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12:01 AM
I haven't
@Unionhawk hawkman is in justice league
cc @Unionhawk my cloak had a weird moment.
@Arperum It looks like it is trying to be a chair
@Arperum your dude has some junk in dat trunk
12:07 AM
@Arperum Your milkshake brings all the orcs to the yard...
These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em
@GodEmperorDune giggles this is me today! (I am making documentation again)
12:23 AM
Q: I just installed minecraft and my sound doesnt work

Ognjen StefanovicAll sound settings in-game are 100% and when i open mixer in my sound on taskbar it doesnt show minecraft at all. Can you please help. Im on windows 7 if it matters

So many celebrities lol, Ricky just hit Tony Hawk in a car
@cazc_941 hue
Also, @GodEmperorDune this makes me realize I can pretty much do Cabinet Battle #1 from memory without the music
I can't tell if that is awesome or super ridiculous
@Ash awesome imo
Wtf Tom green
12:36 AM
@GodEmperorDune I am not as good with Cabinet Battle 2
@Ash you will never be satisfied
Omfg the credit cards
@cazc_941 ?
I'm watching trailer park boys
The LA episodes have tons of celebrities in them
@GodEmperorDune grins
12:41 AM
Q: How does cloning a visa work

MattAfter playing Seven: The Days Long Gone for a few hours, I just discovered that there is the option to clone a visa from knocked out NPCs. Here, I am missing visa 5, and the NPC near me has it: I knock him out and use the "Clone Visa" option on him: I now appear to have visa 5, it shows up ...

Wtf the midget from Austin Powers is in this
How many celebrities are in this jesus
All of them, it sounds like
@GodEmperorDune this is actually the best
Oh boo that was the last episode
1 hour later…
1:56 AM
@Ash Question: can I assume the plural form of "uterus" to be "uteropodes"?
@Yuuki I say yes because I like how it sounds
2:36 AM
Breath of the Wild DLC 2 is available now.
3:00 AM
I kinda wanna be irresponsible with my diet today and order pizza.
3:13 AM
Bayonetta coming to switch
Oh yeah, we own one of those now
@Unionhawk isn't there only 2?
@Memor-X Bayonetta 3 announced at the game awards several minutes ago
@Unionhawk ooooo
well, ooooo because i like the idea of Bayonetta. hoping for less crotch shots
They were like "hey bayo 1 and 2 are coming to Switch" and we're like "cool and good, all games on switch"
Then they brought Reggie out to talk about stuff, and it was like "YO YOU THOUGHT WE WERE DONE NOPE HERE'S BAYONETTA 3"
3:26 AM
There's a troll hopping around random questions. gaming.stackexchange.com/a/322649/127164
Purchase all the military branches :D
I mean with the crippling debt the US is in, they can't be that expensive
Good lord how have I not heard this until now
3:34 AM
@David John McCutcheon is amazing
I've seen him live once
It was the only time I've ever been starstruck
Comedic songwriters are one of the only things I get genuinely excited for
Like SNL's offensive holiday songs
I wouldn't consider him a comedic songwriter
He does enjoy poking fun at politics, though
Mm, true
He's an incredible folk singer/musician
Quite frankly, I'm not much into folk, but that was by god one of the best songs ever
3:36 AM
He also has really powerful, touching songs
That is not one of them
@David Dealt with :) (In the future, please flag, it's easier)
@Ash I flagged all 3 lol
lol observant mod is observant ;)
I am good at this I swear :P
3:44 AM
What the fuck was that game awards
Some, I assume coked out game dev going on for like 5 minutes about how games are an interactive media so therefore fuck the Oscars, or something?
Oh. An incremental that's free in browser requires payment on Steam.
I hope someone has it highlighted
Because holy shit
RT so "Fuck the Oscars" is on everyone's timeline #TheGameAwards https://t.co/BcCBbVvCGu
Oh hey, did they announce Best Game?
3:56 AM
P5 is best RPG
And Conan made some dumb remarks about it apparently
@cazc_941 Ricky and the paper towel holder on the table
The only thing holding P5 back from winning it is that it's relatively unpopular compared to the other nominees.
@Fluttershy Sword fights on motorcycles.
Oh man, pubg 2
Not really, just, second map, but
PUBG's probably going to win Best Game and I'll hate everything forever.
Par the course for 2017, really.
> Personally, I don't believe in bros before hoes, or hoes before bros. There needs to be a balance.
> A homie-hoe-stasis, if you will.
NSFL by the way
4:09 AM
@Unionhawk And NSFS.
And if it releases on PC, NTFS.
And if it releases in NA or Japan, NTSC
Telling the guy to shut up is kinda pointless when his whirlygig keeps spinning and making sounds.
Have you even gotten to the end of the thing?
Because uh
It gets wild
@Unionhawk :thumbs_up:
I don't understaaaaaaaand
4:16 AM
"Death Stranding" is just the project name. It's going be released as "Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus".
Although it does explain kojima and Norman Reedus hanging out
So there is that
Also apparently this beer weighs 9.5
Best game direction up now
And the game award goes to... Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (also Best Action-Adventure)
@Unionhawk ... Horizon: Zero Dawn?
Get owned @Yuuki
Did H:ZD get Best Performance then?
I don't know
4:22 AM
Well, I'm assuming H:ZD is going to win at least one award and of the ones it's nominated for, Best Performance and Best Game Direction are probably their most likely wins.
I need to play more botw
Overwatch apparently got Best Ongoing Game and Best eSports Game
Best performance went to Hellblade apparently
Game of the Year coming up
@Unionhawk That was expected.
Q: Name of a certain game related to terrarria?

Bob JoeThere is this game I used to play that was a lot like Minecraft and Terrarria, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It was a tileset, multilevel dungeon, rpg, sandbox game that had similar graphics to the first Legend of Zelda. It was most likely a homemade game made by one person. On the overwo...

lol Battlefront 2 ad
4:33 AM
Apparently we have an entire orchestral movement for each game?
Featuring sweet looking electric string instruments (in addition to traditional string instruments)
Ugh, how did P5 not win Art Direction?
Honestly don't think Cuphead should've won that.
Wait, PUBG has music?
Yeah... I think they commissioned someone to compose something as soon as the nomination was announced.
Huh. I never tried capturing a taxi in SMO.
And the game of the year goes to...
PUBG lost because they renamed themselves to PUBG Corp.
@Unionhawk I'm actually surprised because I thought BOTW would split votes with H:ZD and SMO.
@Unionhawk imagine the fans had it lost
i didn't vote for any of these games
4:41 AM
@Memor-X I wouldn't have been mad about any winner other than pubg
@Unionhawk who the fans of are probably complaining
@GodEmperorDune help help, I'm being oppressed
Wait, did Bad Rats win the Wipqozn award?
@Dragonrage Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony
Huh. Spellforce 3 came out.
I suppose I should finish the second, then.
life imitates art
Baby polar bear hiding from mom
5:01 AM
Holy shit the vga after party is literally in a giant Mcdonald’s what in the fuck.
@Yuuki I'm surprised by this statement.
Also, I'm supremely disappointed that Horizon didn't win a single award. :(
So the afterparty for #TheGameAwards2017 is at a big Mcdonald's partyzone. Alec is there. Apparently it smells like burgers.
Fuck the Oscars, but also like the Oscars probably have better parties than this
5:38 AM
Also botw update is large
@Unionhawk DLC prep i assume
I want a pro controller
@Memor-X dlc is out afaik
@Unionhawk DLC 2
It's out afaik
Or maybe tomorrow or something
is BOTW DLC free or paid?
5:45 AM
It's paid and bundles together in one season pass for both afaik
I got the season pass as part of my switch bundle
Oh shit really good horse armor as part as dlc 2
> the ancient saddle allows you to call a horse companion no matter the distance
> SIDE QUEST [Xenoblade Chronicles 2]
Several treasure type quests, sounds cool
is nintendo DLC a new thing or am i just very out of the loop?
6:02 AM
It's been a thing for some games since Wii U
Mario Kart 8 had dlc packs with new tracks and such
Q: Summon a Villager that exchanges 2 Enchanted Books for a higher levelled one (1.12.2)

ZotiusI'm trying to create NPCs that allow individuals to upgrade their enchanted books beyond what is normally acquirable in survival mode. Basically the idea is that they can take two enchanted books of the same level and trade them for an enchanted book of the next level up. (E.g. 2 enchanted books...

6:18 AM
Q: Mass effect 3 Can you accidentally cheat on someone after romance?

DogI romanced Kaidan,but talked to everyone afterwards at the citadel. I rejected Diana, but Kaidan said we were gonna have another date but I didn't see him anywhere. So did I ruin the romance by talking to Liara or something?

6:37 AM
Oh, so that's where the billions come from:
@Ave lol
1 hour later…
8:01 AM
My girlfriend just ruined the 1980s Cybermen for me #DoctorWho https://t.co/zGdx2deY4B
8:24 AM
Morning chat
@Nzall meh. No classic Who villain can compare to the Vervoids. (Warning: Vervoids may be NSFW)
8:44 AM
@TrentHawkins is that NSFW warning because of this
anyone who isn't getting the thumbnail, it's Data from Star Trek
Thanks, google play?
@Memor-X Yes, but a better (though inaccurate) limerick might be "There was a team of scientists from Regina, Who created monsters with heads like..."
It's rated pegi 18 and my google acc has proper age why is google play showing me tinder eee
Snow is happening \o/
(snow is fine when you're inside, just not for going outside)
9:03 AM
@Ave Is it an 18+ app? I heard that if you are <18 you only get to see other <18 people.
@KevinvanderVelden Nope, that was last week.
@Arperum also right now
But in the dutchlands
So it'll probably be gone in an hour
@KevinvanderVelden Last week my workplace had like 5cm+ of snow, my home, which is 10km away or something had <1mm.
I like how many different programs there are to automatically kill random services in kubernetes
Just to see if everything recovers
@Arperum hm. Time to try!
@KevinvanderVelden public key, but yeah
Also you would presumably create access creds with only the permissions required
@Ave How old young are you?
The reason I'm trying it out is due to this, though:
21 mins ago, by Arperum
@Ave Is it an 18+ app? I heard that if you are <18 you only get to see other <18 people.
Being 17 is a huge pain
9:27 AM
@Ave That sounds like a terrible way to do it.
@Ave Being 30 means literally every piece of your body is slowly becoming a huge pain, increasing imperceptibly day by day. But yeah, at least I'm not 17. 17 sucked.
@fredley aah, I didn't read what they wanted that well
I figured they'd want your private key for private-key-authentication into the thing
Like, we met up with someone from anime.se
Went into a restaurant
@KevinvanderVelden No, that's not how public key crypto works at all
You never ever need to give away your private key, ever.
Got kicked bc I'm underage and they serve alcohol, even after I said that we won't order alcohol
@fredley That is how logging into an ssh server with a private key works though
9:30 AM
@KevinvanderVelden No it's not. Your private key never leaves your machine. You put your public key in the trusted hosts file.
@fredley this is a site that wants your aws credentials, I was expecting more dodginess
@fredley they want to use the private key so they can log into a machine, that was what I thought they wanted
@KevinvanderVelden No, presumably they want the public key to put in the trusted hosts file of the machines they start up, so you can ssh into them
@KevinvanderVelden fair
Fun enough, next place we went also had alcohol, even had wine bottles on table, yet no ID check
I hate to break it to you, but that pizza doesn't look great
Get out
9:43 AM
Observe: the slight charring on the crust, and the way in which it has inflated.
Observe: the delicate balance of simple ingredients
Also I just became the most powerful student haha
Observe: the charring on the crust, yet the greenness of the basil shows it has been cooked very quickly, in a very hot oven
i am now co-president of honor council
Which has a couple perks, including taking part in discipline council meetings and I think beinf able to vote on those
We're seriously unimpressed 😡. Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been 'cemented' inside a microwave oven. Read more: https://wmfs.link/2kwp4me (Photos © West Midlands Fire Service)
@Nzall what why how
10:04 AM
@Nzall What @KevinvanderVelden said. What the hell?
The site is down because of the large traffic spike, but apparently, he poured expanding cement into a microwave and put his head in, thinking it would all co alright
youtube.com/watch?v=iY8gvu6h2Hc is the actual prank video (please watch with adblock enabled so the idiot doesn't get money from it)
@Nzall wtf, why. HOW CAN YOU BE THIS DUMB.
@Arperum You need to realize that because of the Internet, we usually end up finding out about things like this with far greater frequency than in older days. There isn't really a change in the spread of the population among the IQ scale, but nowadays we tend to find out about the lower end of the scale far more easily
@Nzall what happened? it says cemented but i can see how cement is used
Like, when I was 10 or 11 (which is 17 years ago by now, far before the days of twitter and Facebook), I also did stupid things like stick my extremities down narrow slits and getting them stuck in there
But those things never were publicized to the entire world like would happen today
10:15 AM
Let's stop there.
@Arperum Talking about my arms and legs...
@Nzall I did not say anything :p
One of these days
I'm going to have some parts of me stuck
Thanks to school having to proper food inside and school blocking all exits
If we want proper food we jump over barbed wires or go under a really small place
10:34 AM
I found a bug in Safari
Also a bug in Edge
Browsers are shit
@fredley what do you expect it's IE
@Memor-X Basically, sometimes webworker callbacks are just not received
I.e. the webworker calls postMessage, which runs fine, but the handler never fires.
It can be 'fixed', but maintaining a reference to the callback object on window, presumably so it's not accidentally garbage collected
when in reality, the whole of Edge should be garbage collected
I mean, shouldn't handlers be registered in such a way that they're not GC'd anyway?
Wait, sorry, it's the worker object
and yes
basically I keep a dict of my workers on the window object.
This prevents Edge from sometimes forgetting they exist
Emphasis on the sometimes.
Safari occasionally returns undefined from a memoised function. Calling the function again with the same arguments gives the expected result. Again, sometimes, and with different results every time.
Just as a sanity check: how do register your service workers?
Like, you're not accidentally calling worker.terminate() or close() from inside the worker?
10:46 AM
@Nzall No
const worker = new (<any>require("worker-loader?inline&fallback=false!./workers/blah"))
worker.onmessage = function(msg: any){ blah }
There's a separate issue that Safari is really really slow at processing this dataset for some reason
Like, 100s of times slower than Chrome
or Edge
Don't you also need to do navigator.serviceworker.register or something like that?
or is that outdated?
It's not a service worker
afaik safari doesn't support service workers at all
oh right, Web Worker and Service Workers are not the same
@Nzall Nope
Lol, Safari is taking 8 seconds per 1000 iterations. On Chrome, it takes more like 10ms per 1000 iterations
Something is really fucked up in there.
11:04 AM
Since Web Worker is basically multi-threading, Safari could just be giving the thread a really low priority
Yeah, could be
Apple is really stingy when it comes to batteries
Which is ironic, since the raw performance of Safari is usually much better than Chrome
e.g. new Date() is twice as fast
(new Date() gets used a lot in my loop)
Huh. Well the Date object is big.
If that's the bottleneck maybe just use raw timestamps from Date.now()?
@PrivatePansy Nah, the main purpose of the loop is date processing, taking a raw date and working out week, week year (with customer-specific offsets), season, etc.
I've got it down pretty close to the critical path, it'll handle 1m+ records fine on Chrome, but Safari chokes on even 10k
11:11 AM
looks like Steam made the right idea then
i'm messing around I sold a LONG time ago'
Like a couple months ago
Yup, moving code out of webworker and into main thread -> 40ms per loop
Safari is killing web worker performance
150m to 200m of today's values
Because bitcoin very stable money gud
Also that's the first commercial purchase on bitcoin network
11:36 AM
> Safari is faster across the board
Q: Does the "Fresh Air in the Tunnels" buff need to be used immediately?

StudokuI did a quest and got the event "Fresh Air in the Tunnels", which provides extra Damage and Resolve in the Warrens on the next quest. Do I need to do a quest in The Warrens this week to use the buff? If I go to the courtyard to get The Blood instead, will the buff have gone by next week?

12:30 PM
The subreddit dedicated to Akko x Diana is called /r/Akkordian. I'm dying.
*drops from sky* someone say Akko x Diana!
She could just be European
@PrivatePansy oh my god. some of those are just so cute!
@Memor-X why should we say that? You're already here
@KevinvanderVelden whoops, used from thing at the end
12:38 PM
@Ave If your currency increases 100 million times in value in 7 years, you may wish to consult a physician economist
see i didn't get to correct it because i was plummeting from the sky
Physician != psychiatrist
@Ave no, but it is a general doctor
@Jutschge Vizouk is streaming Mythic Antorus progression
12:48 PM
@Nzall damn now I gotta learn chinese...
Wow this fight seems fun...
I'm already struggling on High command atm... This looks intense to heal...
@Jutschge I can understand the words, but the conversation is meaningless to me
There's something about moving legs for some reason
@PrivatePansy Hmm I'm not really familiar with the fight on this difficulty. The only thing I can find so far is a debuff where the legs might be used for orientation.
But that's in a later stage of the fight.
It could just be jargon
Ok 3 adds reaching the boss is definitely not healthy on mythic lol
12:59 PM
@Jutschge There are also 2 bonus adds, I think
@Nzall There's also the bonus effect on mythic that every AoE casted by the boss will buff the adds, making them immune to CC
You can purge it but it deals raid wide damage... I kind of get why method stacked healing CD classes for this fight
@PrivatePansy "currency"
1:18 PM
It's started snowin here
My son's birthday party is tomorrow and my son is sick and my wife is sick and it's supposed to snow tomorrow.
@StrixVaria I've seen this anime before
Aand the snowing stopped
1:36 PM
@Nzall It didn't over here, just 2 minutes of hail.
1:49 PM
Thanks twidere
Rip all good Twitter clients on Android
I feel like this shouldn't be in here tbh
@Jutschge cc @StrixVaria
Yeah, TIF if you want to discuss it.
I need to work now.
1:52 PM
Can you move it I mean
unnecessary, and it disrupts the flow of chat
since chat decides to keep the original times
instead of like making it a block or something
so it makes things weird
@StrixVaria can you move them I mean or are you busy
Well now you've just made me look a fool
@Unionhawk I mean to be fair it's not that hard
1:55 PM
In any case, I agree, Reggie, Halo is my favorite Nintendo game
@Wipqozn if even someone like @Unionhawk can do it then it really isn't
Also I honestly have no idea what made you look like a fool. I'm just on mobile.
He was just saying that it wasn't necessary to move things and then strix moved things

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