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12:00 AM
Dear customer, power cycling your router twice in a year is hardly indicative of a huge issue.
Like seriously if I go a week without having to reboot the upstairs router I'm happy :P
@Ash hue
i set up my home router to reboot nightly
Like yes, it can mostly be "set it and forget it" if you want
But like...there are still electronics and things involved, they can totally lock up and fail and all that good stuff
12:20 AM
I sent you a friend request on discord ash. Whenever you have a second, if you accept it, I can dm you the recipes
@Dragonrage Oh, sweet, let me just pull it up on my phone :)
Accepted :)
(Sorry, I am so bad at checking Discord)
No worries. Sent them over.
I was asleep for the last like 7 hours. Now I'm getting ready for another 12 hour shift
Fun fun
It gets the bills paid. And I can watch twitch streams in my down time
The worst part is that I work weekends so I can't hang out with my friends that much. Hopefully I can change shifts soon though
That would be nice :)
1:14 AM
I can't tell if this food truck is packing up or setting up
Aka Jimmy John's order or no
Sandwich ordered
Q: What folders do I use for MCP?

AnonymousI was following a setup tutorial for starting to mod Minecraft, and I ran into a problem. The tutorial says to put the bin and resources folder into the MCP jar folder, but there is none. Is there a way I could get them? If not, what folders do I use instead?

Q: Is it possible to swim back to land if you fall in the clouds?

SeiyriaSeveral times now I have fallen into the clouds around the first main city, but the only way I can seem to get out is to Skip Travel. Is this a recurring theme? Or will some places offer me the ability to get out without Skip Traveling?

Q: What are the special Blades Gramps mentions (and how are they unlocked)?

SeiyriaAfter getting your first Core Crystal, Gramps mentions that with a high enough luck stat, you could spawn a special Blade. What kind of luck threshold is there and what Blades can you unlock this way?

Already regretting not getting the 17 but
This place also has a retropi
All right Jimmy John god dammit
There you are
Dude ordering online is way easier for me to customize
And therefore get a better sandwich
1:40 AM
Took me 6 days but I finished the 900 page book about the Romanovs. What a crazy ride that was.
This went from “wow that’s pretty neat” to “WTF ITS ALIVE” real quick https://t.co/BHBJuq4ANL
Finallyyyyyyy! :D
@Fluttershy Grrr... I keep getting helms.
Four luminous on my warlock, four helms.
And Power weapons too.
@Yuuki I managed to get Wings of Sacred Dawn from Shaxx.
I'm pretty sure if I just get a tiny upgrade for my hands, my Hunter will be at 305.
Or does every slot need to be at base 300?
2:00 AM
@TimStone That was pretty great
2:14 AM
Q: Can't install certain Steam games on ExFAT hard drive

RagingDraugrI was trying to install BioShock Infinite on my external hard drive, but Steam said it couldn't use my hard drive because it uses the FAT32 filesystem which I'm assuming is because it has a 4GB per file limit. But since I'm using ExFAT which doesn't have this limitation, this shouldn't be an issu...

Q: Is Floating islands on terraria pre-Hard mode in apple pc?

ULTIMATEWOLF 100I got the angler in pre hard mode is this normal or a glitch because i got the nymph before him and he said it was hard mode the angler asked me to kill something on a floating island and I want to know if floating islands are pre hard mode. PLZ Answer specifically you, the one skimming over thi...

Q: Token collecter in temple run 2

Noi DesoyI collected all the tokens before the token collector objective. And now I cannot complete this objective. What should I do?

@Yuuki Yeah.
2:53 AM
@Yuuki @RedRiderX You guys need the nightfall?
@Fluttershy No, but I'm totally up for doing it again.
Especially if one of guys has the final part of the Rat King quest.
@Fluttershy Yes, but is a power of 248 good enough?
@RedRiderX Yeah, it'll be fine.
I'm at 304 and @Fluttershy at 305 should be enough.
@Yuuki @RedRiderX I need a few minutes before I'm ready, but I shouldn't be long.
@Yuuki I'll be on my hunter, so I'll only be 302 or something like that.
2:58 AM
Kinda annoyed that Sunbracers only do grenade stuff.

Ainsley TimeI finished my house in minecraft and went back into Game mode s, and i tried to break my bed and it did not work.. i tried to brake other blocks such as wood it would not brake!!!! I hope some one can....................................................................................................

@Yuuki @RedRiderX Okay, ready!
3:54 AM
@cazc_941 A lot of the large subs on reddit are extremely toxic. The admins policy of basically not giving a fuck, combined with hate groups like stormfront actively targeting large subs, has turned it into a place for bigotry to thrive. If you don't visit a lot of the larger subs you might not see it, but check out places like /r/worldnews and it's just filled with bigotry. /r/canada is pretty shitty too a lot of the time.
Like I use Reddit everyday and I like it, but the place is pretty much one of the best places on the internet for hate groups and bigots to gather. IT's 100% the admins fault too, since they refuse to ban any subs until it create bad press.
4:06 AM
Spend your summer in San Junipero. Start your free trial today.
Cc @ash
4:20 AM
Q: DS3 Day One Edition Confusion

John BaileyI bought Dark Souls 3 Day One Edition, and saw that it came with Dark Souls "full game". I'm asking from anyone that knows for certain that this DS3 Day One Edition comes with the Artorias of the Abyss expansion. I want to buy the DLC, but am unsure if I already have it in the game that came with...

@GodEmperorDune I still need to watch this oh my God <3 because yes good
Also my cat found one of those chip clip bag closing things and he is chasing it around the house making the happiest sounds and it is hilarious
4:42 AM
lol apparently the English dub Yu-Gi-Oh has a minor character called Coach Morty and chat is freaking out
RULES LUL the anime and the game are so far apart lmao
I have finished my 400th book for the year, Bridge!
Also twitch chat is really good at like, repeating exaggerated voice actor lines so this marathon is actually perfect lol
Can My Dog Eat This?
It is too sand.
5:01 AM
Twitch chat on a god damn Yu-Gi-Oh episode is actually so good holy shit
Oh shit there's an associated drinking game? (”drink he [bakura] said fool")
@Ash yeah and grape nuts are definitely inedible
I read that as incredible
@GodEmperorDune I have never tried them, I think that is for the best
@Lazers2.0 ... are you sure you're pressing on the correct pedal?
5:19 AM
Q: Does starting a new single-player game reset my Online character?

ExoMuteI've been wanting to start a new GTA 5 single-player game, but don't want my Online character to reset. Will my character be reset if I start a new game?

so last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. we played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine. today i got to go to florida and meet her in person💜
2 hours later…
7:38 AM
does anyone here subscribe to a Twitch user and is able to test something out for me on one of their videos that you have to be a subscriber to view?
Q: How do I remove the automatic updates from Dota2 Workshop?

user200939I've already unchecked the DLC stuff on Dota2 page and disabled download dlc on steam options in dota2. I don't have any arcade games installed on it why the fuck it keeps downloading.

1 hour later…
8:53 AM
Q: Payday 2 Place Sentry in AP Mode

phflackIs it possible to change the default mode sentries are placed in? Currently mine are placed in the standard mode, but I only ever use AP mode A Steam discussion post I found suggests it is possible, as well as disabling the toggle action, but links to a dead pastebin page Being able to place s...

9:30 AM
the post started great and then they said "blockchain" and I've no desire to keep reading this now
9:54 AM
I'm looking for alternatives and they're not promising
I personally recommend it, it's a great game
Q: How to open the door in the Armory on the Titan Battleship

alexanderpasAfter you rescue Nia from her prison on the Titan Battleship you have to escape the ship trough the Armory where a closed door blocks your way. A nearby Hangar division console has no power going to it, and if you follow the power lines, there is a console on a walkway that seems to be out of re...

10:18 AM
also neatoooo
you can break discord (of everyone who opens a channel/server etc where you're in the online list of) by using rich presence.
10:32 AM
sublime text rich presence works!
@Avery Welp, that's gonna break a ton of links/embeds
Two weeks notice
@PrivatePansy yuup
@Avery Also, a iOS bug is causing the iOS to crash if any app creates a local notification after 12:15am 2nd December local time
ios 11.2 apparently fixes it
(and theoretically it's not an ios crash, it's just a springboard crash so recovery from that takes much less than a full crash, also has less data loss I think)
but yes, apple is having a bad week
12:12 PM
haha holy shiw
someone from this one small server I hang out in got a job at discord apparently
12:40 PM
it's over and Alex Mauer effectively lost
@KevinvanderVelden that's Leonard French's video which is an hour long. i posted SidAlpha's which is 13 minutes
I was still first! \o/
but yeh i admit defeat in being beaten to it
> first
but the interesting thing about Sid's video (not sure if Leonard mentions it) is that he mentions that this ruling might have repercussions for Alex if she continues her collusion with Andrew Watt's attempts in getting back at Sid cover his coverage of Blood of Old
1 hour later…
1:46 PM
bashes head
I am currently arguing with an apple employee about the high sierra bug and it's like blegh
"hey it was disclosed on apple forums a ton of time ago and thread was taken down by staff a week ago how could apple not know it"
"apple doesn't know it"
(they started the discussion so)
Apple hosting the forums doesn't imply Apple employees reads every thread (although they probably should)
> was taken down by staff a week ago
Was it?
Q: I'm stuck on top of the wall of the maze

user200961I'm stuck on top of the wall of the maze. I've tried but I can't seem to get down. What should I do?

I saw it on twitter so it must be true
(they're not saying that it wasn't taken down though, they're saying that those just don't get read by apple staff)
(if they don't how did it get taken down?)
2:02 PM
All of those machine learning dollars well spent
@KevinvanderVelden s there a tldr text version?
@Ash I can write one!
They have reached a settlement, mauer drops every claim she might have against anything related to this and everybody is responsible for their own attorney fees
Mauer also agrees to never make any disparaging remarks to... basically anyone related to this
Of course, after that happened mauer mailed the judge and I'm gonna look up the (paraphrased by them) quote
Aha, at 36:40~: After the judge dismissed the case, alex wrote to the judge, paraphrased "Wow I'm shocked, just because I have no interest in defending myself, doesn't mean I thought the judge wasn't smart. I thought the judge would shoot down the settlement for obvious reasons. It's hilarious to me that this is happening, the judge looks like an idiot. Hahahaha"
That was basically what she mailed to the judge
And starmazer (which has lost a ton of money to this bullshit, including publishers pulling out) has some money again, they've been working with new devs on it for the past 2 months
2:40 PM
Well that's good I guess. I mean I was hoping she would get nothing but this is the best we can hope for I suppose
She got nothing
She doesn't get slapped down or anything but she has explicitly in writing given up all claims she had on anything she worked on with them prior to this date
Including the money she feels she was owed
Oh, okay good
There are also some things that heavily favour imagos (such as a one-way no-disparagement clause)
thinking face intensifies
1. They used to just randomly pick people who were registered for this email, I am too lazy for this
2. Aren't the people who know the most the least likely to benefit from free books?
dotd120217lt to save on Jon Skeet's book today, though (or Unity/Oculus Rift in Action)
3:13 PM
oh hey
I missed my steam birthday
(or rather, steam registerday)
What's the traditional steam birthday gift? A waterballoon and a candle?
apparently I registered 7 years and 4 days ago
@KevinvanderVelden bad rats
@KevinvanderVelden Instant contempt charge?
@Yuuki the judge has to take action on that and has not yet done so
But yeaaah that's an easy one if they wanted to
@Yuuki best part? it's only properly visible for ~7 days.
Eh, there's still a month left to go in December.
it resets yearlt
it resets yearly, unlike github or such which scrolls left
Q: PS4 Game Share technical issues

user200968So my older step brother has quite the management issue with my ps4 , we share this as a family but he likes to put it as his. He has gameshared the game overwatch and has got it from someone else. I have two questions. 1 is it possible to game share a game share , and 2 if it’s possible if he ga...

Q: How to get past Jatko Island?

Rev1.0Well, the upper platform is just a bit too high to jump on. Is there some item/tool I need to find before I can proceed in that direction? My savegame progress states I am at 32%. But that probably doesn't say much because progression isn't that linear.

3:57 PM
Oh my god the English version of Yu-Gi-Oh is just... Man
subs over dubs
I dunno, watching twitch chat freak out over the line "not again" (when Grandpa gets his soul stolen... Again) was excellent
@Yuuki "Sorry guys, can't play this week. I need some space."
@SaintWacko hue
4:57 PM
Borked icons
apparently naruto's animator passed away... from overwork
months ago...
why is it on my feed now
Q: Are there actual levels in Tiger! Tiger! aside of first one?

lentinantI've managed to beat level 1 of Tiger! Tiger! minigame several times. getting some equipment for Poppi. Yet, game doesn't allow me to continue to level 2, and just ends. So, my actual question is - are there more levels? If so, are there any conditions to unlock them (if it is plot-related - plea...

capitalism kills :/
5:25 PM
Q: Why people watch science fiction when its never gonna happen in real life?

user55439Why people watch science fiction ? Is there any educative lesson to learn ? What happens in science fiction that never gonna happen in this world so whats the benefit of watching it ? N.B>>> PLEASE DONT MISUNDERSTAND ME THIS ANSWER I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE OF MY CURIOSITY.

oh dear
@Avery from now on lets all watch documentaries only
I mean that's all I do on netflix anywas
other than high school musical. I watch that too.
good movie.
@Avery If I had to restrict my reading to "only happens in real life" I'd've read like 5 books this year out of the ones I've read
tfw you write a message talking about why HSM matters to you and you accidentally fall from chair and your leg hits the desk and the keyboard bounches and stuff and hits esc and message gets removed and ctrl+z doesn't work
5:51 PM
@Avery One of my best friends hates science fiction for this very reason
She never understands why I wanna watch it cause it's 'never gonna happen'
My girlfriend doesn't really like it either, she likes non-fiction and historical stuff
proof caps lock was on
@cazc_941 does she also hate fantasy and horror?
who would pay attention and put the period at the end without letting go of shift
5:52 PM
@Chippies fantasy yea, dunno about horror. probably not
pretty sure a huge part of why people watch sci-fi is because it can't happen in real life
@Riker I would. I never have caps lock on, I HAVE MASTERED THE ART OF SHIFT!
exclamation points don't count
you need shift for those :p
@Riker if you can hold shift to type an exclamation mark or a question mark, why can't you let go of shift to do a period?
5:57 PM
that requires much more coordination
which I do not have
sounds like you've been spoiled by caps lock...
@Avery single quote is also the one that messes me up
6:14 PM
user image
Q: How do I copy and Paste a command to my command block Minecraft Xbox One?

ACarrBoardBox549So Mojang recently released the Minecraft Better together update and I want to know if it is possible to copy and paste custom commands in Minecraft on Xbox One. Thank you!

I love gsuite.
I really do.
actually no I hate it, that was sarcastic.
6:27 PM
@Avery top 10 anime plot twists
number #3 will blow your mind
why? when I try to get 2FA enabled, it just sends me back to 2fa enable page.
@Avery that's pretty dumb
I mean my school it may have disabled 2fa maybe but shouldn't it just say "this is disabled by your administrators" instead of doing that?
@Avery how would administrators disable 2fa in a browser?
not browser
that's my pc
with school's gsuite
6:32 PM
it's in a webpage in your browser. How can they disable 2fa?
or am I missing something?
@Chippies it's school account, apparently they can disable 2fa on that account
either way, it seems like it might be some cookie issue?
tried other browsers too
@Avery why would that even be an option?...
okay, just asked a friend
@Chippies I've no idea but apparently it is and that's enabled on the school gsuite
(sorry about ping spam btw)
6:35 PM
@Avery t'is cool
The Sexy Brutale is a great game and everyone should play it
(not nsfw at all, as the name might suggest)
@Chippies Looks short and too straightforward, is that impression wrong?
@DanmakuGrazer it's not very long and I guess it is kinda straightforward, but figuring the right way is not straightforward
I don't think there's much replay value (I haven't beaten the game yet, so idk if that changes), but it's not that straightforward on first playthrough
6:53 PM
@chaeronaea Was building a site for a BDSM group, and a guy lost his shit because he was "True Dom" and wouldn't click a "Submit" button.
@GodEmperorDune hue
7:04 PM
@GodEmperorDune I like this reply:
@chaeronaea Not dumb but adorable. Babysitting, my 4yo nephew asked me, “Why is cats real, but monsters is not real?” I still have no answer.
@Ash yeah its a good thread
Q: Can I save my progress in the tower?

ExaSpoiler for a level and its content in Super Mario Odyssey: After defeating the first one I am down to 1 health. Is there a way to save my progress and come back later? If not, is there a secret way to regenerate my health?

@Yuuki @Chippies @Dragonrage Raid?
@Fluttershy :O what do I need for it?
@Chippies Light level above 270, time, and patience. lol
7:10 PM
I got a new chair and it has arm rests and I feel like I've had worse aim since, lol
I guess if we get enough people I'll join
I've hardly played Destiny this week, got a PS4 and been playing/watching wife play Kingdom Hearts
@Chippies They're good games. Can't say I blame ya. lol
@Fluttershy the first one was great, the 2nd really improved the combat
we skipped the chains of memories, because wife can't do card games, lol
we have the Final Mix disks with 6 games on one and 3 games on the other, gonna have to go through all of them :P
but yeah, let me know if you get enough people for the raid and I'll join
> Opinion: GTA Exposed My Son to Unrealistic Portrayals of Quick and Affordable Hospital Visits
@Chippies Well, I can't find the people for the raid, but I have someone for the Nightfall, if you need that.
@Fluttershy sure, I won't turn down a nightfall opportunity :)
7:22 PM
@Fluttershy Doing some home repair, should be done in... two hours tops?
@Yuuki I may not be available then. :( Sorry.
Why won't Discord let me generate a link to the Arqade server?
@Avery Any ideas? :(
@Fluttershy pm'd
@Fluttershy Hmm, admin rights?
@Fluttershy seems like it's just taking forever to generate it for me
it doesn't say I can't, it just keeps on showing a loading thingy
7:28 PM
There's also a list of invite links.
I made a few never-expire links when the server was created.
ah yes
there's an invite link on #info too
7:43 PM
Also avebot just switched to a new prefix.
Cc @badp watch out when sbahjifying
(It's ab! Instead of >)
8:19 PM
thanks for the nightfall @Fluttershy
@Chippies Thanks for joining! :D
wow, the same day I bought Sweet Business from Xur, I got it from an engram
8:41 PM
I've learned to wait until Sunday night before buying from Xur.
9:12 PM
Q: How does Overdrive impact Affinity Chart of Blade?

lentinantIn Xenoblade Chronicles 2, there is possibility to transfer non-plot Blade between Drivers. It is called Overdrive. Yet, I'm not sure how it works. Most abilities of Blade are determined by Affinity Chart. First Driver has to unlock tier of abilities by increasing Trust with Blade, then perform ...

Microsoft must have pushed some sort of Win10 update yesterday/today because like 90% of my calls have been "my internet is slow" because all of their download traffic is from Microsoft servers :P
9:32 PM
I love duplicity
apparently b2 failed bc I needed to install backports.functools_lru_cache
9:50 PM
@Ash I've been getting a "hey win 10 feature update which might take a while schedule it so we don't interfere" notif the last few days
@Unionhawk thaaaaaat would do it
Especially for people on a 2/1 connection :(
speaking of slow internet connections
I hate how I get 75/2
I mean, at least do 75/5 or 75/10 >_>
(well due to GREAT cables I only get 24/2 but eh)
I have people who get 30/1
I mean for a lot of people upload really isn't crucial - they don't have any way to just request more upload?
I thought that with the way stuff works companies just increase amount of stuff that rarely gets used to make people feel like they should choose their services over that one other company
(that's probably why this operator gives 2000 international minutes to every red customer etc, people rarely use it but "ooh perks" help people use that operator over others)
That is going to depend on the company
10:15 PM
@Ash I should probably do it so it leaves me alone tbh
10:29 PM
So apparently one of my old friends on Facebook met Chelsea Manning?
@Unionhawk niiice
what the hell? my twitch account does not exist somehow?
(it's been a while since I used it, but I most certainly had one
Are you sure you exist?
@KevinvanderVelden I dunno, I've never even seen my own face, and mirrors lie. So there is no proof.
You should ask hoi to be certain
Assuming she exists of course
10:42 PM
She not existing would explain not having an account 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
user image
I have realized that if I moved to Canada, I would seriously consider making a trip back down to Texas once a year for Whataburger.
also tfw there's a hidden gem on the video tap list but not the paper tap list
I guess I could use "visiting the folks" as cover.
@Unionhawk why do people make these
it hurts
11:04 PM
@Yuuki good cover
confirmed working
Q: How does elemental and magicka resistance stack?

SkeletorSay there is a character in the vanilla game that had two enchantments of resist 25% of magicka and fire. How is the respective final resistance to fire calculated with magicka resistance? Is the magnitude of magicka resist added on to fire resist to make it 50%, or are they multiplied as fire re...

Q: Is there a term for a non-ftp electronic deck-building card game (a CCG without the first C)?

Graham HerrliI'm looking for an electronic deck-building card game, where you don't have to collect the cards to play. I'm looking for something similar to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering Online, but where you don't have a different card collection from everyone else. (Rather than a free-to-play game wh...

@Lazers2.0 so a deck building game which you have all the cards already.....a card game?
though being serious there is a game i think is what they are looking for. something Cure. an Anime Maid Cafe game where both players draw Maid cards from a single deck and build up their hand and their Maid's abilities. not sure if there is a special term for that aside from Card Game though
11:25 PM
meanwhile, in this is why we don't want to become Yahoo Answers. How to trap someone in a hoodie?
11:50 PM
waits for pizza to arrive
@Ash ooh, what pizza?
@Ash dammit, now I want pizza and it's 1 AM
@Arperum 3am and I want pizza too
@Avery Suggestion: go to bed. 3AM is crazytime.
I am too deep in discord DMs for that.
I never felt more awake haha
11:58 PM
@Avery Stop dungeon mastering Discord. your players can wait :p
@Avery pepperoni, roasted garlic, and pineapple
@Ash that sounds delicious
@Arperum aww, I'm sorry :p
@Avery I hope it will be!

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