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6:16 PM
Q: Do Grillers have a set amount of Smallfry?

JustWhieIn the Griller wave of Salmon Run, a bunch of Smallfry run underneath the Griller enemy itself. Is there a set amount of Smallfry that come with the Griller, or are more Smallfry generated by the Griller as it moves around? I want to know if it is possible to defeat all the Smallfry so that I do...

6:26 PM
Bridge, does it mean I've made it as a techie person if I just got a voicemail from some tech recruiter about a potential position somewhere for something? :P
(This has never happened to me before)
laughs I have no idea what it is or anything, will have to call them back, but still, it was neat it happened
@Ash sounds like you levelled up
Either someone got to hear about your skills or someone is coldcall fishing in industries where they know there's similar talent.
@Maximillian Either way, I'll take it
6:30 PM
I'd suggest finding out what the position is before taking it
Hahahah oh yeah I meant more "I'll take that they thought I was a techie person enough to call"
I know, this was more fun though
Gasp. Arqade down for maintenance.
6:37 PM
Hurrah it's back
Q: How far do I need to travel for the blue distance puzzle?

Steven VascellaroIn the bottom-right corner of Blackbox, there are four blue boxes which open a distance-based puzzle. Each part of this puzzle is solved by traveling a certain distance away from home in the real world. I’ve unlocked the first tier at work 3 miles from home and the second tier while 40 miles aw...

6:59 PM
@KevinvanderVelden This is true :)
Sorry, I am sure this stuff is commonplace for a lot of you but it just cheers me up some as I've been feeling really stuck lately
7:27 PM
Oh no I killed teh Bridge :P
We are budgeting the next 7 minutes for you to panic as needed.
@Maximillian aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaah
I think that's 7 minutes?
Panic time has concluded.
If you need to schedule more panic time, please consult your team leader.
7:42 PM

Proposed Q&A site for questions about SAP ERP, SAP R/3, SAP Basis, SAP Web Application Server, SAP ECC, SAP Netweaver and other SAP software

Currently in definition.

Consumer Computer Networking

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to ask questions about their home or personal computer networks but their questions are rejected by the 'Network Engineering' group as being 'off-topic'. Presently the amateur enthusiasts are asking questions and getting kicked out.

Closed before being launched.

So apparently Comic Papyrus is a font that exists
What would it even look like
A font that plays Bonetrousle?
@Unionhawk It's not that bad, actually
@Ash It's just a weird combination
@Unionhawk It is but it could be worse I think
So recruiter also emailed me - job is tech helpdesk for a company I've worked for as a CSR on contract before, and they screwed me and ended the contract early even though they were all "oh it will totally lead to permanent work"
so I won't be touching that
But hey it was nice as a potential thing anyhow
I might stop using computers for a while
my arm REALLY hurts
@Ash Just tell the recruiter how total and utter dickwads they were to you before.
@Arperum Well, it was a completely different position, though - it was CSR for insurance, this is tech support so maybe it is different
8:01 PM
I told @Hoi to make sure you get a christmas tree
but they cut the contract off early last time so I am like a) I need steady work because immigration and b) just no
Were those the people when you needed surgery?
Yep, that's who it was
@Ash I'm not suggesting to actually go work for them or anything, just tell the recruiter how shitty people they are, so the recruiter can possibly drop them.
8:08 PM
Destroy them with lasers.
8:24 PM
@Arperum They're the largest insurance company here afaik (or one of) so they won't drop them
@Ash :(
Oh well, it was just nice they found me
well I guess I'm not stopping using my computer for a while.
time for php magic
<?php $computer = null ?>
8:40 PM
There is now a black void where your computer used to be.
This... pluralsight module is fascinating
It's cold and sort of absorbs light.
var x = f() + g() * await t(); apparently does fun things behind the scenes
Is it something other than "wait for the result of an asynchronous operation"?
If !t.TaskCompleted, pack up the results of f() and g() into a Tuple so they don't just die on the stack, essentially
and then when the task is completed unpack that Tuple for use
8:56 PM
@Maximillian did she replace her computer with PHP?
"compile into a foreign language" is an interesting phrase (in this case he's talking about like, compiling LINQ to SQL or something, but it sounds funny)
LINQ? Now that is a name I haven't heard in a very long time.
csc HelloWorld.cs --lang=it-it
Ciao, mondo!
cc @badp
on that sick Italian
Like that's obviously not what compiling to a foreign language means, but that's what it sounds like it means
csc HelloWorld.cs --lang=en-uk
Hellou, wourld!
9:02 PM
oh snap
This is a dumb joke
No that's a mirror
I think you could probably milk one last one out of it, maybe Klingon or Lolspeak or whatever @KevinvanderVelden speaks
Duck? Something like that
Why must it take several minutes for jenkins to start
Oh right it's written in java isn't it
9:04 PM
JVM probably isn't the issue though
@KevinvanderVelden hello 911 I have been owned by a dragon on the internet
Q: Kobolds and Catacombs solo adventure loading extremely slowly

Prokop HanzlWhenever I want to play a solo Kobolds and Catacombs game, the game shuffles through 30 or 40 of the loading boxes (Blaming the Rogue, Polishing Mana Crystals etc.) Is this intentional? Does this happen to everyone? Or is it the fault of my client? MacBook Pro 13", 2016, macOS High Sierra 10.13...

Oh hey we're talking about java and suddenly @Noctrine appears. Coincidence? I think not!
Lol, what - huh - no
9:07 PM
A likely story
@John Being able to pin messages without even entering the chat room is really handy
Look at you Mr. I Used The Transcript For Stuff
yeah basically
9:23 PM
Q: Minecraft Sound Output

DavidI'm playing a custom modpack, and it takes a good 6-7 minutes to load - even on a beefy pc - so I don't really like having to relog, but when I turn off my headphones to charge them, after turning them back on, Minecraft no longer plays sound through them. It seems that disconnecting the audio o...

$9.99 for a new invisibleshield but I really should have a completely intact one before traveling
so I guess that's fine
($0 replacement+$9.99 shipping+$NaN tax)
Sweet, selfhosted git web with continous integration
Give it modded minecraft RAM levels just to be safe
(incidentally, modded minecraft is why I have 16 GB on my laptop lol)
(so I can just throw that guy 8 GB)
It's a machine with DDR2 memory, it only has 8 gigs =p
9:35 PM
@KevinvanderVelden rekt
@Arperum this is not this is fine =p
@KevinvanderVelden This is also not actual news.
Q: What happens when your opponents deck has more than 3 candles in it?

FoxMcCloudBecause I've been able to play The Darkness multiple times, my opponents deck now has more than 3 candles in it. What happens to each of my The Darkness's when the third candle is drawn? Do all of my The Darkness minions awaken or do they each have their own timer or does each candle function bas...

[House passes bill declaring Thursday as the new Friday](eh you all know what would have been coming)
9:41 PM
so was hearing comments about that thing is Detroit: Become Human and one was that "children play these games are you are normalizing child abuse for them when they grow up".
sorry but if you're going to say something like that don't look like a god an idiot when you do. Quantic Dream's previosu games, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are both rated M by the ESRB which says
> Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
and given the content of a preview why woudl anything think Detroit wont be. as such if children are playing this it's the parents fault for being lazy and stupid
My main thing is that it's a sensitive issue that can be done well
@Unionhawk Oi! Mine was at least a link to an actual article on a satire site.
But I do not trust David Cage to do it well
@Unionhawk true, especially since it appears that you have the consequences if you just do nothing
just going from the preview i see it seems the robot gets a gun somewhere so.....i don't know how that happens
9:44 PM
@Yuuki I understood those references
@KevinvanderVelden They are rather obvious.
Only if you've read wheel of time
I've read most of it, I think missing the last book. Because it was not released at the time.
Azure file shares are weird. They work, but damn, they're slow.
@KevinvanderVelden I'm just amused that it's gone on so long that there's drinking games centered around the habits of characters.
9:47 PM
@Frank azure storages?
@Avery Yeah. Testing it out for a business deal-y.
they're meh
@Yuuki Wait until the TV show.
@Yuuki it's gone on so long and the author hsa such obvious tics tugs braid smooths skirt
The author has been dead for quite a few years and also the books have been finished for a while now =p
You're all talking like it's still going on
9:50 PM
s/author/writing/, then, or change tense as appropriate :P
Nah, I'll just go to bed
@ToxicFrog folds arms under breasts
It ran for 23 years, which is, granted, peanuts compared to Taltos or something
9:52 PM
@Yuuki now I'm wondering if the male leads have similar tics and I've just never had them pointed out, or if it's only the female leads
It's been long enough since I've read them that I can't remember
> Rand determines that he must become "harder." The use of the word hard is essential. Bonus drink if Rand compares himself to some form of metal or rock when describing his hardness.
> Someone other than Rand comments on how much harder he has become. Explicit use of "hard" is not necessary.
Oh yep. Remember that.
> Events requiring one drink
> - Rand wishes he could deal with women as well as Mat, or even Perrin.
> - Mat wishes he could deal with women as well as Rand, or even Perrin.
> - Perrin wishes he could deal with women as well as Mat, or even Rand.
> - A man is caught in his smallclothes.
Q: Elite Dangerous: Will a better power plant make my laser less overheat?

InvariantWill the heat efficiency of a better power plant, make my laser sustained fire better, since the lasers then easier can get rid of heat or something? Do not fully understand heat efficiency effect on weapons.

@Yuuki This sounds dirtier than I remember it seeming in the books
9:58 PM
I would say "Rand is clearly the person to be taking advice from there", except IIRC Min, Egwyne, and Aviendha sorted things out among themselves and presented it to him as a fait accompli
So clearly Rand, Perrin, and Mat should all be taking advice from them~
Heyo okay quick update, it's "ave" and not "avery" now.
@Avery *refreshes page with a clean cache* still @Avery for me
it will change soon:
but yes
I am referring to the name used to refer to me, not stack username
@Avery oh. you get an official name change in real life?
not yet
10:08 PM
@Ave noted and logged
You need a profile refresh from a mod to get it to show up here
@Ave Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiia~
@Yuuki knew that was coming
well played
well played indeed
@quartata nah it refreshes itself after some time
an hour or so?
@Avery As in ay-vey?
10:11 PM
@Ave can be longer but yeah
just mean for it to show up right away
@MBraedley no, I'm not sure how to type it either
or eh-vee?
no "ee" at end
10:14 PM
The toddlebot now insists that I play Invisible Inc while he eats dinner.
The toddlebot has good taste in games.
@Avery Did you want me to try to push the change?
@Ash well, it's not necessary but it'd be neat
Alright, lemme see what I can do
@Ave my inept ipa tells me this is /av̥/
10:30 PM
YAY I found the right button
yeah, this feels much better
thanks, @ash
no problem, glad I could help
Hey, we're both three letter pings now :P
yay, i now see @Ave
@Ash yup, I noticeed that too :)
10:49 PM
eyyy fam, nice name change
btw you lead a mission with rebecca black, RIP @spugsley and @John. you all survived but barely
also rebecca black is my best hacker
sorry @fredley
Heeeey Bridge
also @ash you are at top promotion level now
basically you are an unstoppable killing machine
Yesssss I love this
@Ronan Heeeeeeeeeey
I was at a christmas party
There was alcohol there
That sounds fun
11:00 PM
@MBraedley I vote "super long ah, followed by 'vay'".
Otherwise @Ave Maria doesn't work.
@Ash It was pretty fun
I might be on my way to a promotion too.
It was a party with my floor, and my team is bad at socialising so I was branding they most friendly out of my team.
Only two of us turned up...
From "unemployed" to "php dev". oof.
@Ave """"promotion""""
11:02 PM
Hey at least php dev pays
Haha yeah, congratulations!
@Ave tru dat
(i did php dev work early on and though i've tried to scrub it from my resume, i still get calls and emails about it)
It's just a recommendation (some friend in some company recommended me to a job opening), so no guarantee.
And all my open source php stuff are a mess so I need to write some good stuff by monday. Joy.
11:05 PM
Well I will think good thoughts for you and hope it brings awesome
@Ave Do you know about adventofcode.com?
I do
I've been doing it and it's pretty good for building up a set of examples
Portfolio! That's the word
oh is this like project euler?
11:07 PM
It's a set of general puzzles that you can solve using programming
But it doesn't rely on specific languages/technologies
how math heavy is it?
Not at all
I solved the latest one just using data exploration, I didn't hard code much
nice, project euler is a set of programming puzzles but are math heavy for my tastes
Yeah I did a few of those and then got stuck
Also advent has a fun little story linking the puzzles together
I did VB.NET for a time and they still call me for it. I haven't used it in ten years.
"So you just need a refresher then?" "How do I unsubscribe from a phone call?"
11:13 PM
I'm with the team I'm with now because I put perl down, even though I did perl for like 6 months and my team don't do perl anymore
I now plot ticketing workflows and data input UIs using something vaguely resembling Javascript.
python got me my current job
@Maximillian wait you have to do that manually? i thought workflow systems had code for such things
There's automation and sort of a code blocks thing for it, but if you need to do anything fancy, you have to script it.
Collect data from form -> collect manager approval -> scripting wizardry based on user data to determine which helpdesk we route this to -> tell that helpdesk to do the thing with X user values and Y form data
so what you are saying is, Century Fox is now Disney which means the Alien franchise is now Disney which means Xenomorphs, being born from the Xenomorph Queen, are now Disney princesses https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/938054641136340992
@Fluttershy great. does this mean that a Xenomorph is a Princess of Heart?
11:28 PM
So, that means that the movie rights for all of the Marvel properties other than Spiderman are owned by the same company?
@murgatroid99 The deal hasn't gone through yet, but if it does, then yes.
@murgatroid99 so then Deadpool can be in avengers
So, the only logical conclusion is that Disney will soon buy Sony
@murgatroid99 i guess marvel got tired of watching them butcher x men and fantastic four
I don't see Fantastic Four entering the MCU any time soon though.
I also don't think X-Men should either.
Maybe spin off a separate Marvel universe with F4 and X-Men because they don't really fit the current MCU.
11:39 PM
wasn't wolverine in the avengers though?
That's not really what I meant.
Besides, everyone's been in the Avengers at some point.
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