapeshifters, etc) and barely managed to eke out a 4th place victory each time.
Frustrated, I did some normals instead and just played stupid stuff that shouldn't work - like yordle assassins. Easy first place win, not even close - I had 92 health left at the end of the game.
Apparently I'm only good at normals :/
@MageXy I think Yordles are actually pretty good, especially in combination with the glove items.
I had a Poppy with Iceborne Gauntlet that literally couldn't die.
4-Yordle + Iceborne dodge + basic glove dodge + 2-Knight damage reduction made her functionally immortal.
They're funny until someone goes wild, and then suddenly you insta-lose.
Since yordles don't really have any damage champs. I guess Veigar is okay in a pinch, and Gnar is decent once he transforms (but he's a pretty highly contested unit)
Always fun when you pay using a banking app, then it goes back to the app you bought something in and it goes "payment failed", then you go back to the banking app and it has gone off your account, then you go back to the purchasing app and it suddenly does some processing and it succeeded after all
3:05 PM
@MageXy ... Tristana?
okay, time to eat my baguette, then I got about half an hour time to catch my train
Plus, you can always use gloves to turn someone into a Yordle.
@Yuuki I don't really think she's a damage champ.
Her attack speed and damage is meh
And her ult is okay at best
They should give her an attack speed buff for a few seconds after using her ability.
To mimic her E-Q "combo".
OH that reminds me of a comp I played against yesterday.
I was doing sorc/elementalist, and I had a 3* lissandra
Enemy had 4 rangers + assassins, with a 2* Kaisa with rageblade, cursed blade, and hush
Kaisa ulted my Lissandra and reached the 5.0 attack speed cap almost instantly, and within 2 seconds my 3* Lissandra dropped to 0*... it was hilariously disgusting
3:11 PM
I think my favorite origin to go for is Blademaster.
Probably because Shen's great.
Gunslinger/Blademaster is my favorite, mostly because it enables two hypercarry champs (Jinx + Draven, sometimes Lucian too if you get the right items)
Although it's also really satisfying to make Aatrox a sorcerer and build a comp around that lol
I did that once, gave Aatrox Luden's and Gunblade and it was disgusting.
Start of the game, whoops there goes your frontline.
3:36 PM
Hmm... I think I'm looking for a laidback RPG, optimally with some good noncombat/crafting features.
@Yuuki stardew valley?
@GnomeSlice Already played that.
I remember seeing some mixed reviews about that one.
@Yuuki The Atelier games are decent, although there's some combat.
3:38 PM
oh yeah, littlewood.
@Frank I think I'm going to be waiting for Ryza on Switch at the end of the month.
@Yuuki My Time at Portia?
@Nzall Just linked it lol
@Yuuki I forgot about that game. Is it supposed to be good?
@Nzall Also played it, though I haven't finished the story.
@GnomeSlice err, nope, you linked the same game
3:39 PM
@Nzall oops I meant to link that one
Q: Why should I wear robes instead of armor in Skyrim?

PausePauseAfter spending any amount of time exploring Skyrim you'll quickly realize how dangerous the land is. When having to make decisions of how to protect yourself it seems to me that wearing armor is a much stronger choice than wearing robes which offer no protection. The robes I find are often encha...

@GnomeSlice No idea, I liked what little I played of the demo.
Actually, I think what I'm looking for a good exploration-based RPG.
Just wandering around and leveling up skills that might be useful in wandering around.
It's not an RPG, but Subnautica is one of the best exploration/survival/crafting games out there
Outer Wiillddss
I hesitate to recommend this, but... Cubeworld fits that, to some degree.
3:42 PM
No Man's Sky? or is that not enough RPG?
or not laidback enough?
@Yuuki I'm still working, slowly, on...the first PS4 one?
@Frank Sophie?
There's a talking book in that one.
well, the whole coming out thing to mother went mostly good. We'll see how she is after she has time to digest it 🤷‍♀️
That's the one.
3:44 PM
@Elise That's a great start!
@GnomeSlice ... why would you kill that talking turnip that loves you?
XP I assume
-1, heartbreak
That's all I got
@Frank Sophie introduced the cauldron tile puzzle mechanic, which I think is an improvement over the crafting in the Atelier game I played before that, Meruru.
3:50 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, the Atelier games continue refining, and I enjoy that.
Lydie & Suelle probably has my favorite crafting system so far.
Meruru to Sophie is a massive jump; there's an entire trilogy in between, I think.
Yeah but my PS3 borked sometime after Meruru.
I played Sophie on PC.
Skies of Arcadia had some fun hometown customization stuff but the frequency of random battles was maddening
that game was dope though, one of the few JRPGs I've completed
> In [Atelier Ryza], even gathering fields can be synthesized through alchemy.

“Gathering Synthesis” is a new system that allows you to synthesize your own gathering fields.
> By performing Gathering Synthesis, a four-character password will be issued as a piece of information for that bottle. By sharing that password, you can share the field you created with other players.

Players that receive the password can enter it from the “Create from Recipe” option in the “Gathering Synthesis” menu to synthesize if Ryza’s gathering field knowledge is sufficient enough (if she has enough bottles). Share your gathering fields with friends and other alchemists via social media!
Atelier Ryza is apparently the strongest selling Atelier game in series history.
4:07 PM
Eh? Is it even out yet?
Or is it out in Japan already, and that's the comparison?
It's out in Japan.
Plus I think they're also running some numbers based on pre-orders in the West.
Makes sense.
I'm never on the latest Atelier game, so the social aspects are pretty useless for me.
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
You know, I never understood why iPods were called iPods
They aren't exactly capsule shaped
> The name iPod was proposed by Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter, who (with others) was called by Apple to figure out how to introduce the new player to the public.
> After Chieco saw a prototype, he thought of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the phrase "Open the pod bay doors, Hal", which refers to the white EVA Pods of the Discovery One spaceship. Chieco saw an analogy to the relationship between the spaceship and the smaller independent pods in the relationship between a personal computer and the music player.
4:11 PM
@Yuuki hue
As usual, (see full text) is useless and does nothing.
@Ave That's Friday.
fudge pastries, not again
@Frank This is a violation of "be nice".
4:18 PM
@Ave About as much as tricking people into clicking on Friday, anyways.
Do I move this to Android Hell...
@Frank Do you like, not know the bridge meme?
This has been done hundreds of times before.
Part of the meme is others pointing it out.
@Ave gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2187/… Does it exist if it's not here?
@Wrigglenite yes
4:20 PM
I find that... debatable
Honestly what even is bridge in 2019
A quiet haven in the midst of chaos?
makes sense
My husband has a job! I am so happy
@Elise I am glad to hear it went mostly good!
@Yuuki hahahaha omg I love this
(Not gonna lie at least some of my excitement at him having a job again is the idea that we can sub to WoW again)
4:25 PM
@Ash \o/
@Ash yay! thats exciting
that Venenatis is the stupidest interaction I've ever seen in a video game
It's not anything fancy but it's something and I am happy.
And so is he - I suspect being home all day was wearing on him
i know what its like not having a job for an extended period of time. it can be stressful. having any job helps
4:29 PM
(apparently the Dwarf Multicannon*Last Man Standing=the cannon fires, you have 99 range, rigour, and a range pot, and you gain 0 exp)
@Yuuki @MageXy, c9 has failed us
all hope lies with TL
@Dragonrage Cloud9 -> Clown9.
oh sneaky finally played a game with an actual marksman
they couldnt have made it out of groups in their game vs g2. they shouldve gone full clown fiesta to try and tilt g2
@Ash It's nice, at first, not having to get up at a set time, not having to worry about being late, but it helps to feel productive.
Man I'll be lucky to get 10 points total for the pickems
4:41 PM
Q: Is there a way to set a custom Steam Download speed?

klm123My internet is 5MB/s, which is exactly the steam's download speed option. I.e. 5MB/s option is too high since it spoils my browsing experience while steam is downloading. Meanwhile, 3MB/s is much lower than necessary. Something like 4.5MB/s would be ideal. Is there a way to do it? Someway to chan...

To be fair, if I get that 35 point mission for pick'ems, I'll be extremely sad.
@Frank Yeah, and I know that although he did a lot of house stuff, he still felt like he wasn't really able to contribute
Okay, yeah, A hat in Time is finally out in USA.
5:01 PM
@Ash That's my wife's main worry right now. I'm encouraging her to quit so she can focus on what she really wants to do; write and draw. I'm perfectly happy to support her so she can do that, but she already feels like she wouldn't be contributing.
@Dragonrage @MageXy I think they could do with some numbers changes on Yuumi.
Not a straight nerf but maybe something like her Q doing less damage when attached.
Q does much less damage but more slow when attached, does more damage but less slow when unattached?
E shields more but heals less when attached, shields less but heals herself more when unattached?
I dunno, I'd like to see some incentive to have Yuumi unattach for something other than picking up support item stacks.
I think Yuumi is a champion that simply cannot be balanced for both normal play and pro play at the same time.
Although I do like your ideas
@Frank The idea of not having a job so you can do that sort of thing often sounds nice in theory but once you get to actually doing it, you can feel kinda like things get unbalanced
Another thought. Displacing the champion that Yuumi is attached to (knockbacks, pulls, etc.) forces Yuumi to detach.
5:10 PM
@Ash True, and that's what she's worried about. So we'll see how it works out. I want her to be happy and comfortable doing what she wants to.
I am not married however I do live with my partner and cover all costs of house so uh, I'll chime in, feel free to ignore if you want. I fear that one partner being NEET can cause a risky power imbalance with other partner(s).
And leaves Yuumi at the starting point of the displacement.
@Ave (:jargongiraffe: on NEET I am an old)
Not in Employment Education or Training
UK term
5:12 PM
@Ronan Thought it was a Japanese term?
Ah, started in the UK and spread from there.
@Unionhawk NEET is one of those...Japanese terms? I think it means being a shut-in.
fwiw: my GF is somewhere between NEET and a student. She's a student but rarely goes to university.
@Frank "Not in Employment, Education or Training"
I'm using it in the most literal sense
(thanks ronan for posting it btw)
I was not aware of it's history, nor that it was an acronym.
I've learned my requisite new thing for the day! I can go home now.
Anyways, I suppose that displacement thing would make Poppy an even more ridiculous counter to Yuumi.
She can ult whomever Yuumi is attached, send that champion flying far away, and then pick off Yuumi by herself.
And W will keep Yuumi from attaching to anyone else.
I wonder if this is still a thing
NEET is an acronym that stands for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". It refers to a person who is unemployed, not in school or vocational training. The classification of a person as NEET was first used in the United Kingdom, but its use has spread to other countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and the United States. In the United Kingdom, the classification comprises people aged between 16 and 24 (some 16 and 17 year-olds are still of compulsory school age); the subgroup of NEETs aged 16–18 is frequently of particular focus. In Japan, the classification...
It is!
For the record I typed wiki:neet
5:17 PM
Neat may refer to: Neat (bartending), a single, unmixed liquor served in a rocks glass Neat, an old term for horned oxen Neat (TV series), a Canadian television series Neat Records, a British record label Neuroevolution of augmenting topologies (NEAT), a genetic algorithm (GA) for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks == See also == Neet (disambiguation) NEAT (disambiguation) "Neat Neat Neat" Neatness Neate, a surname Neat Volume...
You've gotta wait 2 minutes
@Ronan wiki:alwayswait2minutes
@Yuuki looks like that was speedy deleted under G1: Patent Nonsense
@Ave Yeah, it can.
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@Yuuki I like the idea of being able to force Yuumi off of her attachee somehow, but I can't think of a way that I think is balanced for both sides. Knockups/backs are so common nowadays, it will be annoying for the Yuumi to get knocked off randomly. Besides, she can just attach to another person right away.
Maybe silences? Since it's silencing her ability to be attached? I dunno
> Knockups/backs are so common nowadays
Well well well, if it isn't our old friend, the consequences of the past couple years of mobility creep.
The problem is that Yuumi does a lot of damage and is very safe, especially when attached to a bruiser or tank.
If we want to keep the damage high, I'd argue that she needs to be vulnerable to displacement even if it's common.
Or her damage needs to depend more on who she's attached to.
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It's not just a problem with mobility creep, it's a problem with champion design overall. Riot is so obsessed with creating "unique" mechanics (Yuumi attach, Neeko disguise, Sylas ult stealing, Akali true stealth, etc) that they don't really pay enough attention to whether there's a way to counter those mechanics.
Right now, she can be in the frontline attached to a bruiser or tank and get very accessible damage with her Q.
Plus there's just too much damage in the game right now. I've had that opinion since season 7. It's too easy to burst people down, even tanks.
If more of her Q damage is based off her attach target, then she'd do more damage when attached to a squishy carry but then either she'd be too far back to hit Qs or her squishy carry would risk being dove.
Actually I think that's a good idea. Nerf the AP scaling on her Q and instead give her Q scaling based on attach target's offensive stats.
@Frank maybe have her take a few weeks off and try it or something?
@Dragonrage She's got an idea of what she wants to do. We'll see how it works out.
She doesn't really like her job, anyways.
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