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12:00 AM
since it doesn't enforce much structure
@quartata no, it's bad
The problem is you never know which Gary is going to show up.
@GodEmperorDune it's not as bad as pre-ES5 JavaScript or Delphi
<?php echo "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"?>
@quartata do we need to bust out the fractal of bad design?
12:11 AM
There's a Muppets commercial on comedy central and RIP @lpmf
@Unionhawk we gotta pour one out for him
12:23 AM
I can't find a clip but the key and peele sketch where key refuses to pour one out on waste of alcohol grounds
12:44 AM
This is just the best.
@Unionhawk fun fact
to make everything worse, you could throw away the ?>, I think
Oh god
well apparently you can
but you need to add semicolon
<?php echo "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa";
What to heck
basically php is magical
where ?> magically adds a semicolon to last line if it doesn't have it
12:47 AM
I got a recurve bow for Secret Santa.
and you don't have to close php files
@Yuuki ooh!
@Ave It's usually safer if you don't
I have questions.
Whitespace control and whatnot
I'm sorry but I'm closing my php files
if it doesn't work due to that, then I blame language
12:48 AM
No it should work
It's just sometimes you might get a bit of unexpected whitespace
So in all the bigger projects I've worked on it's the standard not to close php files
Q: Why would one omit the close tag?

danidacarI keep reading it is poor practice to use the PHP close tag ?> at the end of the file. The header problem seems irrelevant in the following context (and this is the only good argument so far): Modern versions of PHP set the output_buffering flag in php.ini If output buffering is enabled, y...

Oh hey I forgot it's in the actual standard: php-fig.org/psr/psr-2
12:53 AM
dammit php
> The closing ?> tag MUST be omitted from files containing only PHP.
your shit is broken
@RedRiderX PSR-2 is like PEP-8 - it's "just" a style guide
@PrivatePansy True
@RedRiderX jfc
12:54 AM
But it's the style guide most big things follow
what the fuck
@PrivatePansy apparently frameworks like zend require that there be no closing tag
why can't php fix its shit?
@GodEmperorDune Huh. I thought the recommendation to drop the closing tag is universal
@PrivatePansy sorry, poorly worded
@GodEmperorDune It's natural consequence of it starting life as a templating language
12:56 AM
Though something like Pug takes the opposite approach.
Where all whitespace is very explicit.
there is a pug programming language?!
There is a templating language called pug
there's a programming language for everything
Used to be called jade
@GodEmperorDune pugjs.org
12:58 AM
@RedRiderX OH YES I heard jade
eww node, nevermind
@Ave It's a pretty great language until you need to add some whitespace
@PrivatePansy i snagged that emoji for company slack
i thought it was because pugs are awesome
12:59 AM
@GodEmperorDune It's one of the best templating language I've used
its a good icon, bront
Although it's HTML-centric
Then it just sighs and rolls its eyes and does it but looks at you funny for the rest of the day
i need to figure out how i can force this to start being used at work
Yeah, that's one of the annoyance since the way HTML treats whitespace is weird
1:00 AM
@GodEmperorDune Start using nodejs
@RedRiderX node fucks up our build servers
i guess it will have to be just personal projects i use it on
@GodEmperorDune There is a Glitch project to mess with glitch.com/edit/#!/pug-bootstrap?path=ReadMe.md:1:0
looks at clock
good night bridge
1:23 AM
@cazc_941 lol bubble's song in memphis
> can we just let pylons be pylons
Q: Half and half xbox one controller?

Milan1360I'm looking for an Xbox One controller or front shell that is half black and half white. (Left and right not up and down) I've googled lots but no coming close. For building a controller so I'm fine with just a front shell and the controller could be wireless or wired. Thanks!

2:15 AM
@GodEmperorDune yes the core language is shit but it's easy enough to write and its stdlib comes included with a lot of things that more modern "minimalist" server-side languages don't
also, apache. most more sophisticated stacks have less mature containers
node's built-in server for instance is shit
and passenger is a nuisance to set up for rails
@GodEmperorDune aren't you like a pug too
2:52 AM
Q: Is it possible to get inheritance from anyone I want, in the base game?

MalandyIs it possible to get inheritance whenever I want, in the base game? I've heard that you can get Inheritance when you kill something enthralled by the Bend Will Shout from Dragonborn. But is it possible to trigger inheritance for anyone I want, from Bandits to Dragons, in the base game.

... I think this bow is left-handed.
2 hours ago, by Yuuki
I got a recurve bow for Secret Santa.
Office Secret Santa, that is.
@quartata yes
And I think this bow is left-handed.
Hmm... it might be right-handed, but it feels more comfortable in my left hand.
2:59 AM
@Yuuki did they give arrows too?
@GodEmperorDune Yes, it's a set. Came with two arrows.
You gotta craft a bigger quiver
There's a retailer and range nearby, I think I'll check it out tomorrow and figure out what to do.
@cazc_941 No, I'm not going to take this bow and re-enact the Purge.
3:01 AM
No I just want one for fun
@Yuuki I keep reading it as recursive bow, and wondered if it's just a bow tie that has a bow tie print that has a bow tie print that has a bow tie print that has a bow tie print...
I'm continually perplexed as to why I got a bow though.
I'm trying to recall of any indication I've given that I would like a bow as a present.
Maybe that one Casual Friday when I wore a "Hunt Me" Monster Hunter t-shirt to work?
@Yuuki Texas, perhaps
@Yuuki During my internship our engineers had a 'Formal Friday', where the entire team turned up to work in suit and tie. Unfortunately the no shoe policy kind of ruined the effect.
@Unionhawk Maybe, except that my company isn't Texan in origin.
And we have a number of international employees.
In fact, I might be the only person actually from Texas.
Well... there's maybe two or three others.
3:12 AM
@Yuuki just something fun and different
@Yuuki so why didn't you get a gun instead of a bow
@cazc_941 To be fair, I already have a gun.
I don't think anyone at work knows this, but maybe it's assumed as I am Texan.
Also, it's not technically my gun.
@Yuuki's lawyer required that addition
I own a flintlock rifle
It's pretty rad
@Unionhawk Nice. I kinda want a lever-action.
wtf, there's such a thing as a lever action bow?
What does that even mean
Oh, type of compound
3:28 AM
"Lever action bow" pretty much sounds like a crossbow
It looks like it refers to a kind of compound bow that has like some lever type deal going on to increase your mechanical advantage or something
And now I'm looking at air rifles for some reason.
Yay, work party was pretty non-terrible. :) Bunch of us did an escape room which was the best part of the night :D
@Ash I really need to find a group of people to do an escape room sometime.
@Yuuki what
@Yuuki If I was closer you know I would :)
3:39 AM
@Ash I am about as puzzled as you are.
@PrivatePansy To attack this elemental, do I need to provide a number theory proof?
@Yuuki Like an actual hunting bow?
@Ash According to the packaging, it's ideal for target shooting.
@Yuuki I wonder why someone thought OH THIS IS PERFECT FOR YUUKI
3:46 AM
You'd think that the packaging would also tell me what its hand dominance is.
@Ash Well, I got a set of espresso cups last year and I don't drink coffee so I guess this par for the course.
Fair enough
I dunno, I asked some co-workers for things my Secret Santa person would like.
Plus, they've brought some jigsaw puzzles for everyone on occasion, so I bought them a 1000-piece set as well.
I like the idea of jigsaw puzzles but problem with most of that sort of thing is....so does my cat
4:02 AM
@Ash For different reasons, I imagine.
@Yuuki yeah, quite different ones
4:34 AM
So there's a zootopia... Thing... Circulating the internet
@Unionhawk pls no
Apparently it's just Poe's law attempting to parody things
@Fluttershy it's against the Geneva convention to share it
And I do not want to be a war criminal
@Unionhawk no.
Anyone here playing Pocket Camp?
Because some of my current friends aren't pulling their weight, and I'm constantly 4/5 needed for Shovelstrike Quarry, and it's so frustrating.
@Unionhawk hue, i've heard a lot about this thing
4:39 AM
@GodEmperorDune it's really weird and apparently operating at Poe's law levels of irony
According to my sources
@Unionhawk i heard the artist just wanted to do something fuct and edgy and there's not really an intended moral beyond that
This seems likely
а divorcing couple divides their Beanie Baby investment under the supervision of a judge, 1999:
Q: Gmod Wiremod not saving and/or loading correctly

Andrew PrattI have wiremod, wiremod extras, and numerous other addons in gmod. When I load a game saved via the "save" command, I am unable to select inputs and outputs using the wire tool, disabling me from working on anything I was doing earlier. I did notice however the debugger works fine. When saving, t...

5:29 AM
@ash is leading a civilian rescure mission. @ave, RIP @spugsley, @John, RIP @twobugs and rebecca black are there too
oh fuck, chryssalids
@GodEmperorDune Those are the worst, because civilians have a tendency to just run into aliens
yeah, luckily i just got plasma rifles so i can almost one shot them
and the GTS upgrade for 6 people
i'd probably fail this if it was only 4
5:53 AM
@GodEmperorDune I hope we rescue all the people
@Ash it's unlikely
6:22 AM
chryssalid got a civilian on the other side of the map, sorry @ash
6:43 AM
Q: Terraria how do I reset the minimap 3.5.3

Toby BeislyHi Im wondering how to reset the mini-map for a Terraria world in version 3.5.3 my map isn't corrupted or anything but I've done a bunch of terraforming which looks super weird on the mini-map. I saw that there should be a .map file the the corresponding player's folder but there was only one fil...

7:15 AM
cc @ash @ave @John well done
@ash got a few cheevos for being so badass
unfortunately yall got injured too
also nice killcount @ash
7:52 AM
Okay haha wow
We just realized that we got in a server months later with some fellow admin I had back in /r/place days
And neither of us recognized each other and we became sorta friends and such
Until now
What a coincidence.
3 hours later…
10:44 AM
oh wait, it didn't?
was that just a fallback?
11:29 AM
Yay I got a Woolly Yoshi Amiibo
12:11 PM
Coinbase <3
12:32 PM
the guys sitting next to me are working at dad's company I think, haha
also ugh for having to open pc just to open amazon because amazon sent verification to hotmail and hotmail is down
okay, update ~17 hours later with all sleepiness and lightheadedness gone: I still like PHP.
@Ave Oh dear. Are you sure you're not running a fever?
I'm not quite sure
I couldn't eat much too today, maybe I'm getting sick?
I blame soy.
Or maybe you watched that video I posted in TIF
which one?
1:09 PM
The one about Trumps meal plan
I read the article but didn't watch the video
good battery voltage reader.
time to waste a ton of cat5s
I finally tested out the foundation, hoi
It's just a little darker than me
Not worth risking ruining it to light it up though so
I'll live with it, thanks for the tip tho
Uh crap
Police is runninginto thismall andthere's people leaving
Uh oh
Aoparently they needed 3 big police cars to deal with one person throwing a fit
Gotta love police using excessive force
Also I just went through the whole mall
Couldn't find a single cat5 cable I could buy
There might be this one place where they might sell by meters and crimp them but eh, not going to bother
Also yay chat update
Now I have to rewrite even more css
1:45 PM
Q: league of legends item that increase damage when critical hit

Nam G VUI know only Infinity Edge can increase the damage. Any other items to increase more? I want to maximize the damage of Miss Fortune.

2:08 PM
Hm, apparently as part of the chat update there's this button called "highlights"
and I've no idea what it does. when I clicked it it got stuck on "loading the bridge"
had to remove ?highlights=true from url

XxSolarWolfXxi have a problem when i try to go full screen it crashes and says "an unexpected issue occured and the game has crashed" i have tried watching some stuff on youtube BUT IT DOESNT WORK

2:43 PM
Q: What types of shops usually sell deeds?

lentinantI'm now on deeds "hunting" trying to purchase every single possible deed in the game (if not blocked by progression, obviously; plotwise, I've just met Lila). Some shops probably are missing sellable items, as I've not encountered proper merc missions yet. But what shops actually are supposed to...

2:59 PM
Hoihoihoihoihiihoi ajuinskes me witloof en nen hesperolletje hoihiihoijoi
3:10 PM
Arperum's central nervous system slowly being overtaken by hoi

Proposed Q&A site for the study of the art and science of making clocks and watches.

Currently in definition.

@Unionhawk I too enjoy chicory and ham roll
first thing to go is the cerebellum, explaining the cat on keyboard esque behavior
truly a sad case
Q: Are there any downsides to marriage?

Steven VascellaroOccasionally in Reigns, you are given the option to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom. In the short term, agreeing to a marriage has benefits for religion, popularity, military, and money. Is there any reason to decline a marriage? Are there any hidden drawbacks?

3:20 PM
Good morning Bridge
@Ash Morning!
Q: Does cloud progress sync across all devices?

LyricsBoton terraria you have the option to save characters and world to the cloud. What i want to know is if you play on one device with that icloud character, will icloud give the new information to the other devices character so they are the same on each device?

I am the only one at work and we closed early yesterday for our Christmas party. Luckily there is not too much for me to get caught up on so that's something. (Only 2 voicemails and one email)
@Ash We had our christmas party yesterday, too!
haha nice :)
3:34 PM
@Unionhawk belgian Dutch had the word "ajuin", which means onion, the word used here is some bastardized, never used made-up form of it.Dutch dutch uses "ui" for onion
Okay, and what's the rest of the sentence? :P
Onions with a chicory and ham rolls, with more bastardized articles. In some satire of Flemish dutch. I can not explain the why
Alright, it was more "does this make any more sense than it seems to" and the answer is no, it is just random food words strung together :P
Okay, so tonight one friend is like "I am taking you out for tacos" and tomorrow another friend just proposed sushi for lunch and I am 10000% down with this sudden stream of friends wanting to buy me food :P
3:53 PM
@Ash I mean, you don't become Queen of the Internet by being unpopular
@John Wait, I'm Queen of the Internet? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN DO I GET A COOL CROWN
Wasn't that @spugsley (RIP)
I don't know but if it comes with a cool crown or even a moderately nifty hat I'll do it :D
I mean, I won't object to @ash for queen/cyborg overperson
(Although I should be getting my new winter hat that is white with rainbow dinosaurs all over it in the next week or two and I am really excited for that hat so the Internet Queen hat would have to be cooler than that hat and I don't know if that's even possible)
4:12 PM
Hooooii how is the Christmas tree? :o
4:33 PM
@ToxicFrog all the little fishies will be in my belly
I forgot that today's christmas
or whenever
4:46 PM
@Ave hue, gotta drink onion juice to fix it fam
@GodEmperorDune apparently drinking liberal tears is better than drinking onion juice at increasing your toxic masculinity.
Q: How do I pronounce “Zgando” in the Eastern fashion?

Steven VascellaroLady Karkovia has offered to teach me white magic. However, she’s asked me to prove myself first with a simple task: Pronounce the holy word “Zgando” in the Eastern fashion. My options are either left for “Ahboep” or right for “Zlameo”. Which is the correct pronunciation?

mfw someone introduces a new version of their bot's virtual coin system and this is the first transaction (cc @GodEmperorDune)
(yes, sender is me)
5:07 PM
Q: Are there any restrictions on retrieving items while on a hunt?

DanmakuGrazerAs a new feature to Monster Hunter World, it is now possible to access the entire Item Box from any base camp while on a quest. Are there any restrictions on this? Is it possible to keep going back to camp to restock on healing items, traps, and ammo when hunting a particularly difficult monster?

@KevinvanderVelden not existing! But there is one here at her home. And also at work.
Hoi dennenboooom hoi dennebooom, wat zijn uw takken wonderhoi
For those interested: it is a hoi-mangled Christmas song.
I was going to say I don't remember that Christmas carol going quite like that when my grandma would sing it to me in Dutch
@Ave hue
can't beat @ash's nice killcount though
5:40 PM
user image
Brain pls
@fredley whyyyyyyyy
Q: What's the difference between yellow and grey damage numbers?

DanmakuGrazerWhen hitting different parts of a monster, the damage numbers show up in either grey or yellow. What is the difference? From a first look, it seems like the yellow numbers indicate a monster's weakspots. If so, what hitzone value is required for yellow numbers?

6:14 PM
What the fuck, brain
opened a twitter account for memes. Got restricted and then locked in 10 minutes.
> please try again
god I hate recaptcha on the most difficult setting
6:28 PM
Man, ever since I have decided that I will not care about work anymore and I will just do my best job and fuck the rest, days go so much faster....
(aka removing sources of anxiety or reframing them helps, quelle surprise)
6:45 PM
Q: Carnivorous Cube, if I steal it, who gets the minions when it dies?

SoreanIf I steal a Carnivorous cube with a Pint Size Potion and Cabal Shadow Priest combintaion, what happens when the cube dies? Do I get the two copies or my opponent?

Q: How do I play Red Dwarf?

Steven VascellaroOccasionally the Jester (Junius Loosetongue) will ask if I want to gamble money on a game of Red Dwarf. If I accept, he rolls two dice, and depending on the result I either win or lose. After losing multiple times, I realized that the Jester never actually explained the rules of Red Dwarf to me....

6:59 PM
Q: Why does my Octodad game keep crashing?

Xx_ILikeFruit_xXIn Octodad: Dadliest Catch for mobile, I started the supermarket level, closed it and shut off my device. When I came back the next day, I clicked the continue button, it went to the loading screen, and then crashed and went back to my desktop. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

7:30 PM
@Yuuki sounds about right
8:20 PM
23 hours ago, by Fluttershy
Oh my god. Robert Rodriguez, what have you done to one of my all-time favorite anime shows/manga? DDDDD:
@Ave holy shit
that is passable in the trailer thumbnail, but creepy in the trailer itself
she stares into your dreams
Like is tehre a story reason or were they just like ANIME EYES GO GO GO
@Ash she's a robot
8:28 PM
looks like she's a robot ^
and original material is a manga
so, both
except like I think that only one with eyes like that in that universe is her
even the robots don't have those eyes
@Ave but why the eyes
like are they full of lazers or secrets or something
about how she doesn't need glasses
@Ash I think that they're webcams?
Her eyes weren't even that big in the manga.
8:31 PM
apparently this pizza place delivers until 3:30am
and it's 11:30pm
@Fluttershy Is it so we can always tell how speshul she is
also someone sent this:
@DanmakuGrazer "peynir" = "cheese". "peyniri" = "cheese"/"cheese of"
Why does everyone call mozzarella a cheese?
8:36 PM
sos = sauce, feslegen = sweet basil, orta = medium (size), domates = tomato, meyve = fruit, elma = apple.
@DanmakuGrazer because it is?
Mozzarella is a sandwich
Q: No sound for xbox 360

Nina IbbotsonNo sound using hdmi nor the av cables that came with console. It was working one day then all of a sudden stopped. I've tried everything I can think of and some suggestions I've seen but no joy. HELP PLEASE

9:08 PM
thanks google maps for thinking that I was in istanbul from 12th to 28th
of course the data on timeline clearly shows stuff strictly in ankara from 12th to 28th.
in fact I was in ist from 9th to 12th
good service
9:37 PM
@Ash as a dutch person I think I'm supposed to disagree on that one
I don't think it can be called a cheese if it doesn't ripen for at least several weeks
And it can't be called a good cheese until at least half a year
@KevinvanderVelden nah, that's just a specific type of cheese
Although now I want like good and proper Gouda (but none of that icky spiced junk)
Leyden cheese? (that's the english name given for komijnekaas at least) I approve of your dislike of that =p
@KevinvanderVelden My family loves it and I don't get it because it is so icky
Yeah it's a weird cheese
Oh well, time for bed o/
Good night :)
9:45 PM
@Ash I would say it happened roughly a year and a half ago
and you tell me; you're the Queen :p
I thought for sure that was a more recent thing
@GodEmperorDune Completely nailed my look 100%
@John lol that was probably @Wipqozn, he did most of the character pool
grr I can't figure out how to type the symbols I need to type
I am this close to drawing what I need in paint
and putting it in my assignment that way
10:17 PM
Yeah I made @John in the character pool
@DanmakuGrazer Just because it's buffalo milk doesn't mean it's not still milk.
10:51 PM
Q: What weather improves which types?

Mathias711Since the last update, different real life weather types have an influence on the attack and spawn rate of certain types. For example, rain will boosts water types, so what other combinations are there?

@John hahaha and it was even self declared
@GodEmperorDune Am I dedzorz?
11:06 PM
Q: should i keep micheal the agent in fifa 18 stroy mode or dump him?

MoudizI am playing fifa 18 story mode alex returns , I am at the level where i have to choose if i have to leave the agent micheal or keep him. well what is the bet choice should I make in order to enjoy the story mode ? what are the changes or difference between leaving or keeping him ? more matches ?...

11:34 PM
Q: Blocks and items in texturepack do not show up in Minecraft

Cathy I use mac, and the textures have been putted in resourcepack folder, unzipped and loaded in the game, but somehow new blocks and items don't show up in. Help!

Q: Where can all of Poppi's Technical Manuals be found?

SeiyriaSo, to upgrade Poppi, you need technical manuals to learn how to make parts for her. I've really only found one in the old factory in Mor Ardain. Trying to find all of them so I can make Tora a more versatile character, instead of just a tank.


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