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Q: Single fan or triple fan amd rx 5700 xt?

Cactus01I'm tryna buy the 5700 xt for 1080p 144hz gaming. I heard the gpu gets pretty hot. Should i consider triple fan or stick with single fan?

1:36 AM
kinda cringey but i rate this
2:19 AM
okay so this just happened
like, in my game
That was fucking rad
2:47 AM
FINALLY! After sitting at 2495 rep for months, i finally got up to 2505!!!
Q: Can blocks in Minecraft have right-click actions, such as tossing an ender pearl?

dpepjwepjSo I've been trying to make the Space Stone from the Marvel universe and I would like to know whether it's possible to make it so that when I right click a block of blue glazed terra-cotta, an ender pearl can be tossed or some action can take place. If possible, I would also like the block to lea...

3:36 AM
Q: Is there any way to make blocks or items respond when right-clicked?

dpepjwepjSo I am currently recreating the Space Stone from the Marvel universe in Minecraft, and I would like to know whether it is possible to detect when the player right clicks an item or block (in this case blue glazed terra-cotta) and for a command to be able to perform an action. For the Space Stone...

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6:21 AM
Q: Why am I only getting 2 karma for 50 kittens?

corsiKaI have 50 kittens, but it says I will only receive 2 karma. Shouldn't I receive 14 karma for these?

Morning chat
I was the very first in the office today! :o
@Nzall gitdab.com exists for a reason
also story time
some old dude made judging noises when I sat down in metro
I said "what" at him, he ignored, I said "what" again
dude growled
I never heard a human make that sound
I left metro in a stop and he twitched while staring at me and visibly considering leaving with me
7:29 AM
huuuuugs That sucks :(
7:50 AM
Visual studio has this feature where you can "pull up" methods and such to a parent class... but it keeps those moved methods private...
8:05 AM
I think Nintendo is sending me back my joycons from repair in two separate deliveries
Either that or they lost the right one
That makes sense from a logistics perspective
No need to make multiple sizes of boxes, no need to keep track if one requires more repair or something...
Just two different items that can do their thing
The box was definitely big enough for both joycons
But I get your point
I also haven't received an email about the second delivery
That is kinda worrying...
Maybe they used the right joycon to repair my left one
They're so cute! \o/
Also I'll be playing dnd with a bunch of mostly queer nerds on sunday and it'll be a fun toy!
8:56 AM
@Elva i built one!
Oh, neat :o
With a display or do you use the web interface?
web, but my display shipped yesterday
I'm not a huuuge fan of the dude behind it, he made casual ableist jokes when I asked a technical question
but project is cool
@Ave ugh
I don't particularly view that as bad but maybe I'm wrong?
9:04 AM
@Elva "it'll be "special" … you know …" is the problematic part
Yeah I know what part you were talking about :p
me and a couple others viewed it as such. It's not the worst thing you can say, but it's a shitty joke and analogy to make nevertheless.
anyways, pwnagotchis are adorable.
9:19 AM
anyways I'm back home
successfully pwned 22 networks on this run :3
Yay! Good pwnagotchi
Do you run it on a... I can't recall the name, one of those tiny pis?
10:20 AM
Well then, looks like I won't be playing any WoW this evening. The internet at home is out and the tech won't get here until tomorrow
@Elva pi zero, yeah.
I'm thinking about using a spare pi3 for it
Also it can be attached to my ethernet if needed
I would normally just utilize my pi 2 which I have lying around but pi zero was cheap and I could mark it as a company expense (not day job but lasagna ltd) so I went with that.
@Elva one problem with that is how you can't use usb ethernet to connect to it
It has an ethernet port build in though? Won't that work?
think so?
USB ethernet is just used to connect to it via network though, to do things like copying files and using the web ui
10:26 AM
so ethernet should do just fine
hmm, I'm now thinking how I can connect to it without bothering with usb ethernet and without being too hacky
Does "ssh over wifi into phone, ssh over bluetooth into it from there" count as too hacky?
(well, rather ssh jump (is that the right word?) to it)
(I am silly and used my high security key on my pwnagotchi and by my standards my phone is not secure enough to be able to house that, so I have to come up with a hacky solution to connect to it)
11:12 AM
Well that worked.
that's even hackier, but it works too.
11:26 AM
Q: How to play edited New super mario bros Reggie levels on Wii?

aleSo I started creating an own Super Mario Bros level with the Reggie editor but I can't find a way on how to test it on my Wii, can anybody help?

@Ave Wouldn't it be easier to just... swap out the security key somehow? Or is that impossible once it's first been set?
@Nzall it is possible, and it would be easy
but I still need to ssh in to do that
and that's either via hacky stuff like this, or via USB
yeah, but now that you're in, you might as well do that
yeah, will do.
11:56 AM
12:21 PM
and @Elva
here's my pwnagotchi on pwngrid
It's listed as being in the US? :o
@Elva it's a bit of a joke
I routed it through lasagna ltd so... yeah
1:14 PM
There's a... fitness supplement? That's called "no xplode"... WAIT ARE YOU TELLING ME THE OTHER ONES YOU MAKE WILL CAUSE ME TO EXPLODE?
@Elva well your bowels at least
1:29 PM
Q: Can i collect everything in a level in the first run?

Memor-XI completed the first story level The Fall and looking at the starts I only got 1 Spark, 1 Log and 1 Track. After proceeding into the next level and then quitting out to redo the first level I see that the Switch Gun I get later on is with me from the very start, and when I go into Story Mode i...

Q: I can't add a specific friend in league of legends

Yago7pWe are in the same server EUWest and i can see his profile, i can add anyone else just fine but when i try to add him it says "yikes, internal server error, please try again later". I've tried several times in different days and when he tries to add me the friend request never arrives, any help?

Biometrics are not a security or privacy tool, they are a convience tool
They are not unlocked with "your fingerprint" or "your face" but with "an approximation of your fingerprint"
@Nzall in case anyone is wondering: it's not "if you save your fingerprint with a screen protector it can be bypassed as long as it has the screen protector"
it's "if you save your fingerprint then put on a screen protector, any finger will unlock it"
@Elva Even if they were exactly your fingerprint or your face, they're bad security tools because it's a bit more expensive (and painful) to change your fingerprint or your face vs. a text-based password.
@Yuuki From a usability perspective they're actually an improvement over a text-based password, because a text-based password is a lot harder to enter on a phone
there is always a consideration to made between security and usability, because security at the expense of usability generally causes users to find shortcuts that reduce security
Wasn't there a story awhile back about how someone unlocked Angela Merkel's phone with a photo of her face?
2:17 PM
@Nzall Just because it's text based doesn't mean it's alphanumerical+special characters. Numerical also works
Hell, the android "draw a pattern over this grid of dots" thing is essentially a text based password
it literally is a number based password
the order you drag your finger is converted into numbers and is stored as that (and is compared against it)
(essentially as in... in a "computer science/mathematics, if you can losslessy convert back and forth between the two they're the same thing" kind of sense)
so like 15987 is doing \\ then a left movement from that
Assuming keyboard numpad layout
@Elva Problem is that 90% of phones use those tricks only to unlock the phone. If you wish to make purchases or do something else on your phone, you can't do that with your numerical or pattern password, but you can do that with biometrics
2:20 PM
yours is upside down
But ya can't do that with faces or finger prints because a: the sensors aren't perfect and b: faces and fingers change
@Ave not on my keyboard! Muahahaha
I meant the swipe pattern
My house lost power. ::sad_trombones::
@MBraedley My house lost Internet
@MBraedley That's been a common theme for our area lately, too.
Sucks because it takes forever for everything in my network to come back online.
2:32 PM
@Ave hmmmmmmmmm but the numbers aren't on that and I specified what layout I use! :p
I just hope I'm not getting water in the basement. This isn't as bad as Dorian, but my gutters were clear then, and water overflowing the back gutter was the primary problem.
I had an interview yesterday, and I think it went well.
It took them less than two hours to want a final interview.
2:50 PM
Q: Why wont my execute command work? [Minecraft]

Chadwyk Ocampo[22:24:00] Failed to execute 'summon PrimedTNT ~ ~1 ~ (Fuse:60)' /execute NoMoreGamesBoi ~ ~ ~ summon PrimedTNT ~ ~1 ~ (Fuse:60)

Are grilled cheeses American quesadillas or are quesadillas Mexican grilled cheeses?
@Yuuki Is a hot dog a sandwich?
@MageXy Depends. Can the dog do tricks and is it hot because it was laying outside on the beach?
> What do you call a device specifically made for shredding photos?
A Photo-chop
2:59 PM
cc @Wipqozn @Yuuki @GodEmperorDune
I'm working on original dad joke content before my daughter is old enough to tell me how lame I am
@Elise Pretty good.
@MageXy uhh... not gonna click through with that lead-in.
@Yuuki It's SFW I promise.
@MageXy I mean... 🤔
@MageXy It's not about being SFW or not. it's about having certain expectation that you don't want to get mixed. I don't want to mix my expectations for the word sexy and those for the word dog any more than the furries have already done to me
So anyways, I've been getting this login bug/issue with LoL and it's really annoying.
I'll open the launcher, the progress bar will fill, and then it prompts "unexpected error" and I have to close the launcher.
3:05 PM
Q: I can't add a specific friend in league of legends

Yago7pWe are in the same server EUWest and i can see his profile, i can add anyone else just fine but when i try to add him it says "yikes, internal server error, please try again later". I've tried several times in different days and when he tries to add me the friend request never arrives, any help?

Nah, I can't even log in.
I don't even hit the login page.
@Elise My wife's got that under control.
@Yuuki is there a repair option?
Now I fixed it (sorta) yesterday by running the installer over again. Got to login, played a game, but then I hit a separate bug (accept game overlay stuck over everything) and had to close the client.
@Frank dad jokes or telling you how lame you are? :P
3:07 PM
@Elise Dad jokes.
I keep groaning at how bad they are.
When I opened the launcher, the startup/login bug hit again.
@Frank those are the best ones
@Dragonrage I ran the Hextech repair tool, did no good.
you can also download the hextech repair tool and try that maybe?
are you using the old new client or the new new client?
To be fair, @TrentHawkins likes to tell me bad jokes, too. Both of them delight in my pain.
3:08 PM
My gut instinct says that it's related to the recent client upgrade where they let you persist a login after you close the client.
my wife groans at my bad dad jokes too 🤷‍♀️
@Elise And does it make you happy when she does?
@Frank it's the whole point!
if she doesn't groan at them, they're not bad good enough to share
One of the ones I can remember is: "What do you call fake spaghetti?"
3:11 PM
oh yeah, that one
Yeah. It's bad.
What do you call a bad neighbourhood in Italy?
the spaghetto :x
@GnomeSlice Just saw your dad is doing better. Glad to hear it, man!
user image
3:31 PM
Q: Is there a data,pack for being able to see in someone’s ender chest if your oped?

Rowan GirouxI want to know if there is a command or data pack ther allowed me to see inside someone’s ender chest if I’m oped.

*reads the gender pronoun FAQ*
*backs away from that entire dumpster fire slowly*
I like meta drama, but only over stupid bullshit like whether or not Frank was wrong to close vote a post.
@Sterno And now, that doesn't happen anymore!
But, also, good choice.
@Frank its funny. so many people were super upset that you won the election, and were scared you would terrorize the site with your mod powers. yet, i havent seen like any of them post a meta with them having a problem with your moderation
@Dragonrage Not even major downvotes where I explain what I've done!
its almost like people were overreacting, but that never happens
3:44 PM
To be fair, there's probably been instances where I've overreacted.
@Dragonrage Conspiracy theory: Frank is deleting the users and posts/comments to hide the abuse
('tis a joke)
@Elise oh, darn. i never thought of that
@Elise Well, I am deleting users. Mostly spending more time focusing on sockpuppeting than anything else, really.
farewell @Elise, your sacrifice to let us know what our government is doing will not be forgotten
aha! He admits it! 😂
3:46 PM
(And the only one I'm going to refer to)
hmm. i should create a sock puppet that runs a sock puppet ring to give @Frank more work :P
[Exhibit B](come on you know what I was going to link here but if you really want to click here you go youtu.be/kfVsfOSbJY0)
Woo, power's back at home!
@MBraedley \o/
4:06 PM
Just like @Sterno to come by, make a joke about me, and then leave. :P
Ah, pumpkin spice just means cinnamon, ginger, clover and nutmeg
4:42 PM
@Frank 🍿
4:53 PM
Q: Maps won't show up in gmod, any advice?

Publicelf16557When i start a new game, the maps that i have installed from the steam workshop won't show up in the map select screen.

@Yuuki I mean, Little Witch Academia literally has this
5:03 PM
> redacted Consultancy Services is looking for a Data Entry
5:18 PM
@Frank That's my thing!
@Sterno Well, there's going to be a whole lot less meta drama, so I guess that's all you have left!
I'll admit to being one of the people who had some concerns over Frank's initial induction to the mod team. But since then I think Frank has done a great job. He's really grown into the role.
Honestly the whole mod team seems pretty well put together.
bans @MageXy
Me? Grow? Pfft.
@Frank I take it back. You're the worst. :D
Q: I have the Digital version of APEX Legends and want to buy special physical edition. Will i lose my data?

ChloopSo I have the digital download of Apex Legends. They came out with a Special edition that I want to buy. If I put in that new Physical version of the Apex Legends disc, will I lose my data? Because I really want to keep all my data because I have a bunch of legendary skins and stuff I don't want ...

5:34 PM
@MageXy Nah, that's @Wipqozn.
Ain't no way I can be.
Q: Difference between 'flag' and 'close'

JoachimFor some reason I only just now noticed that I can choose to either flag a question for moderation, or opt to close it. Is the second option really just a shortcut (of one mouse-click less) to that particular subcategory of the 'flag' option, or is there more to it?

@Frank Oh dang you're right, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to use such a vulgar insult, implying that you're worse than Wipqozn.
@Frank I wouldn't even know, since I never read it anymore.
Skydrift's such a handful, can't even poke a website very often.
I'm going to be honest, while it's partially real life keeping me busy, it's also that I just never use this site as a gaming resource anymore.
Oh, hey, a top comment on that gender pronoun FAQ thing is by Sterling Archer, which makes me want to point out this important thing: Archer is good and @fredley should watch it
5:46 PM
Spoiler: I didn't vote to close anywhere in it.
I always knew becoming a mod would mellow @Frank out. :(
It's more life in general that did that.
The sad part is that most gaming questions I have now go to reddit (assuming the game is big enough to have a subreddit)
We gotta bring back the prize stuff.
That'll get more people to ask questions. And give us all collective grey hairs in the process.
@Sterno reddit is probably the last place I'd ask for help from
5:53 PM
For a lot of things, sure. For gaming, why not?
My most recent question, viewed 904 times, 2 upvotes (not that they matter), 0 answers:
Q: What does the difficulty level affect in Age of Wonders: Planetfall?

SternoI'm starting the main campaign and I see a difficulty dropdown menu with "Beginner", "Advanced", and "Expert". I don't see any tooltips or other information that let me know how that actually changes the difficulty of the game though.

Hit the AOWPlanelFall subreddit and BAM: reddit.com/r/AOWPlanetFall/comments/crh6z8/difficulties
I can either already find what I'm looking for there or get the answer way faster. This site doesn't seem to have the traffic anymore to actually get questions answered. Which obviously is a problem that feeds itself
Oh, someone has already answered it
That was just one answer, too. There were a bunch of posts with varying levels of info
I mean, this site is better in that if it ever did get answered, it would likely be a comprehesive answer all in one place
But it doesn't get answered
Yeah, I was just thinking how terrible reddit's search is and how quickly things fall off the frontpage
Part of that is that it's just easier to subscribe to a subreddit for a game you like and be active on it for the duration. You'll see info you might be interested in and be able to answer questions you see pop up. I know theoretically you can do that with tags here but in practice it's not as easy
But subs do have a way of gathering people with expertise together
6:00 PM
Looked at my question before that and it's this: gaming.stackexchange.com/q/355790/3062
Sorta maybe an answer from Frank, otherwise nothing. Subreddit had one, though!
Plus, if I'm going to go play Pathfinder: Kingmaker or something and want to ask "What's a good build for Paladin" or some shit, people will happily jump in and answer and I don't have to worry about the whole thing being shut down as too subjective
Then you've got all the games that go through major changes over time. Say, Path of Exile, or even Fortnite. We try to avoid duplication and whatnot, and while it's annoying to try to google a particular build or question about mechanics in POE and see a bunch of posts, then sort by newest to hopefully get what you want, it's still better than just seeing one question from 3 years prior that's obviously out of date but no one will ever go back to leave new answers to because it's just not really
of visibility to them
Look at Fortnite, arguably the most popular game in the world, and we have only 124 questions on it, and looking at the votes on them, it's pretty obvious they get very little attention.
Okay, that might be hyperbolic, Minecraft is probably more popular and I'm sure some others I'm not thinking of too, but still it's an obscenely popular game
@Sterno There are two important orthogonal measures here: how popular a game is, and how many different interesting questions there are to ask about it
Hell, you could practically do 124 questions just for all the "Where the fuck do I go for this week's weekly challenges?"
Of course, with Fortnite, a large percentage of the players are going to be of an age where they can't/won't format things in a way acceptable for this site
Back when I played it, there'd be weekly challenges every week, and every week I'd hit the subreddit to find a post like this: reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/avqic5/…
Q: Cant jump properly whilst holding ctrl to sprint

user238963If i'm using ctrl to sprint and I try to jump, the jumping action gets delayed by about 2 seconds. Previously this has not been the case and I have been able to jump and hold sprint before. I have not gotten a new keyboard or anything. Are there any solution to this or am I stuck with it as it is...

I bet if that had been a question/answer on this site, there would have been huge arguments about how useful it was (since it's of no value when the season is over), whether there should be one for each week, or each challenge item, or etc etc etc
Yet just that image is so insanely useful to people playing the game that you'll find it plastered all over the internet (I think I even saw it on Forbes), and the dude who makes them is making decent bank just off the support-a-creator code donations he gets via the in-game item shop because people are thankful for them
Maybe I'm building a strawman there and it wouldn't have caused issues on this site, but my past experiences have me doubtful
All that said, I'm not really trying to knock on this site. I'm just stating why other avenues seem a lot better for getting answers these days. They're just better formatted for it and more lax, which can be bad but is often good. Plus, a site like reddit isn't all about questions and answers, which ends up giving you more eyeballs on it overall I think
6:17 PM
I think one of the bigger challenges is that the site is not really designed for games like Fortnite or League of Legends where constant updates can render questions invalid or out of date. We're a lot better at answering questions for standalone games that stay the same even after decades.
True. It seems more and more popular games have big, frequent changes though
Indeed. I suspect it's why they are popular to begin with - they keep things fresh and novel.
certain genres of games have updates, but they are just "weekly challenge" or "balance" updates
I mean, we even have that problem with Minecraft here to an extent, right?
I'm looking at the close vote review queue, and I just saw like 6 flagged questions for HL's Hammer mod? I know we don't do MC tech support, but are these ok?
6:19 PM
Most of our Overwatch questions have aged poorly, too
It's getting harder and harder in games to have an encyclopedic answer that will be correct for generations to come, which is kind of what this site is designed for, versus an answer that's "here's your answer that's good enough for right now... ask again in a few months if it doesn't fit anymore"
i dont think so, if you take multiplayer shooting game and mobas out of the equation
And MMOs
all of the rpg's i play are perfectly suited for arqade
But now you've eliminated like 60% of games
If I'm looking elsewhere for 60% of my answers, why come here for the other 40%?
those are the games you play, not everyone
6:22 PM
Granted, for old, unpopular games that aren't going to have an active subreddit, if there's not already gamefaq out there for it, I'd try here
I'm not saying everyone plays them. I'm just saying they're hugely popular
I definitely don't disagree that there's a niche of games that we're decently-suited to handle. Like you said, RPGs (particularly single-player ones) work well because they aren't likely to change much
so people who play fortnite can't utilize arqade to the fullest, it wasn't designed with that type of game in mind
@FoxMcCloud We're agreeing with each other.
so are you saying, how do we get fortnite to work in arqade?
i kinda jumped in here in the middle of a convo i think
Nope. I'm saying why I'm not active here anymore.
I'm not saying this site should be something it's not meant to be just to be more popular
6:26 PM
i'd like to change what needs to be changed in order for us to be more popular though
But, for example, Disco Elysium just came out. A big RPG. A good fit for questions on this site. At this point I'm so used to looking to reddit for answers that I'd probably try there first.
why leave the site to die when you could change it
I think we just have to accept that some things are outside our wheelhouse, and optimize for the kinds of questions we handle well
Because I'm a gamer with no real vested interest in StackExchange "winning" over something else.
@FoxMcCloud Because everyone has the right to do what they want.
No one is under any obligation to keep the site alive.
6:29 PM
@Frank I didn't mean it like that - For the people who want to have it succeed, not the people who are leaving
The only site I don't want to see succeed is Lifehacks.SE
Otherwise I need to question my entire life.
Q: HandDropChances and ArmorDropChances set to 0.0F doesn't work

Kilarn123So i'm trying to summon a mob with items in hands and on body but i don't want it to loot this stuff when killed. I want to manage the loot via a death loot table. Here is my command : execute at @p run summon skeleton ~ ~ ~ { PersistenceRequired:1b, Health:200f, DeathLootTable:"my...

@Sterno To be honest, I do this for one game, too.
The game has very few questions here, and most of the games I play, are generally niche enough that I doubt I'll get answers here.
some games you just have to. i can't get any league questions answered here they are all off topic
Back in the days of bad fansites, arqade would be more useful for runescape questions but since that game now has a good wiki,
(that game also has Gear Discord too tbf)
6:41 PM
Trails in the Sky, anyone? JRPGs are the epitome of not changing.
And we have no questions about it.
And if I'm playing it, I don't want to stop playing to wait for an answer.
combat is pretty self explanatory, not sure what else you'd ask about
@Frank I mostly agree, though I did just buy some JRPGs for my Switch that look like they've gone through 3-4 iterations as they came out for various platforms over the last few decades
maybe some story elements? but its not crazy confusing
Minor differences, but differences nonetheless
Yeah, that's my thing these days. I'll play a game, run into a problem, figure I'll just keep playing and ask later, discover the answer, and then not bother to post a question-and-self-answer because I don't feel like putting in the effort.
6:43 PM
@FoxMcCloud Quests. Some are super confusing.
Hell, I'm replaying Baldur's Gate right now and occasionally trying to sort out how something worked in the original BG, versus BG with expansion, versus BG: Enhanced Edition
Though I just veered off because Baldur's Gate isn't a JRPG. But the Dragon Quest games I just nabbed are
yeah they can get pretty wack. specially in the first one with the lack of markers and filled out map
@FoxMcCloud I'm okay without markers.
I think they're a dumbing down of mechanics.
@Frank Sometimes I can't remember the name of a town or NPC if I come back to the game days later, so I at least like a marker in a town or that circle "its in this area" mechanic
@Sterno This is something that SE has acknowledged, and are trying to find a solution to.
That is likely something that Arqade could take advantage of.
6:46 PM
PHP version 5.3 vs 5.4 vs 7.2 blah blah blah blah....sounds like a nightmare for SO
Well, coding in general is far more fixed than games.
You can usually use the old versions, so old answers are still useful.
Games that you can't play anything but the latest version? What good does any question about D3's auction house help anybody?
yeah i saw that meta post...i agree it really doesn't
those were dark times man
i spent hours in that auction house
I bought Reaper of Souls by arbitraging gems.
now i wish path of exile had an action house or something
i had a friend who made a couple hundred bucks flipping items
does arqade have a discord?
6:50 PM
I know I'm in the minority but I liked D3 more at release than I do in its current form
I stopped playing D3 right around grifts were added.
I remember us trying to get through Act 2 Inferno
Felt good to finally beat that
@Frank I thought the auction house existed from the start?
@Sterno its honestly a completely different game - i've never seen a game become something so different over the years
@Yuuki It did, but it's gone now is what he means
6:52 PM
Granted, Arqade might in a fairly unique spot in how quickly our information gets outdated.
@Sterno Nah, @Frank means "Greater Rifts" (a sort of end-game procedurally generated dungeon) whereas I'm playing off the word "grift" (a petty or small-scale swindle).
One thing I think would help build more engagement would be ways to easily play with other people.
Chat...kinda sucks at organizing that sort of thing.
I actually was in Discord last night cleaning out Discord servers I never used and the left the Arqade one
We have the Discord but no one uses it.
So, there's a problem. But it's one of those chicken and egg problems.
6:55 PM
I get on Discord with people if I'm playing a game with them, but I don't get on Discords just to hang out
i think a lot more people would use it if it was advertised
Nobody uses it because nobody is there. Nobody is there because nobody uses it.
@FoxMcCloud It's an unofficial server and I think everyone agrees that it's best if it stays that way.
@Yuuki That's why no one uses it
why not at 10K rep you get a link to the discord?
or something idk
Really don't want to deal with the (possible legal) hassle of a public text/voice chat hosted by a third party.
6:57 PM
@FoxMcCloud Nah, that'd take too long.
@Yuuki, so Splyce topped their group.
@Dragonrage all the way from fourth?
But engagement requires effort. Nobody's gonna use the discord if nobody's using the discord.
They were last place up until today, right?
Oh yeah, I forget we have a discord
6:58 PM
just have 1 public room and you have to be given permission to go into the others
Discord servers are basically free. I find more value in the "here's my gamertag if you want to add me" type posts
@Yuuki tied for third. they went 3-0 today and won a tie breaker i think
@SaintWacko This is probably the biggest problem.
@Dragonrage Tied for third is the same as tied for fourth which is the same as last place, I think.
I'm not on Arqade Discord anymore, but if I want to play Bad Rats the MOBA with @Wipqozn, I can just hit him up on Steam and hop into a discord call or private server together to play
6:59 PM
or is a "what is your gamertag" meta post a better idea?
But dammit, I knew I shouldn't have checked my pick'ems last night.
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