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12:00 AM
you might be able to do it with just the orange on the sponge, but I haven't tried it
having the black on the sponge as well allows me to go up and down as I dab the sponge onto the nail and adjust where the pink meets black and it also changes the patterns
ProTip: if you're trying this - put some tape on your fingers below the nail. You will thank me after :P
oh I can imagine lol
below? after? under? 🤷‍♀️
finger directions are weird
the first nail I did, I didn't put tape on the finger and my finger had black stains on it for 2 days
@Ash im always mildly disappointed that the word palindrome isnt a palindrome
12:18 AM
it's weird how some of the clothes I hated before, I like now 🤷‍♀️
and hate some of the clothes I liked before...
oh well, time to go "be a dude" at work 😐 ttyl
12:38 AM
@Dragonrage that is a bit of a letdown yes
@Elise oh that looks super great on you! I love the colour.
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3:52 AM
Q: Missing Eridian Resonator

John SchmittI completed Chapter 10 of Borderlands 3 in a friend's game. I guess I didn't know that I needed to pick up an Eridian Resonator in the Vault of the Rampager. Is there a way to acquire an Eridian Resonator, short of waiting until I do a second play through?

4:28 AM
cc @Unionhawk @Ash
4:52 AM
@Ash thanks! I was at Walmart dressed like that and noticed my nails kinda matched the shirt 😍 got a couple looks, but oh well, 'tis life 🤷🏼‍♀️
3 hours later…
8:10 AM
@Yuuki lol
8:44 AM
I chipped my nail polish at work and I only painted them yesterday 😐
my work is stupid
it's only a tiny chip though, so I'm gonna leave it until it chips more
1 hour later…
9:48 AM
@MageXy yeh, my only issue with it is the map where i would like it to be a bit more precise so you can see where you are in an area when putting down a stamp
3 hours later…
1:37 PM
Okay, my internet should be 50% faster now. We switched bundles to one that has higher speed
@Elise I thought the matching was intentional lol
@Yuuki yes good
2:06 PM
Q: Need to play a sound once

SillyEar7This ties in with my other question. After the player walks on black concrete, they will lose a life. (Scoreboard objective called lives.) That will play a sound. But when they reach 0 lives, I want either: Play a different sound then the "lose a life" sound. (Game over sound) or play the "lose ...

2:46 PM
Q: What game(s) does Michael play in Mind Field S2E4?

NzallI've been binge watching the Mind Field Youtube series from VSauce because it's free until the end of the year, and in Season 2, Episode 4, "Your Brain on Tech", Michael plays a space game, and maybe some other games as well since I'm not sure if all the shots are from the same games. They look i...

I do this with cigarette butts downtown
@GnomeSlice blinks
we sure do have important news in 2019
It's unilad. Just a tabloid pretty much
amusing though lol
uhhh yeah what
that's his index finger
what kind of garbage journalistic quality is this /s
3:26 PM
@Yuuki I think he uses the pinky for the ballsack
Q: How to enter SWTOR's Flashpoint "The Esseles" in Veteran mode?

JeroenMy friend and I are starting a playthrough of SWTOR. We've done the Flashpoint "The Esseles" on Story Mode a few times now, and wanted to try it on Veteran Mode. However, whatever we try, we always end up in a Story Mode version. The steps we take: Group up freshly Start conversation to pick u...

My genuine first impressions on A Hat In Time on Nintendo Switch: It runs a little slow and graphic quality is low, but it's playable (especially if you overclock) and is still recommended.
3:48 PM
Q: My villager has disappeared he was in a one by two area and I don’t know what happened

Aiden GarbuttMy villager has disappeared he was in a 1 x 2 area and I don’t know what happened So I logged onto my survival world And I had a store that I built for a villager he wasn’t in it but last night he was and I checked out the original village he was from and he wasn’t there I’m so mad please tell me...

5 minutes until pwnagotchi 1.0.0
4:02 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh, this looks neat. I feel like it would frustrate the complete heck out of me, but I can think of a few people I know who would like it.
Q: Can you reset the Pokedex in Pokemon Bank?

nog mixIs there a way? Mine is completed but I lost the games and now I only have Ultra Sun, so I'm trying to start over.

Q: How to restore old character names after account reactivation

João MendesI've been inactive in WoW for several years. I just renewed my subscription to find that all my character names have been mangled. Presumably, this was done by Blizzard to free up the names for other players that might want to use them. I would like to restore the old names. To the best of my kn...

Q: How can I play the game?

Invader SkoodgeI'm trying to play Vermintide 2 but the play button in-game is grayed out, so I can't click on it. I played one match earlier today, so I know it has been enabled in the past. How can I play the game?

@Lazers2.0 This is frustrating.
I don't want to spend too long messing around with it because I want to retain the ability to refund it if I can't figure it out.
I'm still under 2 hours of playtime.
@InvaderSkoodge I was writing an answer, but then it hit me that people had this problem with the launcher at first, but you're already in game.
Maybe the servers are down?
4:20 PM
lol they're raising the 11'8" bridge
Aww, no more can opener :(
I'm glad they found a way to raise it, for eons they just said it wasn't possible
Q: Ghost Recon Breakpoint, extended magazine for SASG 12 located?

RoseDoes anyone know where or how to acquire the extended magazine for the SASG 12 shotgun?

We've got an overpass that's extremely impassible to semis
They're fixing it but it's going to be like a five year project
Involving installing a temporary railway bridge, destroying the current one, rebuilding it, etc
@Nzall I hadn't manually picked a difficulty.
So it's just a UI travesty.
I figured it out thanks to the first comment though.
That one isn't a "the top of your roof comes off" either, that's a "your truck is stuck under this stupid bridge for hours"
4:30 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Hah, I thought it might be something like that
Really liking the fantasy L4D gameplay, though.
It's $7.50 right now if anyone else wants to pick it up and potentially play together (although my free time with a 3-week-old baby is scarce).
Back to parenting!
@InvaderSkoodge Wow, that's incredibly frustrating
@Unionhawk We have one like that, where if you get stuck, you're hella stuck.
There are some nice marks at exactly the spot where the corners of a square truck meet the narrow, short rounded bridge
Ghosts of trucks past!
5:09 PM
Q: How can these games be removed from this list I have on Steam?

Niall WardWhen I click on "Show hidden icons", then the hidden Steam icon, I see a list of three items at the top of a drop down menu, from upper to down: Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game Demo, Team Fortress 2 and Pink Hour. I'd like to get as much of them removed from that list as possible. How can I do ...

5:21 PM
@Unionhawk Wouldn't it have been easier to just dig out a couple of feet of dirt underneath the bridge?
Or am I underthinking the problem of a bridge that's too low?
like, just lower the road a feet or two
@Nzall According to wikipedia - "The street also cannot be lowered because a major sewer line runs only four feet (1.2 m) under Gregson Street." (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11_foot_8_Bridge)
@Nzall For the local case, it's not a straight short bridge it's also narrow and turns too
Even if it were taller you'd still get stuck without major reengineering
3 hours later…
8:54 PM
Q: How do I detect if more than 2 player are online with command blocks minecraft 1.14.4

Johannes173Me and my friend wants to make a custom map and we need to detect if there's atleast 2 players online with command blocks. Is there any way to do that?

9:15 PM
Q: Tips to finding dinosaur bones

alicookAre dinosaur bones a random find? Or is it possible to discover them by looking out for something else? I've been roaming the countryside but never seen any. Any hints or tips would be appreciated - but no spoilers! I don't want to know where they actually are, just if there is a way to find them...

9:38 PM
@Ash pfft, I wish I had that much fashion sense :P
I'll be working on it tho ^^
so, my mom had time to digest the new information and the follow up conversation was less good than the initial one
nothing strictly bad, but lots of implying in form of questions that this might be a "moment's weakness", that she's worried about my daughter because of the untraditional family format and she said she can't call me her daughter, because she gave birth to a son and she loves me very much (I guess she can't love me very much as her daughter? 🤦‍♀️)
luckily, she lives far away, so there's lot of time for her to think about all of this without bringing me down too much
9:56 PM
@Wipqozn That the only platforms listed are Steam and Xbox Game Pass is interesting.
10:16 PM
10:57 PM
Q: Please, help! Minecraft P.E Emergency

KyranSo, I had taken two days to build this resort, underground. It was just me and my tamed wolf in the entire place. I hadn’t set my spawn point, which was stupid, and it is an infinite world. Now, I log off to eat and when I log back in, I’m at my first spawn point. So I lost my house and my dog. P...

11:15 PM
@Elise that's something i guess
Q: skinpack blank doesnt work

Logan6510 ive been working on a skinpack and it only shows blank??? { "geometry": "skinpacks/skins.json", "skins": [{ "localization_name": "Jacketless", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Jacketless.png", "type": "free" }, ...

11:54 PM
@Elise That sucks to hear. Hopefully she'll come around? Either way, I, for one, think you're pretty great.

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