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12:01 AM
I haven't
@Unionhawk hawkman is in justice league
cc @Unionhawk my cloak had a weird moment.
@Arperum It looks like it is trying to be a chair
@Arperum your dude has some junk in dat trunk
12:07 AM
@Arperum Your milkshake brings all the orcs to the yard...
These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em
@GodEmperorDune giggles this is me today! (I am making documentation again)
12:23 AM
Q: I just installed minecraft and my sound doesnt work

Ognjen StefanovicAll sound settings in-game are 100% and when i open mixer in my sound on taskbar it doesnt show minecraft at all. Can you please help. Im on windows 7 if it matters

So many celebrities lol, Ricky just hit Tony Hawk in a car
@cazc_941 hue
Also, @GodEmperorDune this makes me realize I can pretty much do Cabinet Battle #1 from memory without the music
I can't tell if that is awesome or super ridiculous
@Ash awesome imo
Wtf Tom green
12:36 AM
@GodEmperorDune I am not as good with Cabinet Battle 2
@Ash you will never be satisfied
Omfg the credit cards
@cazc_941 ?
I'm watching trailer park boys
The LA episodes have tons of celebrities in them
@GodEmperorDune grins
12:41 AM
Q: How does cloning a visa work

MattAfter playing Seven: The Days Long Gone for a few hours, I just discovered that there is the option to clone a visa from knocked out NPCs. Here, I am missing visa 5, and the NPC near me has it: I knock him out and use the "Clone Visa" option on him: I now appear to have visa 5, it shows up ...

Wtf the midget from Austin Powers is in this
How many celebrities are in this jesus
All of them, it sounds like
@GodEmperorDune this is actually the best
Oh boo that was the last episode

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