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8:06 PM
Q: How do you speak to a Blade in an inn?

SeiyriaI have a bunch of quests that require me to speak to a particular Blade in a specific inn. I go there and don't see any heart to hearts. I have tried resting and making them my active blade to no avail. How do I talk to one of my specific Blades?

@StrixVaria dat thumbnail tho
I have a really, really huge thing to confess
I actually am starting to like php.
@Ave So what you're saying is that you believe the world is a simulation, the simulation is Hell, and this is your method of coping?
in this capitalist hell I need money
and this php job on horizon is my way of coping
8:28 PM
I guess that's better for your mental health that needing the money but hating PHP as you work in it every day
As long as you aren't going out and inflicting PHP on other people
@ToxicFrog By the very nature of PHP, working on PHP is inflicting PHP on other people.
no like
I'm like
Lord knows nobody wants to use PHP for internal applications.
actually enjoying writing php
maybe it's just ritalin idk
but... I'm actually enjoying this
@Ave A user to surpass @Wipqozn...
8:29 PM
@Yuuki 100% of the PHP jobs I took to keep eating during undergrad were working on internal web apps.
That said
all I want to do rn is pass the github check
I more meant "as long as you aren't publishing PHP code and promulgating the idea that it's a good idea", as opposed to working on PHP safely locked away in a corporate version control system somewhere.
"github check"?
@ToxicFrog a company a friend's working on (won't name company or friend, it's not a startup so :thumbsup:) as a dev is looking for a php dev, he offered to pass my github profile to the team so I can be considered and possibly have an interview. Except with the current PHP stuff, it's not exactly going to get me an interview, so I'm doing something that pmuch shows what I can do when I'm not hacking stuff together.
so I think I might have too many DB rights
vs what I should have
I accidentally hit F5 in a modify procedure window that I had up to grab the actual sql of a stored procedure in a test db, and it allowed it to happen which uh
probably shouldn't have gone through
reverted it so we should be fine
and technically it's a fix that'll get moved from dev shortly anyway so
Q: I can't see messages of enemy players in chat (War Thunder)

SiPoI have been playing War Thunder for a few years with no problem. But more recently, I started watching Youtube videos of WT gameplay, as well as started playing more custom battles. Something I see on Youtube videos is a few enemy players using the [All] chat feature, and their messages are visib...

8:55 PM
Q: How do you buy premium cylinders?

SeiyriaI'm on the last chapter in the game, have maxxed my salvage rank and dev level for every city (except one). I can't seem to find a place to buy premium cylinders. I've heard that they can be bought before the last chapter and not at an A rank salvager too. It seems the common denominator is that ...

Oh my god. Robert Rodriguez, what have you done to one of my all-time favorite anime shows/manga? DDDDD:
Is Fox still known for being really spectacularly bad at anime?
Q: Is posting about privately-run servers of a defunct game on-topic?

Tim S.Way back in the day I played Star Wars: Galaxies (SWG) for a long time. Later on (10+ years ago) SOE shut down the entire game. Since then, there have been some communities of privately run servers pop up, and if you had the original game discs, you could run their launcher (which modified the se...

9:14 PM
good server
you know a discord is good when roles are "meme lords" and "memers"
it's actually quite a good server
our @Subscribers role in the moonmoon discord was renamed to "Boston Uprising Fans" and moon @ed it
so it pinged everyone including people who supress @everyone in that server like I do
because he wants to watch everything burn
(boston uprising is an overwatch league team)
there's a friend
who is now pinging @everyone using a special role he added to everynoe
Honestly there should probably be a third supression option that only shows pings to @you
but meh
it's always funny to watch moon's discord go nuts
9:19 PM
@Unionhawk ugh yes
I guess that'd be a fourth option, whatever
this is getting hella confusing
look at this mess
obviously the compact/irc UI is a workaround but naah
What is even
9:35 PM
@Fluttershy ... I thought James Cameron was working on this?
now server is talking portuguese 10/10
@Ave what server even is this
funny story.
I met someone on hypesquad, joined her server.
Some people there were pretty...
So a while later I had a huge argument there and someone invited me to a Secret Server without the not-nice people.
what is hypesquad exactly?
this is the secret server.
@Riker discord's dumb "hey kids make events get swag" thing
9:41 PM
@Ave Those are always fun
I never dropped in the not-secret server after that
everyone is so great
also portuguese is so weird
it's kinda like spanish but not really
dammit now I want to learn more
10:13 PM
Q: How do I check what hole I'm playing?

Steven VascellaroOK Golf's in game UI is fairly minimalistic. The top-right corner displays the par for the current hole and the number of strokes you've taken. What seems to be missing is an easy way to check the current hole number while playing. While this isn't much of an issue in Free Play, it can be annoyi...

Q: What is the twirly thingy around the Pokémon on the map?

Mathias711Since the last update (8 December 2017) I sometimes see a Pokémon with a sort of whirlwind around it. When I caught it, it gave me 25 bonus star dust. Are there more benefits? What determines what Pokémon get these bonuses?

10:24 PM

Proposed Q&A site for scientists using climate data from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), obs4MIPs, CORDEX and similar projects

Currently in definition.

Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities

Proposed Q&A site for researchers and practitioners who use computers to model, simulate, and analyze phenomena in social sciences and humanities, such as computational economics, computational sociology, cliodynamics, culturomics, and contents analysis.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for scientists and Science Fiction writers.

Currently in definition.

> and Science Fiction writers
Closed as duplicate of WorldBuilding.SE
Q: My rescuee fell into water, how do I carry him back to dry land?

deutschZuidDuring one of the quests where I have to carry the person I rescued to a certain spot, I put the guy on my horse and rode forth towards the marker on my map. I accidentally rode my horse into water. The guy started swimming towards the bank but once he reached the bank, the wall was too high for ...

@Fluttershy I have a work Christmas party but do you want to play laser tag later tonight?
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
mfw you forget that reddit is google indexed
@Ave but what happened to OP's bike?
10:38 PM
@GodEmperorDune it's an owlturd meme
@Ave wat
also profile picture there is from the newest pages of ava's demon (nsfw I think? didn't read it yetr) I tihnk
@Yuuki He is. Along with Robert Rodriguez.
@Yuuki gasp
Hmm but what would multiplayer look like in a game like that?
Would you just have a drop in extra player?
10:45 PM
oh no
it'll get turkish support too
fact: everything is worse when it's in turkish.
Would they be able to cultivate their own relationships?
@Ave ah, entirely unrelated to the other "stole my bike"
@RedRiderX yes, blog posts mentions that
@Ave So would it only be local multiplayer?
@RedRiderX see, monopoly ends relationships
10:46 PM
I guess someone could have to host it like terraria.
this forces you to stay otherwise you won't be able to water all everything
@DanmakuGrazer Ah so pretty much the Terraria model
Makes sense for a game that didn't originally have multiplayer planned.
Yeah, basically
@Yuuki but you still can't romance the sauce queen. sad!
10:55 PM
The party timing in botw is so tight
> U.S. Senate Bill S. 1241 to criminalize concealed ownership of digital currencies
Hmm... does this mean I have to declare how many Stones of Jordan I have on my taxes?
@Yuuki hue
You don't own those, they're just an arbitrary property of a game that you own
I could open a text document and write "1 million Monopoly dollars", but that doesn't mean that I have to declare a million Monopoly dollars on my taxes
10:59 PM
@Yuuki references a certain thing that went on in maid cafe, gets banned
Ok I think I'm getting it
I think I need better gear and more hearts though
Like I think I can get away with this fight now, but, barely
Maybe it would apply to something like EVE Online currency, where there's a consistent and explicit exchange rate with real money
Right now I need defense up and several heals to get through half this guy's health
@murgatroid99 sounds to me like it would be targetting bitcoin and the like rather than in game gold
oh this is an anti money laundering bill?
i wonder if people are trying to launder money through steam wallet or something
Steam wallet->g2a seems possible
11:12 PM
in any case, it won't be used to go after banks or companies while trump admin people are in charge
even the obama admin barely went after HSBC for basically treating the cartels as most valuable customer
oh yes that reminds me
I should re-file my w8
microsoft is a n g r y
gud w8 m8
@GodEmperorDune Right. I was responding to Yuuki's comment about Stones of Jordan
actually I'm not even going to bother
the documentation is too confusing
I'll just handle it the next time I release a paid UWP app
(probably never)
@murgatroid99 laundering money through isk is probably one of the dumber ways to do it
what you want is complicated transactions that are difficult to trace
11:19 PM
Regular brain: laundering money with Bitcoin
Large brain: laundering money through eve
but all isk trading is going to be done through CCP, so CCP should have records of everything
Galaxy brain: laundering money through stardew valley
writing checks that go from Bank A to Bank B is much more useful, because then the feds have to deal with different banks that each have half the transaction
Actually now that I think about I had a friend who unboxed a knife and sold it and spent a while extracting the wallet value by buying games for friends and charging them a discounted rate
But that's like, $600
yeah, real money laundering is about volume
no one is gonna come after you for your ill gotten $30
11:59 PM
Not sure if puppy or tiny baby bear
Cc @ash
@Ave PHP itself isn't (that) bad, it's what people make in PHP

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